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30 Apr

Shaggy! Time to Lawyer Up!

And this goes straight to our mendacious President. These are clearly impeachable offenses. I’m not one of the rabble who has kept calling for Obama’s impeachment–until now. There is now a body count, and the President obviously lied about it (and continues to). Over and over. To many people and agencies. I’m not at all sure he is legally legitimate.

So where was Obama when all this went down? The same place he went to when he repeatedly slipped reporters and went out on his own? Is he hiding a secret meeting with “Olaf?” Is THAT why he is so desperate to hide things? He sure doesn’t act like an innocent man, though he just may be trying to hide innocent ineptitude. We just can’t know for sure from here. THAT’s why he is NEVER supposed to go out alone.

The Democrats will whine that an impeachment is racially motivated, but it’s not. That is just a ruse for the stupid and gullible. Republicans will shy away from it for fear that it is a political loser. But it is the right thing to do. All the Obama secrecy and obfuscation has been in an effort to avoid having the facts come out into the open. Innocent men are not afraid of facts. Do what is right, let the consequence follow.

But yeah, there are some important questions that have yet to be answered.

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