20 Dec

me, too.

Can you imagine Obama doing this? I can’t. I can imagine him saying, kind of like the Clinton daughter says by her actions, “what did those stinkin’ sick kids ever do for ME?”

And this was all done in private. It is only by accident that we have even heard of it. Yeah, “When you do alms let not the left hand know what the right hand is doing.” I think Obama’s obvious personality disorder would prevent that.


I gotta tell you,

20 Dec

I’m not at all surprised. This is a dog that don’t hunt. It is unworkable.

It reminds me of a little kid that says, “What if motorcycles only cost a penny?” We laugh at the naïveté of that, but that is exactly the same thing we see with the single-payer crowd. And don’t kid yourself, this has HUGE ramifications for Obamacare.



19 Dec

maybe single-payer plans are not so good! You think healthcare is expensive now? You ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet. Just wait until it is “free.”


Yes, I care about

19 Dec

the environment. Therefore I drive a car with an internal combustion engine. And yet the uneducated mock me for caring…

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The fact

18 Dec

that Hollywood crumped in the face of opposition by North Korea only shows that they are total hypocrites. They are not brave. They are toadies. They are the “tough guy” who beats up a four-year-old but is afraid to confront anyone their own size. They only pick on people who they know won’t hurt them, like Christians. This just shows that they are total losers.


We need to understand.

18 Dec

North Korea is in charge of Hollywood. These doofs have knuckled under, and the world now is far less safe.



18 Dec

Talk about kowtowing to dictators!


So tell me,

18 Dec

why is waterboarding bad and yet KILLING people with drone strikes is OK? Now I understand that logic has never exactly been the strong suit of the left, but the hypocrisy here is nothing short of breathtaking! At least those who are waterboarded walk away (while the victims of drone strikes are dead).

It just is logically indefensible to condone drone strikes while at the same time condemning waterboarding.


Gee, why

18 Dec

am I not surprised? Anyone who has ever lived exclusively off their own business knows the issues. The REAL problem is that Obama has never lived exclusively off his own business.

I’m telling you, never vote for a person who has not lived off his or her own business if you can possibly help it. This is NOT IQ. This is experiential knowledge.


We need to understand

18 Dec

that some animals are more “equal” than others! Like the Menendez office said, this is just like any other case. Right. Do I look stupid?