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So just why is the President

17 Oct

dawdling on this? I mean, what possible explanation could there be? He has been exceedingly eager to exert power in other circumstances, so we know THAT is not the problem. Isn’t he supposed to protect Americans? Is that what he is trying to do?

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A crisis of

16 Oct

public trust.

As the song says, ‘”Arm yourself because no one else here will save you.”

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I really don’t care

16 Oct

if Obama endangers himself. But he is endangering the rest of us. I object. He offends me, deeply. This is sheer incompetence and is grossly immoral. It is tied to an utterly stupid worldview.

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I think it’s nothing short

16 Oct

of disgusting how Democrats are trying to blame Obama’s incompetence on Ebola on Republicans. Sickening, on many levels. THIS is the administration that spent CDC money on understanding lesbian obesity rather than on the primary mission of disease control! They have NEVER been a wise bunch…

Here’s an important quote:

It’s worth noting that after the Republican takeover in ’94, the NIH budget rose until the Dems took over Congress in 2006. The Pelosi/Reid congress was the first to flatline the NIH budget in nominal dollars. If they’re not careful, someone might notice, take the Dems at their word that the decreasing NIH budget is the reason we don’t have Ebola drugs yet, and blame the Democrats.

Yeah, those stinkin’ miserly Republicans!

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