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Why Paris?

14 Nov

These are serious times.

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I hate posting photos on this site

10 Nov

because once I hit “Publish” it always artificially elongates the photo. It looks fine when I create it, but distorted once published. I hate it! You’d think that the blog software would have fixed such a HUGE flaw, or at least have made it easy to fix, but they haven’t. If anyone knows how to fix it (the pathetic company sure didn’t) please let me know…


The moderators

31 Oct

from the last “debate” were so manifestly terrible and biased that I wonder how such things can continue. The RNC puts huge pressure on candidates to only appear in RNC-sanctioned debates, but I wonder how long that can continue.

Let’s say the leading candidates got together for their own debate. It was on YouTube and was streamed live on the Internet. MSM folks were invited. The networks could broadcast it if they wanted. What could the RNC do?

Yes, candidates would lose RNC backing, but would it really make a huge difference? I don’t know all the details. But it seems that a decent candidate could go without the RNC backing. It’s almost a third party if you do this, and that is exactly what the RNC is risking.

And already we are hearing this from a mainstream Republican candidate! “Folks, if the Republican Party can’t stand up for innocent human life, what good is the Republican Party? At what time do we fold our tents and say it’s time to just start a new one?

The bottom line is that it’s not 1970 anymore. The dinosaurs need to adapt or they will soon be extinct. That goes for many in congress as well as the RNC. The RNC should feel the fire under their seats. The day of the graft-filled glad-hander Orc is rapidly coming to a close.


I think times

30 Oct

have changed.

A decade or two ago (or more) the model in congress was comity. Be friendly and accommodating with everyone. Work together. Don’t take a controversial stand. After all, you have friends across the aisle.

But times have changed, and some dinosaurs like Boehner didn’t get the message. There is a time for comity, but this ain’t it.

The issue now is that you take a stand and hold to it. Let the voters decide what they want and stop trying to imperceptibly go from one position to another.

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28 Oct

a lot has gone on behind the scenes between Hillary and Barack…

I’m sure we will never know all the details, but you can just bet that something like this happened.

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George Lucas

23 Oct

should have a special place in Hell for having the deceased Darth Vader be with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda at the end of “Return Of The Jedi.” Sorry, is there a more egregious case of deathbed repentance? Horrible.

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Why Democrats

12 Oct

love Planned Parenthood so:


It is immoral.

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Pretty good

28 Sep

description. One of the first things to go when an elderly person gets a head injury is the ability to express emotion. Hillary had a head injury! Coincidence? Not at all. She was publicly said to have a subdural hematoma. She had a serious head injury. And it’s not like I am the only one to notice…


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There is indeed a

18 Sep

Border closure issue, but it is (unfortunately) not in the United States.

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I mean really,

14 Sep

there’s just just nothing that could go wrong. I think we can all agree that Obama Iran deal was stupid and dangerous.

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