We have

20 Nov

non-answers because the truth is just too damning for Bernie to tolerate.

You think Bernie is some sort of brave truth teller? Nonsense. He is just another hack. Only this one is a get-off-my-lawn crazy old man hack.

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20 Nov

has been that way for the spittle-lipped Left. Believe all women who say they were raped! Well. almost all.

Except those who report being raped by Bill Clinton.

Except those who say that one of Lena Dunham friends raped them.

See. this kind of crap puts us back into the Dark Ages when it comes to rape. “Elites” can rape and sexually harass at will. There is no justice. They are nobility, and don’t abide by the same rules and laws as the rest of us. It’s a lot like jus primae noctis. You know, Droit du Seigneur.

DUHnam is a freakin’ idiot. Let’s live in THIS century. Or at least the last two…


What if

20 Nov

Ken Starr was right?

It’s a very uncomfortable question for the Left. They made themselves willing accomplices to Bill Clinton. they carried his water. And they were wrong. They prostituted themselves. They sold their virtue for the proverbial mess of pottage.

I mean, how can you (with any logical constancy) hammer Roy Moore and yet defend Bill Clinton? What BC did is at least 10,000 times worse than what Roy Moore is even accused of! It just reeks of rank hypocrisy. This is bogus. I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way…

I’m just sick of the hypocrisy. Leftists should be ashamed!


Gee, Trump

20 Nov

sure is unpopular! I mean, look at his ratings. If only he were as popular as Merkel, Macron, and May (heroes to the Left, all)! I guess the Europeans are just more enlightened…

Yeah, whatever, you fool.

See. the Left just loves to bash Trump. It’s the only tool they have in their shed. Of course, that only makes us normals like him more–we realize that THEY are the tools. But if you think Trump is unusually unpopular, you just don’t know much about the rest of the world–you are an ignoramus. Left, ignoramus–I guess I repeat myself…

The Left lives in a fantasy world. Now I agree that it is a dangerous fantasy world, but it is a fantasy world just the same. And the Left has changed the rules–but you can be sure that they won’t be at all happy if the Right starts playing by those rules instead of the Marquess de Queensbury rules…

The Left is just dang lucky that the Right doesn’t play by the Left’s rules! Yet. You can poke a rabbit because you know there is no danger in that. But what if you think you are poking a rabbit and you are actually poking a good-natured and long-suffering tiger?

As Tolkien said, “Not all who wander are lost.” Well, all who suffer repeated poking without retaliating are not rabbits…

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So now

20 Nov

Hollywood big-wigs Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner are now being accused of sexual assault. By multiple women. And they are just the latest. Where will it end? I don’t want to hear another stinkin’ words about Roy Moore. Not. Another. Word.

I’m just sick to death of the horrible hypocrisy. It’s like I used 1.2 gigs of Internet and you used 99.5, and then we got dinged for using more than 100 and you say, “Well, we both used it and therefore we are both equally responsible. We just need to be more careful.” Yeah, who is “we,” kimosabe?

I don’t agree with what Moore allegedly did, but let’s not be stupid and say that is is comparable to what happens regularly in Hollywood and Washington DC. Let’s not pretend that it is even in the same zip code as Bill Clinton’s behavior.

I didn’t put the link to the article here because the behavior alleged is quite graphic. But Ratner was an up-and-coming music video director and a partner in crime with Simmons.



20 Nov

hypocrisy much?

She is a disgusting old harridan. No wonder she lost. Before the election someone said that she is every man’s ex wife. Yeah, pretty much.

During the campaign  she lambasted Trump for not not saying he would unquestionably accept the outcome of the election. Now she is (wait for it!)… not accepting the outcome of the election.

What a nasty old harpy! What a bleedin’ hypocrite! She is a piece of work. Again, no wonder she lost! (and for that we should all be grateful)

So, why does Bill stay with her? It certainly is not her good looks or her charming personality or the dulcet tones of her voice. My guess is that THIS is the reason: Bill Clinton is a notorious moral midget, and Hillary knows where the bodies are hidden (both literally and figuratively). His is a net gain in staying with her–she certainly doesn’t care that he has sexual relations with other women. And he always does what is a net gain for him–that is his north star and the only guiding principle he has ever had.


Coulter’s tweet

20 Nov

on Franken is brutal. And totally true:

Franken: “It was clearly intended to be funny but wasn’t.” Pretty much summarizes his whole career.

Gee, I wonder why psychologically intact people don’t find sexual assault funny? No sense of humor, I guess.


Yeah, voter fraud

20 Nov

doesn’t affect elections.

Don’t be a frickin’ moron!


Many of you are

20 Nov

foolishly sticking your fingers in your ears and saying “La, la, la there is no voter fraud!” That is an unbelievably moronic position. Here is but one example. Do you really think there were not 312 fraudulent (net) votes for Franken? REALLY?

Oh, and we have Obamacare because of Franken’s vote. But just think, fraud defenders: YOU created the electoral climate that gave us Donald Trump. YOU! This is of YOUR making. Own it!

So before you again spout off nonsense about how voter fraud, if it even exists, is so minimal as to have no practical effect, think of THIS–stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it! What a bunch of crap! Minimal, my butt…

I agree that Tweeden was foolish to wait so long to reveal the truth. But if elections had been fair it would not have mattered, in terms of the election.


Uhm, this is

20 Nov

sabotage. THIS is your MSM at work!

If you think you are getting the straight scoop from the MSM, you are a blinkin’ fool!

Here is an extremely big deal, and yet the partisan MSM ignores it. Disgusting!

No wonder Trump just goes around them with Tweets. Good.