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Well, I’m sure Leftists

26 Feb

are patriotic in their own way! It’s just not the way most of us are.

Yeah, right.

Just like I’m honest, but in my own way, and in MY way stealing from my employer is not dishonest…

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Rod Dreher on

16 Feb


We are at a stage where people have no memory of just how dangerous pathogens used to be. There is no visceral fear of viruses and bacteria. Children in wheelchairs as a result of polio are a thing of the past because the United States has been polio free since 1979 as a result of vaccines. The only people I’ve ever met who were hobbled by damage from polio were older than me.

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Happy New Year!

01 Jan

May this be a blessed and prosperous new year for you.

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Our media

28 Dec

In their typical stance:


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Merry Christmas, everyone!

25 Dec
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Look, I like Japan and

16 Dec

Japanese culture a lot. I used to live in Japan. My kids take Japanese. The oldest daughter is majoring in it. But let’s be honest about things–this is a moribund society. The numbers do not lie. It is unlikely that our great-grandchildren will ever know a real, live Japanese person.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

27 Nov

I hope it is great for you. The Mendelian daughter units are home from college for it, so we are all together, which is great.

Brining the turkey is the only way to go.


Well lo and behold!

22 Nov

Amazingly, a good chunk of Lois Lerner’s emails have been miraculously found! But don’t get too exited–they have undoubtedly been “scrubbed.” That’s why there was the obviously cock-and-bull story in the first place. There will be no trail to Obama, of THAT you can be sure. Lerner can be thrown under the bus, but NOT Obama.

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The fact that Obama

16 Nov

loves “net neutrality” restrictions is a a good indiction that it is a HUGE mistake. It sounds kinda good on the surface–everyone treated equally. But that veneer is only a millimeter thick, and even a little thought leads one to have strong reservations. The idea is to regulate the Internet like other utilities. Gee, THAT hasn’t been very successful (and there is a far better rationale)! Even a dumb animal learns after touching an electric fence a few times. So we throttle the engine that has actually, you know, produced. Hmm, another terrible Lefty idea. Time to wisen up! Sheesh!

If people want no restrictions at all, they will buy it. It will be an economic winner. Like security on cellphones has become. The last thing we need is government putting their fumble fingers in and messing it up.


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06 Nov