Justice demands

12 Feb

that she go to prison. For life. She is a dang criminal! People will lose their lives because of her. That is just evil.


What could

12 Feb

be the problem?


In conversation

12 Feb

with the Mendelian Spousal Unit (or the MSU, as I like to say), she noted that Trump should just bow out for the good of the party. Yes, that makes sense from her perspective because she is not personality disordered (and she is conservative). But Trump doesn’t have those same qualities.

To bow out, it would take a large amount of self-understanding and introspection. That is exactly what Trump does not have. He is a raging narcissist. And narcissism does not allow introspection. It is simply not possible for him to be introspective. Narcissism and introspection are together like a seesaw. Both ends cannot be up at the same time. If introspection is up, then narcissism must be down. Those who are introspective cannot be narcissistic. They just cannot both be up at the same time.

But with Trump, narcissism is always up. Therefore, introspection is always down. He will always do what he thinks is best for him. There are no core principles. Like with Bill Clinton, there is only appetite. So unless there are strong safeguards in place to make doing what is personally good for him what is also good for people in general, he will not do what is good for others. We need to be very clear-eyed about what we are dealing with, here.


She’s got…

11 Feb

crazy eyes!


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I’m sad to see Fiorina

11 Feb

quits the race. I liked her. A lot. She would have made a fine President. But it was the right thing to do.

Christie also dropped out. I think he could be very entertaining, but I was never convinced that he was really conservative.

Of course, there are several others that should take the hint and go kick road apples.

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Trump for Tribune of the Plebs!

11 Feb

Trump has severed ideology from Populism on the Republican side. When people say that he is not now and has never been conservative, that is of course true. But that is not at all the point. It makes no never-mind. This is about a certain mood, not at all about a set of beliefs. Many of us conservatives are comfortable in the intellectual, idea-driven world. Trump simply is not part of that world. His appeal is to Populism, not Conservatism. So he spouts obviously dumb ideas, but it doesn’t really matter. It is not about intellectualism! And those of us who are more intellectually-oriented assume that no one would vote for such an idiot. But we are wrong.

Yeah, Trump is not a Conservative, he is a Populist. That’s why the attacks that he is not conservative do not resonate at all with the Trumpkins. He is a modern Gracchi. He is not running for president so much as running for Tribune of the Plebs. I half-expect him to lobby for land reforms. Look it up.

See, people are angry. Republicans in Congress have chronically, passively under-reached. Obama has been aggressively overreaching. So the result is a rather intellect-free populism in a desperate effort to combat both of these terrible things. Yes, it is a very knee-jerk reaction. But I understand it. I don’t agree, but I understand.

What we are seeing is not about politics. It is about mood.


Well, good.

10 Feb

SCOTUS has put a hold on this nonsense. The plan was to put this in place so producers had to spend years and millions to get ready for it and then it just wouldn’t matter if it was eventually overturned. It was and end run around the rule of law. One of many from Obama…


Drudge reports that

10 Feb

Cruz, Trump, and Kasich are all tied in NH. Wow! Trump is dead meat. This was his easiest venue and expected to win in a huge way, and now he is neck-and-neck. He had to have won big on his own turf (and was expected to) in order to even have a snowball’s chance in Hell. Kasich gets a Pyrrhic victory.

It’s OVAH! Trumpkins… Turn the lights out, Sally. Cruz is the nominee. And that’s a very good thing.

The good news is that Cruz is a MUCH better candidate anyway. He is now and he always was. He channels the (rightful) anger of many without the buffoonery of Trump. Trump is a neophyte, and just doesn’t know what he is doing. Watch for a Cruz/Fiorina ticket. You heard it here first…

Oh, and Hillary is getting utterly shellacked by a freakin’ septuagenarian Socialist! He is doubling her vote count. Gotta be a huge embarrassment.

UPDATE: Things have changed and Trump has indeed won big. That does change the calculus more than a bit… The Trumpkins (such cuties!) live to whine another day. I waited until nearly 5pm my time, but it was still too early. Sorry.

Let’s be honest, Trumpkins represent the politics of resignation. It is fundamentally a defeatist reaction. Like the Hulk, his supporters only know how to smash. The Trumpkins are kinda cool at first, but soon become the Tribbles of American politics. Their attitude is all about destroying and not at all about building. It is smashing the Lego blocks in frustration. Their frustration is indeed real and very understandable, but crushing the blocks is not a productive response.

I’d still put my money on a Cruz/Fiorina ticket.

Sanders no longer is doubling Hillary. Huge win, yes. But not doubling.


I think it is

09 Feb

undoubtedly true. Once people see the gov’t as intrinsically unfair, they obey the law ONLY to the extent that they are forced to. The vast majority of people are honest in their taxes–and the gov’t depends on that. But in, say Italy, tax evasion is pretty much the national pastime. No wonder the gov’t hates cash–it is hard for them to track. If it never goes into a bank account, well, it never gets taxed at all. They hate precious metals for the same reason. Secrecy of the masses in any form is their mortal enemy. Why do you think there is such pressure on cell phone makers on this? It ain’t about pedophiles or child pornographers.

But the truth is that once regular people see gov’t operating in unfair and illegal ways, they do it, too. And they feel totally justified. Pretty soon, you have Italy. Traffic tickets are hard to enforce. Taxes are hard to collect. It is chaos–dogs and cats living together (sorry for the “Ghostbusters” reference). There just aren’t enough police in the country to do it, even if you are OK with seeing this nation become a police state.  See, it has always been that people policed themselves. But Obama puts that at risk.

What could happen is “Irish Democracy.” Laws and regulations that people don’t agree with are just ignored. Those who try to enforce it are no longer seen as “friends,” but as “enemies.” It’s a real danger inherent in regulation. The gov’t ONLY gets what it can enforce. Well, brute force is the logical end of ALL Leftism. Leftism always has and always will depend on the Gulag. Any time there is freedom or moral agency, Leftism has to war against it. Tale as old as time–thus it has always been. There has always been a divide between those who want moral agency and those who want force. So choose which side you are on…


We are finally

09 Feb

starting to see the legal repercussion Hillary Clinton so richly deserves. Just starting.

I think it is quite clear that she is a criminal. Look, there should be a special prosecutor to look into this. This is NOT a job for a political appointee. The only way to preserve a shred of trust is to appoint an independent counsel–and someone who has some credibility. Appoint some snivelling lackey and it just looks like a whitewash. And people will rightly revolt. There has to be a credible investigation.

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