You think there is no SIGNIFICANT voter fraud?

21 Jul

Don’t be a total fool.

It’s funny how dishonesty apologists have changed their arguments. At first they argued that there was no voter fraud. Now they have resorted to their “limited modified hang-out” and just say that there is no significant voter fraud. Of course, that is as bogus as the first one. Honestly, you have to be willfully blind not to see the voter fraud! I just don’t think there’s a way to both be informed AND dismissing. I think you either have to be a total rube and know nothing or you have to be a rigid ideologue. Given the incontrovertible facts, I just don’t know how a person can be both a voter fraud denier AND an honest broker.


This should tell you

21 Jul

what you need to know.

It shows the HUGE gap between what the regular people care about and what the MSM care about.

The bottom line is that they don’t care about the same things you care about. For example, only a small fraction of people give a crap about the whole Russia/Trump poppycock, yet that is exactly what they focus on.

They are rapidly becoming irrelevant, and that is largely a product of their own behavior. They have soiled their own bed, and yet they can’t even recognize that they need to change the sheets.



21 Jul

no surprise there.

My bet is Mueller couldn’t find anything on the Russia deal so he has done what Special Counsels do: he has expanded his investigation. He got a bigger net. Here, fishy, fishy!

This is just lawlessness–it is nothing but a fishing expedition. And it it really aggravating. Does Mueller have actual power to prosecute? He must, because people are fearful. But if not, I would just ignore him. I don’t give a crap WHAT he says in any case! He had one job, and it wasn’t to go on a carte blanche witch hunt!

Mueller could have saved his reputation. Now he just looks like a delusional Javert. Get this clown out of here!

Sessions should have done his job. If he could not preside because of a rigid interpretation of conflict of interest (one Leftists most certainly do NOT share–see Mueller) he should not have taken the job. That was truly a mistake on his part.

Oh, and Democrats delenda est.


Yeah, these

21 Jul

two things are absolutely NOT unrelated. They are highly correlated.

Oh, and Democrats delenda est.

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We need to understand the gameplan, here.

21 Jul

This is the strategy on the part of the Democrats. They are playing a rather subtle game (with the help of their MSM co-conspirators) , and hardly anyone is catching on. Part of what the Trump Jr. crap does is take the focus off the gun control failures. It takes the heat off the Obamacare fiasco. It takes the focus off Obama administration corruption. We need to understand that there is a very real purpose to this. Sure, there’s no crime there with Jr. (and nothing even close to warranting impeachment of The Donald himself). But that is not the real goal. That is only frosting on the cake.

See, stuff was starting to bubble up. Stuff the Democrats would hate. The MSM was running out of materiel for a “Trump scandal” and they needed more dirty laundry. They sure as heck didn’t want to focus on his achievements. It was getting to the point that the MSM boot-lickers would no longer be able to blithely go only with things that made Trump look bad, and they simply could not tolerate that. They were still too butt-hurt from grandma getting stomped. They are just not over that particular spanking.

But we need to understand that this nonsense forces the Republicans to take their eye off the ball. It forces them to play defense rather than score points. Well, that is the point of it all. Then the Democrats can criticize that the Republicans have BOTH houses and the Presidency and yet are too incompetent to get anything done. They can’t govern! Then 2018 comes around. And then 2020…

This is the classic, “Hey look! A squirrel!” ploy.

THAT is the “meta” issue in play. If your focus is so granular, you miss what is really happening (and Democrats want you to miss it). One has to look at the broader terrain to understand what is happening.

Chicago is horrible, and Baltimore has  DOUBLE the murder rate of Chicago! And these are bastions of gun control laws. They have been run by Democrats for decades and decades. Like more than 70 years! Why isn’t this front and center on the news? Don’t Black Lives Matter?

It is because the groveling suck-up MSM is in cahoots with the Democrats and it much prefers to focus on the non-crime of Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer for 20 minutes! They are panicked at the thought of Black people being freed from the Lefty plantation. For very obvious reasons.

There is, of course, an ideological point to this. That is, in fact, almost the ENTIRE point of this. Wise people will wake up to what is really going on. If you buy what CNN and the NY Times is selling, you are getting worked. But you are also getting worked because you are taking your eye off the ball. Your righteous indignation is being “turned” in the service of the Democrats. Look at the “meta” issue, here. Don’t get so caught in the weeds that you miss the forest for the trees!

I, for one, am not fooled.

Oh, and Democrats delenda est. I have been forgetting.


It seems that Conservatives

21 Jul

are getting willing to turn themselves into Leftists (in a sense) and hammer the crap out of Lefty organizations.

But this has to be a nightmare for CNN from a business point of view. They have already suffered real damage to their reputation because of their Lefty boot-licking. But now they are facing a real public relations debacle. If they don’t handle it just right, they are hosed.

They are first and foremost a business. This is NOT good press for them. The more they stand up for what they believe, the worse the PR is.

And the issue is that Conservatives have, up to this point, been unwilling to ruthlessly hammer the opposition. But it seems they are starting to take a page out of the Left’s book.

There is a good deal of anger on the Right about how the Left has treated them. The Left needs to be careful because I think Conservatives have had just about enough. The “tender timer” has popped out of the bird, so to speak.

First Trump. Now Kid Rock. This ain’t the 1970s anymore! You can feel the anger. There is a real change going on, here. The boulder is rolling down the mountain, and it is gaining speed. It is easy to stop it in the beginning, but not once it gets a head of steam on! Let’s stop it now.

Bulldogs are famously stable. It’s hard to get them riled up. You can pull their ears and their legs and they will just roll over and go back to sleep. It takes a TON to get them activated. But they were bred to take down raging bulls by clamping down on the nose of a charging bull and NEVER letting go–their determination was legendary. This was a 40-lb dog that would take down a dangerous and threatening bull that weighs well over a ton. Once they are really riled up they are a fearsome foe. They are slow to anger, but terrifying once they get there. Conservatives are bulldogs.

Lefties, be careful, because your tactics can be used against YOU, too. You think that because Conservatives have been passive in the past, they always will. But be wise, Leftists. You don’t want to see this bulldog riled up. The Right is patient and long-suffering. But you won’t like the Right when it’s angry…

Democrats delenda est.



20 Jul

What a great word! I haven’t seen or used that in decades. Though that surprises me given how much Hillary was in the news. She kind of makes that word spring to mind…


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And it really IS

20 Jul

a problem for the Left.

Several of the Lefties I have as friends (and I, in fact, DO have friends, amazingly enough) cite welfare and the milk of human kindness as the reasons they are on the Left. In fact, all of them do. The fact that they have been “flipped” in sort of a moral Jiu-Jitsu is a conversation for another day.

They studiously avoid the characteristics like violence, dishonesty, infanticide, and sexual libertine-ism that are SO prominent on the Left. They don’t want to talk about fiscal issues, either. Tax issue are fraught with moral problems.

But they think that because their hearts are in the right place, they are immune from the other and very real moral criticisms. But it is important to recognize that their hearts are indeed in the right place, however misguided on the whole they may be. Let’s respect that.

Now, it is a damned lie that Conservatives don’t care about such things, but that is, in fact, the narrative that the MSM an other cultural authorities prattle on about. These sources tell people over and over that Conservatives are the embodiment of Scrooge McDuck. It is true that my Lefty friends are being snookered, but we also need to recognize that their good intentions are being turned against them–they are in many ways the victim, here.

See, the Left really DOES have a “hamburger problem.” It’s hard to be just a little coercive. It’s hard to be just a little intrusive. It’s hard to shoot someone in the head just a little. So the things that (rightly) attract many Leftists lead to some pretty dang unpalatable things. The logical ultimate destination is a real problem, but the first step certainly isn’t! Yeah, Leftism turns good into evil…

In times past the Left was 90% good, and decent people could ignore the 10% bad. They could dismiss that as an outlier. That was then. But now it’s more like 80% bad and 20% good, and it’s far harder to really associate with the Left and remain moral. It is still possible–just barely, but you now have to squint really hard to avoid seeing the immorality.


There actually was a quid pro quo

20 Jul

with the Trump Jr. “scandal.”

Here is the quid pro quo: We  (the Russians) will give you dirt on grandma if you help repeal the Magnitsky act should you actually get elected. We will give you a hamburger today if you promise that in the unlikely event that you are actually elected you pay us back someday. The promise of dirt on grandma was the foot in the door.

That’s it. And there’s no evidence that Don Jr. agreed to that deal, let alone that Donald Trump himself did. I mean, the meeting lasted like 20 minutes. And that same thing was tried over and over with many different people. Likely with Hillary, too (though that shoe has yet to drop).

The Magnitsky act is named after a guy Putin imprisoned. The US objected and applied sanctions and so Russia put a stop to all adoptions from Russia to the US.

But the story is way too complex to spread. It takes a long explanation to even make it understandable, and so no one will follow. If it doesn’t fit on a bumper sticker, it just won’t “stick.” It is incredibly convoluted. Don Jr. was not even a public official at the time. Case closed. This is just politics. It doesn’t touch the lives of normal people. And there is no clear-cut end for the Left.


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It’s a great question.

19 Jul

If the MSM only has its credibility to sell, what happens when they have no more credibility?

Quote: Honestly, the legacy media — CNN especially — has had a pretty bad six months. I won’t go through the whole list, but some of my favorites were when CNN reported breathlessly that Trump asked for two scoops of ice-cream at luncheons in the White House; when CNN accused Trump of inciting violence by tweeting a pro-wrestling GIF and then, following the general finger-pointing and derisive laughter at their reaction, their open threats of doxing the guy they thought made the meme; and then when the Comey testimony was coming up, reporting that “sources” were saying Comey would refute Trump’s assertion he wasn’t under investigation, only to have to retract when Comey’s written testimony was released.

See, I think that CNN and the rest of the MSM have squandered their only real asset–credibility. THESE are the wages of boosterism and sycophantic boot-licking. They are rightly seen as not trustworthy. No wonder many of us just don’t care what they (or Mueller) say about “collusion.” Maybe it’s true, but maybe it’s a steaming pile of dung. The scales have fallen from our eyes and we rightly assume that there is an agenda behind the accounts. Indeed, that is all there is! There are no “facts.”

And the problem is that according to that Post-Modernism we just can’t know the truth–they have pooped in the proverbial soup. There simply is no way to get truth from there. You can strain the soup, but that doesn’t make it palatable. In their trendy post-modern way, they say that there IS no truth, only accounts. But OK then, just why should I believe YOU over a dog-faced baboon?