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Reynolds is

11 Aug

entirely correct.

Obama has not just exposed the Democrat, he has also exposed the Rs.

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We need to

19 Jul

get our facts straight so I’ll give you a little primer:


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I think Trump is a

13 Jul

total horse’s butt.

Of course he can’t win. All he does is siphon off votes the Republican nominee needs. I think he may be secretly working for the Democrats. I mean, people rightly hate Obama and now Trump is just making it harder for the Republican. Didn’t we learned our lesson with that stupid republican Ross Perot? Narcissism does not qualify one to be president! I think he is try to corner the “stupid people” vote. He can only damage the eventual Republican nominee..

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It’s a VERY good

10 Jul


I grew up hunting and shooting guns. Going on hunts with other adults was extremely valuable. Safety and personal responsibility were quite important–I remember my dad saying that he would never hunt with a certain person because he was reckless and unsafe. That really made a difference to me and made me want to do everything right. Trust me, I was NOT reckless. I was “safe.”

Then I was deer hunting with my father and a bunch of very good and experienced hunters. We stayed at a cabin, and when dinner was over I jumped up and did the dishes, not even saying anything. No one mentioned it. The next day one of the “big shots” who had flown in got a deer. He cut off the antlers and gave them to me. He said something like, “In all my years of hunting I’ve never given a rack away. But I was so impressed with the way you acted last night that I think you deserve it.”

I didn’t get a deer that year. I got something FAR more meaningful. And I got it not from my dad but from a man I didn’t even know. It’s been 35 years since that event, and it is still quite meaningful to me.

Next time you hear some idiot say that hunting is all about killing animals and being macho, tell them they don’t know what the crap they’re talking about.

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09 Jul

Don’t do civil weddings at all. THAT is government, and it means nothing to me, a religion. Now if you want to have a union “solemnized” in a Catholic Cathedral or a Mormon Temple or a Methodist chapel, go talk to the gatekeeper of that venue. “Marriage” by the state is a state issue, not a religious one. Now a religion can demand that you be legally married or not. The state has absolutely nothing to do with that–the religion can decide that. I personally see no purpose at all in the state marriage–it’s just a contract and it is automatic after you have lived together for a certain time, anyway. But whatever–a religion could make that a requirement for the religious ceremony. It really makes no never-mind. I don’t know why they would do that, but they could. But I truly don’t care.

This way the religion is indemnified. Just because some random couple wants to have a wedding in my back yard does not mean that I am legally obligated to host them. Same with a religion. Just because they want to have a ceremony in my Catholic Cathedral doesn’t mean I have to host it! And this way there are not different rules for different people–they ALL have the same rules.

Maybe you don’t value the state marriage (I know I sure don’t). Fine, just know that you are bound by terms of the contract regardless of what you value. So roll your dice and move your mice!

ALL religions would say, “OK you want to have a marriage ceremony here? These are my requirements…” And if you don’t want to comply, then don’t–just go somewhere else for a ceremony (or have none at all). It’s all up to you.” NOTHING else would need to change.

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The temptation for me

08 Jul

is that for my boy, when he applies to colleges next year, to have him self-identify as “Black.” It certainly would make it easier for him to be accepted to any institution. And who could argue? If he has a year or two of good performance, would they really kick him out? And if they did get blood would they kidnap him and do a blood test? How would that even be legal or admissible? Sounds like a lawsuit (both criminal and civil), to me. It certainly would not be hard to show huge damages. And even if they could prove it (highly doubtful), would not his actual performance be of great interest to other institutions? My great paternal grandfather was a bum who left the family–maybe great-grandmother in Georgia got lonely–prove it since you are making a claim! The race-hustling structure is crumbling, folks.

We need a wave of people who do this. It may be the morally right thing to do.

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04 Jul

I wish you and yours (and the country as a whole) the best.


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“Special snowflakes”

30 Jun

are in for a hard landing.

Look, I like my day job. A lot. But let’s not kid ourselves, it is work. I like to write this blog, too, but there are times I’d rather veg out in front of the boob tube than write. That is NORMAL. The fact is that regardless of what your job is, there will be times you don’t want to do it. Rock Star or Bricklayer, it makes no difference. It is endemic to life itself.


Please, please, PUH-LEEZ!

19 Jun

I don’t have high hopes for this because so much of the political incentive pushes for the current, corrupt system. That’s why we have it in the first place. But this is nevertheless the RIGHT thing to do. What we have is just not moral. But it is nice that this flat tax is getting some air time. Maybe it will prepare the ground for some future change. I think it is far better than the “Fair tax.” We can always hope…

I’ve been saying this for YEARS!

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07 Jun

Guns threatened. First Amendment rights? Second? ALL bow to the Obama the great and powerful!

The “Net Neutrality” crapola was only the first salvo. But this is of a piece. Regulate to control, that’s the aim. Let me say again, the gov’t is NOT your friend. That is quite obvious to anyone taking a hard look at it. Don’t be a rube!

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