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This is

16 Jan

just great! And while I don’t usually say this, read the comments.

It just makes me laugh. Random pee tests for WH journalists. I also think that there should also be a mandatory NSA pat-down for any reporter who attends the briefing. The exact same one as in the airport–the two things should be strongly linked, and if the airport procedures change, so would those of the briefings.

I mean, there are things we don’t want people to bring to Presidential press briefings. And there may be additional procedures, too. If it saves just one life, it’s worth it. Right? We don’t need to wait until after there has been a tragedy to act. Time to be safe now! If it’s good enough for airports, it’s certainly good enough for Presidential press briefings!


I know that there are

27 Oct

chants of “Lock her up!” when Hillary is mentioned at Trump rallies. But understand well that Obama himself also may have broken the law. It appears that he did. If he sent classified information to Hillary’s illegal server… Even his email is a MAJOR problem and it, by definition, is classified. Remember, when one Hillary flack learned that Obama was using an alias on Clinton’s non-secure server, she said, “How is this not classified?” And the fact that Obama used an alias proves that he knew he was breaking the law! This was just an effort to hide his crime. The Clinton hack even knew it was a crime. The idea that Obama didn’t also know that is nothing but a sick joke. No wonder he wants Hillary elected–he doesn’t want to be indicted!

So pressure was put on Comey to not indict Hillary because that would lead to the President himself. So he made up an “intent” requirement out of whole cloth, and out of sheer necessity. It wasn’t in the law, but he had to do something. Obama protected Hillary because by doing so he protected himself. This was a “smoking gun” of a Presidential crime and she knew it. THAT is the real reason why Hillary was not indicted. Obama would have been only too happy to have thrown her under the bus along with all the others, but she knew, as they say, where the bodies were buried. So to save himself he had to save her. Otherwise she’d be under the bus right now. That’s why Biden didn’t run. That’s why Warren didn’t run. Bernie wasn’t told, and but for some dirty tricks he would have beaten her. Both Biden and Warren would have easily beaten her.

But then how is any law enforceable if these laws are not? How can you say one person should be punished for a crime when Obama and Hillary weren’t? I thought we didn’t have “nobility” in this country! Why are some people required to obey the law and others aren’t? Isn’t there equal application of the law? I thought all animals were equal! Why are some more equal than others? Why am I prosecuted for speeding when Obama and Hillary are not prosecuted for far more serious crimes? How does this not totally destroy civil society?

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18 Oct

the “Hillary hack” has indeed happened. Now place your bets as to whether the MSM just sits on it. I will take that bet any day of the week!

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Don’t worry,

15 Aug

Democrats keep sensitive information safe. From Hillary to this, they do a great job. I mean, they have the best people on it! You can put your confidence in them.

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Is Snowden a Russian spy?

03 Jul

Yes, of course. Now he revealed a lot of scaly stuff that was going on with the NSA, but I don’t know that there has ever been much of a question about whether he is a treasonous wretch. Now there is none.


It’s really quite clear.

01 Sep

Hillary is a criminal and everything she ever has possession of is horribly compromised. Case closed. We just need an Orange jump suit now…

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You know that awesome

17 Jun

new pacemaker you have? It can be hacked. Frightening, eh? It’s not just your credit report that is at risk!

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09 Jun

hack is huge. Basically there is 30 years’ worth of information of employees (and applicants) that includes their most sensitive issues, and opens them up to blackmail. The whole thing has been compromised.

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Google has your password.

14 Sep

and they have been compelled (though it may not have been a hard sell) to the government. Any wi-fi network you’ve ever been on is likely compromised.

I did a quick-and-dirty calculation: I have 19 first-degree relatives whom I call and who call me. There are far many more (since I get patient calls all the time, talk to attorneys, judges, etc.). but let’s artificially limit it to only my first-degree relatives. Let’s go only three levels down (my contact, that person’s contact, and that person’s contact). Let’s pretend that at each level there is only 19 people called (which is certainly not true–it is a gross underestimate).

From me alone, me who doesn’t use the phone much, there are well over 6,000 people being spied on. In reality, you can multiply that by 100 to get closer to the figure, and that puts you at a little over half a million. There are only about 300 million in the country. So basically, everyone is spied on.

Plus, any password you’ve ever used is known. You’ve got a business? Your network has been compromised. Paper and pencil are safe, assuming they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Verbal is safe–we’re back in the age before writing.

Just so you know.

Maybe you’re OK with that. I’m not.