I think the “Brexit” is only

25 Jun

the thin edge of the wedge, that it is a harbinger of things to come. Now that Britain has voted to leave, what will France do? If TWO of the countries of Britain, France, and Germany leave, the EU is dead as a doornail. One of those three is already gone. A second is making rumblings about going. A third is very publicly dissatisfied.

Germany has long seethed under the chains of the EU and its people are sick and tired of being the EU’s go-to ATM. Greece and Italy are hunky-dory with that (of course), but Germany sure isn’t. Funny how the people who are being robbed put up a fuss while those doing the robbing are A-OK with it! There is a lot that could happen and already people like Marine LePen in France are beating the drum. And in only a few hours…

I think it is very unclear that the EU will survive at all. The first thing you will probably see is a return to national currencies. But any more than now and the avalanche may well be unstoppable.

Britain leaving may be indicative of cracks in the dam, and  a sure indicator of a rapidly coming flood. And when it breaks, it will be uncontrollable. But we have to ask whether “Brexit” marks inevitability. I think it probably does, though we might well get an even more Leftist and coercive (though I repeat myself) regime as a replacement. I hope not. I really hope not. We don’t need blood shed over this–but it could well happen.

Greece is mad, but I think that they are just mad at the prospect that there will be no more cakes and ale:

In Greece, there was concern that the referendum result would intensify anti-European sentiment. “In the short term, Brexit may help Greece, because our allies will want to solidify and show solidarity,” [yeah, you think that, if it gives you pleasure –ed] a senior minister told the Guardian. “But in the long term, it will not. The prospect of Grexit will increase.”


Yeah, we

24 Jun

probably haven’t seen the last.

And that is because of gangster government. The US would be wise to take the hint! Let’s see, what happened last time there was taxation without representation involving England? They are on the other end this time, but it is the very same issue.

And wise politicians know very well which way the wind is blowing. Only the dinosaurs get left behind…


without comment:

23 Jun



“molon labe” indeed.

23 Jun

Look, prohibition just doesn’t work. “Irish democracy” always wins, eventually. One has to be a total idiot to go down this path!

“Gun owners’ response is best summarized by one of their more popular slogans of recent years: ‘Molon labe.’ Usually translated as ‘come and take them,’ that was Spartan King Leonidas I’s legendary response to the Persian demand that he and his men surrender their weapons before the Battle of Thermopylae.”


It is

23 Jun

heartening, but I just don’t think Trump has a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning. But in my fantasies I am wrong, because he is certainly a toad, but she is a turd. Unfortunately, the turd will win.

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You think

22 Jun

the Clinton server was secure? You fool.



21 Jun

surprise, surprise!




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I’m telling you,

21 Jun

occupational licensing is a scam. I just serves no purpose other than to be a source of revenue and control.

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I think we’re

21 Jun

all sick of the Jihadist violence.

The only decent solution is concealed carry.


Let me again make a proposal:

20 Jun

There is no reasonl for the government to be involved in marriage at all. I would say you can “marry” anything or anyone you want. You can marry 10 people, if you want. Marry a potted plant, for all I care. Just leave me out of it. Do what you dang well please.

But taxes remain the same. You are taxed on your income, and it has nothing to do with your marital status. I think that would be best with a flat tax, but there may be other ways to address the issue. But the short answer is that I don’t think government should be in the business of marriage at all.

You want to be married in a certain church building? Go talk to the church leaders. You know, the owners. You want to be married while skydiving? Go talk to a pilot to take you. It’s just not the government’s business what you do. But your taxes stay exactly the same.

It’s high time for everyone to be treated exactly the same.