ALL good literature

27 Jun

is at heart Conservative. Think about it, from Harry Potter to The Lord Of The Rings, good stories are Conservative. Name a single epic novel/series that has a Leftist bent. I mean, there are scads of Leftist books out there, but name a single one that is of the stature or cultural relevance of either of those two. How about one that is even close?

See, life is inherently Conservative. Conservative themes are in great literature because they are realistic. They are believable. Leftist themes are virtually always didactic, and are more of a nattering sermon than an engrossing story.

We clearly see that in J.K. Rowling’s sucky epilogue in Harry Potter. The books were quite good when Rowling stayed true to the Conservative themes of her characters, but at the end she was horrified that the books embodied a Conservative theme when she herself was on the hard Left. So she bastardized the series in order to indulge her own Leftism. Let’s just pretend that the last book was never written…

Say it with me: “ALL good literature is Conservative.”


We do indeed

27 Jun

need to move to paper ballots. We just should not keep putting our Democracy at risk like this.



27 Jun

pretty much:

(thanks, Powerline)

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Hey Blacks!

27 Jun

Here’s a pro tip: Democrats are not your friends.

Yes, they fought for slavery, but that is ancient history and I think that is little more than an interesting footnote now. I’m talking about current things.

They have worked hard to infantilize you with the welfare state. It has utterly hammered your communities. It has led to a drastic and draconian level of fatherlessness. It has been all unicorns and happy faces on the outside, and it has in actuality been a deadly virus that has destroyed you. Uhm, they are NOT your friends. They “Simper and smirk and make love to us all,” as Mr. Bennet said in Pride And Prejudice” but they are NOT telling you the truth. And they are doing it for their own gain. And it has become transparent to them, so they often don’t even realize they are doing it.

See, real friends tell you to do hard things. They value you and want what’s best for you, and will tell you in no uncertain terms what the actual truth is. Real friends don’t simper and smirk. You need a friend, not a Wormtongue. (and don’t kid yourself, The Lord Of The Rings is very likely the most deeply Conservative book/series in the last 200 years)

And then in terms if immigration they are certainly more beholden to others than to you. They want cheap labor, and if YOU lose your livelihood and if your kids can’t get jobs, well, that is just too bad. Then get on the government dole–be a permanent underclass. Be a grateful beggar. They want your vote, but they don’t really care about you apart from that. It’s a recurring theme.

See, the Democrats have been both wise and crafty. Increase welfare payments is immediate. The benefit is blindingly obvious to anyone in that position. It’s only a problem in the long term. The benefit is very personal, and the downsides are there but only hypothetical. THAT is why we are where we are. Few of us want to experience hardships now so that our grandkids can possibly be better off. That kind of long-term thinking is indeed rare. There is no,”We saved the Shire, Sam, but not for us.”

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27 Jun

So it turns out that those sketchy (and anonymous, of course) Trump/Russian prostitute stories at least originated with (and were almost for sure created by) a shady Democrat opposition research business. Run by former journalists, no less. And the MSM was eager to breathlessly report it because it made Trump look bad. Shocker.

It was always a bunch of crap. That much was obvious to me from the beginning. It just never made sense! I was never fooled by this crap. Unfortunately, some were.

Don’t be a fool. Don’t just automatically take what the MSM publishes as true. Some of it is true, if only by accident. But the source is just not reliable. Now if the MSM says that a door is yellow, you have to ask if there are other reliable and independent sources to confirm it.

And this speaks directly to leaks, as well. So some NYT reporter gets a letter with no return address from an anonymous  purported “whistleblower” Who says X. No one has seen the issue. The fact cannot be confirmed by an outside source. And this was anonymously leaked to this single reporter. Yeah, maybe true, but color me skeptical.


I just NEVER

26 Jun

get tired of that photo! Lefty tears are DELICIOUS! But the truth is that Republicans keep winning and Democrats keep losing because Democrats have a really crappy product. Yeah, Democrats are popular in snooty (and wannabe snooty) places–they will always do well with Manhattenites and their mindless myrmidons as well as the soi-disant “smart set” in almost all places across the country. They appeal to those who think they are just smarter than the average bear.

But normal people know a) that Democrats in LA and Manhattan have little in common with typical people and b) that these uppity Democrat narcissists are totally full of crap. The Dems can whine and moan about what a jerk Donald Trump is (and that is somewhat true) but when one “calls” the cards, they just have a pair of 4s with eight high. It was all a bluff. And they are totally emotionally ill-equipped to be shown categorically that they are full of crap and that the “stupid rubes” in flyover country were actually wiser than they have been. THAT is why they are so desperate to “get” Donald Trump. For them this is a existential issue. It goes directly at their core identity.

And you can easily see the intellectual and theoretical deficit in this crowd if you take even a passing non-emotionanal look. The Democrats simply have no solutions to offer. They are bereft of any idea of how to make things better. They are all tactics and no strategy. Strategy is doing the right things. Tactics is just doing things right.

In my lifetime, Democrats have often been tactically skilled. Their problem has always been strategy. Republicans have been good strategically, but poor tactically. But they can quickly get the tactical skills, while Democrats have almost no way to get a decent strategy. That’s why Democrats resort to name calling rather than debating issues.

I have rarely been so motivated to see Republicans kick the crap out of the hoity-toity Democrats in 2018. The Democrats richly deserve to go the way of the Whigs.


Don’t be an idiot.

26 Jun

OF COURSE Trump would counter-punch.

But of course this is illogic, hysteria, and hypocrisy. If Obama knew and did nothing, he is a criminal. If there just was no evidence, well, nothing has changed. They can either both hang or both be innocent, but logically they have to suffer the very same fate.

So make your call, Lefties. I would be perfectly happy with an enraged Mike Pence as President.


IF (and that is an if) Black employment

26 Jun

gets drastically better under Trump, the Democrats are well and truly hosed. Dems need the economy to be bad in order to get re-elected. In the words of a famous song, “They’ll make us all beggars ‘cuz they’re easier to please.” Perverse incentive, eh? That’s why the Dems will fight Obamacare repeal, tax reform, etc. The more miserable people are, the more Democrats benefit. Think about that for a moment!

The Dems have depended on those Black votes for many years, and they would simply never win another general election without them, The Democrats have always (in the last 80 years) gotten nearly 100% of those votes, Even if the Rs got 15% instead of 5% of that vote the Democrats would be goners. And once that dam starts to crumble, the total collapse may happen very rapidly. I mean, even if existing Blacks don’t change much, if their children do…

And I think Trump is just the man to attract these voters. He is certainly not a traditional Republican, so the cultural barrier may be perceived to be a little lower.

But if even a small shift happens, Democrats are gone. They have certainly taken Black voters for granted, and if there is a change, the Dems are in a world of hurt. And there are starting to be prominent Black Conservatives…

See, every new Black Republican voter represents a net two votes: One less for the Democrats and one more for Republicans.


The fact

26 Jun

that RBG is still alive is itself proof that God hates us.


More NY Times

26 Jun


These guys totally deserve it. Unfortunately, decent people will get hurt, but so it always is in such cases.

I can both recognize that the NY Times is a disreputable rag and that decent people will get hurt as it falls.

But the sad thing is that the NYT soiled their own britches. If they had played it straight they wouldn’t be in this mess at all. Unfortunately, those who directed the paper sold their birthright for a mess of pottage.