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Well, there

17 Feb

is SOME consolation to Obama. I think LEGO inadvertently got it right…

Obama MiniFig

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Organic is better,

30 Jan

right? Don’t be fooled.

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The electoral

20 Jan

map just keeps looking better for the Republicans. You know, one can only hope. I’m a bit wary. There are just a lot of knuckleheads around…

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Little is more irritating

15 Jan

than people refusing to use their turn signals! What kind of moron doesn’t tell other drivers what they are doing? It’s just sooooo narcissistic. They can’t be bothered to let others know their intentions, even if it causes an accident. Wow.

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25 Dec

Christmas, everyone!

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Helloooo polygamy!

17 Dec

It is clear to me that gov’t restrictions on who you can marry are utterly bogus. And I’m not the only one.

It’s pretty obvious what is going on, here. I think the legal marriage contract is a whole different kettle fish than a real marriage and should be kept a separate issue, altogether. Entirely separate. The moral issue is NOT the legal one. Legally “marry” whomever or whatever you want. Make the contract. Do you need a piece of paper or a state marriage certificate ┬áto make it feel legitimate to you? But the church ceremony is a church issue. An actual contract is a government issue. You want to marry your pet parakeet? OK, do whatever the heck you want. You want a marriage in the Catholic Cathedral? Go ahead and arrange it. And you better get a pre-nuptual agreement with any relationship (well, any contract with a human).

But of course, that contract has absolutely nothing to do with tax rates. You are taxed a flat rate regardless of marital status. If there are kids involved, decide who claims them (or ideally, they can’t be claimed at all and there is just a flat tax on your income) Want to marry 5 different people? Want to marry your brother? I don’t really care. Talk to your pastor, priest, or Rabbi about a religious ceremony, if you want one. Maybe you head up the “Church Of The Parakeet-Loving Men.” Just do a religious ceremony. You can do it while skydiving or at 80 feet under the water on SCUBA tanks. OK, Whatever. Do whatever the heck you want. Just pay your flat-rate taxes and don’t demand that I somehow endorse or approve of your choices. Put on your big boy pants and live your own life.


I think regression to the mean says

10 Dec

that we will NOT see the huge GOP pick up in congress that we did in 2010. There are some reasons for that.

First, all the easy victories have already been won. Once the “low-hanging fruit” is gone, more gains will be both rare and unlikely (and much more difficult). Only the hard stuff is left. And the rate of return on the hard stuff is much lower.

Second, if I’m a 5 foot four male, I may grow an inch at age 19. There is still some “headroom.” But if I’m 6 foot four, it’s very unlikely (possible, but unlikely) that I will grow at all. I am already well taller than the average. See, there is movement toward the mean or average. Over time, average wins out. That’s why restricted time in a study is really a problem in a study and a real threat to validity. A “snapshot” view of things is not always accurate. I would like to see what happens over time. Most people are, well, average. You may be really fit and attractive at age 19. But at 45, you will most likely have the same body most 45-year-olds have. Yes, there are exceptions. But they are exceptional. You know about them for a reason.

What I am saying is that the Democrat losses will likely be average. That is certainly the most likely prediction. I certainly hope things will not be that way. I would like to see the Democrats get utterly hammered. Heaven knows that they richly deserve it. And there are a number of signs that don’t bode well for Democrats. But we also need to understand the way the world works.

Now will it be enough to take the Senate? I think that is very possible. Combine average losses with a little headwind against them, and you have a Democrat loss of the Senate. It is quite clear that the incompetence of the White House is providing that headwind. While I hope that it is a “perfect storm” for the democrats, it is not really likely. “Perfect storms” are anomalies. Yes, they exist, but they are rare things. I’m only talking about what is likely, not about how I wish things would be. Only leftists engage in that kind of fantasy. When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras.


In order to be

03 Dec

even a little historically accurate (something the dems live in fear of)


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28 Nov

I have a lot to be thankful for.

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Have Democrats become

24 Nov

reckless gamblers? Seems so.

Trading very short-term benefits for long-term pain, I give you HARRY REID AND THE DEMOCRATS!

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