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Few cartoons

12 Mar

have ever struck me as more true:

(Oh, and Powerline’s “”The Week In Pictures” is the source, and a great one.) Getting rid of Obamacare is HARD. It was meant to be that way. It was designed to be that way. This hook has a barb in it, and it will be painful to get it out. I think George Washington or Thomas Jeffeson said that slavery was like having a wolf by the ears–you don’t want to hang on, but then again you don’t dare let go.

Well, Obamacare is just like that. It is having a wolf by the ears. There simply is no easy way to get out of it. It was made to cause painful damage with removal. And that is perhaps the only part of Obamacare that actually works.

And understand well that this is 100% the Democrats’ and Obama’s fault. Yes, Trump and the Republicans take a bit of a whipping for trying to extricate us from it, but again that was by design. It was despotism from the get-go. And this kind does not come out easily or without pain.

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Yeah, let’s check in:

06 Mar

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Barry the malicious idiot

02 Mar

is waiting in the wings to cause even more damage to the U.S. Just you wait. Like bad crotch rot he will come back.

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25 Feb

the Dutch are starting to talk about no longer using the Euro. Wow. Are we seeing a cascade that soon will not be able to be stopped? Has  “Brexit” caused a small hole in the dam and now the whole thing is compromised? Now we are seeing a small and relatively inconsequential country going that way. I mean, already France is making noises to that effect. If Marine LePen is elected President of France she will likely have France pull out of the EU or at least greatly reduce its presence. Already the EU is a dead man walking. If France leaves, the party is well and truly over.

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Yeah, no

20 Feb

surprise at all. I’m far from surprised. What about you?

If you are surprised, it is proof positive that you are just not paying attention.

Yeah, Obama is doing this. DUH!


The Dems are

18 Feb

in disarray. No House, no Senate, no Supreme Court, and no Presidency. They have also lost HUGE number in state leadership, and last election they lost states that they have relied on. I’m not saying things can’t  change–the day is long. But it is morning in America. The dark night of the Orc is ending and there are glimmers of sun in the East…

CA is still hopelessly screwed up, but that probably won’t change until the state itself is broken up into more democratic pieces.

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I’m glad to see

16 Feb

this. I think it is exactly what Trump needs to do. It is what he should focus on.

He does well in front of crowds. He needs to keep the campaign up. I think it also energizes him. It totally goes around the slanted MSM and speaks directly to the people. Yeah, he needs to do this.


Yes, the first

13 Feb

step to change is to acknowledge your mistake.

Don’t change, Lefties!

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11 Feb

Even though someone needs to learn how an apostrophe works. But you get the point.

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16 Jan

it’s a sickness.

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