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I’m really

26 Jan

not sure why there is all the Trump hate among otherwise rational people. But there certainly is. SOMETHING is driving this, and it very obviously isn’t rationality!

Here’s what I strongly suspect: People don’t like Trump on stylistic grounds. He also turns over the apple cart in that he is NOT a Leftist (like everyone since Reagan) and he has made enemies of both those in the “deep state” and those dependent upon it. There are just many so hide-bound zombies that hew to traditions of the last 50 years rather then looking at current facts!

But Trump has also offended wannabe-elites, and they can hardly take the time to wipe the foam flecks off their lips before attacking him. Yes, soi-disant “intellectuals” burnish their Lefty Cred by snootily turning up their noses and saying, “Not our kind, dear.”

THAT is pretty  much what this is all about. NOKD (Not Our Kind, Dear). It has almost nothing to do with policy and is totally divorced from real results.

Remember THIS come November. The cabal of Democrat kingpins and the NY Times crowd will do their best to ding Trump and harm the country. But don’t let the bastards win. NOW is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country!

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It is not clear yet

12 Dec

what will happen in Alabama. But before we wet our pants at  the thought of a 35-year-old man dating a girl under 18, understand well that this is merely a modern conceit. All this whining is pretty dang anachronistic, often ignorantly so. And there is a pretty strong partisan hackery aspect to it…



30 Aug

The Empire Strikes Back. The “deep state” has ways of damaging you…

I know that Lefties and Trump haters (though I repeat myself) dearly hope that Mueller will save their bacon. And he might–he is a hardcore Leftist who has assembled a team of hardcore Leftists intent on dinging Trump. I mean, it won’t be collusion with the Russians or anything but it may be a Scooter Libby gig where in an interview one’s memory doesn’t jive with one’s calendar (the “crime” is “lying” to investigators).

They may indeed succeed. The laws are so complicated that virtually anyone could be prosecuted–that is the purpose of complicated laws! In any case, the Mueller thing has gone on far too long already. If there were obvious crimes, it would be clear by now. So in desperation Mueller is using Gestapo tactics to “squeeze” Paul Manafort. Yes, it is desperation. Vee haff vays…

But I still consider Mueller’s findings (whatever they are) to be total bullcrap. If he finds nothing, it is just because it was just hidden too well, right? If he finds something it is almost for sure a steaming pile of dung. And he will at least throw some poor schmuck in jail to justify a Special Counsel in the first place. I just don’t care WHAT he finds. I know very well that he is not an honest broker in the first place. So he can kiss my butt. What a freakin’ LOSER!

This whole thing is a travesty, a sick, sick joke. Fair-minded people are disgusted by this. Mueller just needs to get the heck out of Dodge–nothing he does is credible. And yet some innocent Scooter Libby type will go to jail.

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The irrational Trump rage

24 Aug

is hilarious.

It is time to stop whining, grow up, and be responsible. Stamping your feet and gnashing your teeth about Trump is NOT a good solution. THAT is exactly why Trump is there in the first place!

So no more, Conservatives. Trump was not my first choice, either. But after the primaries he was and is now the best option we have. To have voted for anyone other than Trump in November of 2016 was a de facto vote for Hillary. Own it! And get off your high horse on this–you are wrong.


It’s pretty clear.

19 Jul

Mueller has hired a howling pack of Lefty morons who hate Trump for his “investigation.” They are baying for Trump’s blood. The fix is in. DUH!

I really don’t care WHAT Mueller says. He is almost for sure a pawn of the Left. He really does not inspire confidence. His stupid hirings tell the tale. this is NOT a believable investigation. At all. The fix is in. Any fool can see that.

If there were real issues, we would have already heard about it. This is an expensive exercise in stupidity.

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Just in case

08 Jul

you believe following the law protects you, welcome to reality.

I would advise all my kids and my wife to NEVER voluntarily submit to a police search of any kind–if they are asking for a search they do NOT have evidence. You think you are proving that you are indeed innocent, but you are just asking for trouble. The correct response is: “Get a warrant.”

“Can I look in your trunk?” Absolutely not. You may think that you have not and indeed NEVER have done anything wrong, but the answer is, “Get a warrant.” And you may be detained while they try, but it is the least bad option by miles.


Chelsea, where ARE you?

15 Sep

You’re gonna let your mom face these hazards? Really? The mom need help, and the daughter is just egging her on, by all appearances. The daughter could put a stop to this right now. That she doesn’t is just sickening.

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Yes, Trump

18 Jun

is a catastrophe. His Trumpkin minions foisted him on us and they bear the responsibility. Trust me, when Trump gets his butt handed to him by the weakest Democrat candidate in living memory, I will be unmerciful in castigating the stupid, stupid Trumpkins. I may start early, as the polls already show him being crushed.

And let’s not be confused–they own it. This is no one’s fault but theirs. Yeah, they insisted on venting their spleen in irrationally voting for Trump. They had a very good and smart candidate in Ted Cruz, and they squandered it. They were Hell-bent to cut their noses off to spite their faces. Well, I hope they like Hillary because that is who they have chosen. SCOTUS is gone for a generation, and the damage will be far longer-lasting than that. Say goodbye to Heller and gun rights, and say hello to government confiscation and abortion. Say goodbye to a Senate majority, which means that every Hillary nomination will sail through. Stupid, stupid Trumpkins.

Holy crap! I just shake my head. My forehead is bruised from all the slaps to it (self-inflicted). This was SO easy, and yet “Republican” primary voters managed to screw it up! I just don’t get it. This was the venting of spleen in response to a populist demagogue. It was completely unencumbered by the thought process.

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Here’s how you should know to NEVER vote

03 Aug

for a candidate. Their stand on 3 issues is truly a window into their intellect and judgment. Those 3 issues are:

  1. Minimum wage
  2. Gun control
  3. Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)


There are certainly others, but these three things share in the issue that a Leftist stand holds to a counter-factual interpretation of reality. For example, would you be safer from gun crime in a school or at a shooting range? Why? Why do shootings virtually always happen in “gun-free zones” and never at shooting ranges? If the driving (or even a minor) causative issue is the presence of guns, we would NOT see this. Well, DUH!

So for the first two there is not a shred of empirical evidence to support them. For the last one there is not a shred of decent empirical evidence to support it. They all represent a triumph of irrationality over good sense. In these cases, adherence to a certain political orthodoxy trumps the facts. So by definition, such positions are irrational. They are more a marker of being in the club than of being rigorously evaluative. It is a social thing, not a knowledge thing.

And we need to fully understand that. I am a Conservative because it is the rational (and moral) thing to do, not because it is always socially popular. But I always try to speak the truth, even if it at times does not make me popular.

The bottom line is that you never vote for a candidate who buys into such nonsense if you can possibly avoid it. It is prima facie evidence of major intellectual and perhaps moral deficits (moral if I recognize that these stands are wrong but endorse them anyway in order to get ahead). These people are NOT reliable candidates, though there may be times when you have little choice. In that case, you usually should hold your nose and take the least objectionable option.

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Today I had to pay

15 Apr

(through the nose) to renew licensure. I had to pay hundreds of dollars for worthless CE courses and then pay for license renewal. And of course, I lost days of work, as well. It is at best a very expensive and meaningless process. But you have to do it in order to even stay in business. It is a steaming pile of crap. There is NO EVIDENCE that CEs improve practice at all. Licensure just makes the public complacent. It is merely another tax, and it is utterly meaningless. <sigh> Just more stupidity.

More enlightened states (such as NY) at least have cut out the CE requirement. There are six or so states that don’t have CE requirements. That’s a good start.

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