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So, is

10 Nov

Angela Merkel surprised? I sure am not. Nothing, and I mean nothing was more predictable. Any blithering idiot could have accurately predicted it. Just like there are things so dumb and irrational that only a cloistered college professor could believe them, there are some political sacred cows that are so dumb and irrational that only a Leftist could believe them. I mean, do you think that is the only one, or just the only one that was caught? Just how dumb are you? This criminal stupidity, or outright malice. Is there another option?

And what will the German people do once such terrorists inevitably strike? You don’t further good behavior through stupidity and weakness. THAT is how we got NAZIs (National SOCIALISTS) in the first place, and Merkel is following the script. Stupidity breeds foes, and some may not be so benign.

Look, the National SOCIALISTS (NAZIs) were evil. But it is clear how they came about.

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Donald Trump–Amnesty advocate.

27 Jul

Yeah, Trump talks tough about Amnesty, but it is all hat and no cattle. Let’s just say that I am NOT surprised. At all.

Folks, he is NOT a conservative. He never has been. He is a chronic liar and a buffoon. I, for one, will never vote for Trump. But I really don’t think it will come to that, and the only real question is how much damage he will do before he loses.


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17 Dec

But I think rank incompetence is a more likely explanation.

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You know

24 Nov

the drill.

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The truth is that

21 Nov

immigration amnesty is not that popular.

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There is a way to

18 Nov

shut Obama down without shutting the entire gov’t down.

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We need to understand that

06 Nov

immigration “reform” (AKA amnesty) is a loser.

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