Happy Thanksgiving!

27 Nov

I hope it is great for you. The Mendelian daughter units are home from college for it, so we are all together, which is great.

Brining the turkey is the only way to go.


I really hope

27 Nov

she doesn’t die and give Obama another SCOTUS pick. Her stubborn refusal to step down was a godsend. Then again, the damage would be less with a Republican Senate. Still, there is no question that even the best Obama pick would be infinitely worse than the worst imaginable Republican pick.


I just don’t have the words

26 Nov

to express my disgust for the NY Times after this. Any words that approximate my feelings are profane and vulgar. I think they should be liable for any damages. That would be the case if life were fair. They richly deserve it. They are flat-out disgusting. They make me want to puke. They are truly evil.


Yeah, the whole WMD thing

25 Nov

was just a lie the Cowboy Bush used to get us into a war! Yeah.

It’s almost as if this was all just a lefty scam…


No, renewable

25 Nov

“green” energies simply won’t work. It is a scam.

Please understand that I’m NOT saying that we should not be careful. Of course we should be wise. But let’s call a scam a scam. This is a scam. Anyone with even the little bit of scientific understanding can see right through this. The issue is to not be blinded by ideology.



24 Nov

the NAACP is nothing but a shill for the Democrats.


You know

24 Nov

the drill.


Then refund

23 Nov

the fees! We’re going to do what’s fair, right?


Well lo and behold!

22 Nov

Amazingly, a good chunk of Lois Lerner’s emails have been miraculously found! But don’t get too exited–they have undoubtedly been “scrubbed.” That’s why there was the obviously cock-and-bull story in the first place. There will be no trail to Obama, of THAT you can be sure. Lerner can be thrown under the bus, but NOT Obama.


Well, I’m glad

22 Nov

it is finally working out. But that’s no thanks to the university–they would have hanged the accused. I agree with Glenn Reynolds, that if I were a defense lawyer I would be running ads of “Have You Been Falsely Accused Of Rape?” ads in campus papers.

But to pretend that there are few consequences is disingenuous in the extreme.