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I haven’t been a big

09 Nov

Carson supporter, but I’m starting to like what I see. I have been more of a Fiorina supporter, but maybe a Carson/Fiorina ticket would be, uh, just what the doctor ordered…

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Let’s face it,

26 Jan

kids with 2 parents with degrees are HUGELY advantaged. A decade and a half ago I heard about how many more words were spoken to a child with 2 degreed parents than those with none. No wonder there is a huge difference.

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Look, if I have

04 Jun

massive student loan debt I certainly am not buying a house, and I probably live in mom’s basement with my faded “Hope and Change” poster on the wall.

And that is an escape from adulthood. No cars, no home, no job (well, maybe as a barista at Starbucks) no marriage, no kids, HUGE debt, etc. Lost. THIS is a product of leftism. We should know better. We saw it happen in the former USSR.

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