Walker tears it up,

24 Jan

big time. I’m not sure if he will be the 2016 GOP nominee, but that’s a very real possibility.


Why would you think that NAZIs were on the right?

23 Jan

It is a colossal scam. It is the most successful lie in the history of the world.

Uh, NAZI is an acronym for the National Socialist party. To say they were on the right is a gross bastardization of history.


Just when you think Liberals

22 Jan

could not be any more stupid, you see something like this.

Look I’m not saying that EVERYONE who disagrees with me is this stupid and uneducated, but there are indisputably those that are. As a result, Romney didn’t win the last Presidential election.


It’s an awesome

22 Jan

idea. And it is an inherently conservative one. This is not top-down. Leftist ideas are inherently top-down. But this harnesses the power of crowdsourcing.



22 Jan

How do you spell, “hypocrisy?”


I think everyone

22 Jan

would love to see safe nuclear power. Well, almost everyone.

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Don’t believe me that Romney

21 Jan

is done? Look at this. No, this wasn’t a mistake on Mitt’s part. It is him. This is a dog that don’t hunt. Romney is being very unwise, though he may in fact be being true to his beliefs. More’s the pity…

He just doesn’t seem very conservative. And while he has great name recognition and buyer’s remorse and a long history of decency, I’m not at all sure all that will be enough. I guess we’ll see, eh?


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More SOTU stupidity from Obama.

21 Jan

People should be hip to his scams by now.

I hate the SOTU. Founding fathers thought it smacked on monarchism, and indeed it does. That’s why they didn’t want it. For most of history it was just written and distributed. It wasn’t until the kingly FDR that it became a yearly Halloween costume event that the President put on.

There’s really no good reason for it. I would far prefer a text only. No reason for the President to invade a co-equal branch.

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Jury nullification and mandatory

21 Jan

minimums are both a product of a non-judicial attempt to “steady the Ark.” Jury nullification is when a jury knows very well that a person is guilty under the law, but they decide that the law itself is bull crap and so they find him “not guilty.”

Judges also have a long history of sentencing guilty people to absurdly mild punishments. Mandatory Minimums try and get around this. They take the discretion out of the judge’s hands. See, judges were at times engaging in what I call “judicial nullification.” Mandatory Minimums are an attempt to circumvent that.

So both of these issues were very directly caused by bad laws. We need to pay more attention to legislatures, who make the laws.


Yeah, scientific

20 Jan

morons endanger us all. I think we all should be more scientifically oriented. It’s not the ONLY way of knowing, but it is a good one.