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Well lo and behold!

22 Nov

Amazingly, a good chunk of Lois Lerner’s emails have been miraculously found! But don’t get too exited–they have undoubtedly been “scrubbed.” That’s why there was the obviously cock-and-bull story in the first place. There will be no trail to Obama, of THAT you can be sure. Lerner can be thrown under the bus, but NOT Obama.

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The fact that Obama

16 Nov

loves “net neutrality” restrictions is a a good indiction that it is a HUGE mistake. It sounds kinda good on the surface–everyone treated equally. But that veneer is only a millimeter thick, and even a little thought leads one to have strong reservations. The idea is to regulate the Internet like other utilities. Gee, THAT hasn’t been very successful (and there is a far better rationale)! Even a dumb animal learns after touching an electric fence a few times. So we throttle the engine that has actually, you know, produced. Hmm, another terrible Lefty idea. Time to wisen up! Sheesh!

If people want no restrictions at all, they will buy it. It will be an economic winner. Like security on cellphones has become. The last thing we need is government putting their fumble fingers in and messing it up.


With no comment:

06 Nov



Finally, a

24 Oct

“COEXIST” bumper sticker that is not totally stupid and that identifies the owner as an idiot!

10-23-14 Jolt3


Notre Dame

11 Oct

wimps out. I’ve really admired the Catholic Church for its willingness to stand up. But this is just cowardice. Sad.

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Yeah, the “straight lines”

30 Sep

fairly well write themselves.


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A stunning resemblance

11 Sep


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A person in business

04 Sep

fully understands how this works. Those who have always been only employees or wards of the state don’t (at least not at a visceral level).

But the issue is that you have to look at the margins. And Obamacare eats into those margins. It’s not greed, it’s survival. So I have absolutely no problem with the surcharge.

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Rant of the day:

27 Aug

Come ON people! Use your turn signals! I know you think the world revolves around you, but others want to know what you are doing. Let’s be a little considerate.

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Word is that

09 Aug

this will be big.

I dunno. Unless they get the range tiger tamed and it becomes affordable, I don’t see this taking off. My wife drives an MDX and loves it. It is a fantastic vehicle (and it was only a fraction more than a new van when we had to replace our 10-year-old mini-van, though there is nothing better than a mini-van if you have young kids). I just can’t see me going in this Tesla direction, even if money were no object (which it most definitely is). Folks, we will depend on fossil fuels for a long time–my great-grandchildren, at least.

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