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The FBI has

01 Feb

“grave concerns?” Yeah, me, too!

This is just frantic butt-covering on a cosmic scale. They just don’t want their despotism revealed.


It is

11 Jan

a total pile of crap. Anyone who has even visited a courthouse knows this is pure bunk. I’ve spent too many years on the witness stand as an expert witness to no know that this is a pile of hooey.

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Hey, it’s

10 Jan

a good start. Let’s get rid of these bureaucratic despots!

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Well, the whole “dossier”

02 Jan

seems totally bogus to me. I really doubt a charge based on the dossier would have a snowball’s chance in Hell of sticking. It’s not even close to being strong enough for a court of law. But it is not designed for a court of law. It is geared only to give Democrats enough electoral victories to allow them to impeach Trump (for what I have no idea–Democrat hemorrhoids, I suppose).

The story has changed so much it makes one’s head spin. But again, this has nothing to do with justice… It would not survive for 10 minutes in a court setting.

This is just an effort to get revenge for Felonia von Pantsuit’s loss. This is ONLY about squishes and Democrats seeking revenge because they lost face.

Voters in 2018 need to understand well what is happening. For the Democrats, this is a desperate cry of, “I’m still relevant, dang it!”



20 Dec


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15 Dec

Trump has now pared back some onerous regulations.

Trump is getting a ton done. And if you think Hillary would done any of this stuff you are a raving lunatic!

I know that there have been some setbacks on Obamacare and other horrors, but we are simply too often unaware of these other things that are of such immense importance.

This is a reprieve for the nation. If you voted for Hillary or some 3rd-party Hillary stalking horse, you are a fool. Total and complete fool.

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Well, we

27 Oct

can only hope. Of course they are not going to turn over ALL the document–only ones they have carefully curated.


Licensing is all about

26 Oct

keeping the public safe. Riiiiiight.


Understand well

17 Oct

what is happening, here. 

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01 Sep

I wonder what they’re hiding. If I were a betting man, I’d bet that the information makes them look really bad. Maybe even criminal.

THIS is example of pure despotism. The evil empire of the “deep state” is striking back.

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