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Here’s what I would

24 Nov

advise the NFL: take 2 weeks and put every NFL game on the ‘net for free. Wait a month, and then do it again. You can market it as a “gift” to veterans that show devotion to them. Whatever. Next year make “Sunday Ticket” available for a nominal fee.

You want to generate viewership, and this is a way to get it.

The NFL has horribly pooped in its own bed, and now they have a major task in trying to clean this mess up. If the NFL had been smart, they would have accurately read the cultural winds and squashed the National Anthem kneeling in week two. Like the NBA did a couple years ago. The NFL has been amazingly tone deaf. Any fool knew what the deal was six weeks ago. The fact that the NFL is still flailing is indeed an offense that should get one fired for incompetence.

Other sports would be advised to take advantage of the “gap.”  I suggest hockey (I hate baseball–it is less exciting than watching paint dry). And hockey  should open franchises in several new cities–aiming at medium-size cities. And stream all games for free. GET FANS NOW! Have a lean organization and live exclusively on advertising. Investment NOW could pay off big over the next decade.

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If I were the hockey commissioner,

14 Nov

here is what I’d do: Make every game available for free on the Internet. The NFL is dying, and the NHL would be wise to step into the gap. NOW is the time to gain fans and develop team loyalties. In a year or two it may well be too late. People are leaving the NFL in droves NOW. Give them something to replace it. Give them the NHL.

If the NHL were to announce NOW that starting next year they will stream most or all games for free, it would be a serious kick in the teeth to the NFL, and the NHL would eat its lunch… Jersey sales would skyrocket, as would game tickets. Along with that, do a series of rule and play tutorials.

They need to strike while the iron is hot, here.


The BYU win was amazing!

07 Sep

True freshman  who has NEVER played in a collegiate game and who was in Chile 3 months ago and has not played for years (in high school he was co-MVP of the Elite 11 with Jamies Winston) comes in for an injured Heisman candidate SR. QB, tears it up, and then throws a Hail Mary to win over Nebraska with no time left on the clock.

THIS is why college football is awesome!

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So I’m watching

07 Jan

the BCS “championship” game and the screen is split five ways. Plus, there is a huge black band at the top. There’s no way to get rid of it. Horrible. I have two words for the moron who thought that this would be a good idea: You’re fired! Epic fail. On a cosmic level. <shakes head>

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So I’m looking on TV for a game last evening and

02 Jan

I turn to the Fiesta Bowl. It is Central Florida and Baylor. Are you freakin’ kidding me? Holy crap, what a dog! BOTH teams are HUGE losers! I’m just gobsmacked! I don’t give a crap who wins. I don’t even care. The ratings have to have been in the toilet. There’s not even the excitement of an underdog. Could there be two LESS exciting teams (regardless of ranking)? Whoever at the bowl commission thought this was a good lineup should be fired, PRONTO! And have a big “L” tattooed on his forehead. And burned. I’m just shaking my head in amazement… 

I really don’t care what the rankings are. This is a sucky matchup.

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I gotta tell you,

29 Aug

I’m pretty excited about college football starting. Thursday can’t come fast enough for me. Not a huge fan of pro football, though.

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11 Feb

is dead. Well, we can only hope so.

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Let’s see:

04 Feb

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What mamby-pamby lefties

14 Jan

need to know before they try to write about guns. There are lots of gems in this article, but the one that makes me laugh hardest is:

Perhaps the most egregious example of this came from someone who knew better: the Brady Campaign’s president, Paul Helmke, who in Collins’s column is quoted claiming that 9mm semiautomatics are “not suited for hunting or personal protection” and that “what it’s good for is killing and injuring a lot of people quickly.” If 9mm Glocks aren’t suited for protecting oneself and others, someone should tell the nation’s police departments, many of which use them — and many more of which use .40-caliber Glocks, which are similar but slightly more powerful.

The idea that the Glock 19 is not GREAT for self-defense is utterly laughable. This guy clearly either a) doesn’t know what the crap he is talking about or b) is just a shill. Well, it might be c) both. But the Glock 19 is one of the best carry weapons EVER. When I went looking for a defense weapons, after a TON of research I realized that the Glock 19 was the best option (though that was several years ago and the XDs–very much like Glocks-are great, too. You can shoot “hot” loads out of the 19 that are very close to the .45 in terms of ballistics. And I don’t like the .40 with it’s “snap.”)

Sorry, this guy is a moron. He is completely ignorant or just a hack. In either case, no thinking person should take what he says as the truth. Yes, of course it was from the NY Times–where else do you see such stupidity and mindless lefty bleating?  Sheesh! <shakes head>

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Well, Auburn beat the Ducks last night,

11 Jan

and I’m glad. It’s not that I’m an Auburn fan–I don’t even know where Auburn is. It’s that I love to see the Ducks lose. The Ducks have really made me an Oregon fan. Oregon State Beavers.


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