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I think the deal

17 Feb

is just that, fundamentally, Obamacare sucks. Facts are stubborn things, and no matter how much you whine, kvetch, and whinge, the facts don’t change. Throw your tantrum, whine that it is not fair, but the facts remain the facts. And the bedrock fact is the Obamacare sucks. Nothing can change that.

Understand that the damage has been done. Ending Obamacare will cause some pain. You can’t get that hook out without the barb doing at least a little damage, and Obama with his Democrat co-conspirators set the hook. Hard.  You will heal, but removing it will also cause damage and pain.

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Yes, it is

16 Feb


Today Humana, tomorrow Aetna? Congress better get on the stick, because it is not clear how much longer this pig will keep breathing!

This was a stupid idea from the get-go. I know it was a Lefty dream and so as soon as Lefties got power they rammed it through in very irregular fashion, but they and we need to face the cold, hard fact. It don’t work. It is and always has been a dog that don’t hunt. It lays on the porch great, but it don’t hunt.

Now I fully understand that there are “barbs” and there will be pain associated with removing the Obamacare hooks, but it needs to be done. I don’t think it can be done without some pain. THIS is what happens when you elect a Lefty to the Presidency. THIS is what happens when you vote for someone like Nancy Pelosi.

Be wiser next time.

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That is a

15 Feb

HUGE issue.

If that is true, it is the death-knell of Obamacare. Lefty scams only work with force. Force is the lifeblood of Leftism.

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Yeah, let’s

26 Jan

just say that I’m not surprised. At all.

This is raw tribalism uber alles. THIS is what Democrats are all about.



19 Jan

patently obvious that this would happen. DUH!

Any of us who have run a business kn0w that. But Obama and his minions were always insulated from this–they were virtually always mere employees, and in any case they were and are not struggling at all. But when you are an executive and are judged only by results, when you eat only what you kill, you understand far better. See, Leftists tend not to live off the sweat of their own brow, so they don’t get it. I’m NOT saying they don’t work hard or are not honorable or are not intelligent, but they don’t really understand what it is like to float your own boat. They have just never done it. They are worker bees, not business owners.

That’s why the vast, vast majority of business owners are Conservative. Pretty much only those very high up (who don’t have to worry about such pedestrian things) and those very low (who want stuff stolen from others and given to them) are Leftists. That’s why the “Gig Economy” is such a huge threat to the Left. Yes, there are echoes of the Victorian disdain for labor and being a merchant, but in modern days being your own boss is a HUGE threat to the Left. So they make it as hard as possible.

It’s also why the Left wants control of the Academy so badly. They already have a stranglehold on public schools. You get more “converts” if you can indoctrinate them young, and the younger the better. So Universal Preschool is a Lefty fantasy, not because it works (it doesn’t, as any knowledgeable person can tell you) but because it makes it more likely that they can “mold” the children to their way of thinking. Why do you think the Left hates home schooling with the heat of a thousand suns? Look at history–the Left’s goal has always been to get kids away from their families (where they might be taught conservative things!).

That’s why the Founding Fathers set things so that only white males (who usually owned land) voted. It wasn’t mere racism or sexism (though there are cases where that indeed may have been active, as well). It was the idea that only producers had a say in how the gov’t was run. In modern days, Lefties have turned voting into a fetish. In old times, almost everyone could vote, but only a certain portion were, in fact, eligible.

And THAT is why you simply never vote for a person who has not lived off his own business if you can possibly help it. It is NOT IQ, It is the lived life experience. Having an abstract understanding is usually not enough. You don’t really understand until you have lived it. Real knowledge is experiential, not abstract.


Another great

09 Jan

Ramirez cartoon. This guy is astounding!

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06 Jan

the Dems totally own Obamacare. We should never forget that. They passed it in the dead of night with not a SINGLE Republican vote. THAT is the pile of poop that the Democrats foisted on us! I don’t want to hear a single whining word from them. Jerks…

They used the “nuclear option” to shut down the filibuster and now find themselves on the beating end of that stick.

This is sheer hypocrisy. Like killing your parents and then begging for mercy based on the fact that you are just a poor orphan…

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We need

06 Jan

to kill this pig.

I’m really glad to hear that Republicans are getting a repeal ready. In a decade Obamacare will be little more than an abstruse trivia question.

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I have a question for Democrats

05 Jan

and Lefty voters on Obamacare.

You lost the House mainlybecause of Obamacare. You lost the Senate mainly because of this (and next election you face a third shellacking just because you are defending so many seats). You lost SCOTUS because of this. You lost the Presidency because of this. You lost almost all governorships because of this. You lost control of most state legislatures because of this.

So how long do you keep this up? Obama is gone, as are all the perks of being his lackey. Are you just slow learners? Is your worship of Obama so strong that you will hang yourself for Obamacare? Why? For the love of all that is good and wholesome, why?

Look, Obamacare is a pig. It has always been a pig (though you can at least have the guns to admit that YOU didn’t know it and WE did). It simply doesn’t work. I know that it is the stuff of Lefty fantasies, but it doesn’t work. Most voters hate it and it is a HUGE drag on the economy. Are you really ready to fall on your sword for it? That just makes no sense to me–this is mental illness!

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And then there were five…

20 Dec

Obamacare just sucks, and everyone knows it. Sometime you have to call a match out of mercy, and Obamacare has been shown categorically to be a loser that harms regular Americans. It is hanging on the ropes and can no longer defend itself. It’s time to put it out of our misery. Be merciful. Be just. Let it die.

It is mercy just to kill Obamacare. It has never worked and it never will. It was a stupid idea from the get-go. It nicely encapsulated Leftist fantasy so Pelosi and her henchmen stupidly jammed it down our throat under the cover of night. It just fit with their insane political philosophy. It was always a lame pig that never should have been limped to market in the first place. This thing was amazingly stupid. Let it die.

And it has caused untold misery. For this alone Democrats deserve to be out of power for a generation. Let it die.

If you want to help the poor, make catastrophic insurance part and parcel of welfare. Leave the rest of us the heck alone! Let it die.

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