28 Aug

there are some differences.


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Drip, drip,

28 Aug


I honestly just don’t know how a moral person could vote for her, and it is both stunning and discouraging to realize that she will win. Trump is a moral miscreant and a loser. But unless there is some Hillary bombshell, he will lose against this weak, nasty Hillary.

Way to go Trumpkins. Way to go. Hope you just LOVE Hillary–YOU are responsible. Own it!


Look, I think

27 Aug

the EU is doomed, anyway. It was a very bad idea from the start. But if France leaves, there is no way that the Brussels party is not well and truly over. And we are getting rumblings about that. It won’t happen yet, but it may in the not-too-distant future.

No, it’s not a done deal yet. But I had never even heard of such a thing until just now! That should tell you something. And France is not the only one. It would not shock me at all if Germany took its ball and went home. There is already popular sentiment in that direction.

You might think something is silly or wrong. But the fact that you heard it at all is itself meaningful, and means that you ignore it at your peril. It means that it is breaking into the general consciousness. In other words, it’s not just kooks and fringers.


Sometimes I wonder…

26 Aug


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26 Aug

don’t do it! It is just not healthy for the parents, nor is it ideal for kids.

Generally, it is a way for one parent or another to avoid the partner. Bad idea. Really bad idea. Remember, the relationship with your spouse is by far the most important one you have. Kids will grow up and leave–them staying is referred to a “failure to launch.”


It’s pretty crazy, really,

25 Aug

that Hillary Clinton is running for President rather than twiddling her thumbs in prison. I mean, we have long known that she is, in William Safire’s immortal words, “a congenital liar.” But now we have clear crimes!

Honestly, I just don’t get how any moral or self-respecting person who is even vaguely aware of the facts could vote for her. One has to willingly ignore the facts in order to do that.



25 Aug

why on earth would you be surprised?

This is who Hillary IS. This leopard didn’t change her spots.


So why do Mormons lean so

24 Aug


In a word, force.

See, Mormons very much value moral agency, and that is anathema to Democrats, who use force as a way to coerce compliance.

So it’s not much of a surprise that the vast majority of Mormons lean Conservative. They value moral agency and the Democrat party actively works to oppose that. I think that is by far the most salient issue. But add to that the Democrat penchant for garden-variety immorality, and we see what we do.

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The truth is,

24 Aug

one simply can’t be aware of the issues and stay moral as a Clinton voter.



24 Aug

I wonder what on earth could have motivated this guy? It is truly a mystery! Well, it’s a mystery if you are a freakin’ moron!

Trump’s best campaign ad…