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Yeah, licensing laws

25 Nov

are a total pile of  crap.

There is NO actual evidence that they protect the population in any way, and I strongly suspect it makes things worse, because the public doesn’t do due diligence–they rely on licensing for that. Such laws are merely there to protect the vested interests, not the public.

I asked the secretary to my board how they justify CE credits when there is not a shred of scientific evidence to make one think it is effective in any way. She just played dumb and I just dropped things. But licensing and Continuing Education is a steaming pile of dung. Hospitals can do what they want to ensure competence. All this does is make people complaisant. Oh, AND it economically protects those who are already “in the club.”

But there is just no reason to think it protects the public. It doesn’t. There are plenty of licensed quacks.

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The crime?

25 Aug

Breathing While being a Republican.”

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I guess I have to comment

18 Aug

on this. The Left is at times disgusting. They deserve to get electorally pummeled for this kind of crap.

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