19 Jan

patently obvious that this would happen. DUH!

Any of us who have run a business kn0w that. But Obama and his minions were always insulated from this–they were virtually always mere employees, and in any case they were and are not struggling at all. But when you are an executive and are judged only by results, when you eat only what you kill, you understand far better. See, Leftists tend not to live off the sweat of their own brow, so they don’t get it. I’m NOT saying they don’t work hard or are not honorable or are not intelligent, but they don’t really understand what it is like to float your own boat. They have just never done it. They are worker bees, not business owners.

That’s why the vast, vast majority of business owners are Conservative. Pretty much only those very high up (who don’t have to worry about such pedestrian things) and those very low (who want stuff stolen from others and given to them) are Leftists. That’s why the “Gig Economy” is such a huge threat to the Left. Yes, there are echoes of the Victorian disdain for labor and being a merchant, but in modern days being your own boss is a HUGE threat to the Left. So they make it as hard as possible.

It’s also why the Left wants control of the Academy so badly. They already have a stranglehold on public schools. You get more “converts” if you can indoctrinate them young, and the younger the better. So Universal Preschool is a Lefty fantasy, not because it works (it doesn’t, as any knowledgeable person can tell you) but because it makes it more likely that they can “mold” the children to their way of thinking. Why do you think the Left hates home schooling with the heat of a thousand suns? Look at history–the Left’s goal has always been to get kids away from their families (where they might be taught conservative things!).

That’s why the Founding Fathers set things so that only white males (who usually owned land) voted. It wasn’t mere racism or sexism (though there are cases where that indeed may have been active, as well). It was the idea that only producers had a say in how the gov’t was run. In modern days, Lefties have turned voting into a fetish. In old times, almost everyone could vote, but only a certain portion were, in fact, eligible.

And THAT is why you simply never vote for a person who has not lived off his own business if you can possibly help it. It is NOT IQ, It is the lived life experience. Having an abstract understanding is usually not enough. You don’t really understand until you have lived it. Real knowledge is experiential, not abstract.


I think

18 Jan

this was just shameful. Outrageous. These are the actions of a raging despot. This kind of force is exactly what Leftism is all about. This is disgusting. You don’t have to be Catholic to be offended by this. You just have to be moral.

NEVER forget!

Happily, we are almost rid of this particular despot, but we need to maintain vigilance.


I couldn’t

18 Jan

agree more. Democrats need to put their big-boy pants on and deal with things. Kwitcher whining, grow up, and get to work, you pathetic “special, special snowflakes.” <sheesh!>

What a bunch of big freakin’ babies. There’s no crying in politics!

I have so little patience for such wimpy whiners I can’t express it. Just shut up and grow up!


I’m starting

18 Jan

to hear very small rumblings about Conservatives using “moral language” in the fight against Leftism. For years I have said that Conservatives should talk in such terms, and it makes it easier that Conservatism is in fact more moral than Leftism!

But I think that that is very much the way to go.


There appears

18 Jan

to be a major Trump Effect in this case.

Look, one can whine and moan about Trump, but the proof of the pudding is in the tasting…


We need to face the facts:

17 Jan

Obama’s presidency was a failure.

There is just no escaping the facts! Is there a single significant way in which the US is better off due to Obama’s policies or behaviors?

Name one.

C’mon, if he was a great or good or even decent President it should not be hard to come up with one. So tell me ONE. Just ONE that most of us agree was an accomplishment. He is as bereft of achievements as was Hillary. The emperor simply has no clothes.


Very interesting.

17 Jan

Very interesting indeed.

I don’t really know Scott, though I have talked on the phone with him a few times. He published an article I wrote for the peer-reviewed scientific journal he edited, where I critiqued some reasearch. That research has since been discredited, no shock.

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If you really want

17 Jan

to gain an appreciation of manual labor, just have your heater go out at 5pm on a Friday. In the dead of winter. Trust me, by Saturday afternoon you will be willing to pay anything to have the house heated again.

Have your disposal go out. Or your dishwasher. Have your toilet go on the fritz. Have a short in your fusebox that disables your television.

In the words of VDH:

Yet if muscular work has seen a decline in its relative monetary worth, it has not necessarily lost its importance. After all, the elite in Washington and Menlo Park appreciate the fresh grapes and arugula that they purchase at Whole Foods. Someone mined the granite used in their expensive kitchen counters and cut the timber for their hardwood floors. The fuel in their hybrid cars continues to come from refined oil. The city remains as dependent on this elemental stuff—typically produced outside the suburbs and cities—as it always was. The two Palo Altoans at Starbucks might have forgotten that their overpriced homes included two-by-fours, circuit breakers, and four-inch sewer pipes, but somebody somewhere made those things and brought them into their world.

You can’t eat your hipster man-buns and your “geek-chic” horned-rimmed glassesand they sure won’t keep you warm!

THESE WORKERS are the folks who voted for Donald Trump. And outside of a narrow (but highly populated) couple of strips on the East and West coasts, that’s who Americans are.


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It truly

17 Jan

is an epic beatdown.

I like Ted Cruz. I always have.


The crap-eating hypocrisy

17 Jan

is just sickening.

I think most regular people are sick to death of the Hollywood Liberal hypocritical hectoring.

Just shut up and act, you morons! You are merely talented (and highly paid) trained monkeys. I pay you to act, so just shut up and act! <sheesh!> when I say, “Dance,” you dance. When I say, “Sing,” you sing. When I say, “Act,” you act. There is simply no reason for me to take what you say at all seriously. With few exceptions, you don’t know crap.

The fact that you take yourself oh so seriously and you are oh-so-earnest is just an indication of gross personality pathology. It has NOTHING to do with the truth-value of what you say.

So shut up and dance, monkey. I freakin’ pay you to DANCE!

No wonder feature film takes are in the toilet!