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I do think Democrats

01 Aug

need to be very careful. Because if they don’t win in 2018, when will they? Are we seeing a seismic shift right now?

See, I think it’s actually a ton more dire than just the usual vagaries of electoral politics. It seems that we are on the cusp of Black voters going to the GOP in significant numbers. By “significant,” I mean, what if the Black community voted 10% for the GOP instead of 3%? I’m not talking 50%, here. No wonder the Left craps its collective pants when DT reaches out to Blacks and asks them what they have to lose in voting Republican! They are dropping stinky bricks at the prospect of an independent Black community.

It would be all over if a significant portion of Blacks got off the reservation. The numbers don’t lie. Close races would become blow-outs.

And once there is a precedent for even a relatively small group voting GOP, it will be much easier in the future. In other words, the dam breaks. The cracks may indeed be small at first, but once things are set in motion they are totally unstoppable.

See, I think the Democrat party right now is in grave danger of disappearing entirely. And don’t get me wrong–I dearly hope that happens. Yes, something worse will very likely take its place, but the Democrat party itself richly deserves to die. And the Trump/Russia nonsense may well be its death throes.

Let’s hope.

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Yeah, raaaacist

31 Jul


I gotta say,

30 Jul

whatever else, Scaramucci is hilarious. He just doesn’t give a flying fig what the press thinks of him, and there is a lot of freedom in that.

I can see the press sniffing while saying to him, “You are uncouth, sir!” to which he responds, “Shut up you stupid Democrat butt-boy–your breath stinks because it smells like all the crap you’ve been eating.”

It is delightful.


Schumer just

25 Jul

destroyed Hillary. It’s all the worse because he didn’t mean to. Schumer is an idiot.


I think it’s easy

24 Jul

to not understand the depth of the problem. And a HUGE part of the issue is how hard it is to fire GS people. In order to have a functioning organization, you MUST be able to fire.

When I was in Japan on a Navy base, we had a little kid (4 or so) come in for speech therapy in a room with a one-way mirror. The Admiral’s wife (wife of the CO of the base) dropped in to observe. While she was watching through the one-way mirror, the Speech Path got frustrated and hit the kid. Like, assaulted him. Everyone was horrified. The Speech Path didn’t know the Admiral’s wife (or anyone else) was there watching. But they were.

But still, we couldn’t fire him. Heaven know we tried. But it was easier to gnaw your own arm off than fire him. So the Dept. Head wrote him a glowing letter of recommendation for a job at another location in the Pacific (so he would leave), and he left. Then we hired a new Speech Path. THAT is how we “fired” him.

So even a witnessed assault (by the CO’s wife) was not enough to fire this guy. Makes you wonder how accurate his great employment reviews were, eh? Maybe they were just a way to get rid of him. If you think this was the only time this guy lost his temper and struck a kid in his 15 years as a GS worker, you are a total and complete fool.

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If Hillary’s

18 Jul

dishonest hijacking of the nomination looked like it wouldn’t work and that Bernie was going to beat her, she had other plans waiting in the wings.

I think it is hilarious that she couldn’t beat an aged communist on her own and she had to resort to dirty tricks and favoritism in order to win. No wonder Trump creamed her–she was a terrible candidate!

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Yeah, the Trump/Russia stuff

17 Jul

is pure nonsense. It is crap.

And I’m certainly not the only one to note it.

Lefties, you’re pissing people off! If you are not extremely careful you will be out of power for a generation. It is also a real possibility that they will cease to exist as a party.


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Yeah, but

13 Jul

this was a VERY uncomfortable story for the Lefty MSM, so it pretty much got cursory coverage and then was ignored. It just didn’t fit the Lefty narrative.

If you are informed mainly from the Lefty media, you are a blamed fool.

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Look, CNN is

07 Jul

a bunch of losers. More people watched old Yogi Bear Cartoons on Nick At Night than watched CNN. Freakin’ LOSERS!

This should be a major lesson for ESPN. It is a real shot across the bow.

People are sick of this crap and they’re not going to take it anymore. If you think things are the way they used to be, you are a dang fool.


I know that hit pigeons

06 Jul

are fluttering to beat the band, but Mika B.’s college entrance scores really were pretty bad. Now it’s true that such scores are not readily transformed into IQ scores–at times there is a BIG difference.

But what nags at me is that Mika had ALL the advantages of being a very famous person’s daughter, and still didn’t score very well. A long time ago I worked at a VERY high-end Boston private school. It was quite academically-oriented. Even 20 some odd years ago the tuition alone was well north of $30 grand a year. And that was without room and board. We had the kids of some very famous celebrities there.

The interesting thing was that many of the students wanted to go to locally to Harvard once they were done with high school. But Harvard said that they expected high scores from those students–they had the finest education money and fame could get them. A bright student from a small town in Idaho would have a much better chance of getting into Harvard than one of those students, even if scores and grades were the same.

If you went to that school, it was just expected that you would score high.

Mika went to that school, figuratively (I don’t know where she literally went to high school). One can assume, given the fame and wealth of her parents, that she would do well. The fact that here scores were low by any measure tells you a lot about her intellectual abilities.

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