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Your MSM

05 Sep

at work.

These guys are making it hard for an honest person to not look like a conspiracy nut. But in fact it is NOT a conspiracy. But the culture of the MSM is blindly and strongly Leftist.

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Given that

19 Jul

the Republican convention is starting, there is really not much news.

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17 Jul

it is pretty dang hard to know what the motives for the Nice attack were. Yeah.


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So you think

28 Jun

guns don’t help, eh? Don’t be a fool!

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Let me again make a proposal:

20 Jun

There is no reasonl for the government to be involved in marriage at all. I would say you can “marry” anything or anyone you want. You can marry 10 people, if you want. Marry a potted plant, for all I care. Just leave me out of it. Do what you dang well please.

But taxes remain the same. You are taxed on your income, and it has nothing to do with your marital status. I think that would be best with a flat tax, but there may be other ways to address the issue. But the short answer is that I don’t think government should be in the business of marriage at all.

You want to be married in a certain church building? Go talk to the church leaders. You know, the owners. You want to be married while skydiving? Go talk to a pilot to take you. It’s just not the government’s business what you do. But your taxes stay exactly the same.

It’s high time for everyone to be treated exactly the same.


Look, I’m quite

15 Jun

convinced that Hillary will win the general election. That also means that Conservatives lose the Supreme Court. Your right to bear arms will shortly be gone and every pregnant woman gets an abortion unless (perhaps) sh opts out.

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12 Jun

great advice! 

Here’s the bald truth: whatever you do you will get tired of. It is work, not a hobby. What you are good at is what you do you become interested in, not vice-versa. In short, it is your way of being in the world that is the issue, not the “out there” task. Love and interest is an action, not some pre-existing state. And love only comes from hard and constant work, which is the same with all relationships.

When I was in the Navy, many folks around me had been to many different duty stations. So when it came time for me to say what my preferences were for my next duty station, I talked to people who had been there.

What I found out was that what a person thought about a particular place was more related to the personal qualities of that person themselves than to the place itself. Sure, there were commonalities, and it was wise to pay attention to those, but that was ultimately superficial. The overall evaluation was a product of the speaker’s personal characteristics rather than of the place itself.

For example, I lived 3 years in Okinawa, Japan. It was beautiful. The East China Sea was stunning. We had a Mongoose family that lived on a large hill just off my back yard. Even the Typhoons were amazing, and I experienced 140mph winds!  I had to learn to drive on the left side of the road. My wife and I ate out as much as we could, and you can bet that we never ate American food if we could help it (there was a raw octopus in spicy sauce dish that we really loved). We just loved that place, and were very sad to leave. We still look back fondly on it.

Yet one of our friends absolutely hated it there. She had a calendar and put a big “X” in each day as it was done, counting the days until she could get off “the rock.” So if you had asked me and asked her how Okinawa was, you would get very different answers. THAT was personality, not “objective” reality. You might get a similar description of climate and topography, but that is quite superficial, and basically tells you almost nothing.

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Yes, of course

06 Jun

they are cooking the books. Pretty obvious. I just tried the search, and got the exact same result. They are cooking the books. Maybe this will help correct things. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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It’s just a bad thing

05 Jun

when you owe Jabba money. Just ask Han Solo. Or Jimi Hendrix.


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I have long been

01 Jun

NOT a Trump fan, and I’m still not. Still, it was nice to see him really go after the dishonest press. I think it’s high time that we put on our big boy pants and called things as they are.

And don’t kid yourself. THAT is the very reason that Trump got traction at all. If the GOP “leadership” hadn’t been such chattering panty-waists this never would have happened in the first place! But no, they had to push McCain and Romney, ignoring the fact that regular people were getting totally fed up. No one wanted a Kasich-type wuss to get the GOP nod. No one.