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So, are we seeing

08 Jan

the Democrats descend into McCarthyism? It sure seems so.

Since when is it illegal to have a Russian grandmother?

I think the Democrats are just going stark, raving mad. Remember THAT for the 2018 elections. Conservatives need to vote. And bring a friend. We need to get rid of the spittle-lipped Left. I’m not sure there is another way to stop this crap other than to vote them out. Vote.

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03 Nov

nothing burger with wheeze.

Mueller is a moron who needs to go home.

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Hillary skates, still, for the time being.

09 Nov

But the evidence is mounting.

Now I think it is unlikely that the Obama administration actually prosecutes her. I really hope I’m wrong.


This just doesn’t seem like

29 Oct

the right way to go about this.

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