Obamacare sucks!

22 Oct

It has really hosed those of us who own our own businesses, as well as anyone who has to buy insurance. People are losing jobs because of this. It is ALL going to contract work rather than employee work. And no wonder.

The more cynical among us think that this was the plan all along–it was the thin edge of the wedge to get socialized medicine.



21 Oct

whatever. Do I look stupid? No, really. Do I look stupid?

Only an idiot or a blinkered partisan would believe that. Obama is almost for sure not an idiot…

I really hope voters wise up. People were totally hosed by Obamacare. I know I was. And let’s not forget that it was passed in the dead of night without a single Republican vote, on a procedural loophole. The Democrats totally and exclusively own this pig. We tried to tell them it was a bad idea, but they were so full of themselves they thought they knew better. Fools!


There are very

21 Oct

good reasons to have concerns over election security. There are extremely good reasons that most normal people are very concerned. And indeed people ARE concerned. Just like Al Gore refused to concede in the election of 2000, Trump is quite correct to not bow to fraud in advance. At least Gore knew there was no fraud!

And it is also very telling that partisan Democrats have a visceral hate for election security. THEY have long engaged  in election fraud and THEY don’t want to see this particular buffet shut down. That’s why the carp and cavil on about this. THAT is why they want “motor-voter” laws. THAT is why the push for Internet voting. THAT is why they fetishize voting. Yeah, it sounds all noble, but it is merely an avenue for fraud. It is merely a way to let barely informed Cheetos-eating couch potatoes vote themselves more money out of public funds. You know, “Hold my beer while I vote.” If elections were totally fair, perhaps their Lefty ideas would lose. So the knee-jerk response is to get the gummint to put a thumb on the scale. In the past one had to be a land owner to vote–you had to have skin in the game. Now the dead even vote (always Democrat)!

If you are against fairness in voting, you should ask yourself some very tough questions. How is it even moral to fight for fraud? Would we have the same history without voter fraud? It is quite clear to everyone who studies the issue that Kennedy beat Nixon due to fraud. But are there other examples? Gregoire lost in WA state because of fraud. Obamacare passed by one vote, and Al Franken cast that vote. Yet it is extremely likely that the only reason he was there in the first place was because of voter fraud!

So yes, there are some very important national issues that have come into existence because of voter fraud. This is not just mindless navel-gazing. The world we live in is to a significant extent the way it is because of voter fraud. So let’s not stick our heads in… the sand, here.



21 Oct

we can only hope.

But he is exactly right in terms of his description of knowledge. We truly live in a post-modern world where there are no facts, only accounts with varying degrees of believability.



20 Oct

have chronically rigged elections. From when Kennedy beat Nixon to the present, it is a chronic problem. So yes, Trump does have a good point, here.

I mean, there is a good reason that democrats do not want there to be poll and voting security. They are the only ones who would benefit from engaging in fraud, so it is to their benefit to continue the current system. They need to tar anyone who wants full security as a lunatic.

Yes, the elections are rigged. DUH! I think we all wonder where the FBI is. But then again, Comey was so obviously corrupted in the Hillary case that it can’t get any worse for him–he should let his dishonesty and incompetence fly!



20 Oct

how can anyone say with a straight face that the MSM is not biased? It just doesn’t pass the laugh test…

I mean, you could blog only about this kind of stuff and never run out of material!


I know there is worry

20 Oct

that Trump will hijack the party and change it forever. I actually don’t think that will happen. Let me tell you why.

Trump is not conservative nor do his policies represent conservativism in any way, shape, or form. So the movement is not threatened. Media lackeys will try to make it seem like he represents conservatism, but he doesn’t. I think he is very much better than Hillary. But he is simply not a Conservative. No, not by any stretch of the imagination. He is merely a Republican of convenience, not a Conservative. Remember, he ran for President three times as a Democrat.

That is not to disparage him. He is what he is. And he clearly is way better than Hillary. But let’s not be confused–he is not a Conservative. He never has been.


It’s about an hour before the final

19 Oct

Presidential debate. If Trump can look good and whip up on Hillary tonight, he wins. The narrative will be set. The tidal wave will break and drown Hillary. Most people want to like him, and he just needs to give them a reason. Hillary is a total shrew that is viscerally off-putting, so Trump has a chance.

No, by the time you read this is will likely be all over. Trump will show whether he is a hero or a zero. But he has to show that he is a realistic option. The sycophant MSM will certainly wet themselves in their excitement in declaring Hillary the winner, but she is so unpleasant that no one is really enthused about voting for her. Not normal people, anyway. So Trump has an opening. We’ll see if he is competent enough to take it. If he whips her tonight, he will be President. If not, he has to depend on her really screwing up (possible, but far, far less certain).


As the old saying goes,

19 Oct

once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three time is enemy action.

Now there are several accusers who say that Bill Clinton kept pursuing them after the sexual assault. This is now a definite pattern. It seems kind of unusual (and indeed it is), but it is part and parcel of what often has apparently happened. We are starting to see a significant pattern here, and the fact that it is an unusual detail that is repeated across accounts lends a great deal of credibility to it. Also, there are repeated and unassailable accounts of Hillary covering up for Bill.



19 Oct

interesting stuff.