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So honestly, why isn’t

23 Oct

Obamacare a MAJOR issue in this election? If Trump had been smart (I know, I know) he would have beat this drum over and over. He should have made it his central talking point. Not a single speech would be without a reference to this. He would have hammered the crap out of Hillary on this. So why is it getting overlooked? Well, Trump is at heart a liberal, and he likes the idea of Obamacare. And this is so for at least two reasons:

First, millions of people now depend on Obamacare for basic life necessities. There is understandable heartburn about getting rid of it.

Second, there is a strong drive to appear “reasonable.” One wants to seem “nice,” and getting rid of Obamacare is just not “nice” for many people, at least in the short run.

But trust me, it is far better in the long run to just rip the bandaid off quickly. Yes, it will hurt. It’s gonna leave a mark. But then it will be over. This is a pig, and the longer it stays in place the more misery it causes. So do it NOW!

The real answer is to replace Obamacare with actual catastrophic health insurance for those who are on welfare.

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It’s about an hour before the final

19 Oct

Presidential debate. If Trump can look good and whip up on Hillary tonight, he wins. The narrative will be set. The tidal wave will break and drown Hillary. Most people want to like him, and he just needs to give them a reason. Hillary is a total shrew that is viscerally off-putting, so Trump has a chance.

No, by the time you read this is will likely be all over. Trump will show whether he is a hero or a zero. But he has to show that he is a realistic option. The sycophant MSM will certainly wet themselves in their excitement in declaring Hillary the winner, but she is so unpleasant that no one is really enthused about voting for her. Not normal people, anyway. So Trump has an opening. We’ll see if he is competent enough to take it. If he whips her tonight, he will be President. If not, he has to depend on her really screwing up (possible, but far, far less certain).


As the old saying goes,

19 Oct

once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three time is enemy action.

Now there are several accusers who say that Bill Clinton kept pursuing them after the sexual assault. This is now a definite pattern. It seems kind of unusual (and indeed it is), but it is part and parcel of what often has apparently happened. We are starting to see a significant pattern here, and the fact that it is an unusual detail that is repeated across accounts lends a great deal of credibility to it. Also, there are repeated and unassailable accounts of Hillary covering up for Bill.

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Oh my heavens

10 Oct

this is awesome!


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Last post before the debate.

26 Sep

A few random thoughts:

  1. Hillary faces MAJOR hurdles. If she has a coughing fit or looks physically weak, she is done. She has to pray that her colostomy bag doesn’t leak (like when she spent an extended time in the bathroom in the debate with Bernie Sanders). If she looks doped up on narcotic cough suppressants she is done. Fortunately for her, she will certainly look fine. This ain’t her first rodeo.
  2. There is almost no scenario where Trump is seen by the general public as under-performing. Short of turning into a lizard person, he will look at least pretty good (or at least acceptable). Hillary has a MUCH higher bar. She has been in gov’t for over 30 years. You can easily chalk up a Trump stumble to him being a neophyte. But Hillary is an old hand, and far more is expected of her.
  3. Trump faces a real danger in attacking her. If he is seen as attacking a little old lady, he will get backlash. THAT will in fact be the Lefty meme for all the debates! He needs to be a bit careful. He is used to saying, “You’re fired,” but he has to play it far less directly in this setting. Hillary has been an immoral turd, but Trump needs to be very careful in pointing that out.
  4. Trump has been rapidly gaining ground, so “no change” is in fact a “win” for him. If no one changes their minds, Trump is the winner. Hillary needs a knock-out punch. Trump just needs to not soil himself on stage.

It is high time we face the truth.

20 Sep

The old “top down” ways of responding to threat are tired and ineffective. The answer to our problems is NOT to cede power to a government “mommy” who will always take care of us. “Mommy” is old and slow and thuggish. The key: Do it yourself.

Now I can pay someone to do it and that is and at times the best option (that is a form of doing it myself), but I am the captain of my own destiny. I may at times (voluntarily) join with others (like in an HOA) in order to get a certain outcome. I may choose to pay for a gated community with its own security patrols. But I am driving the bus, so the speak. That is a radically Conservative position. And it assumes that if I make bad choices I will suffer bad things–no one will step in to save me from myself. No one will prevent me from making stupid decision. Fraud/lying is punished because that has a direct impact on my choices–the truth is needed, here. There will indeed be charity, but that is NOT “mommy” government stepping in to shield me from reality. I can insure against catastrophe and bad events in general, but catastrophes will indeed happen. And that’s why we rely on charity.

Think about it for a moment. “Mommy” doesn’t make sure all taxis have special “medallions” and never harm me. The guy down the street may instead be my Uber driver and the company itself will vet him to make sure that their reputation as a company stays intact. But of course there will be some mistakes–heaven knows there are now. Same with all licensing of all types. But of course that means that YOU need to do your due diligence.

The answer is information. The answer is transparency. Reputation is bruited about far and wide. In years past you could do poorly, say, 10% of the time and no one would be the wiser. But now even a single irritated customer can cause you huge damage. You need to be competent virtually 100% of the time now. There is no need for “mommy” to get involved at all, unless there is a crime. The government should enforce honesty, but not much else.

As the song goes: Arm yourself, because no one else here will save you.

In other words, we seem to have hit “peak Leftism.” THAT is Hillary’s biggest problem. I strongly suspect that we either reform or we split. I hope we reform. I think we will, but we need to form “a more perfect union.”



As Conservatives, we are

12 Sep

used to looking for “supply-side” issues. As a result, we often miss the demand of the public for regulations.

Ben Johnson’s Bartholomew Fair shows that people do indeed get ripped off by shady salesmen and people naturally want to prevent that. So there is a demand-side push to “protect” against such things.  The answer in this play was to have government meddle into everything to make sure that no one is harmed. Someone being harmed was ipso facto proof that someone else maliciously harmed them.

So it is not just that there is such a big supply of regulations, it is also because the populace demands safety and security. In other words, this is not merely due to an oversupply. It is responding to the demands of the populace. So we have a myriad of regulations from professional licensing to the dye in butter to the thickness of cooking vessels.

I think that we as Conservatives need to understand that. This is a drive by the general population for safety and security–I don’t have to put the effort in to make sure my doctor is competent because the state has already done that! THAT is the issue.

The end result is a false sense of security along with oppressive regulation that serves those already in power. It is totally ineffective. One of my patients is a medical/surgery practitioner who has severe OCD and depression (with a whiff of psychosis) and who has had partners frantically get rid of him. Yet he still has a license to practice. He still has a DEA number and can prescribe narcotics. The state vouches for him. Of course, the state is not liable if he harms someone due to his issues…

So don’t just look to the supply-side issues. There are also demand-side issues in play, here.

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The goal in life:

11 Sep


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09 Sep

is just awesome.


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Your MSM

05 Sep

at work.

These guys are making it hard for an honest person to not look like a conspiracy nut. But in fact it is NOT a conspiracy. But the culture of the MSM is blindly and strongly Leftist.

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