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Could the media

28 Apr

finally do their jobs vis-a-vis Obama? I hope so, but I am far from optimistic.

The lamestream media has been unforgivably Obama cheerleaders, part and parcel of Team Obama. The New York Times has been the most prominent serial offender, and unfortunately many others take their cues from them. I’m not at all sure they can recover–their mendacity in the service of Obama has been revealed for all to see. The curtain has been pulled back, and now there is no way to unring that bell. Leftists have destroyed science with the “man-made global warming” hoax as well as public trust in the media in general. Every crackpot theory is now every bit as plausible as anything you read in the NYT. And a good deal of the blame for our current problems falls directly on them. If they had just done their jobs, we wouldn’t be in this mess. But now an unmoored post-modernism is all that is left. We are quite literally rudderless on a Godless sea.

But I can play that (deadly serious) epistemological game. I am quite familiar with Rorty and Fish and Lakatos and Giorgi and Williams. To paraphrase Socrates (as reported by Plato in The Theatetus), why should I believe the NYT any more than I would a dog-faced baboon? Seems like my own judgment and interpretation is just as valid (or more) as theirs! At least I am open about the epistemological grounds upon which I am standing. They certainly are not.

So now that the NYT and their mindless lackeys have pooped in the soup, we are left with ONLY our own wits. The whole Kitty Genovese thing was a fraud (though in college it was taught as truth). So now I not only have to read the news, I have to make a validity judgment. There are no “facts.” There is no “objectivity.” So now why should I even care what the boobs at the NYT say?

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As usual, VDH says

10 Mar

it very well. I myself have commented on such things, and it is plain as day for anyone willing to look.

I think we need to get a little scientific, here. The only issue is that for the left that destroys such sacred cows as gun control, global warming, how good for kids having gay parents is, and abortion. THAT’s why the left cannot afford to actually be scientific. It’s good for the Left when the science supports their (a priori) conclusions, but in other areas it is just ignored and almost always actively squelched.

They just don’t like it when their cherished beliefs are not supported by data. So they ignore the data. I mean, they have their priorities

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Those cray

19 Feb

Saudis! Not really into science, are they? Then again, there are some Americans who are almost equally bereft of good sense. But at least they know better.

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