The Democrat policies

19 Apr

to “help” the poor are the monkey’s paw of policy. They pay an extraordinary price for any change, and the change itself is, let’s say, a very mixed blessing.



19 Apr

That is truly amazing. Folks, this is just unsustainable. The best advice a college student can get is to stay out of debt as much as they can and don’t marry someone with a bunch of unsustainable college debt. Yes, I realize that some debt may be unavoidable and even wise, but be extremely careful.

The facts speak to the undeniable fact that college is probably NOT a good “investment.” It is not a good in itself. The exception to the rule is when you must have some schooling for a license or other credential in order to do what you want to do. Then it is still not good in itself but is just an expensive barrier to entry, a hoop you need to jump through, and you need to decide if it makes financial sense.

Like me, I do Continuing Education NOT because it is itself good or beneficial at all, but merely because the hide-bound officials in this state require it and it is better for me if I stay licensed. It is just an educationally meaningless hoop to jump through. It is just a tax (and an egregious one at that). But it does keep the hoi polloi from doing my job–it is merely job protection and has absolutely nothing to do with quality of practice.

Look, I’m a fan of education. I think there is far too little of it. But what there is far too little of is real education and learning, not what most colleges provide these days. I think a “Great Books” kind of curriculum is quite worthwhile, whether you’re a beautician or a stock broker or an elementary school teacher. I would like everyone to have a good basic working knowledge of the humanities. After that, there might be some technical knowledge you need if you are a dentist or a stock broker or a thoracic surgeon or an electrician or a computer programmer or a concert pianist or a brick layer.

But a smart person has no problem doing any of those things–we have seen total frauds acting as surgeons, for example, and there is NO evidence that their patients got treatment that was in any way substandard! A training program might well be needed for a lot of activities in your particular case. But this is technical education, not a general one. In fact, the vast majority of surgeons are pretty much just good technicians–they do that well but that is pretty much the limit to their expertise.

But we need to understand that this good basic education is NOT what most colleges provide, and not unrelatedly it is NOT what the Lefty power brokers want for you. Yes, I think it would be ideal for electricians to be well-versed in Plato. Everyone should (in an ideal world) be able to quickly and accurately recognize logical fallacies.

People would not be so easily taken by a smooth-talking politician. But that means people would be far more conservative in general, which is why Leftists resist good education–they would rather you know what they tell you about Women’s Studies. Good education and knowledge breeds Conservatism. And since universities are almost exclusively Leftist, you typically don’t get a broad or discriminating education.


It seems to me

18 Apr

that the Republican race for the nomination is between Walker and Rubio. I think Jindal may make a good run, but he has not yet. Rubio has, I think, the edge right now.


Yeah, it’s a

17 Apr

total irritation. I’ve gone to McDonald’s, ordered fries, and then gotten back to the office only to discover that I forgot to ask for Ketchup and they didn’t put any in–I now had dry fries. Horrible. And it’s just bad business.

This is just TERRIBLE! Just one more way to hose over the customer. You forgot? Stinks to be you! You just wasted the money you spent on fries because some pimple-headed moron was told by his manager to save a quarter cent by shafting you.

I really do understand the need to cut costs (I am a small businessman myself) but COME ON!

Thanks a lot.

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Just shut up, peon!

17 Apr

Hillary is a woman of the people! She therefore gets to park in any handicapped spot she wants.

As a handicapped person who really needs such parking spots, let me tell you that this seriously annoys me. What an entitled idiot!


It makes me glad

17 Apr

I no longer have young children. The truth is, we have far too many officious busybodies around. The problem is that the penalty for crossing them is amazingly high.

When I lived in Japan, I was amazed all the fantastic parks. Here the parks are bland and boring–you can’t even have a merry-go-round. There, the parks were not inspired by liability reduction, so they were geared for the pleasure of the kids rather than the legal safety of the adults. Yes, your kid might sometimes get hurt. I think as kids we all knew someone who broke their arm falling off the monkey bars. Oh well, no one is to blame.

So in Japan we had “pirate ships” where the “sails” are rope netting you can climb up. There were large”slides” built into hills that had rollers on them rather than a smooth sliding surface (and you could get going very fast, so tell your precious little Bobby not to stand up on it). Kids loved that stuff. Of course, the parks were not hermetically sealed and incapable of contributing to injury. And the owners were certainly not legally liable. It was the parents‘ moral duty and legal responsibility to watch the kids or to somehow make sure they were safe.

In Japan, an older neighbor might notice a problem and correct the child. Kids just did not disobey adults, and there were watchful eyes all over. That is the way it used to be here. These days (here), the parents would get offended if you even tried to do that. So now people just keep their heads down and move on.

And I think there is a real reason we are seeing these changes: People don’t want to actually parent children. They don’t want to have to supervise the children. They want to fob off responsibility onto others. They don’t know the neighbors and they certainly don’t want to talk to them. I mean, I recall going over to the elderly neighbor couple’s house next door all the time and visiting with them (I once ran through their sliding glass door and had to get stitches on my face–I remember feeling her hands shaking as she tried to stanch the blood flow while her husband went and got my mother).

But now there is no community at all. Parents do not want to have to be there to say, “Don’t do that, Susie.” They certainly won’t tolerate a random adult correcting their child. They want someone else to be legally responsible for the safety of their children. They just want everything to be safe so they don’t have to be bothered. It is an abdication of parenting, plain and simple. We need to understand that this is borne out of not simply a desire for safety, but a desire for decreased parental responsibility and plausible deniability. THAT is the real issue.

I mean, we all knew of kids who drowned in the irrigation canal (we heard stories). It made one very careful. It also taught important life skills.

As a child of nine or 10, I used to ride my bike a couple miles to a nearby canyon and then drive down the steep grade into it and go swimming in a warm lake or pond that was there (or catching Bluegill). I would spend days unsupervised at neighbors’ houses (often playing with explosives–everyone had reloading equipment–and listening to music my parents would not approve of and other things like that). We often slept outside on the trampoline, which made it easier to go off in the middle of the night and spread toilet paper on someone’s lawn. Jumping off cliffs into the water was a big deal and lots of fun. I rode my bike for several miles in significant traffic to get to karate lessons. That kind of stuff would simply not fly today.

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Theme for the 2016 elections:

16 Apr

“Don’t be an idiot again.” You have another chance. Don’t blow it.

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Story du jour

16 Apr

about Harry Reid’s “accident.” Is there a less likeable and less believable person in existence? Well, Hillary Clinton, but the list is short, indeed.


The panderer,

16 Apr

Hillary Clinton.  In a rational world I can’t see how she could win. Alas, as the 2012 elections abundantly proved, we don’t live in a rational world.


Yeah, I’m not at all surprised.

16 Apr

I mean, SHE is a fake, so it’s not all that surprising that this was a fake, too. Dirt. Bag. But then again, that is not exactly breaking news…

To add insult to injury, she left NOTHING in the tip jar… As we used to say in Haiti, cheaper than the back of an iron spoon! If I thought that she actually might be that careful with MY money I might be tempted. But no, she is only worried about her own money.