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Man, did this

13 Jun

make me laugh!

The caption is: “Gay pride parade in Tehran today.”

Oh my!

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Comey admitted

11 Jun

under oath that he committed crimes. This is NOT a hypothetical best-case scenario for Republicans. It is what Comey actually said. Under oath. Comey is a total moral dirtbag. It’s not even a question. Comey is a leaker.

Why did he say what will almost certainly lead to public shaming if not to prison? Because he is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He got so emotionally attached to the idea of doing dirt to Donald Trump that he screwed up and admitted a crime. He fancied himself part of the romanticized “resistance” to Donald Trump and took leave of good sense. And that, folks, if James Comey in a nutshell.

Trump was absolutely right to have fired him! It should have happened on January 20th, but Trump was trying to be “nice.” Well, no good deed goes unpunished, eh? Trump was just not enough of a ruthless businessman. More’s the pity…

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A handy guide

30 May

for Lefty snowflakes.

Yeah, don’t actually make a logical argument, just call names.

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I think

29 May

extreme measures are called for:

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I will say this again

23 May

many times over the next eight years:

If a pollster calls you, lie. Say that you are going to vote for the Lefty candidate, but then don’t. Really screw up their calculations. Surprise them. Get them to spend time, effort, and money in places they don’t need to and neglect crucial areas. In this case, I think lying is the moral thing to do.

I think polling is a dying man gasping for breath. Most people have a cell phone, and many use it as their primary phone. A pollster calling that number costs money and is just rude. Others have a VOIP system and they quickly “blacklist” anyone they don’t want to get through again. And the larger companies automatically blacklist numbers that a large number of their customers have individually blacklisted. And it is easy to blacklist on a cell phone. So it is NOT at all clear that you can even theoretically get a representative sample given the state of things.



21 May

this is stupid as crap.

Really, is this the best the Democrats could gin up? That makes me disdain them even more. Freakin’ losers!

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Man, did

11 May

I laugh!

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Wow, a major stunner.

10 May


I have long thought it should happen, but I never thought it would. Comey is a weasel at best. He hedged his bets on the Presidential election in a frantic effort to save his butt. He knew Hillary would fire him. Now Trump has.

This was the guy who spent 20 minutes saying how Hillary should be indicted…and then didn’t.

He was always a dead man walking.

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What a great idea!

08 May

I have been behind this for ages.

This was proposed by a Democrat, and if I were there I would gladly be a co-sponsor. Even if it were only 10% of the workforce to do this, you would see a HUGE change. Yeah, this is change I can actually believe in!

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I think Trump is on VERY

05 May

dangerous ground, here.

He needs to either get things done or give a plausible explanation for why he was stymied. He needs to fire people. He needs to be an executive and start executing. He needs a good reason for the failure.

Ann Coulter has been a HUGE Trump booster. Huge. Yet today she lambasted Trump for failure. When you have lost Ann Coulter… My worry is that this represents shifting sands. I worry that this is the thin edge of the wedge.

Here is the bottom line: Trump needs to get on the stick and act like a Conservative, and NOW! He seems to be letting the Democrats walk all over him, and that is precisely the opposite thing for which he was elected. This goodwill is perishable. He has majorities in BOTH houses. He has the White House and at least partially the entrenched bureaucracy. He has the Supreme Court. His base is really not a forgiving sort. They won’t pat him on the head and give him a ton of slack. Patience will only last so long, and when it goes it will be in a snap of the fingers. Fame (and popularity) is a fickle friend… He was elected to be a bulldog. So now he better get to it!

A famous general in ancient Rome bragged that while he didn’t have armies to protect Rome at the moment, all he had to do was stamp his feet and soldiers would rise out of the ground. Not surprisingly, when Rome was threatened by a conquering force just outside the gates of the city, the Senators said in a panicky voice, “Well, start stamping!”

Trump needs to start stamping.

Yes, Paul Ryan is an incompetent poop, but he would not even be Speaker without Trump’s support! If Trump were to say, “We need a new Speaker in order to get this stuff through” Ryan would be gone within a week. Even if Trump were to say, “Paul Ryan is a great guy and I really like and respect him, but…” it would be all over for Ryan. So yes, Ryan is an incompetent weasel, but the buck stops with Trump. Be an executive, man!

Trump really risks his ability to get things done. Now the SCOTUS has been great, but really, that is his only major victory. And that is in danger–once Trump looks weak the mushy middle right in the Senate will desert him. He is rolling back stifling regulations and that is very good, too. And I fully understand that Obamacare was a barbed hook that was designed to cause massive pain if someone tried to get rid of it. Yeah, I get it.

But there are 3 things that spring to my mind that Trump has to get done:

  1. Border wall or some tangible, reliable border security
  2. Tax relief
  3. Obamacare repeal and replace


If he doesn’t get these things done or creditably most of the way into the process, he is a one-termer. And unless he gets off the dime soon, he will lose his enthusiastic masses–which have been Kryptonite to the Left. And getting them back would be a real problem–he won’t face an obvious moral dirtbag like Hillary Clinton next time…

Just doing one of these will be good, but not good enough. He has to show that HE would have done it all but was stymied by ___. He needs to show that he has taken charge and gotten rid of ___ and so now we can move forward.

We are on the razor’s edge, here. First the Tea Party, then the two legislative chambers, and now Trump himself. It is ALL in danger or already gone.