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Some more funny things (thanks to Powerline):

20 Nov


Yeah, pretty much. This is NOT an argument made in good faith. The Democrats are plenty happy (Elizabeth Warren would say, “Heap big happy”) to have YOU miserable if that means that they can prolong their old, discredited crap a little longer. It’s all about personal gain with them, and they don’t give a rat’s patoot about anything else. They may protest, but the moral are entirely situational.


There are

15 Nov

about 350 million guns in the country.  There are about 33K gun deaths. Take out suicides and it is about 11K. But we haven’t taken out crime and gang-related deaths from that figure. Is it worse than 5-gallon buckets?  Years ago I looked and the stats said there showed far more accidental deaths from 5-gallon buckets than from guns.

See, 5-gallon buckets are actually quite dangerous to toddlers. They fall in head-first and can’t get out and drown in any water that is in it.


Funny how

10 Nov

the Leftist have changed. Here’s a quote:

James Bloodworth in the left-of-center Independent noticed the exchange of roles too. “In the past decade or so some progressives have found themselves – either through political expediency or something worse – on the side of the far-right. … The result … has been an anti-war movement working enthusiastically with those advocating the murder of homosexuals, a left-wing Mayor of London embracing a man who said Adolf Hitler had been sent by Allah to punish the Jews, and a group set up ostensibly to oppose fascism warmly welcoming religious fascists into its own ranks.”

Wow. Who is focused on hating practicing Jews (and Israel)? On hating homosexuals? On implementing Sharia? On embracing force and trying to destroy moral agency? On being violent and coercive toward anyone who doesn’t share their views?

The Left. This is who they’ve become. Their journey to the Dark Side is now complete… They have become evil haters, and they desperately need to change.

REAL liberals would hang their heads in shame. Now they are known as Conservatives. They didn’t leave the Left: the Left left them.

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Yes, yes, it is

10 Nov

embarrassing to have this FBI chief lose his gun. It is a real embarrassment. Gee, I have never had a gun stolen and have never misplaced it. Gee, and we’re told that only law enforcement should have guns! Yet all my guns together and times 10 have killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy’s car!

But what was very curious to me is that this guy could afford a $6,000 Rolex. How? I know I certainly can’t.  I looked at the last generation AppleWatch recently, but I really couldn’t in good conscience spend the $250 or so on it. The new one is about $100 more. At least.

But six THOUSAND? Really?

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You want a $15

06 Nov

minimum wage? Be careful what you wish for. You have to be a total idiot not to have seen this coming.

Ho-lee crap! Are these guys complete economic illiterates?


It is

23 Oct

truly amazing.

Just look at all the empty seats. Players thought they were protesting, but they were in actuality killing the golden goose. Next year they will be roofers.

Another issue: It’s true that there are a lot of empty seats, but more than half are filled. But how many are filled because people bought season tickets and so figured they might as well go? The real test will be when it comes to re-up and by season tickets for next year.

Those tickets are wicked expensive, so let’s see if people will sacrifice for them.


A great

21 Oct

piece of writing, and of thought.

No one is saying that you don’t  have a right to walk unmolested through some parts of town. But it may well be very unwise to try.



20 Oct

it’s good news.

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Cruz just CRUSHES the old muppet heckler.

20 Oct

Moral: Know the story before you make a total fool of yourself.

Uhm, the story of Robin Hood is NOT about the government collecting taxes. It is about greedy tax collectors taking more than is due. It’s really not that hard to understand, and even Conservative are on the side of Robin Hood.

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There is a

18 Oct

great article that I won’t link to: It quotes some rather vulgar Hollywood players, and I’d rather not give the link. The authors did a good job of using stand-ins for objectionable words, but it is still pretty darn clear what was said. There are indeed times when we have to do certain things that we would not otherwise do, and I really have no criticism of what these authors did–it was appropriate. Yes, but I don’t want to go there.

I’m not a prude. And after 7 years working with Marines it is not like I’ve never heard those words (and far worse). It’s not like I am at all phased by them. I’m not. At all. It’s just that I decide for myself that I won’t report on them at this time. Others have done a fine job. But here is an important (and unobjectionable) quote:

We should never lose sight of how tightly connected Weinstein is to the Democratic Party, not only through his contributions but on account of the liberal bent of the industry that he dominated. Nor should we forget how closely Weinstein’s appalling and, allegedly, sometimes criminal behavior resembles that of Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy and other prominent Democrats.

Indeed. Never forget.

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