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Yeah, just

16 Feb


Well, I can tell you why. Because they didn’t want to get their butts kicked in the next election. It was cowardice, pure and simple.

They KNEW that if they did this they would get run out on a rail. So they didn’t. Cowardice. If they REALLY thought it would work and they didn’t do it out of greed and lust for power, they should be ashamed of themselves and no one should EVER vote Democrat again. If they were just craven fools, no one should ever vote Democrat again.


Another sign

23 Nov

of the times. Talk about being thrown under the bus!

But where was Sebelius in 1999? How about 2001? She seems a bit late. When it counted, she was nowhere to be found. But now there is no risk to her at all. Brave, brave Sir Robin…

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Gee, makes

11 Jan

you wonder why, eh? Could it be that they were hiding something? It just seems… fishy.

And then this money quote: The report concluded that… [there was] no evidence of vote tampering.

Yeah, NO EVIDENCE OF VOTE TAMPERING! None. Nada. So remember this when you hear Lefties whine and moan about “tampering” with the election. Someone did indeed hack th DNC and Podesta, revealing all sorts of dirty deeds by Hillary. BUT THERE WAS NO VOTE TAMPERING!

If you didn’t already know that Hillary was corrupt, I doubt you’re even conscious. Maybe you are part of the crowd of dead people who voted in Chicago…

Yeah, people knew what she was, and that is why she lost!

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Yeah, Comey

08 Nov

and his partners reviewed 650,000 emails in 8 days. Right. Do I look stupid? No, really, do I look stupid?

At a rate of 2.8 emails per second, 8 hours a day, 1 person would take about 3 full days to do 650,000 emails–a little more. No breaks. No talking. So just how many people were working on it? Were they on eight hour days? At a rate of 1 email per second, it would have taken close to 3 work days for one person. that is with no breaks at all and reviewing at a rate of nearly 3 emails per second. Average.

Of course, that is not reasonable, But lets say the people were unreasonably fast and could review 10 emails per hour.  6 minutes per email. That is 65,000  hours or well over 8,oo0 8-hr workdays. Let’s say that you were really motivated and put 1,000 people in it. With 1,000 people on it you could finish in 8.1 workdays (because you were really motivated and put 1,000 people on it). We are talking over 20 years for one person! This is not a task, it is a career!

This is bogus on the face of it. Comey didn’t do anything close to this. That is ridiculous! I mean, you couldn’t even scan them all in that time! This is just Comey again shilling for Hillary. Keep that in mind when you vote.


Why not,

24 Sep


At some point you have to stand up and do what is right. I think most people agree with that and even respect that.

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I listened to Ann Coulter

08 Jun

on a podcast very recently, and a couple things struck me:

1) She was entirely reasonable. Yes, there was a little bombast, but nothing extreme or offensive. She actually criticized the host and his former boss. The host was pretty good-natured about it and seemed totally unoffended–she tore into Reagan and her host had been a speech writer for Reagan. That leads to #2…

2) She was incredibly knowledgeable, well-spoken, and well-informed. THAT, I am pretty sure, is what scares the crap out of the Lefty opposition. So they frantically move to the tired old (but too often effective) tactic of villainizing her and trying to marginalize her.

See, they don’t want to debate her. They have nothing in terms of debate to counter her well-reasoned arguments, so they just disparage her and try to lock her out of the conversation. In a battle of wits, she would absolutely crush and humiliate them. They can’t win on the merits, so they move to ad hominem attacks. She is no wilting violet (she expects others to rationally defend their positions and quickly identifies and pushes hard on their “soft” spots), so she makes an attractive target. Yes, feminists on the Left always say that a woman should always competently speak her mind–except for Ann Coulter.

The bottom line is that Coulter is an extremely effective advocate for the Right, and she scares the crap out of the Left (and rightly so). So, just like they re-defined the NAZIs as being right when they were really Left, they re-define Coulter as being too outrageous to be taken seriously. They don’t want to have to actually defend their ideas. They don’t want to debate her on TV.  They certainly don’t want the public to actually hear her. That would be incredibly dangerous–and with YouTube they can’t even afford to debate her on TV because it will live forever.

But like in the NAZI example above, that fear of debate is only because they have no cogent response to Coulter and they will quickly be seen as having no clothes. They can’t tolerate the idea that their cherished beliefs are proven wrong, and they certainly can’t tolerate being publicly exposed as an intellectual lightweight.

It is cowardice and intellectual dishonesty the keeps the Lefty mainstream media from debating Coulter. They know that they cannot beat her, so they marginalize her. I defy any person to bring up a single irrational point that Coulter has argued. Go ahead and try. Put your money where your mouth is. Time to put up or shut up.

I absolutely don’t mind disagreement. At all. What I hate is folks who are intellectual featherweights pretending like they’ve got the goods.

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Nothing but freakin’

13 May


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The fact

18 Dec

that Hollywood crumped in the face of opposition by North Korea only shows that they are total hypocrites. They are not brave. They are toadies. They are the “tough guy” who beats up a four-year-old but is afraid to confront anyone their own size. They only pick on people who they know won’t hurt them, like Christians. This just shows that they are total losers.

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