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Look, you gotta

08 Jan

know what you’re dealing with in Hillary.


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It is very interesting to me

04 Jan

that “Liberalism” has come to mean exactly the opposite of what it originally meant. To get the original meaning you have to say, “Classical Liberalism” or people with get just the opposite of what you actually mean.

But you know, this has been a very successful tactic of the Left. National Socialists are actually on the Right. Discrimination by race via affirmative action is good thing. Liberalism is Leftism. Taxes are “contributions.” Unequal taxation is fair and equitable. There should be discrimination based on race. Democrats don’t want democracy and much prefer authoritarianism. We see a deliberate turning of things upside down, where right=wrong and up=down.

The Left has co-opted these terms and changed their meaning 180 degrees over the course of a few generations. That is no accident. The real terms were antithetical to the Leftist agenda. They just cannot afford to have people know the truth. The truth is their mortal enemy. One cannot live while the other survives, at least long-term. So they co-opted the vocabulary of the Conservatives, and with the MSM as co-conspirators, they have been very successful.

But they have turned English into a language of lies. I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way…

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Let’s look at

29 Dec

what Thomas Jefferson said we need:

A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.

Not at all the Obama doctrine, eh?

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Two great questions

28 Dec

of a rather philosophical nature.

  1. In a real democracy, can the majority of the people (theoretically) vote to enslave themselves? Almost always the vast majority of the people will say, “Yes.”
  2. Given #1, can the majority vote to enslave a less-powerful or popular faction? If no, then why not?

To say no to #2, you logically have to appeal to some sort of “natural rights” argument, not a procedural one. The issue is morality, not mere rules. That’s why conservative arguments should focus on morality and not just utility. Yes, Conservatism kicks some serious Lefty butt when it comes to utility. But we need to understand that Conservatism is also the moral response. Never forget that. Always make that case. Conservatism is moral. Leftism is immoral. That is NOT invective; It is simple fact. And it is a battle between force and moral agency that has gone on since the dawn of time.

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Merry Christmas,

25 Dec

everyone! May your 2016 be better than your 2015.

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Does encryption REALLY

19 Dec

make it so you can’t track bad guys? Does it help criminals? No, not really.

But is does mean that investigators may have to engage in good, old-fashioned detective work. And I think that it is not the “detective” part that is a problem for the government. It is the “work” part. THAT is the real issue.

So don’t whine to me about encryption. Just DO the detective work. Or get another job–maybe you can be a cashier at the local Shop ‘N Save.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

26 Nov

I hope you have a good one.

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Why Paris?

14 Nov

These are serious times.

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I hate posting photos on this site

10 Nov

because once I hit “Publish” it always artificially elongates the photo. It looks fine when I create it, but distorted once published. I hate it! You’d think that the blog software would have fixed such a HUGE flaw, or at least have made it easy to fix, but they haven’t. If anyone knows how to fix it (the pathetic company sure didn’t) please let me know…


The moderators

31 Oct

from the last “debate” were so manifestly terrible and biased that I wonder how such things can continue. The RNC puts huge pressure on candidates to only appear in RNC-sanctioned debates, but I wonder how long that can continue.

Let’s say the leading candidates got together for their own debate. It was on YouTube and was streamed live on the Internet. MSM folks were invited. The networks could broadcast it if they wanted. What could the RNC do?

Yes, candidates would lose RNC backing, but would it really make a huge difference? I don’t know all the details. But it seems that a decent candidate could go without the RNC backing. It’s almost a third party if you do this, and that is exactly what the RNC is risking.

And already we are hearing this from a mainstream Republican candidate! “Folks, if the Republican Party can’t stand up for innocent human life, what good is the Republican Party? At what time do we fold our tents and say it’s time to just start a new one?

The bottom line is that it’s not 1970 anymore. The dinosaurs need to adapt or they will soon be extinct. That goes for many in congress as well as the RNC. The RNC should feel the fire under their seats. The day of the graft-filled glad-hander Orc is rapidly coming to a close.