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The Democrat policies

19 Apr

to “help” the poor are the monkey’s paw of policy. They pay an extraordinary price for any change, and the change itself is, let’s say, a very mixed blessing.


I mean,

13 Apr

who wouldn’t be ready?


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I honestly think that

23 Mar

cable/satellite providers are dead men walking. With (the execrable) “Net Neutrality” their has been a last gasp to stifle progress and return to last century (and Obama is desperately trying to recapture that “golden” era of Leftism), but at best that is a very temporary solution. If I were a betting man, I would bet that the next Apple TV will make that even easier, and that is the reason it has not come out yet–they are in negotiations.

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13 Mar

gets curb-stomped. Well, she richly deserves it.

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Yes, but the

10 Mar

Driver’s License analogy is totally bogus. Driving a car is NOT a specifically delineated Constitutional right. Having a gun is. Really, it should NOT be infringed upon, save in cases of felony conviction and such. I very much value training. But it is quite clear that the Constitution does not require it, and strong liability should attach.

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Well, I’m sure Leftists

26 Feb

are patriotic in their own way! It’s just not the way most of us are.

Yeah, right.

Just like I’m honest, but in my own way, and in MY way stealing from my employer is not dishonest…

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Rod Dreher on

16 Feb


We are at a stage where people have no memory of just how dangerous pathogens used to be. There is no visceral fear of viruses and bacteria. Children in wheelchairs as a result of polio are a thing of the past because the United States has been polio free since 1979 as a result of vaccines. The only people I’ve ever met who were hobbled by damage from polio were older than me.

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Happy New Year!

01 Jan

May this be a blessed and prosperous new year for you.

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Our media

28 Dec

In their typical stance:


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Merry Christmas, everyone!

25 Dec
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