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You know why

15 Jan

we are seeing this?

You know very well!

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The issue is that the stupidity

16 Nov

of the Left has increased a proto-NAZI protest among many people in Europe. Just like in this country the Left has created Trump. If there had been decent border security here, there would have been no Trump, plain and simple. He is an outward manifestation of an underlying disease, a pervasive rot that almost everyone recognizes. I may truly not like the symptom (and I truly don’t like Trump), but that doesn’t mean that I like the disease! I can think the EU immigration policy is stupid and at the same time recognize that it breeds an abhorrent militant nationalism that I detest. Sometimes the “treatment” is as bad as the disease, though I recognize the presence of the disease and sympathize with the desire to be cured.

So Trump is spot on in identifying the disease. That’s why he has gained traction. But his “solutions” are laughably stupid and naive. He has accurately diagnosed the limp, but the solution is NOT amputation or sniffing essential oils. The problem is that these “solutions” are so obviously nutty that many overlook the fact that the diagnosis is accurate and therefore the candidate fails before Trump. Others are confused because they recognize that Trump has the diagnosis down but his “treatment” is obviously bat-crap crazy.

But these events will only strengthen Trump. Unless another GOP candidate takes this stuff on, they are all hosed. If I were a consultant I would advise a candidate to immediately release to the press the accurate diagnosis. Don’t allow Trump to be the first to do so. They are already late (and hopefully by the time this appears it will have already happened). They need to get modern. It will no longer work to be a walking anachronism. Wake up, it’s 2015!

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The “Eternal City,” eh?

21 Jul

Yeah, right.

We need to understand that the barbarians are at the gate. This is a result of TERRIBLE Lefty politics. Pretty much whatever turns Lefty eventually turns to crap. The theory sounds good on the surface and it fools even the good-hearted, but it is truly terrible (full of terror) and crappy in practice. It’s very bad from both an economic and human standpoint. In a sort of moral Jiu-Jitsu, it turns good intentions into evil things. Tale as old as time…

Has there ever been a successful Lefty government? Yeah, I know that the Lefty toadies here point to the Nordic countries, but I think that is an anomaly–those people do pretty well whatever the economic policies are–just look at immigrants. And there simply is no other success story. There may have been very transient successes for a short time, but NEVER for more than one generation or so!

And that is because the underlying political philosophy stinks. You can’t escape that.

Sometimes you hear people say that philosophy (and political philosophy in particular) is worthless. They could not be more wrong.

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Yeah, who is

13 Jul

laughing now? To turn a phrase, fools mock but they shall mourn. We are seeing that, now. Smart people would have elected Mitt Romney. Unfortunately, the stupid people had more votes. Foolish, foolish! And otherwise smart people sat on their hands. Really dumb.

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13 Jun

it’s WAY worse than you thought.

And no weak sauce about how everyone gets hacked. They knew they were a target from the get-go, and didn’t do what needed to be done to prevent it. It’s one thing if I get mugged randomly and unexpectedly. Hey, it could happen to anyone. It’s quite another if I have many $100 dollar bills hanging out of my pockets while I take (walking) a load of cash 10 blocks through a nasty neighborhood to make a night deposit in a bank.


Hey! I’m a victim!

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09 Jun

hack is huge. Basically there is 30 years’ worth of information of employees (and applicants) that includes their most sensitive issues, and opens them up to blackmail. The whole thing has been compromised.

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27 May


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04 Apr

is in real trouble. That’s why people are leaving, if they can.

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Pre-K for all!

02 Apr

Uh, there is just no evidence that it is at all helpful. But, it does add to the rolls of government-employed teachers who are reliably Leftist! Yeah, that’s the entire point of this. It’s NOT about the kids!

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I know, let’s let

09 Feb

Michelle Obama “fix” the school lunch program! What could go wrong? Stop trying to “help.” Please.

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