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Yes, I realize that it is NPR

07 Jan

and they are not a very reliable source, but their obvious bias is in the other direction. So if THEY are saying it…

Understand the issue, here. The Lefty media/Democrats had an absolute kitten during the 2016 Presidential campaign when Donald Trump told African-Americans that they had nothing else to lose so the might as well vote for him. Total freak-out! The Democrats depend on African-Americans to even be close to competitive. If Republicans got 12-15% of the Black vote rather than the typical 5-8%, it would be well and truly over.

THAT is a huge reason Democrats are bent on Trump not succeeding. And therefore improvement in Black unemployment is a real threat to the Democrats. It is a threat to their very existence. Democrats want African-Americans poor, disgruntled, and unemployed. And in violent and crime-ridden cities. Democrats just can’t afford to have Blacks leave the reservation…


And the MSM

04 Dec

would have us believe that the violent racists are buck-toothed morons on the Right. Riiiiight. I think this is known as “projection” in psychological terms.

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26 Sep

set of questions and answers. I find the last one most intriguing. What a truly stunning intellect! Stunning. As he said, And yet there’s no possibility for morality unless we presume the possibility of agency. Yes.

He is totally on the money, here. Is real change possible? Not just changing forms, like from water to ice. but changing essence, like from water to gold (the ultimate goal of alchemy for thousands of years). In human (and religious) terms, is real conversion possible? See, I have to resort to religious terminology to even communicate these concepts!

Indeed, there simply IS no morality without real choice. That’s why ham-fisted biological reductionism and Post-Modern epistemology are such problems–each on the opposite end of the spectrum, but each equally in denial of moral agency (and therefore actual knowledge). Both deny the very idea of moral agency–and therefore knowledge. Because if there is change, there is no Cartesian certainty. The only way we can have Cartesian of “scientific” certainty is if the is no moral agency.

So is there a “third way” that is neither reductionistic nor mere know-nothingism that can somehow save moral agency and actual knowledge? Because historically we can either have moral agency or reliable knowledge, but not both. What I would argue is that there is a different way of knowing…

I think there is indeed a logical “third way.” In Greek terms, we go from material, formal, and efficient modes of causation to Final causation. But of course, modern scientistic thought (not “scientific” thought) eschews final causation (and rules it automatically out of bounds) because it demands an actor who, by definition, acts with free will. It demands moral agency. And because there is free will, there are some things that can be neither predicted nor controlled.

And so what I am suggesting is that we have to look to a Truth-Teller with whom we have an actual relationship in order to know things–the knowledge is relationship-based, not abstract “fact” based. In other words, I take the knowledge criticisms of the Post-Moderns seriously, as well as the assertions of the reductionists. But then I go a totally different direction–one based in a relationship rather than abstract “facts” or scientific method.

Well, I don’t want to delve too deeply into this–I may well lose my audience. More’s the pity…

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I’ve been telling you this:

26 Aug

I lived in the south for several years. I really didn’t like that I would stop at a stoplight in North Carolina (tobacco country) and couldn’t roll my windows down in the summer because tobacco smoke would inevitable come in. On patient told me that they had a “smoking area.” In school. In grade school.

But I never saw the KKK, or even once heard about them. Years. As a psychologist talking to people in private. Years.


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28 Jul


Look, racism is real. But the issue is that if a criminal knows of a population that is vulnerable, they will go after it.

If you think that racism is real, there is little more important than Black people (especially women) owning and being proficient with a gun.

It’s like disabled people–they are the #1 target of violent crime per capita. Why? Because they cannot fight back–they are easy pickings. It’s not hard to rob a guy in a wheelchair. And Black women (especially) need to not be easy pickings, either. Many Black women I know fully realize that they and their loved ones are likely targets. They realize that it is really unwise for their “type” of people to be unable to defend themselves. They know very well that it’s a dog-eat-dog world and they are wearing Milk Bone underwear…

So they take action.

A hundred years ago a Winchester on the mantle was pretty much the only thing that made many Black families in the South safe from ravages of the Ku Klux Klan. Black people need to go back to their roots. They need to go back to the gun.

So Black women, arm up! Get proficient. Get a firearm. You owe it to your loved ones.



13 Feb

is frequently very good.

Let’s be clear: I have lived up and down the East Coast. I have counseled in private and with total confidentiality with thousands from various parts of the country (I was a psychologist in the Navy). I myself  grew up in the Mountain West. But I have been quite involved in state and national politics of all sorts and in several parts of the country for decades.

Yet I have never heard anyone say blatantly racist things. I did hear a woman in Southern Virginia voice some things that were fine but could be interpreted as borderline (she was from the deep South). My wife was called a “Yankee” once when we lived in the South (and she was born and raised in the Mountain West, as well). But that is as extreme as it ever got.

I’m not saying racists do not exist–I’m sure they do. I saw some huge bearded guy in a jacked-up old pick up with the Stars and Bars tacked to the interior ceiling of his truck as a sort of headliner. That was in Virginia, and I never talked to that guy. It was so unusual that my sister visiting me in Southern Virginia  (visiting from California) excitedly pointed at him when we were at a stoplight, “Look, there’s a redneck!” I drove off quickly so as not to get killed…

So I have no doubt that racism exists in small pockets. But hearing anything about it was a very rare or non-existent event, even in the South! So it is clearly a fringe phenomenon. You can say that I just didn’t run in those crowds, but the fact that I didn’t even hear about it while talking confidentally to people from all over the South as a psychologist and then as a clergyman speaks to the fact that it isn’t all that prevalent or accepted by typical people. It is fringe. I don’t drink beer, but you can bet that I can name half a dozen brands of beer off the top of my head! Yeah, it’s in the culture. Racism seems not to be the same at all. The Left tells us that racism is rampant, and yet I have never personally seen a public display of it. Have you? If not, why do you think it is rampant?

So all this focus on the KKK and widespread discrimination against blacks seems a bit misguided (and rather self-serving). And add to that the fact that Donald Trump is vilified as a racist, yet no one can name a single racist thing he has said or done! And if he did 40 years ago (I’ve never heard that), so what? Attitudes can change. I have two words for Democrats: Robert Byrd. Byrd was an actual leader of the KKK and used the N-word on national TV within the last few years (while he was a sitting Senator)! Yet he was a Democrat Senator so he was given a pass by the Lefty shills in the media and his Democrats co-conspirators in congress. They just said, “Look, a squirrel!”

Conservatives are NOT the people who discriminate, here.

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Here’s what I don’t get:

14 Nov

In reading a TON of Lefty commentators, they ALL claim that Donald Trump is a flagrant and unapologetic racist and that he foments violence against minorities. It seems to be a “given” for these folks.

But just what has Donald Trump said that is racist? How has he fomented violence against minorities? He has said he wants to deport some Mexicans (criminals), though other Mexicans are just fine. This group to be deported includes criminals who have broken our immigration laws. But is this racist? He has said that some Middle Eastern males are violent jihadists, Uhm, that’s not racism, that is just straight-up the truth! So vetting these guys is racist?

So what has Donald Trump said that is racist? Is this just another “Old Jedi Mind Trick” that the Left uses to impugn someone? You know, like the idea that National Socialists were on the right. Yeah, riiiiight…

So what gives? Is this just another ruse? If you can, please show me something racist that Donald Trump has said. I’m waiting with ‘bated breath. I just haven’t been able to find anything, and unless someone is able to point me to some obviously racist things, I guess I have to assume that this is just another Big Lie. Or maybe the racism is just so subtle that most of us can’t see it. But then again, Donald Trump is not exactly subtle…

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07 Sep

Ya think?

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It is a MAJOR issue

06 Sep

that Trump is “going after” the Black vote. There is a very good reason that the Left is having a kitten over this. They have counted on Blacks for votes–and the have had virtually 100% of the Black vote. But that changing is a direct threat to the Left. They have gotten just barely over 50% of the total even with the Black vote. If Republican got even 20% of the Black vote it would be curtains for Democrats. THAT is why the Democrats are so whacked out about Trump reaching out to the Black community.

The usual Lefty “news” outlets like CNN, ABC, and CBS try hard to make it seems like Trump’s message does not resonate–they know that they and the Left (though I repeat myself) are well and truly hosed if Blacks ever leave the Democrat plantation. They are racist, and work to keep Blacks under their thumbs.

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The truth is

23 Aug

that all the “helping” of Black America only serves to keep them down, and the Democrat party has capitalized on that. I would love to see that change, because I actually care about people.

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