It’s good

23 Oct

to be the king!

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23 Oct

The Clintons are scaly.

The fact that she not in prison is truly a travesty of justice.

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It truly IS

22 Oct


What gets me is that this is cultural. What we are seeing here is regular people rising up and beating a storied institution about the head and shoulders! This is a significant break from the past.

This is a manifestation of the Donald Trump phenomenon. I’m telling you, Trump is not the cause of such stuff. He is merely a manifestation of it. The Alabama election demonstrated that in spades–the “Trumpkins” voted en mass against the candidate that Trump endorse and campaigned for!

So we are seeing the foolishness of the “safe space” idiots, the University pampered fools, the monument-destroyers, the workplace Gestapo, and many others. You simply can’t replace morals with rules. And that is exactly what the Left is trying to do.

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If that dam

22 Oct

really does break, there will be Hell to pay for Hollywood.

See, most of us are already quite disposed to think it’s true, anyway. We think it probably is going on. So if there are believable reports…

Already Hollywood is dying. I know people who are already far more into Korean dramas than US films. Many of us neither know nor care what movie is coming out. I think I went to a movie theater ONCE in the last year (I saw the new Star Wars movie). But other than that, what have I been willing to pay an unreasonably high price for? Let me answer that: Nothing.

Like many others, I enjoy good movies. I really do, and I would be willing to pay to see them. But those good films are rare. But there’s lots of stuff on Netflix and streaming sites, and for about what a single ticket costs I can get a full month of Netflix…

I just don’t want to buy a ticket to a Hollywood movie and thus participate in child molestation! And I can far more easily and much cheaper scratch my “Movie Itch” in other places. Maybe I shouldn’t say, “Movie Itch…”


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So awesome it

22 Oct

boggles the mind!

These guys are total idiots.

Basically, when told the tax plan was Trump’s these students disparaged it. But these SAME student just loved it when they thought it was Bernie Sanders’ plan! You gotta watch the video. It is magnificent!

But this should give you a little insight into how, perhaps, YOU are reacting. Are your criticisms based on policy or personal prejudice? Do you let your hatred of Trump cloud your judgment? Have you actually thought things through or is this just a knee-jerk reaction to follow whatever the NY Times says?

Let’s be honest, here. I know it can be painful, but let’s be honest.



21 Oct

let’s hope. This is very clear corruption on the part of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. And others.


A great

21 Oct

piece of writing, and of thought.

No one is saying that you don’t  have a right to walk unmolested through some parts of town. But it may well be very unwise to try.


A lot of us thought

21 Oct

that Mueller was a good man and a good choice. We were wrong,

I like justice, but unfairness really torques me off.



21 Oct

agree. The problem is not mere disagreement, it is the loss of trust. Mueller is a perfect example: many of us believe that he is not at all interested in justice–he himself is guilty as Hell and he is frantically trying to escape the spotlight. The issue is NOT whether he is correct or incorrect, it goes to the fundamental trustworthiness of Mueller himself. In short, there’s no trust.

THAT’s why many of us don’t give a rat’s patoot WHAT Mueller says. He is just not trustworthy.

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20 Oct

after they have “cried wolf” so many times, it is hard to believe them. I think General Kelly is far, far more believable. This is just one more frantic effort to “get” Trump. I’m sick of it, and I really hope voters in general are sick of it. This is just ridiculous! If Wilson could feel shame (which is doubtful) she should be ashamed of herself.

But this is the kind of low-life that she obviously is. I think I’m gonna puke…