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So the IRS admitted wrongdoing

27 Nov

and finally settled. The IRS admitted that its conduct was wrong. Good.

This is a HUGE story. In one suit there was a multi-million-dollar settlement.

And yet, have you heard a single word about it from the MSM? You know why you haven’t heard anything about this? Because it was the Obama IRS that was guilty and the MSM are Lefty shills. Gee, I guess there was a “smidgeon” of wrongdoing after all!

Next time you think about it, realize that the MSM absolutely hides stories that are not “Lefty friendly.” You are NOT well-informed by the MSM. The MSM does a double whammy–it simultaneously leaves you totally ignorant while at the same time making you feel that you are not an ignoramus–that you actually do know something. It’s a ruse.

And think about how the MSM would squawk if Trump did something like this! It’s undeniably true that Conservatives are held to a much different, and much higher, standard than Leftists.

But actually, that is, on balance, a good thing. As a result, Conservatives tend to be far more trustworthy in general. They know very well that they will get no quarter from the MSM, and that their behavior has to be beyond reproach or the MSM will hammer them. Yeah, Mike Pence needs his Pence Rule to protect himself as well as others. The only addition I might make is that in today’s climate, I might not go out to dinner alone with anyone at work, regardless of gender.

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Don’t kid yourself.

30 Oct

This is huge. The wind has indeed shifted…

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It is pretty dang clear that

21 Apr

Lerner is guilty. She is obviously a corrupt stooge. But this is really pretty dang important.

The IRS fought (and is still fighting) this so hard because the stakes are extremely high. They know for a fact that “sunlight” in this case will discredit them and/or put them in prison. It very much threatens Obama, their boyfriend. It also is an existential threat to the IRS itself.

So the IRS has stalled for four years. Think about that for a second–four years. The IRS is putting a TON of effort and energy into this for a good reason. They are fighting tooth-and-nail because this is a very real threat to them. They are guilty as Hell, and “sunlight” shows their perfidy.


Do you

19 Aug

hate the IRS? This is why. Well, this is ONE reason…

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Crime is crime,

03 Aug

regardless of who the perpetrator was.

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Now you’re messin’ with a

30 Jul

torqued off judge!

The Obama gang is totally lawless. It won’t happen, but I’d dearly love to see the IRS director go to jail for contempt of court.

In any case, I’m not at all sure that we are going to get everything.

But does anyone actually believe that nothing wrong took place? You’d have to be a total idiot not to know what went on!

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I’m really trying to

29 Jun

figure out why she isn’t in jail. Try withholding a few bucks from the IRS and see what happens. In fact, legally file for an extension and see what kind of outrageous penalties there are. I was recently $30 short (accountant error) and they fined me nearly $600! Try doing that as a private business, and you will find armed guards around you, not letting you leave.

But is does really fit with Hillary…

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10 Apr

yeah. But we need to understand that there is a lot to this story. People voluntarily comply to a large extent because they think the IRS is fair. I mean, no one likes to pay taxes, but it is much worse when you feel like you are being ripped off. Then you feel justified in hiding any income you can, and there are certainly not enough IRS agents to combat widespread fraud. And it is hard to argue with that decision to hide income. It is concerning that we are seeing a cultural shift on this.

The answer? Move to a flat tax.

Look, I spend thousands of dollars every year just to comply with the arcane and inscrutable tax code. And that is quite apart from any actual taxes I pay. The compliance costs are huge. And then the penalties for even an honest mistake are astronomically and almost unbelievably severe. I had $550 in fines after I accidentally shorted them $35 and this was only a year later. I mean, a businessman would go to prison for charging like that. The courts would toss it out. But mere employees usually do not see that. That’s why mere employees are often not a very good source of information or a reliable ally on this. They lack the experiential knowledge.

If they had to pay quarterlies, things would be very different. But they are insulated through the dark magic of withholding.

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10 Dec

Putting the DOJ in charge of the IRS scandal is like putting a convicted man in charge of setting his own sentence. We need an independent prosecutor!

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I think we are

02 Oct

all sick of this kind of crap.

What this may do is encourage people to not pay taxes on income they cannot easily be tied to. They may figure that because the IRS is dishonest, the only reasonable way to act is to hide from them. And that is very unfortunate. It’s a moral issue. Not only are they dishonest, but they strongly encourage others to also be dishonest. This really calls into question the very legitimacy of the IRS. No wonder they are stockpiling guns and ammunition. See, leftism has always been about force. And because of that, it is immoral. We need to be quite clear about that. Leftism is immoral, and conservatism is moral. That’s why moral people tend to be conservatives. I’m not saying that people are not sometimes fooled. Even the very elite are at times fooled. But don’t kid yourself, leftism is immoral and conservatism is moral. Gee, someone should write a book on that.