23 Oct

voter fraud.

I think we all know the answer to the question of why these people were not fired. They did what their bosses wanted. We have a voter fraud problem in this country.


Uh, never mind.

23 Oct

Yeah. I think we should expect Supreme Court justices to be better informed.


Well, of course

23 Oct

she evades the truth! The truth is damaging to her boss, and she is a true-believing lackey.


Here’s a

23 Oct

great book you should read.

But the point of the book is that we need to make a moral case for conservatism. It is simply not enough to make the practical case. Right now, things are truly turned on their heads in that regard.

The founding fathers focused on morality. They said it was crucial to having a stable country. They were right. We are seeing now the wages of immorality.


Yep, there’s

23 Oct

only 1 reason for these things.  It appears that Colorado has aped the abject stupidity of Oregon. Folks, this is a very bad thing. It’s one thing to request an absentee ballot. It is quite another to send out ballots to everyone. This is just fraud waiting to happen. Totally stupid, if you value the integrity of the vote. But of course, those who actively push this do not value the integrity of the vote. And far too many in the general population are easily duped.

And of course O’Keefe keeps exposing fraud. Time to pull your head out of the sand! This is not just a minor and isolated issue! Hello? McFly? You are exploited because to the pure all things are pure.


I think it is QUITE clear

23 Oct

that people know the prices of their medical procedures, they look for the best deals. The best and easiest way to lower medical expenses is to promote price transparency. There may well be other issues, but that is the first and probably most effective step. For the good of the country, let’s hope we get real pricing soon.

It’s just crazy that you would buy a cat in a bag. THIS is a HUGE problem with the current system.That alone would save billions. But it really goes against a Leftist approach. That’s why Obama won’t do it–he is inextricably bound to old and worthless ideas. That’s the Left for you.


I’m not at all confident

23 Oct

that there will be a Republican wave this November. Why?


Obama will pull out all the stops so as not to be even more of a lame duck. Places like Oregon have stupid mail-in ballots that are 1) Extremely susceptible to fraud and 2) troll those who are really not motivated to vote in the first place and who just want to make others give them money. They are the grasshoppers and those who actually work are the ants.

So I very much hope for this next election. But the problem with predicting is not just a margin of error, but also a margin of fraud.


So Obama can’t conceive of the fact

22 Oct

that he is so toxic to Democrats.

Here’s a quote:

the president said Senate Democrats are merely pretending to distance themselves from an Obama agenda they wholeheartedly embrace.

Wow. “Pretending.” A nice reason to NEVER vote for Democrats!

So Obama just told the Democrats to brazenly lie about their positions and that he “understands” why they would need to do this. He (rightly) assumes that they would have more “flexibility” after the elections… We all need to keep this in mind.

Gee, and I wonder why perspicacious people would challenge his honesty and the honesty of the Democrats! They can’t win if they tell the truth.


Look, there

22 Oct

IS no voter fraud! <sigh>

But I’m just sure it was only one machine and it was by pure chance that it was found out. I’m sure that was the ONLY time it happened. Right. To quote a movie, “Do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid?” This is NOT a petty onesy and twosy thing.

And how many people would have pursued it or even noticed? Just a big coincidence.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee. Pull your freakin’ head out of the sand! Look, it never happens, right? Bueller…? Bueller..?


We need to understand

21 Oct

Obama has been horrible. And the Senate Democrats have been his willing and exploited female sidekicks. We can only hope that they get battered (again) this November, this time by the voters rather than by Obama himself.