23 Feb

good article.

Members of the traditional news media are melting down because… they are finally being called out for being shills and hacks. And Trump is right to call them out. They just don’t like it that their rock is being picked up and they are being exposed to sunlight. THAT is why they are frantically scurrying about. Hit pigeons flutter.

Only a great fool thinks that they are a reliable source. I, for one, am not a great fool…


I think we

23 Feb

should not be confused as to who was in charge when it collapsed.


I work a TON

23 Feb

with pain patients. At one hospital pain patient make up 100% of my case load. I use a subjective rating scale every day I am there.

But I also have important performance data. Ours is a team approach where I am the psychologist but there are a half-dozen very experienced PT/OT’s doing treatment on land and in a pool, too. And there are two extremely competent and experienced physicians. We are a team. And the program is all day for three or four weeks. And we freely share information. It’s a great, great program. And trust me, you get a good idea of what is going on in 3 or 4 weeks. One can blow smoke for a half hour, but it is much harder to do it for a month…

But in this setting I get BOTH subjective and functional data. And that is extremely important. I want both. I need both to treat effectively. And they don’t alway correlate. Usually they do to some extent or even to a large extent, but certainly not always.

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What a bunch

23 Feb

of freakin’ LOSERS! Sheesh, get your crap together.

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22 Feb

the Left has gotten ridiculous. Yes, they are wrong. And they are ridiculous. But they are not toothless, and it would be a fatal mistake to think they are. Yes, they are comically bereft of ideas. Yes, they are moribund. But the can still kill or at least cause misery and pain.

As I learned as a child, even a dead rattler can still reflexively bite and inject poison for hours after you kill it. To be safe, you cut off the head of the snake. The Left may be stupid zombies who are actually dead, but they can still eat your brains.

The Left is indeed dead. It has no intellectual heft and it has lost its bench. But the rattler can still inject poison. For the Left, the head has not been cut off. We have seen that with Obama. So let’s not get complacent because we have all three branches of government. That rattler can still kill. And just like in horror flicks, the monster always comes back right at the end, just when you think you have finally defeated it.


You can whine, but

22 Feb

the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. 

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If you are a Democrat,

22 Feb

you just protest. It doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t have to be logical or wise, it just has to be aggrieved. Leftism today is all about the whining.


To riff on Rush Limbaugh,

22 Feb

the First Amendment does NOT prevent one from criticizing the press. It just gives you, me, and everyone the legal right to express opinions without fear of legal/govenment retribution. That’s it. The press have no more or less freedom of speech than you or me. They are NOT in a privileged position. So some “reporters” need to get off their high horse and recognize that.

A free press is important, but really the bedrock issue is free speech. You don’t have to be a NY Times reporter to have that, and a NY Times reporter has no more of it than you or me. The NY Times reporter is no more immune from criticism than you or me. If they are full of crap, they can be called out on it without any damage whatsoever to the Constitution. So I would say to NY Times reporters to quit your whining and kvetching and defend yourself! And take that weak sauce and get out of here, you freakin’ loser…

Criticizing the press is just NO problem, Constitutionally or morally. THEY need to tell us why we should believe them over a dog-faced baboon, to quote Socrates. Otherwise it is just a bald-faced appeal to authority, and I don’t buy that, even a little. Upon what grounds are they standing? Why should I believe them?


It is dang funny

21 Feb

that “Trump Derangement Syndrome” now involves frank pyschosis. I mean,  now the press is going around the twist. They are just nuts.




21 Feb

times change, eh?

This should be a campaign ad.

Is it gross hypocrisy? Oh, yeah. But you should be used to it by now.