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I think it is fascinating.

22 Nov

As we look back in history, we often give a date to the “collapse” of a civilization. For example, maybe we say that the fall of Rome was about 480 A.D. but the people living at that time certainly had no idea that their civilization had fallen! They just kept going on assuming everything was “normal.” There was simply no sense at all that the Roman Empire had fallen. They would be confused and skeptical to hear that we thought their civilization had fallen.

Nor would we have any sense that our society was drastically changing, and we would have no sense that it is “over.” None at all.

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Are you ready for Hillary? If you have

06 Sep

your tinfoil hat you are! It’s in your bottom left-hand (of course) drawer.

See, the Left just loves to demonize the Right and to chalk up their opinions to psychopathology. But it is in fact the exact opposite. They take a cue from how successful they have been in painting the NAZIs as creatures of the right when the pure facts of the matter show unequivocally that they were on the Left. They accuse the other side of exactly what their issue is! Unfortunately, the mindless media minions go bleatingly along with it.

Can we talk about “projection?”

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Think the Crusades were simply

08 Feb

an effort by the West to beat up those poor Muslims? No. It was defensive.

There are lots of wrong things that have been done by people of all stripes. But let’s be honest.

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I’ve just got to say that

08 Dec

Kevin Williamson is awesome. He has rapidly become about my favorite writer. He is in the top 2 or 3, for sure.


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Lots of armchair generals have

29 Sep

whined about Dick Cheney, but we need to face the actual facts. He was right. And anyone with a smidgeon of self-awareness and honesty both sees it and needs to admit that. He was right and YOU were wrong. Case closed. So own it. It’s virtually impossible to both change and to keep lying to yourself about such things. Time to come clean…


See, the problem now

23 Jun

is that we really don’t know where or to whom or what Lois Lerner was emailing. THAT is a huge problem. We do know that her hard drive was destroyed 10 days after major questions started to be asked. I doubt that is a coincidence. We don’t know who those emails implicated. We just don’t even know where to look now. But there are very good reasons for Lerner to invoke the 5th. That much we do know. And of course the IRS would never in a million years blithely accept such an excuse from the target of one of their audits!

Obama himself has shown a reckless disregard for keeping a record of things (the times he gave his handlers the slip at least twice and… did what?). We just don’t know. But you can bet that there is a very good reason that Obama did not want his actions documented. Maybe he was just tired of always having people around. But the truth is that we now will never know.

So there is a history of such things, an example set by Obama himself. He has done things himself so that no one can know about them, and Lerner is reading from the same playbook. The media lapdogs have simply not done their jobs in investigating such things. Obama is, after all, their boyfriend. If he were a Republican they would have long ago eaten him alive.

Maybe these guys could find the emails.

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It’s been a few years,

07 Apr

but this should NEVER be forgotten. I don’t love videos, but this one should not be missed.

There are some mealy-mouthed non-command sort of pampered whiners who now bleat incessantly about what “should” have been done, but they are just wrong. They have never made a command decision in their lives, nor would they ever have been worthy of command. My disdain for them knows no bounds. Monday-morning quarterbacking at its worst. If they had any sense, they would be ashamed.

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Why I would NEVER want

18 Dec

to live in a past age. Two words: Dental Care.

My brother’s a dentist, and I can’t imagine going back to poor oral hygiene and rather brutal and very painful treatment.

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Just so you don’t forget,

23 Sep

Hillary invented birtherism. Not the story the lame partisan media wants to tell, but it’s the truth. Don’t be fooled.


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What REALLY happened at Haymarket?

19 Feb

It would be bitterly ironic if this turned out to be just another hoax of the left. The story is so cherished by the left! The folks who claim history is on their side are found to have falsified history–to make sure it in on their side. Huh.

It also shows how ideology has contaminated history. I guess we shouldn’t be overly surprised–the global warming “scientists” have been shown over and over to be merely shills for a certain opinion (and I hate that because it discredits science as one important way of knowing and calls everything into question–we are truly in the post-modern world and there is only opinion and no facts).

One of these days I need to talk about different ways of knowing…

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