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I mean really,

14 Sep

there’s just just nothing that could go wrong. I think we can all agree that Obama Iran deal was stupid and dangerous.

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I think that the fact that

02 Sep

Carson is now even with Trump in the latest Iowa polling says that Trump’s numbers were always artificial–he is finally coming back to earth (Carly is #3). Good.


It really is a puzzle

01 Sep

for the Lefty wackos. On one hand, the idea of treating gluten sensitivity is extremely attractive. It is  very trendy. It hits them where they live. On the other hand, they have this irrational hatred of GMO plants. They would prefer to see foreign kids suffer and die rather than see GMO take off (see: Golden Rice). But this hits much closer to home…

Irresistible force, meet immovable object. Could I get some popcorn here?

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C’mon, WHAT Trump flips?

30 Aug


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I think it’s important to understand that

29 Aug

Obama is NOT just giving Nukes to Iran. As almost unbelievably stupid as that is, it is in fact worse.

Don’t kid yourself, every Arab country in the Middle East will pursue them. It is both a status and a self-protection issue. The only issue is the ability to obtain them. Already I am reading about Turkey making nukes on the sly. Israel of course has them now, but they are the least of our problems.  Saudi Arabia is pursuing them, as well, and you can bet that they will have them very soon.

So on what grounds do we say it is OK for Iran to have nukes but not Saudi Arabia or Turkey?  And just what are we going to do if our wishes are ignored? Military action? Oh, come ON!

Obama has stupidly let the genie of destruction out of the bottle. It is not going back in.

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The waters are troubled, and Francis

28 Aug

has made things worse. We can’t really pussy-foot around it. Conservative and committed Catholics may well look elsewhere for spiritual guidance, as well they should. Already they are leaving in droves. Yes, religion in general is facing issues and the gap between faithful and non-faithful is ever widening, but some sects are growing.

But if you are a devout Catholic, you are likely conservative at least in tendencies. You value tradition. To hear Pope Francis rail against sane economics, laud Leftism, prattle on against mythical Global Warming, etc. rankles pretty bad.

If he were wise he would stick to Catholicism, and not spout off about things he knows nothing about! But then again, in that case he would not be a Leftist. But I guess when you are elected in a glorified popularity contest rather than being called of God, this is what you get.


Think we have hit the end?

21 Aug

Think again.  As the song says we’ve only just begun.


Yeah, it matters

17 Aug

a whole lot that Hillary wiped her server clean. I think the legal legal term is “spoilation of evidence.”

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Reynolds is

11 Aug

entirely correct.

Obama has not just exposed the Democrat, he has also exposed the Rs.

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We need to

19 Jul

get our facts straight so I’ll give you a little primer:


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