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09 Feb

really very good news. Jeff Sessions is a stand-up, moral guy. All those who voted against him in a fit of partisan hackery ought to be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately, these folks seem to have no shame.

So far Trump is batting a thousand in getting his cabinet approved. The only major hurdle left is his SCOTUS pick, and again the only reason to vote against him is pure partisan hackery. Shame, Democrats, shame!


Birds of a feather…

31 Mar

Yeah. This is just who Trump is.

I have no non-vulgar words for Trump. This is a family-friendly blog. I personally will never debase myself enough to vote for him. I have morals. Of course, Trump assuredly does not. That much is obvious to the dullest among us.

I’ve spent too many years working in prisons and with the court not to recognize a psychopath when I see one. DT is very clearly one. I will never sully myself enough to vote for him. I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way…

Yes, Hillary is evil. But at least we know she is evil. And I will keep myself clean by simply not voting at all. Trump cloaks himself in the robes of morality, but it is just a ruse. The problem is, the GOP will get tarred with his personality pathology. We need to understand that he has hijacked our reputations, as well. Besides, Trump will lose to Hillary, as has always been his role. Queen cacklepants grabs the golden ring–because of Trump. This was an election she was sure to lose, and then Trump has changed all that–which was his role from the beginning. Conservatives could right the ship. Then Trump snookered a bunch of people in order to allow Hillary to win. <shakes head despairingly>

I would just say one thing to Trump pigeons: WAKE UP, SHEEPLE! Sheesh!

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It’s just

26 Mar

unreal. Kafkaesque. It is a farce. It just would be laughably absurd were it not for the fact that the actor is faced with 10 years in jail. It’s unreal. It is the gross stupidity of the gun ban nuts.

As the BlogFather said, This kind of idiocy is also why we need a federal civil rights law to prevent such injustices in states barbaric enough to have such rules.

Here’s the lesson: If you ever find yourself in NJ, always carry concealed and never admit to anyone that you are armed. If you are caught, you simply can’t expect for good sense to prevail.

Honestly, what is Christie thinking? No wonder he flamed out as a GOP candidate! If he doesn’t come out against this crap, he deserves to live in ignominy for the rest of his life.

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Can you say, “uneducated?”

28 Dec

I knew that you could!

And yet these complete nincompoops vote. You can call it “stupidity” but it really is not low IQ. That provokes pity. As the uncle of a child with Downs Syndrome I understand. THIS, on the other hand, provokes anger and disgust.

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See, I think

28 Aug

Hillary’s problem is not Bernie Sanders. It is Donald Trump.

Let me explain. People are very angry. People do not want just another status quo lying politician. And she is manifestly one of the worst. Not only is she a liar, but she is a terrible campaigner. SO incredibly unlikable.

I think this is a huge bellwether for both parties. She is not getting traction because of who she is and what she represents. So a stupid socialist gets Democrat votes.

If Republicans were wise, they would learn from this. But they should have learned several election cycles ago. Now it may be too late. I sure hope not.

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Yeah, even

30 Mar

Nixon didn’t destroy the tapes. Hillary is more Nixonian than Nixon… Yeah, lots of people are recognizing that fact.

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Not guilty, but

01 Feb

still punished. I think that incompetence and bad faith have been amply demonstrated…

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Ferguson was a MAJOR screw-up.

01 Dec

Why on earth would you make the announcement this way? Why give people all day to work up a lather? It makes me wonder whether there were ulterior motives involved. It almost seems that screwing it up this bad has to be on purpose.

Just as a minor procedural example, I say that you make the announcement at 6:30am. Almost all the hooligans will still be in bed. By the time they get up, we would have known the result for hours and the intensity will have died down by the time that they drag their carcass out of bed–it never hits the rioting “critical mass.” Besides, no one wants to have to wake up early to riot. The way they did it just makes no sense at all to me. “Let’s wait until 7pm to make an explosive announcement. That way people have all day to get worked up and yet plenty of time to riot.” Huh? Am I missing something, here? Why do it this way?

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12 Nov


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Here is the problem

05 Jun

with the whole Bergdahl fiasco. I mean, honestly, what do you tell the parents of the men who were killed as a direct result of Bergdahl’s immature snit? And what do you tell the parents of the young men who died capturing the “Taliban dream team” that were released in exchange for Bergdahl? I mean, I’m sure those guys didn’t come willingly.

Obama must be a great fool. The only anti-Amercan President ever. He got worked, here–beaten like the proverbial rented mule. Or he is a traitor. Those really are the only options. Nothing else even remotely fits the data. He’s either a gull or a traitor.

Way to go America! You elected this fool. Twice. Way to go!

Not surprisingly, even Senate Democrats are getting antsy about this. Yeah, they should be very afraid…