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26 May

this mean it’s working?

And just in time for the mid-term elections!

Folks, Obamacare is a stinky pile of crap that causes misery for everyone. Get rid of this pig! And for sure we should punish the Democrats for foisting it upon us. Severely. This totally sucks, and if they didn’t know it they are too stupid to be in congress. If they did know it, they are evil jerks.

But there is no other choice–they are either stupid or evil. In either case, they need to be GONE!

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It’s important

14 May

to realize that Obamacare sucks and is dying on its own. This has nothing to do with GOP actions. Nothing.

The reason the GOP is trying to help is because they don’t want people to suffer. Democrats are fine with that suffering. It is immoral.

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Yeah, Obmacare

12 May

sucks. This stupid cow never would or could have worked!

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Tax cut!

06 May

For those of us who need it most.

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Don’t get

05 May

me wrong, I am very glad to see it. But this is only the first, baby step.

But a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, as the cliche says.


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I think it’s

28 Apr

a great question.

Where are the Democrats ideas and proposals about how to fix Obamacare? Do they just  not care about people who are being hurt?

I have no problem with criticism. What I do mind is pot-shotting from the bleachers and refusing to strap on the cleats and go to work. It just seems so hypocritical. Put your money where your mouth is, Democrats!

I think we’re all sick of the impotent whining.

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Welcome to

18 Apr

the Pleasure Dome, Democrats! You’re a long way from home…

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Definitely some

08 Apr

things I would like to see Trump do.

I would particularly like to see the first one happen. The rank and utter hypocrisy really sets my teeth on edge…

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I guess it’s

07 Apr

not quite dead yet.

But understand well that Obamacare was a barbed hook. It was meant to cause damage and be very painful when pulled out. It was designed that way.

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Let me say again,

03 Apr

the answer to the Obamacare fiasco is this: make catastrophic INSURANCE available to each and every welfare recipient.

This is NOT coercive pre-paid sniffles care, as with Obamacare. There is simply NO evidence that preventive care makes economic sense. Yes, for certain individuals, but not for populations. And there is no coercion in catastrophic insurance.

Plus, it means that there are real incentives to create catastrophic insurance policies. It means that regular people actually pay for insurance rather than spend a huge amount on care that we neither want nor need.