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Yes, something

04 Dec

indeed to be thankful for.

This pig should die. It is horrible. It is a millstone around the necks of working people everywhere. THIS is what you get when you elect Leftists! TOTAL stupidity.

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I agree:

17 Nov

It was genius.

I really hope to vote for Tom Cotton for President someday soon.

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Obama bullying

19 Oct

appears to be coming to a close.

One can only hope. I, for one, am sick to death of the mean-spirited coercion.

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16 Oct

They were never lawful. They were foisted upon us, but they were never lawful. That Obama got away with this extra-legal act is a source of shame.

Here is a great explanation.

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Obamacare is

25 Sep

a steaming pile of crap. And Obama very well knows it, or should recognize it. He is not low I.Q. But he is just a partisan hack. Any fool with half a brain knows Obamacare stinks. It was a fit of partisanship on his part to ram it through–it was the victory of party line over reality.

As with ALL Leftism, it was force. It was an abnegation of free choice. THAT is what Leftism is, at heart. Take away all the happy talk (meant to fool the rubes) and it is the Gulag Archipelago. It is a bullet to the brain for all dissenters.

I look forward to the day that the economy is freed from the millstone of Obamacare hung on its neck. Obama and his mindless Myrmidons (like Schumer and Pelosi) rammed this down our throats in the dead of night. I remember it well.

But thanks to the way it was done, it is dead for at least a generation. Maybe two. No one will want to go there again, even if they can. Now it is a “third rail” of politics. Everyone knows it sucks. No wonder Obama is freaking out!

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Well, we can

21 Sep

keep our fingers crossed that the bill will pass.

Of course Obama hates it! It is a repudiation of all he stands for. It was his “signature issue” and it is called by his name. The fact that “Obamacare” has become an epithet must give him pain. But it is a pig. It is a dog that don’t hunt! And yet Obama himself likes it… THAT should tell you all you need to know.

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Obamacare is

21 Aug

a heavy stone tied around the neck of the economy as it desperately tries to swim to safety. Obama didn’t understand that and so saddled us with Obamacare. Why did Obama not understand? I mean, he was not stupid or anything!

No, this was NOT an IQ issue. Not for Obama, and not for congressional Democrats.

The issue is that Obama was a) a rigid Leftist and b) a person who had never run and lived off his own business. Same with the Democrats that went along. It was a life experience issue that led to this catastrophe.

THIS is why you never vote for a person who has not lived off their own business. Obama just didn’t “get” it, and that was why he did stupid things. I personally don’t think such people should even vote, though with the modern fetishization of voting that is not a popular position. Yet…

Here is the original arrangement: Successful people would leave their enterprises for a while to SERVE in government. But this was only for a short time–it was not their profession. They would soon go back to their lives. And ONLY those who were producers (makers rather than takers) could even vote.

But now we have Congress-critters who have made being in da gummint their profession. This was always the planned course of their lives! And that is a real problem. We need a class of politicians who can say, “If I don’t get elected or re-elected, that is fine–I’ll just shrug and go back to my previous life. I’ll go back to my family, my job, and my golf game. This was never my identity–I just did this to help for a spell.” The fact that this has changed is an overwhelmingly strong argument for term limits.

See, there was not a need for term limits, originally. The founding fathers never even conceived of it being an issue. Being in Congress was not originally a profession! But things are different now, and we need to change with the times. We need to do our part in preserving the Union.

I think you start by saying that the ONLY income you can have is your congressional salary–ALL else goes into the Treasury for those years. Then you set a rule saying that you may not lobby Congress within, say, 8 years of being in it. Once one takes a government position, you may not be employed, ever, by a foreign government or entity. You also have your salary capped at XXXX for 5 years–any excess goes to the Treasury. ALL staff members are to be subject to the same laws (like Obamacare) as everyone else. Congress can generally not exempt itself from anything (like Obamacare).

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I really hope

31 Jul

the link works. It is behind a stupid paywall. I hate that.

But the bottom line is that Trump is threatening to put a stop to the subsidization of congressional staffers so they actually bear the cost of Obamacare. They get to avoid the costs of Obamacare right now, while us plebs are forced into it. If that were to change, Obamacare would be gone within a month. That should tell you all there is to know. Of course, as it is now the rest of us have to bear the burden of this pig…

I mean, how hypocritical is it to say that your staff/employees get off scot-free while the rest of us suffer without that option? Truly, it is sickening hypocrisy.

The truth is that I very badly want this to happen. This is just not fair. What, are some animals more equal than others? This just reeks. I smell a sort of Monarchism, and it emanates from DC.

Activists including Heritage Action, the political arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation, have proposed that Mr. Trump’s administration change a rule promulgated by the Office of Personnel Management during the Obama administration that allows members of Congress and their staff to obtain subsidized insurance…

Obamacare totally sucks, and yet many of us are forced into it. The phrase, “Sic Semper Tyrannis” comes to mind. And I’m not even a Virginian.

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Senators need to

25 Jul

take a stand on Obamacare. The replacement may well not be all you hoped for (I’m looking at YOU, Mike Lee) but THIS is why you have the majority. DO NOT FAIL!

I did most of my undergrad and all grad work under Mike Lee’s father as University President. But right before I graduated, he was gone. The saddest thing for me was to see my Ph.D. diploma signed by someone else–someone who meant almost nothing to me. I have been sad about that ever since. It’s been decades now, and it is still a sore spot for me. I just wish I had known him personally. His untimely death made us all the poorer.

But back to the ranch. Senators, if you fail, we will replace you until we get people who won’t fail us. Your integrity is on the line, here. And so is your job. Say that it doesn’t go far enough. Say that there are some parts of it that do not accurately represent what you think. Say that YOU would do a better job (and with Mike Lee that is almost for sure true). Fine. Buuuut… Do. Not. Fail.

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It is true.

24 Jul

Virtually ALL the CBO score now is based on repeal of the forced theft that is the core of Obamacare. So,  the choice is either to have the individual mandate or to jettison Obamacare altogether.

The forced payment is NOT a”bug.” It the keystone of the whole endeavor. So one has to make a call. Is it more moral to forcibly extract money from people or to fund things in another way?

Incidentally, you do understand that ALL Leftism is based on forced behavior–on a lack of moral agency, don’t you? Understand well what side YOU are choosing.

Deception (IMHO) should be punished. But that is NOT what we are talking about, here.

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