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19 May

very likely unconstitutional. If I lived in DC I would be mightily torqued to have my Constitutional rights abrogated.

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16 May

it might “stick” because it is true! We all know is is true. Let’s call a heart a heart and a spade a spade.

Let’s be frank–she is crooked as the day is long…

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Uh, don’t be a blithering idiot.

16 May

You knew this was going to happened, didn’t you?

What idiots! You can tell they have never lived off their own business because the pull crap like this. <sigh>

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

05 May

It is my favorite holiday!


Hillary wants to

27 Apr

hold gun companies financially liable for damage people do with their products.¬†Most regular Americans don’t.

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This is certainly

31 Mar

good news. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

The real question I have is why the crap is Kasich even in there?! Idiot! Cruz would be 25 or 30 points ahead without Kasich running interference for Trump. Kasich is almost exclusively taking votes from Cruz. What a Trumpkin stooge!

I think I hate Kasich even more than Trump, if that’s possible. Trump is just a narcissistic guy who only cares about himself, but we have known that for some time. But Kasich? What a selfish jerk! What a butt-head! He has shown that he is not fit for high office. Voters should reject him and send him home with 5%. Or less.

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We have to understand

22 Mar

that time is of the essence regarding Hillary’s crimes.

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You think that carrying a gun

15 Mar

doesn’t save lives? Nonsense!

As the song says, “Arm yourself because no one else here will save you.” Be an adult–take responsibility for yourself rather than sucking off others…

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11 Mar

burn it all down? Not a noble or helpful impulse.

Yet many soi-disant Republicans have joined the anarchist crowd. Sad, sad. Rather than build something good, they just want to smash, anything. No repair, just destruction. NOT a worthy impulse, but one most of us rightly subdue. But Hulk just wanna smash. <shakes head>

NO ONE has been more critical of RINO politicians than me. Paul Ryan has been a bitter disappointment. There are too many GOP RINOs who value “getting along” over freedom or correctness. But the answer is NOT just to blow up everything. That is the response of a tantruming child, not of a rational adult. Even so, we may well get the tantrum, and just when there could have been real change. Sad. Cutting of one’s nose to spite one’s face!

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Here is

08 Mar

something to keep in mind:


The minimum wage is stupid and counter-productive. I’ve never heard anyone even try to argue otherwise. Arguing for MW is a way to prove that you’re a moron. It’s ONLY argued in some “social justice” sense, and even then it fails horribly. The BEST you can say is that the damage is really not all that great.

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