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People are

04 Nov

angry about Obamacare. And they should be.

Why isn’t this being bruited about by the MSM? Oh yeah.

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All the news

24 Dec

that fits the preferred narrative.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an egregious example of media bias. It is truly mind-boggling. This “Must protect the queen” mentality just bowls me over. You’d think that I’d be inured to it by now, but I am freakishly still surprised at times. You just don’t expect such utter bad faith. But these guys are just not honest brokers. At all. Only a fool takes their word on things. They might tell the truth at times, but it will only be by accident. Kind of like the NYT.

Same with Trump’s recent vulgarity. Was he vulgar? Yes. But the reaction of the “news media” shows that they are NOT honest brokers.


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Am I surprised?

21 Dec

Not one bit


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I have to admit

11 Dec

that NPR torques me off mightily. They are just not reliable. They have an agenda and the cut and paste whatever they have to in order to further that agenda.

I would advise any conservative to bring their OWN recorder and record any interview they give. It is the only safe option when you are dealing with bad faith brokers like the MSM. When you deal with partisans, you have to take precautions! And these guys are very clearly partisans.


Just tell

07 Dec

the truth about what has happened. But the truth is not at all friendly to the Left. They really can’t handle the truth…

And stupid Lefty journalists (of course at the NYT) go freakin’ nuts. I mean, stark, raving mad. Completely irrational. Devoid of the thought process. A piece that would get an “F” in a basic logic class. Jonah Goldberg (as usual) gets it right. When they are losing on the merits, they try and cover that fact by shouting. Alas, that is not at all unusual for that disreputable rag…

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Are you aware that the gun

01 Dec

homicide rate in the U.S. has dropped in a HUGE way since the early 90s? This is a very important story, and the fact that you didn’t hear about it from the lackey MSM is absolutely a part of the story.

That fact alone tells you that you can’t trust the MSM to tell you the truth–they are defending a worldview, not giving you the facts. It would be very unwise to trust them without trustworthy and independent 3rd-party sources to verify what they are saying.

As far as they are concerned, there ARE no “facts,” only opinions. That is the predominant J-school point of view. Welcome to the pleasure dome post-modern world my friend, where there are no facts, but only ephemeral opinions. And why (in that model) are their opinions more valid than mine? I mean we all have butts, why do you think yours is better than mine? Are you saying that there is some Cartesian “World of Forms” that contains the ultimate and perfect butt? Even I can debunk Descartes and Continental Rationalism, and I’m a freakin’ hack! I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way…

I think there are ways to logically overcome this, but certainly not within a post-modern model. It is inherently unstable and recursive–if you buy the assumptions of post-modernism you cannot logically defend it–it is a snake eating its own tail. The seeds of its own destruction are in the very theory of Post-modernism–it get hoisted on its own Petard, so to speak. As they used to say in Boston, “You can’t get there from here…” Logically, Post-modernism is a dog that don’t hunt.



Yeah, you have to have a “truth-teller” standing outside of the intellectual system in order to really make an epistemolgy work. But that is a subject for another day, and it necessarily (in the logical sense) invokes “God,” which some object to. But at least it is logical and internally consistent. The same cannot be said of Post-modern philosophy.

Obama and the Democrats also have a vested interest in saying as little as possible about this decrease in gun crime. For some reason, they are convinced that we need even more gun control. Never mind that the facts prove without a doubt that they are wrong on this. If the facts cut against them, they just try and airbrush those inconvenient facts away. Look! A squirrel!

The truth is NOT their friend on this. So they lie, both by commission and by omission. Don’t be fooled by this brazen dishonesty.


Your unbiased

05 Nov

MSM at work.

As long as they are covering butt for the Left, they figure that they ought to kiss butt…

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So what do you

30 Oct

you think the best line was from the Republican “debate?”

Arguably it was Rubio saying, “Democrats have their own SuperPac.  It’s called the mainstream media.”

Uh, that is incontrovertibly true.

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Just a

30 Oct

little lie! Hey, Dan Rather is still lying about the fraudulent Bush documents! Yeah, those documents were from the 60s, even though they were in Times New Roman, which wasn’t even invented until the 90s! And Word was used. Hey, they had Word in the 60s! Right?

Rather started the whole alternative media thing. It’s his only real accomplishment. Well, I guess he trained Brian Williams… Trained him well!

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It’s really not at all

29 Oct

comprehensible that the GOP bigwigs even allowed such a “debate,” let alone endorsed it. THIS is why an idiot like Donald Trump has gotten traction. THIS is the fault of the GOP leaders. No wonder the great moments are when candidates hammer the dishonest media. It just boggles my mind that the lame-O GOP leadership would even go along with it. Why on earth did they accept these moderators? I just don’t get it. It makes no sense to me! They must be stuck in the 1970s. That is the only explanation I can come up with.

The key for the candidates obviously is to go full Gingrich on the moderators. They are NOT honest brokers, and they should be called on it. And they increasingly are. And once the MSM shills get their knuckles rapped hard a few times, they may learn. Maybe. But it is shameful that the GOP “leadership” has gone bleatingly along with it.  Shameful, and they are responsible for Trump. I don’t like Trump at all. He is NOT a conservative. Not a bit. But Republicans are sick and tired of crappy and craven leadership. Trump is a symptom of that.

I’m not the only one saying this.


And more.

And more.

And more.

And more.

I am really disgusted. This is an utter embarrassment for CNBC and for the RNC. It’s a disgrace.

Much more of this kind of crap and we’re going to get a third party…


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