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Well, you can

15 Jan

whine, but why don’t YOU live in, say, Haiti for a few years? Not in the more ritzy and European sections of Pétionville, but in Cité Soleil.

Heck, even the most ritzy sections of Pétionville would be a major step down for almost all people, and the conditions in Cité Soleil are just plain unimaginable to virtually every current American.

So it’s no surprise that for vacation, those in the media don’t go to Pétionville, let alone Cité Soleil. This is just the rankest of hypocrisy. They don’t give a crap about Haiti, they only care about bashing Trump. They have no history of helping Haiti, even from their comfortable armchairs! These guys are poseurs and frauds!

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Yeah, Mueller’s got

09 Jan

nothing. That’s why we are seeing this. He is just setting a Scooter Libby-esque trap in the hope that Trump’s testimony doesn’t jibe with someone else’s and then Mueller can say that Trump was lying. Oldest trick in the book. Prosecutors know that the natural response for an innocent person is to explain. In fact, the prosecutor/police will probably play “good cop” and say how this is probably nothing and they just want you to help clear up a couple minor things. You want to help, don’t you? THAT is how you end up in prison. Like I tell my kids, NEVER talk to the police without your attorney present! Never. They are not after justice, they just want a conviction.

Trump should almost for sure just say nothing. Mueller will try to hang him no matter what. He is not after justice–he is only after a conviction. Sometimes it is best for an innocent person to just say nothing. The impulse is to explain things because you are innocent and you should just clear things up. That’s how innocent people go to jail. You have the right to remain silent. Do so.


Well, it’s not

03 Jan

like anyone ever really cared about the Palestinians, it’s just that now they are more of a liability.



29 Dec

it’s quite clear. If DACA and amnesty had been popular, if regular people supported it, it would be law.

It’s like I told a buddy when he said he was puzzled that a commercial property in an ideal (and very busy) spot has never sold and remained an empty lot. I said there was only one reason; the asking price was too high for buyers. There simply is no other reason.

There’s only one reason for people not demanding amnesty, too. People are not “buying” what amnesty advocates are selling. The ‘price” is is just too dang high. Plain and simple.

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Ho-Lee Crap!

26 Dec

So I bought a fancy toilet seat. Yeah, not very sexy.

On the box was printed, “QUESTIONS?” and a 1-800 number below. But they also had to have it is Spanish. But the thing is, “questions” is a total cognate. It is spelled exactly the same way. So underneath “QUESTIONS?” is the Spanish translation: “DES QUESTIONS?”

I am pretty much willing to bet any amount of money that there is no Spanish speaker who can read and who both lives in the U.S. and can afford a very fancy toilet seat who would not understand immediately that “QUESTIONS?” is the same as “DES QUESTIONS?” Yet government regulations require “translating” it.

And it very obviously cost money–the English on the box was as brief as it could be, so as to avoid further translation and printing costs.

THIS is your government at work. THIS is the kind of crap that drives up expenses. THIS is just one rather mundane example of useless and economy-wrecking regulations.


Mark Steyn

25 Dec

posted this:

Have a Merry Muslim Christmas
It’s the best time of the year
I don’t know
What time I’ll blow
I’ve strapped it to my rear

Have a Merry Muslim Christmas
And as you drive down the street
Say goodbye
To folks who’ll die
All splattered on concrete

It’s time to mow
Down people in your car
Infidels wait for you
Allahu Akbar!

Have a Merry Muslim Christmas
And in case you’re still not dead
Oh, it’s merry
Have an incend’iary New Year


Merry Christmas

25 Dec

everyone! And may 2018 be better than 2017 for you.


Let’s look at the hard facts:

22 Dec

The GOP doesn’t often win by openly nominating squishes:

  1. Dole: Huge squish and lost.
  2. Bush II: The exception to the rule, though he looked far more conservative initially than he actually was, and the alternatives in both elections were truly horrible hard Leftists. So maybe an asterisk, here.
  3. McCain: Without a doubt the ultimate squish. The ne plus ultra of squishes and predictably a mega-loser.
  4. Romney: Competent, but a HUGE squish. Yes, competent, but certainly not exciting. And a squish. He was famously described as speaking Conservative as a second language–there was always a distinct accent. And subsequent events have borne out the fact that he is not a Conservative. He is McCain without the “squick” factor.

Now, we have Trump. He looked pretty Gumby-esque in the election, but at least talked Conservative. He presented himself that way, though I had real doubts. In fact, he is not a squish at all.  Certainly the most Conservative President since Reagan.

The lesson is clear: Squishes lose. The data are quite clear. Squishes lose. It is not the only factor, but it is the major one. Paint in bright colors, not in camouflage. Squishes lose.

Think about it: If I am attracted to the “squishy” parts of the platform, why vote for the “squishy” candidate? The hard Left candidate will more certainly vote for Lefty things! Real Conservatives will at best hold their noses and vote for the squish, but will never be enthusiastic. And then if the squish somehow gets elected, the Conservatives will be betrayed. That’s how this thing works. We’ve seen it over and over. And over.

So there’s no reason for the Lefty voter to go for the squish, and the Conservative voter (rightfully) realizes that he is being snookered, and he steers clear of the squish. There is a very small band of voters who are are attracted to squishes, but nowhere near large enough to elect someone. Often those folks are in the process of transitioning from Leftist to Conservative.

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Ruh-roh, Shaggy!

17 Dec

So Javert Mueller illegally got transition docs and then used them as a basis for finding “crimes.” It just keeps getting uglier and uglier!

Here’s what I think the the deal is: This is battlesphace preparation. It is a very clear that Mueller has nothing in regard to the original issues. But he will find a way to charge someone with a crime of some sort, no matter what. I mean, he has to justify his very existence and the millions spent! Trump is now just indemnifying himself.  Now, when the time comes that Mueller makes his charges, he will also have to prove the validity of them in the court of public opinion, as well as before a Judge.

This is truly the classic “fruit of a poisoned tree.” The argument will be that Mueller cannot use any of this information because at heart the original was illegally and improperly obtained. And the charges are based on information they came from that data. Finito!

Stick a fork in Mueller, he’s done! He got totally outsmarted and worked by Trump. No one with a lick of sense believes Mueller now. It’s all over but the whining. Some poor Scooter Libby schmuck will go to jail for six months or so because he got entrapped, but that is really about it.

But that is as it should be. This was always a political matter, not a legal one. It only became legal because whiny Lefties could not tolerate losing.

But this kind of crap may well make it so they lose for a generation! I certainly hope so. they richly deserve it.

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And it is indeed

28 Nov

a problem. As I said before, the “no sex before or outside of marriage” dictum was a fence that the Left gleefully tore down. They saw it as too constraining. And yet, there were good reasons for that fence. The idea that the fence was worthless or irrelevant is now laughable on its face. It protected women, as well as men. It was pretty dang safe for everyone.

As I have said, marriage is the ultimate form of consent. It is very public. This is a decision not made in a moment, but one that requires months of effort and thought. There are bad choices made, that’s for sure. But they are not spur-of-the-moment drunken stupidity ones.