You have to understand very

03 Sep

rudimentary economics.The Left clearly is clueless on this!



03 Sep

Yeah, I don’t think so…



02 Sep

the (near) future.

I have long said that you should interact mainly through an iPad-like device in virtually all restaurants (other than very high-end ones). Order via iPad. Kitchen Staff brings the meal. There is a button for more drink/condiments/help. You swipe your card and pay at the table. No need for a tip. There is a human who seats you, probably (though that may also not really be necessary–just have the person who busses the table hit a button to say they are done and then the customer follows lights imbedded in the floor to the now-clean table).

Fast food is a freakin’ no-brainer!



I think that the fact that

02 Sep

Carson is now even with Trump in the latest Iowa polling says that Trump’s numbers were always artificial–he is finally coming back to earth (Carly is #3). Good.



02 Sep

The previous way of doing was just a travesty. I’m glad to see them show a little good sense. Carly may well be the next President of the U.S. I sure hope so.


Crime, crime,

02 Sep

and more crime

Will she go to jail? I seriously doubt it, but she certainly deserves to.

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why we need to elect hillary:

02 Sep


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It’s really quite clear.

01 Sep

Hillary is a criminal and everything she ever has possession of is horribly compromised. Case closed. We just need an Orange jump suit now…


You just knew

01 Sep

it would come.

The truth is that sometimes you roll the dice and it comes up snake eyes! But YOU chose to roll the dice. Don’t expect all the other players to chip in and bail you out. Fraud should be punished. Bad (for me personally) results are just the way the world works sometimes.

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I find it incredibly

01 Sep

surprising that the number of people who want a return to the gold standard is so high. And it is across populations. Even the young seem pretty savvy about this. I mean, monetary policy is a pretty stinkin’ abstract and esoteric “niche” subject. Yes, I think it important, but there are very few who understand it.

But a return to the gold standard also means that Federal regulators have less power. And I think this is the proverbial canary in the coal mine in terms of people wanting much less Federal power. I think there are some real pro’s and con’s to such a change, but it is not “Catching Up With The Kardashians” in terms of intellectual demands for comprehension. A candidate who can make it understandable to the general public and can turn it into a campaign issue has indeed accomplished an amazing feat of skill.