“Cruel and meanspirited.”

22 May

That is who the Left is. NO ONE with even a passing familiarity with Leftists is a bit surprised.

Don’t be fooled, these are NOT nice people. They are people who would put a bullet in your head if they thought you disagreed with them and they wouldn’t get caught.

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22 May

the science is settled! What are you, some kind of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging science denier?

THIS is why you don’t totally take what “scientists” say as Cartesian Truth. Science is a great way of knowing things. But it is not the only way, nor is it impervious to bastardization. It is an entry to explanation, it gives you a platform to put forth your opinions, but it very obviously depends upon formal logic for ALL of its persuasive power. There is indeed persuasive power in such arguments, but this power is not in illogical and stupid appeals to authority.

There’s a Haitian proverb that goes, “If you knew what chicken eat, you wouldn’t eat chicken.” Yeah, if you knew what scientists believe, you wouldn’t believe scientists. And I say that as a scientist myself. You have to be able to pose the epistemological question: “How do you know?” I’m not taking things merely on a logically fallacious appeal to authority. I don’t give a rat’s patoot that you are a famous scientist or professor. Tell me why. (To quote Socrates) on what grounds should I believe you over a dog-faced baboon?



22 May

did a fantastic job in Saudi Arabia.

Those who whine about his foreign relations chops are just idiots!


Uh yeah,

22 May


To quote Obi-Wan, “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”

Yeah, pretty much.



22 May


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Leftist regimes

22 May

have always focused on the children. The NAZIs did it, the USSR was famous for taking kids from parents, etc.

But why? Why such focus on the children?

Here is the reason: Leftism depends on narcissism and traditional families don’t reliably inculcate that, so the gummint takes the kids away. One child only is ideal for that. See, there is a need to cultivate the desire for someone to match every want and meet every need. Gov’t is happy to fill that role–though of course they will need to control everyone and take from those who have.

Leftism in many ways is defined by narcissism and depends on such personality pathology in order to survive. So they take kids in order to “groom” that.

Parenting and political philosophy are closely linked.


C’mon, lamestream media,

22 May

how about you put up? Maybe you should just shut your pie-hole.

Here’s a quote: In their effort to impugn Trump, the Times and the Post violate the most basic journalistic standards. Publishing parts of a document that you do not possess and cannot verify, and timing the release to cause maximum political damage (right after the president leaves the country), is not investigative journalism. It is political propaganda.

I think we’re all sick of this crap. No wonder Trump won! I’m not stupid: If the lamestream media actually had a shred of evidence to support their claptrap, they would have already screamed it from the rooftops. These guys are idiots, and I really don’t know why any thinking person would buy their stupid schtick. <shakes head>

I’m not dumb.

While I was not really a Trump fan before, this kind of crap has turned me into one. I really hate dishonesty and unfairness, and that is exactly what the lamestream media are all about. Man, this just makes me hate them all the more. Good job, lamestream newsmedia. Good job. Now put your heads down on the desk and shut up. I just wish we had an honest and fair newsmedia!


We are starting

22 May

to see the end game of the “blue” model. Look, someone will be looking, disappointed, for a chair when the music stops. That’s how Leftism works. As Margaret Thatcher once said, “At some point you run out of other people’s money.”

We need to understand that the “blue” model is the problem, here. It is a dog that don’t hunt. It always collapses after a time and leaves a huge number of victims (see: Russia). This is NOT an “accident,” it is part and parcel with Leftism itself. It is not a “bug,” it is a defining characteristic of Leftism. That’s what Leftism is! Leftism=delayed misery–one just hopes that one can get a chair when the music stops.

Here is the problem: Most people can think only in the short-term, and they assume that they will get a chair when the music stops (or that it will stop only after they are dead). And yes, I understand why that is (Hint: Narcissism plays a HUGE role–which is why pride and childrearing are so crucial).

But it is very important to understand that Leftism is a short-term philosophy. It’s like a pyramid scheme–the first participants make out like, uh, bandits, but the subsequent ones get hosed–though they all thought they would get rich–it’s just that the last chumps were lied to. But eventually the music stops and someone is standing there looking for a chair with a big “L” pasted on their forehead. The victims are just so narcissistically deluded that they think it won’t be them–did I mention childrearing?

That is Leftism. There are the Bernie Sanders types who do indeed get rich, but eventually the music does indeed stop. It always stops.

Now Conservativism does not have that moral weakness. You eat what you kill, and you voluntarily share with those who can’t hunt. And don’t be fooled, Leftism pretends to be otherwise, but it is indeed immoral.



22 May

pretty much.



21 May

this is stupid as crap.

Really, is this the best the Democrats could gin up? That makes me disdain them even more. Freakin’ losers!