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08 Dec

how big of a moron is Jill Stein? Floppy disks? Floppy disks? I don’t think I’ve even heard of one being used in the last 15 years, let alone seen one! Stein is just an idiot. Holy crap! Geez, what century is she from, anyway? And the idea that voting machines even have floppy drives is just ludicrous. Someone get this idiot off the national stage!


You really

06 Dec

should watch this.

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24 Nov


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I gotta do

18 Nov

one more (unless something else comes along that is too good to pass up):


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Just look at

17 Nov

this map.


It is pretty clear when you look at CA, OR, and WA the cities vote Democrat and everyone else votes Republican. Yet those R votes count for nothing. We need to divide up states. Oregon, for example, is totally dominated by Portland. WA by Seattle. CA is dominated by those on the coast. Everyone else is disenfranchised. That is just not good for national unity.

Same with Nevada; what Las Vegas and Reno wants, they get.


I really hope

14 Nov

True The Vote prevails. If officials can be personally sued for egregious and negligent acts they do as public officials, there would be significant and rapid change.

And understand well, this is not legal action just because you disagree with a certain action. It is liability for extra-legal activities. If you are acting within the scope of your job you cannot be sued. But once you engage in illegal activities outside of your duties, you can be held personally liable.

It is just like malpractice. You have to have the three legs of a tort case: 1) There was a duty, a standard of care. 2) You violated that duty. 3) There were damages and your breach of duty was the proximal cause of the injury. THAT is the basis for you being successfully sued. And this is Civil, not Criminal. Remember, OJ Simpson was criminally found “Not Guilty” in a criminal court. But then he was found in civil court to be financially responsible for damages resulting from the deaths of the two murdered people.

I think public officials should be subject to the same constraints. Lois Lerner should be civilly sued.

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This is a huge deal.

14 Nov

Trump is saying that there should be national concealed carry licenses. He said that Driver’s Licenses are issued by specific states but honored by every state. So why not concealed weapons licenses?

It’s a great question. These gun laws have been shown to be totally ineffective, and more of the same won’t do anything. Let’s pay attention to the data. The data are quite clear that the more people who carry concealed the lower the violent crime rate. FACT!

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One thing that

07 Nov

you as a voter need to understand that if/when Hillary is elected, she will most probably have to resign due to her criminal behavior. So this is really about Kaine. Even if she lives to complete a term (an unlikely event) she is not at all likely to escape legal punishments. Then again, she will just fire anyone who might indict her so maybe she can avoid the prison sentence she so richly deserves. Well, then it is just death that will take her out. She can’t weasel out of death. But I’m sure she will try hard…


So is Weiner cooperating?

30 Oct

It makes some sense to me. This is so for at least two reasons:

  1. Weiner is all about doing what is good for him. Trust me, he will NOT fall on his sword for Hillary. Huma might well do that, but not Anthony Weiner.
  2. Weiner is rather vindictive, and I can see him “turning” in order to smack back at Huma and her precious Hillary. And by doing so he can also “prove” just how important he is–he is so great he can literally change the course of history! “You will rue the day that you treated Anthony Weiner so poorly!” This was a big narcissistic insult–Huma chose Hillary over him. And so him turning against them would fit very well with his characterological narcissism.

I will say that if Weiner is cooperating, Hillary is hosed.

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I totally hate the

23 Oct

Conservative podcasts now! I used to  like them, but now I am seriously considering unsubscribing. Let me tell you why:

It is not the content–that is fine. It is the horrible, long, and intrusive advertising. Look, I understand markets. And I could deal fine with a 15-second spot. But as I was driving today there was a three-minute spot! And I was in traffic so I couldn’t just fast-forward it. THAT is nothing but abusive. So I’ll give it a few weeks, but assuming it doesn’t change I’m outta there!

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