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So would or could

16 Sep

John Bolton give Trump a run for his money?

Trump needs to be careful about alienating his base. He could get primaried. There have been some major red flags these last few days.

Trump, correct yourself!

Now if Trump soon gets a decent Obamacare replacement and a good tax policy going, most will forgive him or at least tolerate him. And he has built up some good will by putting Goresuch on the SCOTUS. People are just recovering from the near-death experience that was Hillary Clinton. BUT, Trump campaigned on six major things:

  1. End DACA and reform immigration (nope, quite the opposite so far)
  2. Obamacare repeal and replace (nope–and he was passive and it crashed and burned)
  3. Build the border wall (nope)
  4. Get out of the horrible Iran deal (nope–he has extended and endorsed the deal)
  5. Drain the swamp (nope–he has worked with Chuck and Nancy instead of those in power)
  6. Good SCOTUS picks (so far very good)


Yet (re: #5) now he is buddying up with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. He ditched Steve Bannon. Is the leopard now showing his true spots? I sure hope not. Only one of those 6 things have happened. And he has had six months. Wow.

Much more of this and people will decide that he is just another disingenuous politician. THAT would be the death knell for him. He ran on being different, so he better cowboy up now.

Trump, correct yourself!

Ann Coulter has long been a staunch Trump supporter, but now she has turned against him. Even Sean Hannity (long–wrongly–considered by the Left to be a Trump shill) is starting to turn against him–he’s got one foot off the Trump train already!

So I think we are at a crossroads. Either Trump does what he campaigned on or he is a 1-termer and gets primaried by someone running to his Right. I hope he chooses well.



I think this shows a real

11 Sep

cultural shift:

When Lefty groups are being mocked in this way–saying that they are both Satanic and morally equivalent of the KKK–you know that something is going on.

Now, there is another issue: Have you ever met a Klan member? I haven’t, and I lived for years in the deep South. How about a violent Leftist? (As if there is any other kind!) So while the KKK may be a theoretical “bad,” Antifa is both common and an in-your-face “bad.” The violent Leftist is about a zillion times more common, DUH! What are there, like 10 KKK members in the country? There were 11, but Robert Byrd died…

Folks, quit whining about the KKK. They don’t really exist anymore. But that would gut the Left’s “arguments!” The ONLY one keeping the KKK alive as a current “thing” rather than a mere historical footnote of total goofiness is the Left. And they need it because they need a “bad guy,” even if it is a complete straw man. See, most of the country has never lived in the South, so they don’t know how vacuous and stupid this is.

But it is vacuous and stupid.

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So, can you do a “Ladies’ Night?”

07 Sep

Lets say you own a dance hall. Wednesday nights are slow, and it would be far more profitable if a load of people came. And the truth is, on Wednesday nights, women are scare. And no women, no men.

So, you get the bright idea to make Wednesday “Ladies’ Night.” Ladies get in for half price. Men really want to see women there, and they will pay full price. They are, uh, motivated.

So based on your gender you get charged more or less. Can one charge a person rates based on their gender? Is that even legal? And what about genetic males that “identify” as women?

And what if (say) males are considerably more expensive to the owner than females. They just cause more damage. If lots of guys come you have to have bouncers. They sexually harass the waitstaff.

I mean, car insurance for a 19-year-old male is FAAAR more expensive than the same coverage for a 19-year-old female. But is it “fair” to charge one price for males and another for females? And is it fair to charge a 19-year-old male more than a 50-year-old male? Is it age discrimination to charge a 50-year-old more than a 20-year-old for life insurance? Isn’t that ageism?

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Seems rather

04 Sep

contradictory, doesn’t it?

Well, logic isn’t their strong suit.


Well, THIS certainly

04 Sep

doesn’t fit the narrative of the Lefty crowd!

Wait, I thought he was Hitler! I thought he was evil incarnate! I mean, I watched the freakin’ news, so I know the truth, pal.

See, the MSM will have a hard time changing the narrative from “evil mastermind” to “amiable dunce.” But hey, they will try…

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The “case” against

01 Sep

“price-gouging” is bereft of any logic. If other methods work, there can be no price-gouging. If other methods don’t work, price-gouging is the only way to make goods and services available.

I remember my father (R.I.P.) complaining about restaurant prices. He’d say, “I can buy this steak for $5, and yet they are charging $20! That is robbery!”

Well, he never lived off his own business, so he really didn’t understand. Sure, I can buy that steak for $5. but what about the chair you’re sitting in? Was it picked for free off the chair tree on the front lawn? Was the table free? The cool decorations? What about the servers–do they get paid out of the price of the steak? And taxes. And a cleaning crew. And the HUGE amount it costs to comply with government regulations? And, and, and…

The list just never ends. When you understand economics and business (and my father certainly had the intellect–he had a Berkeley doctorate and was a college professor) it all becomes clear. THAT is why you never elect someone who has not lived off their own sweat, their own business. I think that at that time my father should not have been eligible for public office.

Later in life my father set up a small side business to supplement his income. After that I never heard him talk in that way. Funny how he suddenly understood better!

No wonder Democrats are frantic to squelch the “gig economy.” If a decent percentage of people set up side businesses (even 5%) they are well and truly hosed because these people have no withholding and they face first-hand the economic realities of a small businessman.

I just don’t think anyone who has not lived off his or her own business should be eligible to either vote or to hold public office.

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28 Aug

what a novel idea! Too bad the Left has screwed this common-sense idea up so badly! Sheesh, no wonder they have lost all three branches of government…

We need them to be in the minority for a while in order to repair all the damage they have caused.

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20 Aug

eh? Look, the Trump/Russia thing was always a steaming pile of dung. Of course it has collapsed. It was just a thin reed that Hillary and the Democrats grimly and doggedly held onto.

But can we get rid of Mueller now? Please?


The “experts” who

17 Aug

told us that Trump could never get the nomination and then told us that he could never beat Hillary are still around.  Then they told us that the Trump approach would lead to North Korea hammering us. Now they are telling us that Trump is very unpopular. Huh. Are they accurate this time? They initially went oh fer two, so maybe they can go now go one for four! You know, the odds are that they will eventually be right. Just by chance alone one would expect it.

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The mask

06 Aug


It is really quite clear. There is NO evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, let alone actual crimes in relation to that. None. Nada. So Mueller goes far beyond his actual mandate and original purpose in the frantic hope that he can justify his existence. He goes on a freakin’ witch-hunt! He frantically looks at Trump’s past finances and those of his allies. His organization leaks like a sieve in order to keep this pig from being put out of our misery–to preserve a sense of relevance. He is fishing. And Democrat lackeys bleatingly mouth the party line and mumble that any perceived misdeed is fair game, regardless of the fact that it is unrelated to the original foolishness. What a pile of crap! There just is no defense.

This is irrationality. Now I don’t give a crap what Mueller “finds.” Yes, there could be legal ramifications for some people, but the truth is that this is total garbage. Mueller is simply not a dependable source–he is just another hack. We all know that he is not fair and so there is just no reason to pay attention at all to what he says.

I got $100 that says that Mueller will find nothing actionable on Trump. Any takers?

Democrats need to be very careful. If they push this and are seen as unfair vigilantes, they will be punished severely in 2018. And deservedly so. Maxine Waters is already out there doing HUGE damage to her party. Then again, no one has ever been confused enough to think she is smarter than a box of rocks. Democrats  are already less and less relevant on the local level. They just can’t afford this trend to continue and seep into the national arena. I mean, this Mueller stuff is just bullcrap. And it is infuriating.

If this keeps going, people will join me in saying, Democrats delenda est.