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It really

05 Oct

is insulting and offensive to have the Left and their mindless minions call us normal people racists. We are NOT racists! Yes, racists do exist. Yes, the KKK does exist. But the number of people in those groups is minuscule. They are not even a blip on the radar.

In my life I have never heard someone express white supremacy thoughts. I did therapy treatment for a “Southern Belle” sort of girl about 20 years ago where she edged toward that ideology, but even she didn’t say racist thing outright, and our conversations were totally privileged and confidential! She could have told me that she raped and battered a child when she was a teen and legally it could never have left my office in an identifiable way–and I could not have been forced to testify against her.

Now if she said she was planning on harming an identifiable victim, I would have a duty to warn or even protect, but there would not be a thing required of me if she just told me what she had done in the past and liked it but had no plan to do it again, even if I found it abhorrent or if it was illegal.

As this article says, “There are small pockets of white supremacists in the United States. They are unimportant.

Generally speaking, white Middle Americans aren’t racists. They don’t long for a return to Jim Crow. They’re just sick of having identity and grievance politics thrown in their faces all the time.

If the left continues to tell Middle Americans they are racists, Trump will be re-elected.”

See, old-fashioned racism just doesn’t happen much anymore. It is rare. That’s why there is a HUGE effort to take offense at subtle “institutional racism.” It is a fall-back position. Now I think that many or most of us have been subject to unfair treatment because of our race, religion, status, sexual orientation, or political stances (even if just assumed). I know I certainly have. And it stinks. But it does happen.

But that is a different animal than the racism of old-time Robert Byrd sorts of racism.

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03 Oct

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Uh, there’s

02 Oct

something real wrong with Pelosi.

It is likely just age-related decline, but it is pretty dramatic.


I have

01 Oct

made a statement. I hope you will, too. (hat tip: Powerlineblog)

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The last line

29 Sep

here is extraordinarily important. Here it is:

Never Trump friends should acknowledge that if Hillary Clinton had won the election, she would have appointed a justice to succeed Antonin Scalia who would have voted to keep public employees in a state of involuntary servitude to the unions, and the Democratic Party, forever.

We really dodged a bullet, there! No. Question.

The temptation is for some to turn up their noses and sniff that Trump is a barbarian and that another person in 2016 would have been better. Hence the illogical and irrational Never-Trump crowd. It is a mind-numbingly stupid position. And it goes without saying that it is and always has been totally wrong.

There simply WAS no other reasonable option! It is pure madness and screwed-up thinking to say otherwise. There was no other choice! Oh sure, there were a couple third-party losers, but they had feet of clay and there was NO reason to throw away my vote on one of them, anyway–it’s not like they had a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning! And it’s also not like any of the “other” candidates would have been half as good as Trump. No, voting f0r one of them would have demonstrated a serious lack of judgment. I won’t go down that idiotic path.

And I have voted third-party! I voted for Romney (wrote in) instead of McCain. Well, that was because McCain was a total loser! Now Romney has some very real faults, IMHO, but in both that election and the next one he was clearly the best option–BOTH of the other options would have been catastrophic. I didn’t not vote for McCain because I didn’t fancy sharing a pizza with him. It’s also not that I didn’t vote for him because he is a butt-head (and he is). I didn’t vote for him because he is a person with whom I disagreed on almost every important issue! I thought (correctly) that he is just not reliable. And subsequent event have shown the wisdom of my position.

Look, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. By that measure, Trump has done quite well. You don’t have to like him, but he was clearly the best option in November of 2016. Clearly. Admit it–it’s time to come clean!


So my question

28 Sep

is this: Now that Strange has lost to Moore, is this a shot toward Mitch McConnell? I think it likely is.

I agree with several pundits that this is NOT a vote against Trump. Moore was far more Trumpian than Strange, even though Trump himself (rather half-heartedly) endorsed and even campaigned for Strange. The Trump moment is not over, and even Trump himself can succumb to it.

But McConnell was a huge Strange booster. And a major part of what sunk “Big Luther” was being tied to McConnell.

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25 Sep

It’s pretty clear.

No wonder the Lefty media and the Democrats (though I repeat myself) are having a kitten!

Don’t kid yourself, all this “impeach Trump” and Mueller stuff is just the death rattle of the Left. Yes, the recently dead rattlesnake can still bite and inject poison, but it is dead. They are like the Hulk–all they can do is smash. That is the only thing left to them. They simply can’t afford to have Trump be successful–it would TOTALLY discredit them!

THAT is why you are seeing “resistance” on the Left and whining on the Left side if the Right. The Empire is aggravated that their Death Star was destroyed by a bunch of pesky kids.

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So would or could

16 Sep

John Bolton give Trump a run for his money?

Trump needs to be careful about alienating his base. He could get primaried. There have been some major red flags these last few days.

Trump, correct yourself!

Now if Trump soon gets a decent Obamacare replacement and a good tax policy going, most will forgive him or at least tolerate him. And he has built up some good will by putting Goresuch on the SCOTUS. People are just recovering from the near-death experience that was Hillary Clinton. BUT, Trump campaigned on six major things:

  1. End DACA and reform immigration (nope, quite the opposite so far)
  2. Obamacare repeal and replace (nope–and he was passive and it crashed and burned)
  3. Build the border wall (nope)
  4. Get out of the horrible Iran deal (nope–he has extended and endorsed the deal)
  5. Drain the swamp (nope–he has worked with Chuck and Nancy instead of those in power)
  6. Good SCOTUS picks (so far very good)


Yet (re: #5) now he is buddying up with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. He ditched Steve Bannon. Is the leopard now showing his true spots? I sure hope not. Only one of those 6 things have happened. And he has had six months. Wow.

Much more of this and people will decide that he is just another disingenuous politician. THAT would be the death knell for him. He ran on being different, so he better cowboy up now.

Trump, correct yourself!

Ann Coulter has long been a staunch Trump supporter, but now she has turned against him. Even Sean Hannity (long–wrongly–considered by the Left to be a Trump shill) is starting to turn against him–he’s got one foot off the Trump train already!

So I think we are at a crossroads. Either Trump does what he campaigned on or he is a 1-termer and gets primaried by someone running to his Right. I hope he chooses well.



I think this shows a real

11 Sep

cultural shift:

When Lefty groups are being mocked in this way–saying that they are both Satanic and morally equivalent of the KKK–you know that something is going on.

Now, there is another issue: Have you ever met a Klan member? I haven’t, and I lived for years in the deep South. How about a violent Leftist? (As if there is any other kind!) So while the KKK may be a theoretical “bad,” Antifa is both common and an in-your-face “bad.” The violent Leftist is about a zillion times more common, DUH! What are there, like 10 KKK members in the country? There were 11, but Robert Byrd died…

Folks, quit whining about the KKK. They don’t really exist anymore. But that would gut the Left’s “arguments!” The ONLY one keeping the KKK alive as a current “thing” rather than a mere historical footnote of total goofiness is the Left. And they need it because they need a “bad guy,” even if it is a complete straw man. See, most of the country has never lived in the South, so they don’t know how vacuous and stupid this is.

But it is vacuous and stupid.

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So, can you do a “Ladies’ Night?”

07 Sep

Lets say you own a dance hall. Wednesday nights are slow, and it would be far more profitable if a load of people came. And the truth is, on Wednesday nights, women are scare. And no women, no men.

So, you get the bright idea to make Wednesday “Ladies’ Night.” Ladies get in for half price. Men really want to see women there, and they will pay full price. They are, uh, motivated.

So based on your gender you get charged more or less. Can one charge a person rates based on their gender? Is that even legal? And what about genetic males that “identify” as women?

And what if (say) males are considerably more expensive to the owner than females. They just cause more damage. If lots of guys come you have to have bouncers. They sexually harass the waitstaff.

I mean, car insurance for a 19-year-old male is FAAAR more expensive than the same coverage for a 19-year-old female. But is it “fair” to charge one price for males and another for females? And is it fair to charge a 19-year-old male more than a 50-year-old male? Is it age discrimination to charge a 50-year-old more than a 20-year-old for life insurance? Isn’t that ageism?

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