Yeah, the NY Times

20 Aug

is horribly biased, but even THEY recognize that the the grand jury indictment of Rick Perry is a politically-motivated farce.

This is perhaps the best way Rick Perry can redeem himself. He is quite obviously being persecuted because he is a Republican. Any fair-minded person sees that. It gives him instant credibility and makes him look like a victim. It only helps him to be treated unfairly (and it is manifestly unfair) by leftists.

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Be careful what you ask for!

19 Aug



A wave coming?

19 Aug

There seem to be signs that it might be so.

But we need to understand that all the “easy” contests have already turned Republican, so the fact that some of these “safe Democrat” seats are getting less and less “safe” is telling. I’m thinking this will indeed be a Republican wave election, but that may just be my hopes talking…


I guess I have to comment

18 Aug

on this. The Left is at times disgusting. They deserve to get electorally pummeled for this kind of crap.

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Yeah, more

18 Aug

stupid Obama foreign policy. As I have long said, this guy is a bumbler.


Look, licensing

17 Aug

is almost ALWAYS a racket. It is simply protectionism, and it encourages people to be passive. Look, I just don’t care if the person who cuts my hair is licensed or not. If I don’t like it, I won’t go back. And the scientific research clearly shows that if you seek help from “Joe The Friendly Helper” you get no worse service or outcome than if you see “Dr. Jones, Psychologist.” You wouldn’t want to be anti-science, would you?

And you think that a hospital will let you do surgery just because you have an M.D.? Uh, no. There are PRIVATE certifications you must have in order to do that. You don’t have to have Advanced Life Support training in order to be licensed. But your work setting may well require it! That is a PRIVATE requirement, and has NOTHING to do with licensing.


The Obama doctrine

17 Aug



Here is what

17 Aug

Leftists have in mind for the American health system. I use the word “mind” loosely.


I guess

16 Aug

there are some popular amendments that could pass.


In most areas,

16 Aug

calling the Police is the right thing to do. But one has to be a little wary, especially if a minority is involved. Like all people, police officers don’t always do the right thing.

I remember as a young teen being with my brother-in-law (non-minority) who was driving with my dad’s camping trailer (we had just been camping) through through an extremely small town. That town is widely known as a speed trap. The brother-in law was pulled over because one of the brake lights was not functioning on the trailer (IIRC)–the vibration had loosened the connection. The officer quickly became agitated when my brother-in-law objected to something and said he would talk to his lawyer. My BIL had flown in from NYC (where he was a trader on the NY Stock Exchange) for the trip. Oh, and the cop was the younger brother of the Mayor. I thought the cop was going to get violent. He didn’t, but it seemed right on the edge, and for very little reason.

That event changed the way I thought about things. It was then I realized that one might be subject to tyranny by the police no matter WHO you are. All cops are not bad, of course. But one needs to be VERY careful. When one gets a little power and authority, as you suppose, you almost immediately start to Lord it over others. It’s a human thing. And I’ve seen it first-hand.