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The whole thing

17 Jul

is pretty convoluted, and one has to make a real effort to understand it. But the executive summary is in the title. In a nutshell, Schumer admitted that the Obamacare payments were indeed illegal and totally extra-constitutional. That is really the bottom line–the Obamacare payments (without which it would be gone) are not legal.

That is what Conservatives have been saying for years, and now even Chuck Schumer has confirmed it.

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Wow, I sure hope so.

17 Jul

I mean, I really, really hope so. I want our long national nightmare to be over soon.

If a decent result comes from this, if Trump manages to make cookies from the pile of crap Obama left him, he is on a glide path to be re-elected in 2020, and the Republicans will crush in 2018. And then to rub salt in the wound, Pence will win handily in 2024.

And THAT is why Democrats are squealing so bad–this is their death-bell tolling. It is not merely that they have always dreamed of gov’t health care and don’t want it to go–they won’t have a chance again in 100 years.

No, it is that this is an existential issue for them. Their base then hates them and they have no gov’t power. The Democrats go the way of the Whigs and a different Lefty party takes their place. It already started with Bernie Sanders. They will, at the very least, continue to lose gov’t power for a generation. People won’t talk about FDR, they will talk about DJT.

Think about 2018. You are a Democrat (or a goofed-up Republican in a primary) who has stymied Trump’s program and who has whined incessantly about the Russians and Trump’s bad character. During a crucial moment 2018, Trump comes to your district and says that he could have done things to help people and relieve their pain and indeed he tried, but YOU did all you could to put roadblocks in his path. It’s time for you to get fired. Then he leaves on Air Force One. How do you like THAT idea?

You may well be seeing the tectonic plates starting to shift, here. Things may not be universally better after the shift, but they will certainly be different!

Oh, and Democrats delenda est.

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OK, and if that

11 Jul

happens, then what?

Look, Obamacare just doesn’t work. The goal of the legislation was always to usher in a single-payer system like England.

So the idea was that the “white knight” of the gummint would ride in and save the day. Yeah, like THAT’S gonna happen…

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Let’s do some

05 Jul

simple math. No matter what your political bent is, no matter want you want, Obamacare just doesn’t work in terms of providing care. Let me again voice the simple truth: Obamacare doesn’t work. It has made life bad for every productive citizen in the country. I fully understand that Obama and his co-conspiritors knew from the beginning that it was a pile of crap and would fail–that is on purpose. I know that they wanted to make it as painful as possible to get rid of–that was also on purpose. Did they want this to force a single-payer system? Yes, almost for sure. It is virtually certain.

But the barbed hook must come out. Yes, it will be painful (as designed and intended), but it must come out just the same. Obamacare is imploding, anyway. No matter what, it will go. This is NOT because Republicans are doing things against it but it is because Obamacare itself just doesn’t and can’t work! The structural flaws are far too severe. And, it was never intended to work–there was no “mistake.” It was just a Trojan Horse for the lefty dream of socialized medicine.

The healing cannot begin until the hook has been removed, and Obama and his minions set it good and hard. And THAT will be painful to get rid of–as designed. It will cause short-term damage and pain, and that is very unfortunate. But there truly IS no other way to do this. It was designed from the ground up to inflict pain if one tried to get rid of it.

The shot in the mouth at the dentist’s is not fun, but it’s a whole lot better than getting a root canal with no shot at all. Understand well that Obama did this to you! Obamacare is getting a root canal with no anesthesia at all. It is gonna hurt. And our elected officials are rightly afraid that they will be left holding the bag and get blamed for the pain. Hillary would certainly have done no better, but then again, Obama would not have gotten the blame. He banked on that in order to attain his ends.

Trump is just cleaning up this mess. The moral thing for Republicans to do is to rip this sucker out. Painful, but moral. And people, never, EVER vote for a Democrat again!


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So what should

05 Jul

people do when there are no insurance options available?

Obamacare “genius” to to levy fnes on people who don’t buy Obamacare even when it is impossible.

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Welcome to the pleasure dome!

26 Jun

The problem is that Obamacare is a barbed hook. Obama knew well that politicians above all don’t want to cause pain and get blamed for it, so he designed Obamacare from the start to cause a great deal of pain to remove and also set up Republicans to take the fall if they tried.

And in the short term it is nothing but pain to remove. In the long term it is far better to have it out, but it will be painful NOW.

So the Rs are trying to both repeal and to not cause pain. Not possible.  If they don’t jerk the hook out and cause real damage, they are responsible as it continues to fester and cause still more pain. If they do jerk it out, they are heartless meanies who caused pain. Understand well that Obamacare was designed that way!

I think the only partial solution is to make this very clear—you acknowledge that it is painful to remove and you give a good rationale for doing it anyway. Repeatedly. You incessantly blame Obama and Pelosi for the pain and mess. You note unceasingly that this is what happened and it is their fault. Obamacare is collapsing so you really have to do the painful work of taking out the barbed hook in order to decrease future pain.. At the end of every speech you say, Obamacare delenda est (just call me Cato the elder).

Unfortunately, explanation is the best you can do. When it comes to replacing Obamacare, it’s gonna leave a mark… Obama has a long history of benefitting in the short term and then leaving. Yeah, this is by no means his first rodeo! And people get hurt. Look at his history—this is his M.O.

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Yeah, thanks Obama.

07 Jun

Thanks a ton.

THIS is what Obama has done. And THIS is the heavy rock he tied around the necks of the Democrats. And they richly deserve our disdain–they eagerly put that rock necklace around their own neck. Now they are trying to swim to shore. Remember, they barely rammed Obamacare through on a technicality in the dead of night. Obama just convinced them to wear that rock and then tied the knot. They didn’t know that it was actually a slip-knot that would get tighter and tighter… And Obama got off Scot-free and is now just living it up–it’s just not his problem.

PUH-LEEZ Democrats, stop trying to help! Your hidebound adherence to an old, outdated, and failed idealogy has screwed us ALL over. There is just no reason to vote for a Democrat. None at all. Morons…

If there’s a shred of justice in the world, they will be spanked soundly in the next election.

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26 May

this mean it’s working?

And just in time for the mid-term elections!

Folks, Obamacare is a stinky pile of crap that causes misery for everyone. Get rid of this pig! And for sure we should punish the Democrats for foisting it upon us. Severely. This totally sucks, and if they didn’t know it they are too stupid to be in congress. If they did know it, they are evil jerks.

But there is no other choice–they are either stupid or evil. In either case, they need to be GONE!

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It’s important

14 May

to realize that Obamacare sucks and is dying on its own. This has nothing to do with GOP actions. Nothing.

The reason the GOP is trying to help is because they don’t want people to suffer. Democrats are fine with that suffering. It is immoral.

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Yeah, Obmacare

12 May

sucks. This stupid cow never would or could have worked!

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