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The truth is,

19 Jun

without gun rights there are no gay rights. I am for gay rights, and therefore I am for gun rights.  But I really don’t care what you like sexually. You like sex. Well, good for you, though I doubt that makes you different from virtually everyone else in the world!

I’m certainly not in favor of homosexual behavior. I’m also not in favor of heterosexual behavior outside of marriage. But I AM a proponents of everyone being safe. The fact that I have moral qualms about such things in no way means that I think this behavior should be met with force and violence–I am not a Leftist and don’t countenance violence.

All minorities should take measures to effectively defend themselves. That goes whether they are black or hispanic or trans or gay. The world would be a better and more polite place if people were usually armed.

As I have said many times, Leftism is not just wrong or ineffective. It is immoral.

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I really don’t care about this gay marriage stuff.

11 Oct

I don’t care WHO or what people “marry.” I don’t think the State should be involved at all. Every single marriage should be “civil.” Or even not at all (though property rights as currently constituted would apply). But the tax rate does not change regardless of marital status. Then marriages are “solemnized” in a church or such. You want to be married in the cathedral? Go talk to the Catholic priest. You want to go to protestant church and be married? Go talk to the pastor.  You want to get married underwater? Go talk to your scuba instructor. Do whatever you want. I just don’t care what the heck you do.

For me personally, I don’t feel married because of some stupid state-issued paper. I just don’t care a bit about that. But the religious covenants are about a billion times more important to me.

So marry who you want and what you want. Just leave me the heck alone. I want none of this crap. I really don’t care if you marry 10 people. I don’t care if you marry your brother AND your sister AND your mom. I don’t care if you marry a favorite houseplant. I don’t care if you marry your pet gerbil. I just don’t care. I teach my children what I think is right and good, and then they have to make their own way in the world. But the tax rates stay the same regardless of what you do. And quit asking me to approve of your behavior!

To quote a famous dinosaur, “I’m Boney, I’m Boney, leave me alone-y”

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