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I work a TON

23 Feb

with pain patients. At one hospital pain patient make up 100% of my case load. I use a subjective rating scale every day I am there.

But I also have important performance data. Ours is a team approach where I am the psychologist but there are a half-dozen very experienced PT/OT’s doing treatment on land and in a pool, too. And there are two extremely competent and experienced physicians. We are a team. And the program is all day for three or four weeks. And we freely share information. It’s a great, great program. And trust me, you get a good idea of what is going on in 3 or 4 weeks. One can blow smoke for a half hour, but it is much harder to do it for a month…

But in this setting I get BOTH subjective and functional data. And that is extremely important. I want both. I need both to treat effectively. And they don’t alway correlate. Usually they do to some extent or even to a large extent, but certainly not always.

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It sounds

21 Jan

just awesome.

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The days of

21 Dec

traditional labs are quickly coming to a close. And that is a good thing.

You laugh, but this trend has a lot to do with professional licensing. People are starting to assume responsibility for their own health, and they are taking action. Yeah, people ought to take responsibly for their care…

For example, why can’t I do psychotherapy with a patient in another state via face-time? Why am forced to get licensed in that other state? It’s just a racket. It doesn’t protect people and it is just another tax. It is just another ploy for power.

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There is no question

26 Sep

in my mind that something funky is going on with Hillary. What is it? I don’t know, but there is obviously something going on. It seems neurological, but it is hard to tell if that is the root issue. Plus, of course her “husband” is not there when she collapses. It has long been a sham marriage of convenience.

As I have said, it is very clear that there is something going on. Yet she repeatedly and chronically lies and hides the truth. So all one has is a) clear evidence that something is wrong and b) theories based on symptoms but no exam at all. THAT is how one engenders conspiracy theories.

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What is with

14 Sep

the blue glasses?


Maybe nothing. But blue glasses are a) a little unusual and b) used to prevent seizures and stiffness due to Parkinson’s. Again, this may be nothing. People wear blue sunglasses at times.But Hillary lies all the time and even got close enough to infect a little girl, so it’s not like we can just take her word for it! It’s easy to think the worst.

To my eyes she looks like a sick old woman.

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Pretty much

09 Sep

any honest person recognizes that this is a problem.

Now before the crap-eating apologists get all hoity-toity about not making diagnoses without examining the patient, let me just say, DUH! Let me also say that no diagnosis is made! They are not saying, “She has TB.” They are not putting it into her medical record. They are simplyvsaying that she has uncontrolled coughing and that could represent several things or even “I think it is most likely a symptom of ____”. They very clearly are not making a formal diagnosis–this is just more stupidity meant to fool the rubes while shielding Hillary. Unfortunately, those who do not actually diagnose are easily fooled on this.

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So really just

08 Sep

who is this guy? I think that Hillary is just so old and disordered that she needs some doc who travels with her to make sure that she can manage.

If you don’t think this is a seizure, you just a) don’t know neurology or b) are a shameless hack. This guy was holding a diazepam pen to use in case of seizure. It is pretty dang clear. Folks, she is having seizures! And this has been going on for a while (though it is worse now).

Uh, people are noticing. In all honesty, it’s hard NOT to!

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Look, if

18 Aug

you don’t have grave concerns about Hillary’s medical health, you are not paying attention. And I am far from the only one noticing!

There are real issues, here.

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My father and Grandfather

18 Jul

both suffered from severe Alzheimer’s. So I am very nervous about the future. That’s why this is so important to me.

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In this we see

05 Jul

that state licensing laws are hopelessly anachronistic. They could work (only in theory and not at all in practice) when practitioners were limited to one geographic area, but that certainly is NOT the case now. For Pete’s sake, I just talked over Skype to my daughter in Japan! She is just outside of Tokyo. She wished her mom happy birthday, by the way. The daughter is doing great. Oh, and neither of us paid one thin dime. The week before I interviewed two different people in Rome, Italy, for a legal case. While I sat in my office, naturally. Just an Internet connection needed!

Licensing itself is inherently bogus, but this is nothing but a travesty. So in many states you can, say, see a patient over video when you are both in the same state but if a patient moves a mile across a state border, you can’t. If they drove a mile or so, you would be a competent professional, but move the patient over one mile and suddenly you are a quack. HUH?!

The only real solution is that if we must have licensing at all (and I see no logical reason why we must), we need a national license. All those who currently have a state license are automatically grandfathered in. There is no B.S. CE for anyone, since many states have seen the folly of that worthless and unscientific practice and have gotten rid of it altogether  (one time I sat through a day’s conference on a subject that I didn’t care at all about–losing both tuition and my fees for the day–and noted to myself that I really didn’t care if they talked about fluffy bunnies all day as long as I got my CE credits–others just played video games on their phones and iPads).

But of course, it is a cash cow for states and “big CE,” and the Leftists want to keep milking this infantilizing scheme for as long as possible. Yes, it damages people who need the services. Yes, it damages practitioners. But the government lackeys lust for control along with corporations’ mad dash for rent-seeking trumps all…

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