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Yes, that

11 Dec

is true. Big media are indeed circling the bowl.

Look, cord-cutting is getting so prevalent that cable and satellite are losing tens of millions of customers every few months. Even ESPN is rapidly shrinking, and live sports are pretty much the ONLY reason to subscribe to cable or satellite, now. CBS, ABC, and NBC are increasingly irrelevant (and can be gotten for free with an OTA antennae). Big publishers are dying on the vine and people are rapidly moving to other options (I know I sure am). I haven’t listened to radio for years, and that was not even a conscious decision (I usually listen to podcasts almost exclusively now). I cut the cable about a year or two ago and I have never missed it–other than there is a college football team I like to follow, but I don’t because I have cut the cord (if they streamed on Internet I would watch, but even now I feel my interests getting less and less because of lack of access).


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11 Dec

has really changed. It is a new world out there. You need to adapt or die.

It used to be that you wrote your book and then shopped it to one of the mainstream publishers, and if you were very (stupidly) lucky, one of them bought your book and published it. It was distributed to brick-and-mortar sellers and your take as an author was 3-5 cents per copy sold. You dang well better hope that a TON get sold!


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Here’s what I don’t get:

10 Oct

The moderators have been terrible. And they are terrible every time. This is by no means a new thing, and it happens year after year after year. Candy Crowley set the bar in the sub-basement last election, and it has only marginally improved since.

So why on earth does the RNC agree to this? Why does a candidate go along with it? I just don’t get it. Why on earth would Donald Trump of all people go bleatingly along? I really don’t get it. Why would one do that?

How about this: “We would be happy to do a Presidential debate. But WE get to choose half the moderators. WE will tell you what venues we agree to. If we don’t agree, we walk. And we publicize your unfair demands far and wide. We will no longer do “debates” with hostile Leftist after hostile Leftist. WE choose half the moderators.”

But there HAS to be a reason. Is it just being hide-bound? Is there another explanation?


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Good thing

23 Jun

there are SO many “fact-checkers” in the MSM, eh? Sheesh!


Yeah, it was false, but

09 Apr

the story was just too good to pass up! This is incompetence, people.

It really makes you wonder what other media bias is out there! But this fit in with the pre-existing beliefs of the author. Are we getting the truth in other stories, or just what fits into their pre-existing beliefs? Maybe there is real danger in having the mainstream media be so monolithically Leftist–this stunning lack of ideological diversity may very well contribute to falsity. Be very careful in what you believe. Know that you may not be getting the truth in many mainstream media outlets (especially if they are named the NYT).

The best response should be the one that Plato gave us in The Theatetus. “Why should I believe you over a dog-faced baboon or some stranger creatures still?” In other words, “Upon what grounds are you standing?” Don’t just tell me what you think are the facts. Tell me why you think that way. The Apostle Paul said much the same thing (1 Peter 3:15).

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More on the

05 Feb

Brian Williams deliberate lie. He is a liar.

Holy crap! Why on earth would you believe the MSM?


Let’s just say

25 Sep

that I’m not at all surprised.   Given the other actions of this administration, this is very minor. This is the proverbial tip of the iceberg. But it does give a window into that kind of behavior that is approved of in this administration.

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2012 Media

31 Dec

Hall of Shame.

Sad. And these are the guys who supposedly report the facts…

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It really is pretty dang funny to see Obama

21 Apr

get all huffy because a Texas reporter challenges him. See, Obama is not accustomed to being challenged by the press. Heaven knows that the Washington press corps won’t do it, and we see why–they will lose their jobs. Obama ends by threatening the reporter, saying that is his last interview with Obama.

So the Washington press corps is both cowed by Obama and has a “family tie” with him in terms of philosophy and political bent. Tell me again, how reliable is the information you get?

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So why the determined effort to

28 Feb

say that NAZI-ism is not socialism?

Well, the main issue is that the left (and public school teachers are generally hard to the left) is frantic to say that NAZI-ism is not Leftism. Most people realize that NAZIs were evil (and there are countless movies about that, “NAZI” is generic term of disgust and disapprobation, and Bush was called “Hitler” over and over. When the left doesn’t like someone, they call him a NAZI [see Wisconsin]), but fewer people realize how evil Stalin and the USSR were. So in an effort to paint themselves as “virtuous,” the left needs to make NAZI-ism as evil as possible (not very difficult) and to either not mention the Soviets at all or to downplay their crimes. See, they are on the side of the USSR and so they don’t want to criticize it. The best way to avoid that is to simply say the obvious–that NAZI-ism was evil. And since Germany and Russia were on opposite sides (and the USSR out of convenience sided with the west), well, that deal is done.

Why? Because those people have historically controlled the media and they were and still are very sympathetic to the USSR, communism, and leftism in general. Many (though by no means all) will admit that they are hard left. Now it makes it easy that Hitler and Stalin did not get along and ended up fighting each other, but that was not because their economics differed much, it is because they, ahem, could not share power. But they were both Sauron (sorry for the geeky Lord of the Rings references).

But an actual review of history shows that there were only minor differences between Hitler and Stalin. They were both despots and mass murderers (and Stalin killed a whole lot more than Hitler, though that is a small comfort…). They both had fundamentally the same economic world view. Heck, NAZI is an acronym for “National Socialism!”

We need to understand that the Gulags and the ovens and force in general are a characteristic of leftism. Yes, there may be differences in degree at times (though often the difference is just in how many people are at your disposal to kill). But the key here is that the left has always relied on force. That is not an aberration. That’s not a bug, it’s a feature! Stalin and Hitler certainly made all they could out of this particular feature…

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