Leftism is an old and tired

24 May

political philosophy. I mean, look how freakin’ ancient Hillary is and then realize that Bernie is a few years older! Yes, Bernie attracts some youth, but let’s face it, that is because a) they have Leftist professors who have little else in their repertoire and b) because Bernie’s acolytes have very little life experience and tend to be not overly bright. They lack good sense and have never provided for themselves. And they’re not going to vote, anyway. Bright, voting, competent, and experienced young people are usually not Leftists…

But the truth is that the future is NOT Leftist. Oh, there will be some other moral-agency-attacking schtick, but Leftism has been throughly discredited. Like explosive diarrhea it has finally just about run its course. For now. The facts just don’t support it, though like bad crotch rot it will never go away entirely.

You think it works? Look at Venezuela, for Pete’s sake! Leftism is the philosophy of old hippies (now mainly just wannabes) who have nothing remaining in their quivers. They have shot their wad and now have NOTHING left. Or Left.

NO thinking person under the age of 65 is a Leftist! And those Lefties who are over 65 just walk around humming “Imagine,” taking bong hits, and dropping acid. You can hear them muttering to themselves, “Power to the people!  and “Make love, not war!” while their grandkids shrink with embarrassment. And they will be gone, soon. A total waste of a generation. Total losers, unlike their parents. They are just an embarrassment. Sheesh!


The Leftist

24 May




Why the bathroom issue?

23 May

And why all of a sudden?

I think the bathroom issue shows a growing disparity in opinion and culture. In years gone by, we would have all agreed on such obvious things, even if we were being “counter-culture” by bucking some things. But now there are real cultural differences, so the very definitions are disputed. There is not a common ground to work from. It’s not just purple hair. That is disagreement on a very different level.

But I also think this is an indication of the widening moral gap between Left and Right. See, it used to be that one could straddle the divide fairly easily. But no more. The gap has grown wider and wider and you are going to have jump to one side or the other.


There is a

23 May

good reason that people hate the press (apart from the obvious crap-eating bias).

The truth is that sources such as the NYT are totally unreliable. We live in a post-modern world.


The Obama economy just stinks!

23 May

I know that is not exactly news for most of us. But both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaign pretty regularly on the issue of the Obama economy doing poorly. That tells me two things:

  1. They think that most people truly do believe that, regardless of the nonsense Obama is selling. Otherwise, it would simply not fly. That alone totally undercuts Obama’s false assertions.
  2. It is to their benefit to point out that the economy is poor and that THEY can solve the problem. But they are admitting that there is a problem.

But it is an acknowledgment of economic reality. It means that it is a real issue. And THIS is how you know it. You can quibble, but the behavior doesn’t lie. And this bodes poorly for both of them. The hard fact of the matter is that Leftism is terrible for economies. And then Venezuela comes along and drives the point home.


Go after Obama?

23 May

Trump is starting to beat Hillary in the polls. I’m actually not at all surprised–Cruz would have done the same thing, and probably be even more competitive. Hillary is an extremely weak candidate. I’ve repeatedly said that she has cankles of clay. She does.

But know that Trump will not hesitate to attack Hillary. He will bash her husband as a serial sex abuser and her as a willing accomplice and partner in crime. And both things are indisputably true.

What this will do is depress Democrat turnout. That’s what happens when you run a crappy candidate!

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I was reading about

23 May

the unrest in Venezuela and was struck at how a Leftist government inflicts so much pain on regular people.  Those all a-flutter at Hillary and Bernie ought to take a hard look at what their political philosophy actually does.

Theory doesn’t mean anything, eh? Tell it to those who live in Venezuela. Sorry, but the truth is that theory means a heck of a lot! This should be a warning to you about electing Leftist leaders…

As P.J. O’Rourke said (in Parliament of Whores, IIRC), Communists want everyone (but them, of course) to live in Hell while Socialists just want to have a vacation home there because it is warm in the winters. Yeah, pretty much.

There are very good reasons to reject the Lefty path, and Venezuela is one of them. It shows you where Leftism inevitably and always leads. When will Leftists ever learn? <shakes head sadly>


Harry Potter

23 May

I’ve been reading the Harry Potter books again and one thing is abundantly clear to me. Let me explain a little.

The truth is, that all good art is inherently conservative, and this story is no different. Yet the author is a raging Leftist and in the end she could not stay true to the conservative and Libertarian main theme of the story. She betrayed her characters because of her underlying and undying fealty to Leftism. The result was a very unsatisfying ending. In fact, if the first book had been as bad as the last one, there would never have been a Harry Potter phenomenon at all. One reads the last book now out of grim duty. And it truly is grim…

Look, in the end there were three Ministers of magic. All were dirtbags. All of them used Harry as a pawn. They all had an unholy alliance with the Press—the Mainstream Press was merely their public relations mouthpiece. There was not a thoroughly good person or a hero among them. He only real hero in the story was Dumbledore, and he simply refused to be the minister of magic. That should tell us something.

Even minor heroes suffered greatly for their beliefs. Mr. Weasley was put into a broom closet and fundamentally lost a son over the issues. Dumbledore himself was kicked out of the ruling organ and was publicly ridiculed, as was Harry (the ridicule). Mr. Lovegood was key, and he had a daughter held for ransom.

Actual heroes truly suffered for what they thought was right. Dumbledore gave his very life. So did Snape (an anti-hero). The real heroes died for their beliefs or lost a son or were disfigured (a la Moody or Charlie Weasley or Dobby) or otherwise damaged. Harry himself had some bad things happen to him, but he never really suffered significant damage himself. His sacrifices were relatively small.

Hated characters were coercive and mean and clearly Leftist (Umbridge). She personified the cruel, coercive, and deliberately deceptive nature of the Left. I mean, there was nothing even remotely Conservative or “Right” about her!

In the end, Harry just became another faceless Government bureaucrat. Umbridge ultimately wins. Never mind that Harry had fought against an all-encompassing government as well as coercive and thoroughly corrupt bureaucrats. Never mind that he had personally seen bureaucrats bent by money and fame and lust for power. Never mind that he himself had repeatedly been the victim of a minion’s cruelty (and more than one minion). He became a tool. He didn’t become a free-lance dark wizard hunter, he became a faceless bureaucrat. He became Umbridge. Huh?

That was a total betrayal of the story arc. That was a shame. THAT is what makes to the ending so unsatisfying, so unbelievable. It just did not fit with all that came before. You were left on the train station saying, “Nuh-uh!”

But the author’s Leftist delusions and religious-like dedication did not allow her to write the story as it should have been written. She was untrue to the story itself. It was simply a failure to be true to the story–Rowling’s Leftism was more important and central to her. It was a failure of courage and nerve. It was simply unbelievable that Harry would become a faceless apparatchik of big government. He became merely a drone. That is the hero’s journey? You’ve got to be kidding!

And we need to understand that this is the ultimate goal of all Leftism and that’s why we arrived here. The series ultimately falls into mindless Leftist cant. Pure drivel. There is nothing that distinguishes you from everyone else. There is no unusual talent or ability. Everyone has equal ability. A scar is just a scar. There is merely assimilation into the all-wise collective. That is the ultimate happy ending for a Leftist.

The result was a good series with a really crappy and terribly unsatisfying ending. And we need to understand that this was entirely because of the author’s political allegiance. The stories started out very well, but the author decided that it had to be twisted to fit her political leanings. There had to be a deus ex machina ending that sat well with her preferences. It just had to be didactic. The result was (unsurprisingly) crappy literature.

The series was good as long as it held to believable (and Conservative) themes. When it veered into Leftist dogma it stunk. Harry’s self-esteem angst in The Order Of The Phoenix was just tiresome.

But the truth is that there simply is no good Leftist literature. And that that is no accident.


The truth is,

22 May

it’s really hard to know what to do. It seems that we are faced with a binary choice–kiss a toad or a turd. I don’t really like the toad, but there is little question that the turd is worse.


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We need

21 May

civility! We just need Democrat politicians to teach us knuckle-dragging Neanderthals how to act!

Che Guevara was unavailable for comment–he was re-loading.  Others were busy burying the body…

If they couldn’t talk in obtuse hypocrisy, could Leftists talk at all?