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The truth is,

24 Dec

the “Never-Tump” owes us regular people an apology. Come, join us. Add your talents and gifts to the cause. Come, let’s be brothers again. Climb down and join us.

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Is there a

06 Aug

schism coming? The country is very divided. Let’s say we get a decent conservative in office next Presidential election. That seems reasonably likely. What might happen then? Getting yet another Lefty won’t help, either. No matter what happens, there will be a sizable and even militant chunk who are very unhappy. Splitting California is an effort to forestall such major upheaval, and I very much hope it works–it might, and I think it can and should happen. But I think the time will eventually come when one can no longer straddle the divide and such measures are no longer effective. You will have to choose which side you want and jump over to it. You will have to stand in safe places.

The dispute about Israel is rather emblematic of the two sides. That divide cannot easily be bridged. I really hope those days are not my days–I hope it never comes to me, though so wish all who are faced with such problems…

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