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Yeah, women and Blacks

20 Jan

need to wise up! Voting Democrat is NOT in their best interests!

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It’s time we were honest

18 Sep

with ourselves: Diversity is a destructive force.

When I was at Harvard the bitter saying was, “At Harvard, diversity is when everyone looks different but thinks exactly the same.”

There is a mindless assumption among the self-proclaimed “elite” that diversity is good. What evidence is there that Diversity is actually good? I know it is rather heretical to say that, but I have long been a heretic. I’m just asking for some actual evidence. It can be theoretical evidence, but let’s see some sort of evidence. You, know, for the chronic doubters, like me.


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All I’m asking for

16 Nov

is consistency. The rules, whatever they are, should apply to everyone. Maybe you think MY religious garb is ridiculous, but who are YOU to deny me the right to wear it? Maybe (out of religious devotion) I want to wear a veiled hijab. Maybe I want ringlets on my temples. Maybe I want to wear a colander on my head. Maybe I want a stupid-looking hipster man-bun (is there any other kind?). Who are YOU to judge? It’s high time there was some respect for diversity.

Stop hating on me because of my religious beliefs, you bigot!

But I think this colander thing should be replicated as much as possible. It’s the right thing.


Hillary is not REALLY

14 Apr

a feminist ideal. She got where she is ONLY because of her husband…

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What we really

20 Jun

need is more diversity in the tech field! Yeah, THAT’s the ticket! How about we focus on competence rather than race (or gender)? If my computer works, I probably don’t care much about the color of the technician’s skin or his or her genitalia or sexual proclivities. I simply don’t care. But I would like to log in, and I can’t figure out what happened to this file I was working on! Just sayin’…

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It’s pretty

04 May

clear that Rutgers and Brandeis universities just cannot tolerate non-conventional women of color.

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A great article

21 Feb

on the diversity hoax. Read it. The proponents of diversity are so bereft of logic that it would be funny if it were not so tragic.

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