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01 Sep

I wonder what they’re hiding. If I were a betting man, I’d bet that the information makes them look really bad. Maybe even criminal.

THIS is example of pure despotism. The evil empire of the “deep state” is striking back.

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18 Jun

I can’t tell you how happy I am to see this.

The University was outrageous. They were horribly hostile. They used force and coercion through a faceless bureaucracy, and deserved to be fined terribly.

They totally deserved this. And I hope it is only the first of many such verdicts…

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Now we see the REAL

19 May

intent of ‘net neutrality.

Folks, I told you this was a sham intended to allow Lefties to get rid of those who criticize them! I told you, I told you, I TOLD YOU! Holy crap, I told you. Sheesh! Some of you were just not wise enough to see things as they really were, and too cocksure of yourself to learn from anyone else. For the love of humanity, I told you. <shakes head sadly>

‘Net neutrality is a steaming pile of crap. It is just despotism. Let’s face that fact.

Maybe you will listen now. I sure hope so. Start your change process by publicly admitting that you were totally WRONG! Let’s see actual change. Go, and sin no more…

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04 Apr

empowers the bureaucrat. That’s why regulations are so complex. For example, no one can know the tax code for sure. Different experts come to different conclusions.

So the ultimate power rests with the gov’t bureaucrat. That person almost always is less educated than your accountant, but what he or she says goes. THEY are the ones who hold the whip. You just take off your shirt and turn around…

Complexity is the bureaucrat’s friend. Without that they are fundamentally out of a job. A flat tax where the calculations are simple and fit on a postcard are a dagger to their hearts. THAT is the real reason we have such a crappy tax system that has thousands and thousands of pages of arcane rules. THAT is why you have to hire an accountant and the tax requirements are just too complex for even highly educated non-accountants.

See, tax reform threatens their very existence. That is why it won’t ever happen. IRS folks will fight very hard to keep it complex so they can retain their jobs. And most lawmakers have never struggled to make it with their own business, so they just shrug and bleatingly go along.

We could give examples of the DMV and Social Security, as well. Things are complex for a reason…

Let’s tell the truth about this. It’s all about power and gain.



22 Feb

the Left has gotten ridiculous. Yes, they are wrong. And they are ridiculous. But they are not toothless, and it would be a fatal mistake to think they are. Yes, they are comically bereft of ideas. Yes, they are moribund. But the can still kill or at least cause misery and pain.

As I learned as a child, even a dead rattler can still reflexively bite and inject poison for hours after you kill it. To be safe, you cut off the head of the snake. The Left may be stupid zombies who are actually dead, but they can still eat your brains.

The Left is indeed dead. It has no intellectual heft and it has lost its bench. But the rattler can still inject poison. For the Left, the head has not been cut off. We have seen that with Obama. So let’s not get complacent because we have all three branches of government. That rattler can still kill. And just like in horror flicks, the monster always comes back right at the end, just when you think you have finally defeated it.

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Welcome to the modern world!

02 Jan

I just wish that all animals were equal. If you are conservative Christian you must bake a wedding cake for a gay wedding, regardless of what you feel. Are Islamic bakery owners under the same exigencies?


Gee, it’s

09 Sep

looking like this is lawfare, not actual crime-fighting.

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My wife worked as a checker

01 Aug

in a grocery store in college. She is still scarred from it.

I hear my wife talk about how she would like (for example) to get a certain medical test, but she can’t afford it. But the “welfare queen” down the street has any medical procedure “on the house,” so to speak. My wife’s kids’ college tuition is very high at least partially because others get to go free. I am a disabled veteran and my kids got (and get) NOTHING in terms of college for that. I could go on and on about people trying to buy cigarettes and booze with food stamps. But clearly, my wife is a sucker. If you just stop working and have almost no income the government will have the money forcibly taken from others and given to YOU. Yeah, “force” in that sentence was no accident. That’s what Leftism is based on.

No one I have ever met objects to helping out the needy in principle. I have never even heard someone argue that! No one I have ever run across won’t help or resent helping the sick and afflicted. Notwithstanding the Leftist caricature of Republicans as Scrooge McDuck, that simply doesn’t happen. But when I see “poor” people buying T-Bone steaks and using iPhones when because of taxes I myself can’t afford it, I get torqued.

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Yeah, we

24 Jun

probably haven’t seen the last.

And that is because of gangster government. The US would be wise to take the hint! Let’s see, what happened last time there was taxation without representation involving England? They are on the other end this time, but it is the very same issue.

And wise politicians know very well which way the wind is blowing. Only the dinosaurs get left behind…


I think it is

09 Feb

undoubtedly true. Once people see the gov’t as intrinsically unfair, they obey the law ONLY to the extent that they are forced to. The vast majority of people are honest in their taxes–and the gov’t depends on that. But in, say Italy, tax evasion is pretty much the national pastime. No wonder the gov’t hates cash–it is hard for them to track. If it never goes into a bank account, well, it never gets taxed at all. They hate precious metals for the same reason. Secrecy of the masses in any form is their mortal enemy. Why do you think there is such pressure on cell phone makers on this? It ain’t about pedophiles or child pornographers.

But the truth is that once regular people see gov’t operating in unfair and illegal ways, they do it, too. And they feel totally justified. Pretty soon, you have Italy. Traffic tickets are hard to enforce. Taxes are hard to collect. It is chaos–dogs and cats living together (sorry for the “Ghostbusters” reference). There just aren’t enough police in the country to do it, even if you are OK with seeing this nation become a police state.  See, it has always been that people policed themselves. But Obama puts that at risk.

What could happen is “Irish Democracy.” Laws and regulations that people don’t agree with are just ignored. Those who try to enforce it are no longer seen as “friends,” but as “enemies.” It’s a real danger inherent in regulation. The gov’t ONLY gets what it can enforce. Well, brute force is the logical end of ALL Leftism. Leftism always has and always will depend on the Gulag. Any time there is freedom or moral agency, Leftism has to war against it. Tale as old as time–thus it has always been. There has always been a divide between those who want moral agency and those who want force. So choose which side you are on…

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