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The NRA’s succes

09 Oct

is due to their philosophical stance, not it’s money. No, not their money by a long shot.

What the anti-NRA gun-grabber nuts fail to understand is the the NRA’s power comes from its underlying philosophy. People of intellect and good sense are well aware that the NRA is pretty much correct. There might be some minor sub-issues over which we can quibble, but in broad strokes the NRA is right, and anyone with a lick of sense or logic knows it.

THAT is why the public and most elected officials support NRA positions. THAT is why concealed carry has made such headway across the nation (and indeed in several states you don’t need a permit at all to carry concealed). THAT is why we are likely to get national reciprocity soon.

See, the NRAs position on concealed carry make sense, while the position of the gun-grabbers sounds like the babbling of a stoned baboon. It is indeed noisy, but it makes no sense at all. Any fool knows that the day of the gun-grabber is rapidly coming to a close. Whether it be though reasonable and logical local gun laws and national reciprocity, easy 3-D printing that makes gun laws pretty irrelevant (additive metal printing is just starting to come into its own and already I can easily get a small countertop mill for not much money), or through sustained Civil Disobedience I don’t know. I really hope reason prevails and it is mainly the first one.

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I’ve been warning you…

19 Jun

People are getting sick of this crap. I am warning and warning! Be careful, Lefties, about creating a culture of disrespect. You may well not like the results. YOU are not the only ones on this planet. I know that is a shock to you, but…

You can revert to form and try to forcibly squelch this kind of thing, but that is itself very likely to be quite counter-productive. You can become Darth Vader, but (ahem!) the harder you squeeze the more people will squirt out between you fingers.

It only takes one person to “break the mood” in a production like this and then the whole thing is ruined. And as this kind of stuff gets more and more publicity, it happens more and more. It starts happening every night. Just one person starts the ball rolling. But if just 10 people per performance did this would there even be enough security to escort them all out? And the production would be ruined, anyway. Surely 20 would be too much. And then what if they resisted leaving? If it takes 3 officers to drag 1 resisting person out, what if there are a half a dozen protestors? Hire 20 officers? Start shooting people? Can you afford that, either in monetary or PR terms? And what if there were 20 protestors? What if the officer has sympathies with the protesters? And even if you could remove protesters, how long of an interruption to the play would it take? And wouldn’t the message be sent and received in any case?

See, it would quickly become way too much for security to handle even in ideal conditions. The production company depends on people self-policing. Even a small resistance totally shuts the play down. Security and the production company should be scared.

When we look at the psychology of crowds, we find that it often only take a single person to go against the norm in order to bring the whole edifice down. Once that one person does it, others follow suit, and it is often a tidal wave. And this may well be the front edge of the tidal wave. Trust me, it is very likely that future performances will also be disrupted.

One person booing makes no never mind. But if 1 out of 20 boos, it totally drowns out what is happening. And if one person starts to boo, many others soon join in. And then once the protest gets a little publicity and the behavior is a bit normalized, it happens again the next night… This kind of stuff spreads like wildfire!

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We need to fully understand

04 Oct

that if Hillary is elected, the Supreme Court will change drastically for our entire lifetimes. Gun rights will be all but gone. Freedom of speech will be all but gone. Freedom of religion will be severely threatened (and with it free speech). The rule of law is at stake–Hillary is a felon, don’t forget, and was illegally and immorally set free by James Comey. Your basic freedoms will be either gone or under withering attack. If you value Freedom, you don’t vote for Hillary or do anything (like throwing away your vote by voting for a certain loser tongue-chewing, Aleppo-ignorant third-party buffoon like Gary Johnson). This is NOT a normal election from the 1970s. You may not love Trump (I sure don’t), but the real question is whether you love your country and grasp the current threat. I sure do. Yeah, Hillary will almost certainly win (hey, dead people’s votes matter!), but it is close now because many people actually get it.

Now, the truth is that most people ultimately won’t stand for such crap. So there will be increasing and more and more serious civil unrest. I’m NOT saying civil war (and I think there are much more effective ways to make changes), but that is not out of the question. But there certainly will be “Irish Democracy” where people just don’t obey laws they consider to be illegitimate. Here is an old article that explains that concept.

But the bottom line is that there is no way to enforce laws in the face of massive passive resistance. For example, if one tenth of 1% of the population of the U.S. suddenly stopped paying taxes and insisted on a jury trial to protest, that would be over 300,000 new cases. Even if they “lost,” how could federal courts even handle such an influx? And then what if the litigants refused to pay the fine or to go to jail? Or they appealed? The government simply couldn’t enforce it. The law would be essentially nullified and the court proceeding nothing but impotent rantings.

And then if the Government decided to only prosecute “big” crimes in order to preserve assets, there would be a myriad of “lower” laws that could be violated with impunity. I mean, why go after someone who cheats on taxes through a very questionable deduction that only saves them $100? It costs far, far more than that to recover that money. Better to just stop printing to 100-dollar bill.

Yes, Government depends on the consent of the governed. Otherwise it will fail. It will only endure as long as it can be forced on people. Only Conservative governments can survive very long. The USSR lasted what, 60 years? You can indeed force people for a time, but eventually such a government falls.

If government interference becomes an insurable risk as envisioned by Charles Murray with his brilliant “Madison Fund,” it is just the end of such regulation. Remember, the “Madison Fund” is NOT about accidental violations of law, but deliberate civil disobedience.

It’s much like “Gun-Free Zone” signs in many ways. Those betray a stunning naivete at best, and clinging stubbornly to sheer stupidity at worst. No criminal cares one bit about the law or a stupid sign (hey, they are criminals). They just ignore the sign, rendering it totally ineffective. On the other hand, no law-abiding person can shoot back. Terrorists exclaim, “What a country!” These laws are just stupid and there is no logical or rational defense of them.  I am truly shocked that anyone would be dumb enough to enact them.


The lesson is that if a small percentage of people just ignore the regulations, they are effectively nullified. Terrorists who ignore Gun-Free Zone signs essentially nullify the law. I know lots of people who carry concealed in places where the law or the business owners prohibit it. They just ignore the signs. That is nullification. Now in some places it is enforced (like courthouses), but the vast, vast majority of places have no scanning machines and armed guards, like a courthouse or an airplane.

Now just think if those who ignore a law is just 1%–over 3 million! THAT is the ground upon which Civil Disobedience/Irish Democracy stands. Think about it–if just 1% of people ignore a law it is over 3 million cases. The courts can’t keep up now. Just think of adding 3 million new cases. And that is just for one law! What if there were a dozen laws that people refused to obey?

A vote for Hillary is a vote for the end of the United States as we know it–maybe the end of the country entirely (though I certainly hope not). Understand the threat.

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And I think it

19 Aug

really does undermine the law. And that is very dangerous to our society. In letting Hilary go, Comey wrecked society and the law itself. That is NOT hyperbole! He screwed up, big time. Totally. Screwed. Up.

Not only the problems described in this article were created, but there is a significant equal protection issue in play: If Hillary is not prosecuted for obvious violations that damage the US, on what grounds can I be prosecuted for speeding or not paying my taxes? I mean, why is she exempt? I thought there was no “nobility” that was above the law in the US! Isn’t that a bedrock principle for us?

See, she goes free at the expense of the law itself. How is the law enforceable then, except by brute force? How does what happened not establish a privileged class, a “nobility?” And if people en masse start to disobey laws because the think those laws are morally invalid, what will the government do about it? Nothing. They can do virtually nothing about it. There aren’t enough cops and IRS agents in the world to enforce everything. And the more draconian you get, the more resentful and willing to rebel people in general get–so the more draconian you have to get…. There has to be voluntary obedience or the whole thing just comes totally apart.

And technology only makes enforcement exponentially harder. For example, who is the gov’t to say that I can’t have a gun? I will just 3D-print one or machine one myself and there is nothing the gov’t can do about it! It is a “ghost gun.” Already a great many people work “under the table” and pay NO taxes at all. No state, no Federal, no Social Security, no nothing. So the gov’t cracks down on cash (because it can’t trace it) and wants to do away with the $100 bill. They say it’s because of drug dealers, but of course it really isn’t–it is all about tracing income. Yep.

So other currencies (see: BitCoin) spring up. Untraceable money. Or at the very least quite difficult to trace, so one has to choose whom to go after because it takes so much time and effort. I mean, THAT is the primary reason for withholding in the first place! It is actually about enforcement, not convenience. And given the difficulty of getting a conviction, one might have to lower the legal standard required for said conviction. Civil rights are, of necessity, abrogated. So more innocent people are convicted and therefore there is more resistance to a despotic overlord (and it is more sneaky and hard to detect and people feel morally justified). It is the classic vicious cycle. Oh yeah, THAT “arms race” will end well! <sheesh!>

Government depends upon the consent of the governed, and it is extremely unlikely that US citizens will accept a nobility that is exempt from the laws. Yes, Hillary got away with major crimes, but the damage is quite general and the refusal to hold her accountable makes slippery the very foundation of the United States. So for personal gain she is willing to see the US collapse. Wow.

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You want to get into college?

09 Sep

Then don’t be Asian.

I have said and strongly believe this is the way to go: say you are Black. If challenged, say that you identify as Black and have that background. Who are they to judge? So I have white parents and grandparents. So what? Maybe 5 generations ago there was a “fly in the milk,” so to speak. Tell them to prove it! H0w far can they go back? And if many do it, they will simply be overwhelmed if they try. Besides, once you are in and do well, what are they going to do?

When I lived in Haiti I saw many people who were very light-skinned…

I have absolutely NO problem doing that. I see it as a form of civil disobedience.

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I see a real problem

06 Jul

in this. Now I pretty much agree with the sentiment, but it is the proverbial canary in the coal mine. There is a popular book out on about how now is the time for civil disobedience. Another book is all about how students can protest by gumming up the education system–again civil disobedience.

The fact that we are seeing such things becoming mainstream is disturbing (though understandable) to me. What hath Obama wrought?

And don’t kid yourself–this is happening because people are coming to the conclusion that they are both persecuted by government and formally powerless. Hey, when a conservatively religious cake maker is fined $135,000 (in Oregon, natch) for not baking a cake for a gay wedding, you are going to get resistance. Forehead, meet palm.

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We are starting

11 Jun

to see civil disobedience suggested by conservatives. It is a good idea, and I find the MSM “arguments” against it just laughable.

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Those crazy

12 Mar

New Englanders!

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What, ME

26 Mar

worry? Better worry.

The issue is that the PLAIN meaning of the words means that ONLY state exchanges can get subsidies and that was also the obvious intent of the lawmakers. You have to go through major logical contortions (and violation of the separation of powers) to even consider the alternative. But even IF the court were to find for Obamacare, it has already been totally de-legitimized in the minds of thinking people, and massive civil disobedience may result.

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11 Mar

interesting. AW=Assault Weapons.

It is probably too soon to know what will happen, but there are obviously a TON of people who are not complying with this arguably unconstitutional law. Maybe King Barack will order the tides not to come in! He might as well…

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