Yeah, Hillary

23 Jul

is a great idea. Yeah.

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23 Jul

is one reason that draconian gun restrictions are so stupid. But there are many…

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Don’t kid yourself,

22 Jul

this is the way things are going.

When I recently told a physician friend that I would again see patients but would not accept insurance, he said that this was the case with most people in my specialty. He was far from surprised.

With things as they are, there are many of us looking to escape the insurance crap. It will only snowball.


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Check your couch cushions for

21 Jul

change, and you might find enough for this.


More wisdom

21 Jul

from Williamson.

The real issue is that no one would care if taxes were low. While I fully understand that theft with threat of violence for non-compliance is an unavoidable part of life (and in some ways can be justified), I think that most of us get upset about the scale of things. 5% is a necessary pain. 50% is just unconscionable.


ALL your information

20 Jul

is ours.


The Government



19 Jul

have very good reasons to be nervous.


I think there is indeed

18 Jul

moral clarity when it comes to Israel.

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Sorry, if you care about the environment

18 Jul

you are a supporter of nuclear energy. These stupid things just don’t work, and people are starting to wisen up. Finally.


Should California

17 Jul


I have a hard time seeing how this would be a bad thing. What are the arguments against it? Other than hide-bound adherence to tradition, is there a reason to not split up the state? It is just too big to be governed well. The way it is, there are too many disparate ideas. There will always be a large portion of people who are disenfranchised. It is just foolish to think that those who live in San Francisco and those who live in San Diego will have the same ideas.