20 Aug

eh? Look, the Trump/Russia thing was always a steaming pile of dung. Of course it has collapsed. It was just a thin reed that Hillary and the Democrats grimly and doggedly held onto.

But can we get rid of Mueller now? Please?


See, Romney

19 Aug

needs to shut the frack up. He has always been a RINO squish, and this just puts his disgusting McCain-ism on display. Really bad move on his part. And this from a guy who doesn’t often make really bad moves.

This just hardens the battle lines. It certainly does Conservatives no favors, and it absolutely does not win over any Leftists. All you hear is him sniff, “Not our kind, dear.” THIS is why Trump won, and Romney is showing a real tone deafness, here. He needs to jump at this chance to close his yapper.

Romney’s high-minded superciliousness didn’t help him against Obama, and it is not helping him here. At all.

Romney would have been an extremely competent President, and MILES better than what Obama was. He would have been honest and honorable and reliably good. But he was never a transformative figure. He was a very competent worker bee (and that has immense value), but he was not transformative. He has always been a little too hide-bound for that. Hence, the irrational McCain-ism.

I personally value Romney for his competence. But that’s about it.

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But the MSM won’t

18 Aug

cover this much.



18 Aug

How, uh, interesting.

But here’s what I’m betting: NOTHING will come of it, even though it was very clearly corrupt. I do hope I’m wrong, but I doubt I am.


It’s really quite obvious to anyone but the terminally stupid.

17 Aug

Obama was a terrible negotiator, and others chronically ate his lunch. And he was too hide-bound and narcissistic to notice. The Iran deal is perhaps the worst of all. And that’s saying something! Either Obama was a total idiot or he sold us down the pike. So moron or traitor. but there simply are no other logical explanations. Or he is a bit of both (and that is indeed the most likely explanation).

This is why you never vote for a Democrat. Because they do stupid crap like this.

You may have a pathological dislike for Trump. OK, there’s no law against irrationality. But there is no doubt that he was the best option available. And the overwhelming proportion of people realized it, which is why Hillary got beaten like a rented, old mule. She WAS an old mule!

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The “experts” who

17 Aug

told us that Trump could never get the nomination and then told us that he could never beat Hillary are still around.  Then they told us that the Trump approach would lead to North Korea hammering us. Now they are telling us that Trump is very unpopular. Huh. Are they accurate this time? They initially went oh fer two, so maybe they can go now go one for four! You know, the odds are that they will eventually be right. Just by chance alone one would expect it.



16 Aug

never mind. Kim Jong-Un has finally realized that he is no longer dealing with the feckless Obama.

After years of ineffectual and downright wimpy (non) action by Obama, it is refreshing to see Trump kick butt and take names. You may carp about Trump’s moral failings (and I may agree with you) but there is NO question that he is better, waaaay better, at foreign policy. We are far worse off because Obama was President.

Obama, like almost all bullies, had no problem being tough when it came to “safe” victims, like Republicans. They were never going to bomb him. But he was a spineless wimp when it came to other countries, who might actually hurt him! Now we are facing the wages of weakness. And like almost all bullies, Obama was all hat and no cattle–and our enemies knew it.

We can just hope that Trump continues to be tough. I may not like everything he does, but very often he does the correct thing, and I have to recognize and trust that. It is a welcome change.


I’m telling you,

16 Aug

the Left is violent. It’s who they ARE. It’s part and parcel with their underlying political philosophy.


Now that we

16 Aug

don’t have a “weak sauce” foreign policy, as we did under Obama (who loved to fight the Right, but absolutely no one else–he deliberately chose a victim he knew wouldn’t nuke him), we are making some real progress. Obama was a wimp, plain and simple. He was a groveling ninny to anyone who had real power. Like any bully, he was tough on the weak and sucked up to the powerful.

And that invites violence. His approach was this: If you get violent (the only power Obama valued), you get what you want. He knew Republicans would not get violent, so he went all “tough guy” on them. Iran might indeed get violent, so he folded like a cheap tent before them–he became their prison wench. He was Wormtongue in The Lord Of The Rings. He was a toady–he sucked up to power. And we’re all the worse off because of that.

I can whine about what a jerk Donald Trump is, but unlike Obama, he is NOT a suck-up toady. Obama certainly was.


Trump is President.

15 Aug

Grow up and deal with it!

You lost, OK? You freakin’ LOST. Now (as goes to old school-yard taunt) it’s time to act your age rather the your shoe size. Just grow up an kwithcher infernal whining. Sometimes in politics you get your butt handed to you. I know you are not used to it, but get off the floor and stop kicking your legs and holding your breath. Put on your big-boy pants because we adults are all sick to death of your tantrums. Just grow up, shut up, and give me fries with that.

We’re not your mommy and we expect you to act like adults. So get a grip and put your head down. Act your age. <sheesh!>

NEWFLASH! You are not a “special snowflake,” and we all don’t have to kowtow to you.


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