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There is another issue

27 Mar

in this whole Obamacare fiasco.

It doesn’t speak well of Trump or the GOP. And that is real damage. And Trump, of all people, knows better. This is a branding issue. And Trump really knows branding.

See, Trump needs to fire someone for this. Like any decent CEO he needs to show he is making the necessary changes. He needs to save the brand.

For that reason alone, he needs to “fire” Paul Ryan. Now of course he cannot directly do that, but we all know that if Trump withdraws his support the Ryan speakership is OVAH! Trump needs to be seen as righting the ship, and it needs to happen NOW. Ryan failed, and he should be fired. Buck up and do the hard thing. This ain’t bean-bag

Trump knows this. He has been around business for a long time and he knows that hard-nosed action is at times called for. Rule #1 is that you don’t let personal relationships cloud your business judgment. THAT is a large part of being a CEO. You may say you’re sorry, but you do what is necessary.

If your beloved sister wants a high-up job at the firm where you are CEO you say,”no.” If, from the outset, you know you can’t fire her, you never hire her in the first place. You can give money to her, but you don’t hire her. Or you give her a “job” that has little responsibility or impact. She is the world’s highest paid trash empty-er. But everyone knows that it’s really just a donation.

If there is a real Obamacare replacement soon, the GOP will prosper. But it needs to be real, and Ryan’s plan was just half-cold broccoli that was partially warmed up in the microwave. Not very appetizing, though it was once good…

This was a self-inflicted wound, and Ryan is in real trouble now.

Yeah, people are mad. They elected Trump because they were mad. Trump can’t afford to be seen as selling out to the establishment. He was supposed to be different. That is his brand, and he forgets that at his extreme peril.


I think

22 Mar

it’s  a great idea, and one that I have advocated for years.

It would both insure the poor and simultaneously create a large market for such policies. In fact, I think a catastrophic policy should just be a part of all welfare.

I’m actually OK with a mandated catastrophic policy, though that is not ideal in one important way. It is, unlike Obamacare, insurance! So if we are talking about a very little each month rather than the monstrosity of a $600 a month Obamacare pre-paid and coerced care plan, it would be great.

Just have catastrophic insurance, something Obamacare stupidly got rid of.


It is way, way too early

20 Mar

for celebration, but in appears that Obamacare will die. Probably. Good. I sure hope so. This was always a very bad idea. Obama and his co-conspirators did their best to make the “barbs” in the program render it as painful as possible to get rid of it, and to be sure there will be some pain. That barbed hook will not come out without further injury. But come out it must, and will. The democrats and their media lackeys will make as much of this pain as possible (of THAT you can be sure).

But maybe, just maybe, this pig will die. That will be a great day.


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There are some

20 Mar

very good reasons that Obamacare is so hard to repeal.

Yes, it sucks. Yes, it is a fool’s errand. Yes, Obamacare is logically and practically not feasible or even close to working . Yes, Obama willfully and brutally damaged the country with this pig. Yes, yes, yes. Yes.

But it is still very hard to get rid of. And that is by design. That was always Obama’s intent and plan. As I have said before, Obamacare is a barbed hook, and there will be pain in getting clear of it. Yeah, it was designed that way. The barbed hook only goes one way, and there is considerable pain and damage in getting it out.

So the GOP is struggling mightily to get rid of Obamacare, but it is a hard, even daunting task. For a TON of reasons, it is far from a simple thing. Paul Ryan is trying to minimize the pain, though I think he is doing it wrong. I think you just have to rip the bandaid off quickly and then have ways to reduce the inevitable pain that follows.

But the populace is often not very understanding. When Obama put the bandaid on there was (of course) no pain. But it turns out that you are having an allergic reaction to the bandaid. You need to get it off now, but it will still hurt to remove. And even though you need that to happen, you might well be angry at the person who rips the bandaid off. That anger is totally misplaced. You should reasonably be mad at the guy who put the bandaid on you knowing full well that it would cause you problems and then skipped off once you got an allergic reaction and needed a painful procedure to get rid of it.

Trump didn’t put that bandaid on you, Obama did. So don’t be angry at Trump when he has to rip it off and cause you pain.Obama is the ultimate cause of that pain, not Trump.

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I’m telling you,

15 Mar

Obamacare is a barbed hook. It was meant to cause pain upon removal.  That the is the way only way it works as intended.

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Few cartoons

12 Mar

have ever struck me as more true:

(Oh, and Powerline’s “”The Week In Pictures” is the source, and a great one.) Getting rid of Obamacare is HARD. It was meant to be that way. It was designed to be that way. This hook has a barb in it, and it will be painful to get it out. I think George Washington or Thomas Jeffeson said that slavery was like having a wolf by the ears–you don’t want to hang on, but then again you don’t dare let go.

Well, Obamacare is just like that. It is having a wolf by the ears. There simply is no easy way to get out of it. It was made to cause painful damage with removal. And that is perhaps the only part of Obamacare that actually works.

And understand well that this is 100% the Democrats’ and Obama’s fault. Yes, Trump and the Republicans take a bit of a whipping for trying to extricate us from it, but again that was by design. It was despotism from the get-go. And this kind does not come out easily or without pain.

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I think the Republicans would be

08 Mar

incredibly foolish to waffle on Obamacare:

I think the Rs are also facing an existential threat, just like the Ds are. We see that with their waffling on Obamacare. If they substantially go along with it, another party will arise and the Rs will merge with the Ds. I give it 10 years, max. And you would see a shift in the upcoming mid-term elections. The “Conservative Party” will arise if the Rs don’t get on the stick.

Either the Rs get rid of the odious Obamacare or they are toast. They control all 3 branches of government now, so there are no more freakin’ excuses. The sun is shining—they need to make hay while the sun shines… The time for bluffing and whining is over. This is an existential issue for the GOP.

They die as a party if they don’t make substantial changes–it is that simple. And this just shines a blazing spotlight on the glaring weakness.

In past days it was seen as good to get along and make concessions to the other party. Those days are over, in large part due to the Democrats. Republicans need to wise up, here.

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You know,

02 Mar

lover her or hate her, she is right. There is NO crisis in health care if government just got out of the way. Government IS the problem.

Yes, catastrophic insurance could be bundled with welfare (and ALL health insurance should be sold across state lines), but anything more almost for sure screws things up. Bigly.

Obamacare is a barbed hook that will be painful to remove. It was designed that way on purpose, and it works as designed. But there are far better ways of skinning this cat–if access to health care is indeed what you are after.

This is just one of the many “barbed hooks” that Obama left. It was meant to cause pain, and it does.

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Can you say, “astroturf?”

28 Feb

I knew that you could!

They are “astroturfing” because they have nothing else.

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I think we

23 Feb

should not be confused as to who was in charge when it collapsed.

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