How stupid is

27 Mar

direct election of senators?

Look, it  originally was that the legislative branch was both part of the tripartite separation of powers and was itself divided. THAT is why there is a bicameral system in the first place! And it worked great for years. Then we moderns stepped in and screwed it up. And this system is just stupid.

House members were (and still are) elected by popular vote in the states. They also had to stand for election every two years. They were rightly seen as being closest to the will of the people. But that wasn’t the whole story, like it foolishly is now.

Senators were once, in contrast, chosen by state legislatures. They represented the state. They were chosen every six years. The State legislatures were quite important. And only one third of national Senators were up for re-election (by the state legislature) in election years.

See, the states were sovereign nations that were united. Hence, the “United States.” The states themselves were represented in this way. The Senate was qualitatively different than the “People’s House.”

There was a good reason for the arrangement, and it preserved both Federalism and Representative government. Now it is gone and state legislatures are the poor and insignificant country bumpkin cousins. They are, at best, the minor leagues. They are just a step toward national office. They now have little to no national power. They are the backwater.

But there is simply no reason to have both parts of the national legislature be identical. Honestly, it doesn’t make any sense. You might as well have one big legislature. It it logically stupid.

But worse, it has led to some very bad outcomes. There is really no way that Leftism could have taken root without direct election of Senators. We almost certainly would not have had the barbed hook of Obamacare. And understand well that the original plan was to check sudden and drastic changes. Direct election of Senators short-circuits this and allows such change. Get rid of it! It is a horrible idea.


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So now is it time

27 Mar

for Lefties and their sympathizers to eat crow? Hmmm, it seems that (again) Trump was right and his hysterical critics were wrong. Gee, why am I not surprised?

I would at least hope for an apology and a mea culpa. Good manners and normal human decency demands it. But of course that won’t happen…


I think

27 Mar

there is little question about whether Trump’s associates were “bugged” by Obama. Yeah, of course they were!

Face up and be honest: Trump was right and the Lefty shills were wrong.


So what do we know

27 Mar

from the Goresuch hearings? Well, several things.

I think #4 is really important, at least for me. And maybe for others.

The bald truth is that Lefty carping just cannot stand toe-to-toe with rational argument. It simply can’t survive rational debate. See, in the past there could be a fairies-and-unicorn approach from the Left that sounded good, at least on the surface–and the superficial take was the only explanation even available. It gained adherents the way a weight loss program that promises drastic and immediate weight loss from eating candy does. Gee, sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, it is a sham.

Yeah, I would like a pancakes and candy bar diet that would turn me into a buff 25-year-old after only 2 days, but that is, again, the fairies-and-unicorns bullcrap. And such is Leftism.

Leftism is just not rational, and it can’t remain for long. We are seeing that, now. Of course, I’m willing to bet that something worse will come about, but Leftism is an old, tired philosophy from last century whose days are numbered.

Well, a Cockatrice will emerge from the Asp’s hole…


Yet another

27 Mar

great thing.

If these folks truly believe that Neil Goresuch is the antichrist and they therefore they must vote against him, they would be more than happy to stake their jobs on it. After all, it’s not like they are staking their life, liberty, and sacred honor…

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27 Mar

just guess whose fault it was! Hint: Don’t pick the Uber car. Let’s just say that human drivers are a freakin’ menace.

Oh, and this is far from the last time you will hear that sentence bandied about.


Don’t kid yourself,

27 Mar

THIS is the destination of ALL Socialism. Yes, Leftism is a more modest form of it, but it is the same in philosophy, if not in degree. As P.J. O’Rourke so memorably put it (paraphrase), one wants to force people to live in Hell, while the other just wants to coerce you to live there in the winter–because it is nice and warm.

Either way, it is the philosophy of the damned. It is based fundamentally on coercion and abolition of moral agency. It is “mandatory fun.” It is, “You have fun, damn you!” And stripped of all the Lefty happy talk, stripped of all the rainbows and unicorns, we see the brass fist within the velvet glove.


There is another issue

27 Mar

in this whole Obamacare fiasco.

It doesn’t speak well of Trump or the GOP. And that is real damage. And Trump, of all people, knows better. This is a branding issue. And Trump really knows branding.

See, Trump needs to fire someone for this. Like any decent CEO he needs to show he is making the necessary changes. He needs to save the brand.

For that reason alone, he needs to “fire” Paul Ryan. Now of course he cannot directly do that, but we all know that if Trump withdraws his support the Ryan speakership is OVAH! Trump needs to be seen as righting the ship, and it needs to happen NOW. Ryan failed, and he should be fired. Buck up and do the hard thing. This ain’t bean-bag

Trump knows this. He has been around business for a long time and he knows that hard-nosed action is at times called for. Rule #1 is that you don’t let personal relationships cloud your business judgment. THAT is a large part of being a CEO. You may say you’re sorry, but you do what is necessary.

If your beloved sister wants a high-up job at the firm where you are CEO you say,”no.” If, from the outset, you know you can’t fire her, you never hire her in the first place. You can give money to her, but you don’t hire her. Or you give her a “job” that has little responsibility or impact. She is the world’s highest paid trash empty-er. But everyone knows that it’s really just a donation.

If there is a real Obamacare replacement soon, the GOP will prosper. But it needs to be real, and Ryan’s plan was just half-cold broccoli that was partially warmed up in the microwave. Not very appetizing, though it was once good…

This was a self-inflicted wound, and Ryan is in real trouble now.

Yeah, people are mad. They elected Trump because they were mad. Trump can’t afford to be seen as selling out to the establishment. He was supposed to be different. That is his brand, and he forgets that at his extreme peril.



26 Mar

not much of a shocker, eh?

The public school system really does suck. I am beyond it now, but if I had it to do over I would likely homeschool or find some other option.


I am sad.

25 Mar

Yeah, it’s a sad day. But the gummint gonna grub out every dime out of you that they can.  Pay up, peasant! <sigh>

This whole thing is a bad, bad joke. I bet there are some record days in the next week (in these states), followed by lower sales. The gummint is a greedy bastard…

Just leave me the *&%% alone!