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Keep trying

23 Oct

losers. Uhm, get your own material, scabs. Sheesh!

Yes, I know Bengazi was a brutal defenestration of Hillary’s competence. It also made her rank dishonesty and moral turpitude known in undeniable terms to the world. So OK, I get that Democrats desperately and frantically want to use the same epithet that was used so effectively and correctly on Hillary on Trump.

But this is the jejune, sing-song taunting of a 3rd-grader saying, “I know you are, but what am I?”

Freakin’ losers! Try HARD to come up with your own stuff, dweebs!

You are stupid. Only someone with room-temperature IQ (and a very cool room at that) would be even remotely fooled by this crap. I mean, do you think we are that stupid? Just shut up and get your own material, scrounges! Wow, what a bunch of losers.


Don’t kid yourself,

17 Aug

Hillary’s crimes will lead to charges over Benghazi being dismissed. Not that she cares one bit…

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Hard to know

05 Sep

what people were thinking that night. But it’s painfully clear that there were things that could have been done that weren’t. Now, exactly why they weren’t done is an open question. It certainly looks like gross incompetence, but it is hard to know. I mean, we don’t even know where Obama was that night! Whatever happened, it very much appears that it was extremely bad leadership and poor judgement, both on the part of Barack Obama and on the part of Hilary Clinton.

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I think there is little question

11 Aug

that Hillary Clinton will turn on Obama for 2016. Her husband already famously hates him. She needs to blame him for the Benghazi fiasco (though of course in reality that was HER poor judgment as much as his). Oh, and why do we still not know where Obama was during those hours? Was he with a foreign spy? Was he with a mistress? Was he with a gay lover? Was he just watching TV? We just don’t know. Still. And that is a blot on the “Palace Guard” media.

But Hillary turning on Obama is already happening. And it will only increase. While she has to be very careful, she also has to do it. She is playing “Operation” for extremely high stakes. Touch a side and she is out.

It’s a hard line to tread: She must acknowledge the reality of Obama’s idiotic foreign policy, but then the bothersome issue is that she was in charge of that foreign policy for almost all the time in question. She might very well lose (or cause to stay home) the Obamaphiles if she hammers him. She can’t (politically) just kick him to the curb. So she has to figure out how to be seen as a loyal lieutenant but can’t afford to be seen as a suck-up toady. That is tough because she was a suck-up toady, and she showed incredibly poor judgment. And unlike her husband, she is just not very likable and not a gifted politician.

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Yeah, more than

19 Jun

a little suspicious. Remember, Obama had a pathetic YouTube videographer arrested and held for months in jail in a misguided and dishonest attempt to shield himself from the Benghazi debacle.

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20 May

Powerful. Watch it.

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Uh, it’s NOT

17 May

just conservatives who want an investigation.

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You think

15 May

all the questions about Benghazi have been answered? You fool.

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It’s NOT

14 May

just Republicans. So you know…

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It would be a HUGE

06 May

and unnecessary risk for Democrats you boycott the Behghazi hearings. They really need to think about how they would look if something new came out. If they go along and nothing new comes out, they are no worse for the wear. They can pose as wronged champions of good government. If they refuse and then something really damaging comes out, they are hosed. And remember, this would be right before the elections.

For Democrats, the prudent thing to do is to just take part in the hearings. Additionally, if they refuse to participate, they will have no say in what actually happens. They will have left the entire thing up to the Republicans. I don’t think they want that.

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