Look, Hillary got

10 Dec

her deal:


Next time

10 Dec

you are tempted to think or say that philosophy does matter in the real world, think of this and correct yourself.

This is a failure of political philosophy. It matters. A lot.

When people believe wrong and stupid things, the general population suffers. I just want to go on record that I am against human suffering. That’s why I am conservative.

Yes, it’s a moral stance.


Krauthammer is

09 Dec


And it is no surprise that he is a psychiatrist. No, none at all.

In the tradition of great illusionists everywhere, Trump says things that totally distract and infuriate the Left while at the same time swiping their lunch while they are not looking.  They are so busy yelling about some stupid tweet that they are just not paying attention–they think they don’t need to worry about such a stupid person fooling them. THEM!

Well, they won’t even have pants by the time Trump is through with them. And the great thing is that because of their personality pathology they can’t say or even see what is actually going on! I’m not even sure they can admit it to themselves, let alone tell the world about it. They can’t learn from this.

It’s the perfect con, from a NY street guy who has seen many of them over his lifetime. The stiletto goes in so smoothly that you hardly feel it. But you soon will. Oh, you will. And then you will wonder how you got tagged. These idiots are so full of themselves that they get hoisted on their own petard.

These guys may not even know the’ve been had. Some do, but most don’t. So they get hammered and can’t bring themselves to publicly say why (if indeed they even know). That is a thing of beauty.

You can’t on one hand shout that Trump is a total idiot and on the other say that he snookered and outfoxed you–not and maintain your overweening narcissism. You have to ascribe it to “That voodoo you do,” or stupid voters, or terrible candidates. Yeah, must be some sort of dark magic! Gee, it’s all so confusing!

Well, not to me.

So those on the Left are captives to their own psychopathology. They are victims and yet can’t squeal or even become aware of what happened because of their own issues. Their own psychopathology prevents them from becoming sentient, so to speak. It is the perfect Trump strategy! And he knows it.

Ronald Reagan did the same thing; Distract them with the “I’m just a stupid old yokel” act and then beat them senseless while they were busy chortling about what a rube he was. And Leftists are so pathologically arrogant and personally insecure that they fall into the same trap over and over. And over. Trump will have a great eight years if this keeps up (as it looks like it will). It is characterological for the Left, and it is not likely to change.

It’ s a great strategy and Trump is playing it very well. The last George Bush also played that card very successfully, and even embraced a Texas accent to match (though he was Yale and Harvard-educated through graduate school, from a Connecticut patrician family, and his brother has no such accent–go figure).

GWB was NOT a stupid guy (though it was certainly in his best interest to have the usual Lefty rubes think so). His language sequencing issues very much helped in that regard, and he wisely emphasized them. And Reagan was NOT a stupid guy, by a long shot (though it was also in his best interest to have the Lefty rubes think so). GWBs academic prowess totally dwarfs yours, and he is MUCH smarter than you are. His IQ is far higher than yours. Admit it, and come clean.

Trump has thrived in a very tough place to get ahead. He’s not stupid, but we may see the Left make the same mistake yet again! To change means that they have to admit their pathological narcissism, and they are just not characterologically able to do that. So Trump is safe. The victim is just unable to report the crime.

Short summary: Get ready for eight years of Trump!


Let’s judge

09 Dec

Obama’s legacy by his own words.

Spoiler: It is not pretty.

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09 Dec

homelessness is again back in fashion now that Trump won.

As night follows day…



08 Dec

how big of a moron is Jill Stein? Floppy disks? Floppy disks? I don’t think I’ve even heard of one being used in the last 15 years, let alone seen one! Stein is just an idiot. Holy crap! Geez, what century is she from, anyway? And the idea that voting machines even have floppy drives is just ludicrous. Someone get this idiot off the national stage!


The fruits

08 Dec

of Trump.

Say what you will, but it is very clear that since the election the “sleeping giant” of the U.S. economy is starting to stir. We are seeing that all over. The stock market is at historic highs because investors are optimistic now. It is rebounding. Those of us who engage in business and depend on our own businesses for survival are spared. Those of you who work for someone else get to keep your job. It is a new lease on life!

That would NOT have happened with a Hillary Clinton victory–we know for a fact that Leftist policies lead to quite the opposite of what we’re seeing now. Obama has made that abundantly clear to anyone who is not terribly slow-witted or just a mindless hack. We really dodged a bullet! Thank Heaven Hillary did not win! Get on your knees tonight and thank whatever God you believe in that Trump beat Hillary.


Jill Stein

08 Dec

is a total loser!

I thought I hated and disdained the Green Party before…

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It TOTALLY is hypocritical

07 Dec

for the Left to whine about Trump possibly going against governing tradition while they were just hunky-dory with it when the hard Leftist Obama did it. Oh pluh-leeze. Cry me a freakin’ river!

Harry Reid works to disenfranchise anyone who disagrees with him by using the “nuclear option” and then cries like a little girl who had her candy cane swiped once the shoe is on the other foot. You’d think that his “exercise band broke,” or something and he is beat up! Like the guy who shoots his parents and then begs for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan…

The hypocrisy is just sickening!

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It is really

07 Dec

quite clear. Leftism is a crappy economic philosophy. From Cuba to North Korea, it simply doesn’t work and leads to untold misery. It is just wrong! That’s why I am Conservative–I care about people and don’t want to see them suffer. For me it is a moral question as well as an economic one. I guess those on the Left feel differently…

See, Leftism is not just wrong. It is not just a bad idea. It’s not just that it doesn’t work. It is immoral, and I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way