I think that

29 Nov

Cruz is indeed likely to inherit the disaffected Trump vote.

Except that he is extraordinarily smart and he knows what he is doing–things that cannot be said of Trump. But Trump is serving a purpose: he is SO extreme and outrageous that he makes Cruz, the bete noir of the Left, look reasonable by comparison. Trump’s role is to make a Cruz presidency possible.

So I know that it famously has been falsely predicted many times, but I predict that Trump will crumble and that his minions will turn to Cruz. I think Rubio is too mainstream (though I am fine with him) and he probably won’t be able to overcome the “you got snookered on immigration” rap. Yeah, THAT is a huge problem right now. Jeb Bush is taking the fire as the establishment candidate, so Rubio is able to avoid that. That is Jeb’s contribution. He is a dead man walking–a bullet magnet that keeps Rubio in the hunt/public eye because of the comparison. Probably it will take a few more Presidential election cycles for Rubio to really emerge and be a force–though he might well be a VP candidate even now. He is a talent, that’s for sure.

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The long national Obama nightmare

28 Nov

is rapidly coming to a close. He has been the worst President in my lifetime and it isn’t even close. And Nixon and Carter were in my lifetime (barely)!

But wise business people are realizing that the interminable dark night of Obama is finally coming to a close, and we are seeing the sleeping giant start to toss and turn in anticipation of the morning. The giant is not yet awake, though it is starting to get just a shade lighter in the East.

But it would be a HUGE mistake to think that Obama’s stupid and totally outdated economic tics are finally starting to work. No. Not at all. Don’t be a fool.

What is happening is that the new day is dawning, and as the sky starts to grow a little lighter people are acting accordingly. Businesses are starting to revive. I just filled up my car and gas was $1.89 a gallon. This alone will help a lot. Notwithstanding Obama’s efforts, real gas prices have declined. Businesses are stirring.

NONE of this is because of Obama–it is in spite of him. The only reason we are starting to see the first stirrings of recovery is because it is known that Obama is going and Hillary is very unlikely to be his third term. The country may have had enough buffoonery (we’ll see). Obama has repeatedly beclowned himself in multiple areas, and people are sick and tired of it–and it is also a more dangerous world because of him. The only danger is that people will be fooled and ascribe the improvement to Obama’s stupid policies. That would be a major mistake, and one I think GOP candidates should continually make clear.

And THIS is why Trump has done well. People are sick to death of Obama and want the exact opposite. I think that will eventually benefit Ted Cruz. He has not been my first choice, but I am warming more and more to Cruz. Jeb Bush is a HUGE loser in all this. Marco Rubio also bears the “establishment” load, but to a far lesser extent than Jeb Bush. It still may crush Rubio. If Jeb is still in the race come March I will be exceedingly astonished.

The economic stirring gives me hope. It is now only hope right now, but it could blossom into something more. The long, dark night may well be finally coming to a close. It is very likely. Let’s hope. I can’t wait forever…


Two things are obvious

27 Nov


First, the “blue” model simply doesn’t work. There is are very good financial reasons that states like IL and CA are going belly up.

Second, those who move away from high-tax states to better low-tax states need to realize that they are the problem. They already ruined the state they came from, and yet they persist in the very same behavior that screwed up their last state!


Because they are not at all introspective. And they buy into the nonsense that the schools have uncritically accepted about self-esteem (which is at heart an ideological dodge). They psychologically defend against self-blame, so they are unable to learn from what they have done in the past. A “welcome wagon” approach to school them will probably fail. The problem is NOT a lack of information. It makes sense from a rational perspective, but we are not dealing with rationality, here.

Sometimes a generation simply can’t/won’t change, and we just need a new generation, one that has not been contaminated like their parents. We really need a “clean slate.” THAT is why Leftists have focused so hard on the schools–they want to get the kids while they are still young and impressionable. So there is a HUGE push against home school and vouchers and ANYTHING that in any way weakens the link with the public schools.

So if you want to see a change in politics, push for alternative school options. Understand, this is the long game. But it’s the only real option for change. Leftists implicitly know this, and that is why they are fighting this so hard. But the cat is already halfway out of the bag. And technology only increases this conservative movement.

THAT is why they fight against the Internet and iPads in class and online instruction and they insist on teacher certification and inability to fire and they want more administration, etc. THAT is why there is the myth of home school creating socially inept kids (sorry, booger-eating parents have booger-eating kids, and these kids face understandable social pressure at school–home school is not a cause but an effect). This is about control of ideology. Our technology totally undercuts that and that’s why they hate it.


Yeah, Democrats

27 Nov

are finally running out of other people’s money.

You shouldn’t be shocked. This was bound to happen sooner or later. Of course they are not admitting it yet, but any thinking non-hack knows the gig is up, and that is becoming clearer and clearer all the time.

You could, in the 70s, pretend that a Leftist scheme could somehow fly, along with rainbow-colored unicorns. But now it is just willful ignorance. You really have to not understand both people and economics. It is self-delusion, an unwillingness to face the facts.

To be clear-eyed and oriented toward facts is to be fundamentally conservative. To live in a fantasy where all cars are run on non-polluting unicorn farts is the be a Leftist. To be inherently moral is to be conservative. To avoid moral questions and not realize that you are on a path to Hell on earth is to be a Leftist.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

26 Nov

I hope you have a good one.


A guy I know

25 Nov

just complained about Obamacare. He is very middle class. Far less than one hundred grand a year. His premiums went to $1,000 a month and he has a $6,000 deductible. Wow. Thanks, Democrats! Idiots…


Well, I totally

25 Nov

disagree, but I can’t say that I’m surprised. The heart of all Leftism is violence and the lack of free choice (you can’t just choose to leave the Gulag or the concentration camp). That is not a bug, that is what the philosophy requires. It is the very heart of Leftism. We need to understand that. It is inherently immoral, and everyone needs to speak out against it. It’s time for moral people to speak out!


Look, it was

25 Nov

A terrible idea, and it was terribly executed. I am really hope it dies a quick death.

I know, let’s provide catastrophic insurance to everyone who cannot afford it. Seems like a decent idea, and it would not break the bank. A voucher system would be ideal.



25 Nov




25 Nov

Very nice.

What this tells me is that there’s probably no reason not to go for Cruz. Things are really breaking his way. He certainly seems to be the most conservative option. I would dearly love to see a Cruz/Fiorina ticket. And this poll shows that he is almost for sure electable. That’s why the mainstream media have been so hip on slandering him (and I am not a total fool and won’t get led down that GWB path–some of you experienced that MSM trickery with GWB). He is a threat to them, and that’s why they want to make him as unpalatable as possible. Wake up! Don’t be fooled again!

I like Rubio, but I am concerned about his gullibility. Look, he got taken by the sharks in the immigration deal. That fact is very troubling to me.I think it would be better for him to come out publicly and say that he got snookered and that he is sorry.