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Organic is better,

30 Jan

right? Don’t be fooled.

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14 Sep

It’s not like you need an actual physician for that!

I’m not a big fan of the physician organizations–they tend to be corrupt and amazingly self-serving. But still…

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I am

20 Aug

disabled. I really wish it were not so, but it is.

But because of that I have now learned something I never knew. Here it is: much of what passes for handicapped bathrooms are unworkable. They are there to help typical people will feel good and to comply with the law, but are not all that great for the truly handicapped.

Let me give you an example. A restaurant I often go to has a wonderful handicapped bathroom. They have worked hard to make sure that all is good there. But of course, there is a problem.

To get into the bathroom, you have to open the door that probably has a 20-pound spring on it. Maybe 30. OK, I want you to sit on a manual wheelchair and try to open that. Now add in a little general muscle weakness. You usually just have to wait there for a “Good Samaritan” to come by and open the door for you.

I know of two places that have no door at all into the bathroom. There is an L-shaped entry, and that is fantastic. Walmart and Costco have that. I know of nowhere else that does. I haven’t done a complete survey, however. You can bet that I patronize those places whenever I can. I know of one customer they have won.

I fully understand that you are taking up valuable (and expensive) floorspace by designing things like that. But having a nice handicapped bathroom is essentially worthless if I can’t evenĀ get in. I should consult with people who are building…


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Lots of spinning by the sugar

02 Apr

industry, but this is something that we knew. Perhaps the knee-jerk lefty reaction is not a good answer, but we know the science.

If you haven’t read Gary Taubes work, you should. The truth is that the liver takes sugar–fructose (table sugar is roughly 50% sucrose and 50% fructose) and turns it into triglycerides–fat. That fat is often in the form of high density LDL and that is very strongly linked to cardiac trouble. What else leads to a rise in blood sugars?

Carbohydrates. Refined flour. White bread. Those are quickly metabolized into sugar. It’s not really a scientific question, and it’s only now that people are openly talking about how the high-carb diet espoused by the US government and the American Heart Association actually causes heart disease when it was recommended to prevent it! Will they admit they were wrong? I doubt it. The vegetarian/low fat cult is pretty dang powerful right now…

It really goes to the argument that dietary fat leads to high blood lipids (fats). The actual scientific support for that is very sparse to non-existent. In other words, maybe you’ve been avoiding bacon for the last 10 years when in fact it made NO difference in your risk of heart disease. You ate nonfat white bread and Special K (and skim milk–full of lactose) along with an orange for breakfast, and your lipid levels got worse. Yeah, because that was heavily carbohydrate and that leads to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, and cancer. Fat does not cause high lipid levels and heart disease, sugar does.

But the obvious deal is that to eat low carb (and thus necessarily high fat) is the only way to prevent diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, heart disease, and cancer. Those things are all linked, and there’s a dang good reason for that.


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Single-payer gov’t run

12 Mar

health care is great! Just ask Britons. Well, don’t ask older people… You don’t want to be an old person in Briton. Or someone with a chronic illness or a person who is not wealthy enough to flee the system and run to America.

Being old, poor, and sick in Briton is a death warrant. How “compassionate!”

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On legalizing Marijuana

23 Jan

The truth is, I don’t really care what others do if it affects only them. And I think the issues of cancer pain and spasticity in MS are very interesting. So I have no problem at all with pharmaceuticals based on marijuana. But I think there is a very big difference between therapeutic use and recreational use. One is quite justified, while the other is illegitimate (as with certain pain killers and muscle relaxants).

The issue for me in terms of legalizing pot is mainly one of safety. We already have a HUGE problem with drunk drivers killing innocent people on the road, and there is no reason to add marijuana to the mix. Yes, you can make driving while stoned illegal (as it is now), but for sure usage will increase and innocent people will still die as a result of legalization. THAT is the problem. This is just a bad idea from the get-go. I think there is another issue of making it legal adds legitimacy to usage, and I think that is indeed important, though not my #1 issue. I wouldn’t smoke it even if it were legal. In fact, I had a doc talk to me about how he would prescribe it to me for my MS. I told him I wouldn’t use it even if it were totally above-board. That’s just how I roll.

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I have a kid with

25 Jul

very mild asthma (exercise-induced). I’ve never had him use Primatene Mist. I guess I never will.

It’s really too bad, and the hypocrisy is just stifling.

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You like socialized medicine?

17 Jul

Honestly, I don’t know why. The care is often not good at all. But that is the path the Obamacare puts us on, and a “single payer” or socialized model is in fact what the left wants. I truly don’t know why. I think it is about power and a naive, pollyanna-ish view of the world. That combination is very dangerous.

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Oh great…

14 May

Here’s something to be concerned about.

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“Never trust a decision

20 Feb

you don’t want your mother to know about.”

So a former abortion big wig now turned against abortion says that in a recent book. I think it is very good advice. Most of the time, it will guide you correctly.

I think the rule of thumb is that if you feel like you have to hide the action from anyone, it is probably not a good one. I spend a lot of time testifying in court as an expert witness, and when I was training one of my professors said that one should imagine a crowd of one’s peers hearing what you say. Good advice.

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