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Just saw the new Avengers movie.

18 May

It was decent. I would give it 6.5 stars out of 10. I thought character arc was weak, but the battle scenes were very good. Definitely worth seeing. On the edge of whether it is worth paying for at the theater. I thought it was not as good as the last one, but it was still quality entertainment.

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I just watched WALL-E

21 Nov

again, and I was struck by a couple thoughts:

The main thing is that the first part of the movie was great. WALL-E caring for the disabled Eve was wonderful. His love for her seemed to increase, which is likely related to him serving her. You love those you serve. Infatuation came first, but true love only comes with service. We saw that in this film, and it was both emotionally touching and great storytelling. It was emotionally powerful.

It was artsy in the best way. Not artsy to be pretentious, but to powerfully harness beauty to tell a story. I think the inability to use dialogue as a crutch made it wonderful. It had to be a good story, because you couldn’t lean on dialogue to save your bacon.

But the second part was just bad. It was preachy. It was ham-fisted. It was contrived. It was boring. It was ugly, in comparison. It was totally unrealistic to the point of farce. It was gross and disgusting. It was horribly formulaic and flat.┬áLike all leftism it started with a grain of truth and then bludgeons you. Horrible! It was didactic to the point of nausea. It ruined the film. It was almost like they had the “A” team do the first part and the sucky “D” team do the second part.

No one I know wants to own that movie. A lot like the movie “Up,” a promising and even touching start was spoiled by bad storytelling. A shame.


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