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24 Jan

these guys are amazingly corrupt. ANYONE who doesn’t realize this is either amazingly corrupt themselves, terminally dense, or hopelessly naive. Or a combination of at least two of those.

And understand the Mueller is VERY much a part of this swamp. That is why we need to get his corrupt butt out of there! He is NOT a reliable source, and I don’t care one bit what he says in terms of morality. He is a scumbag.

This is morally repugnant.

And remember, Seth Rich was murdered. So why? Did some “Secret Society” put a hit out on him? Did he find out too much? Of course, anyone who questions the murder in any way will immediately be tarred as a “crazy” conspiracy theorist. Again, no data. No evidence. Just name-calling. <sigh> I am far too smart and experienced to fall for that crap. I am not a rube…

Are you?

Sheesh, no wonder people elected Trump!

What will you say when influential bloggers start dying unexpectedly? That they just happened to have serious heart disease, like Andrew Breitbart? Glenn Reynolds needs to keep a close eye out. If someone offers you a drink, don’t do it! No wonder Drudge is a recluse…



23 Nov

the Left held the moral high ground for a long time. Yes, it was always a steaming pile of crap. But weak-minded fools (thanks, Star Wars) swallowed it whole and begged for more.

But Bill Clinton pretty much destroyed that. It has taken a few decades, but I think the majority of people are no longer fooled. Not now. Not in today’s climate,

Folks, Leftism is immoral. Maybe it has taken you a while to come around to that notion, but better late than never!

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19 Jun

leaks are a moral problem.

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The totalitarian Left.

19 May

Understand well that the Left is totalitarian in nature.

Yes, they put a smiley face on despotism, and because of the lamestream MSM being such Lefty shills they are often not called on it, but let’s call them what they are–dictators in waiting. And there’s no question that many are fooled by that smiley face. They don’t think deeper than the surface, and that is why they are snookered by Leftism.

There is not a single example over the last 50 years (or much more) of a despot on the Right. I just doesn’t happen. That’s because Conservative ideology just doesn’t fit with despotism. Leftist ideology certainly does.

That’s why all the despots in history and around the world are virtually always Leftists. 99.99999% of the time. You logically can’t be both a despot and on the Right. Those two things are internally inconsistent. And for those of you who care about morals, THAT should tell you which way the wind blows. Pay attention.

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As the ancient Greek

20 Apr

Aeschlyus said, “Wisdom comes through suffering.”

This is not some Voltaire-esque and mindless Panglossian “best of all possible worlds” trope, but a keen observation of mortal existence.

Suffering has a purpose–it teaches us things. There is an understandable drive to get rid of all human suffering. I get that. But a HUGE problem today is that parents strive to make sure that their kids never suffer.

But what if that means that the kids never learn? Is the “snowflake generation” a product of this misguided worldview? Are we damaging them because of our good but short-sighted intentions? I’m not at all sure that we are wise enough to know the end from the beginning.

Look, I’m not at all suggesting that it is moral for parents to inflict suffering. But there is a lot of suffering in this world already. I’m not at all sure it can be avoided.

I personally don’t like having MS. At all. It is really overrated. But is there something valuable that I can learn from this? What can my wife learn from having a disabled husband?

My kids often ask me, out of the blue, if they can get me a drink of water. Now, I could do that myself, though it would certainly take effort to do so. But they are very much aware of my needs and wants. They are sensitive to others’ needs in general, and they have learned that at home.

Just recently my son saw an elderly person struggling to put groceries in her trunk as he was pulling into a parking spot, so he jumped out and offered to help. So how will their (the kids’) spouses and children benefit from my MS? How will others that I will never even meet benefit from my suffering?

So before we automatically assume that all suffering is categorically bad, let’s take a step back. Maybe it usually is, and maybe it really sucks when it is happening to US. but what about in this particular case? What about the future? Are we wise enough to know?

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Why the Pope is destroying the Catholic church.

07 Sep

Authority comes from morals. Once religious morals are abandoned, the religious authority is gone.

So the new pope has abandoned religious morals to endorse “Global Warming,” Leftism, and other such nonsense, and he couches it in moral terms. As a result he is rapidly losing any moral authority the office once had. He looks like just another mindless shill. The authority is gone, and Catholics may revolt. In some ways they already are.

It’s an important lesson: once we openly shill for a political position, we lose all moral authority. In other words, there are things we can do that strip us of any moral authority that we may have.

For example, a parent who tells his kid not to cheat and then is found to be unequivocally a cheater and who is found to be lying about it and using moral authority to cover it up will have no moral authority to keep saying that the kid should not cheat. The kid may come to that conclusion on his or her own, but there is no moral authority from the parent.

In other words, moral authority is inseparable from morality. When you use your authority to cover your own immorality or falsities, you immediately lose any moral authority that you once had.

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As the MSM tells us,

11 May

this is the path to respect. People respect violence, and it makes them very careful.

And I don’t want to hear the Left or the MSM (though I repeat myself) whine and moan. THEY created this, not the right. THEY are the ones arguing for this. To have them whine now is like killing your parents and then begging for mercy on the grounds that you are an orphan. Now I personally do not believe in this stance–not one bit. But then again, I am sort of an unorthodox Christian.

But if orthodox Christians get “saved” and then start taking up the gun and acting like Muslims… I’d hate to think that’s what it takes to get Leftists to cleave to reason.

As the old saw goes, if I could travel back in time and I killed Hitler before he massacred all those Jews, would that be right or wrong? Would that be good or bad? Would it be sin or righteousness? But since I can’t time travel…

I know what I think. I know what I believe. It is NOT a short answer. But many could indeed be swayed with just a little argument. It’s a weird sort of morality that justifies violent Muslims while condemning peaceful Christians!

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Obama: “If you come to

14 Feb

this country illegally, not only will we not prosecute you but we will give you cash.” Just when you thought Obama couldn’t do any more damage, you see something this this. It’s certainly not that Obama is stupid. It’s that he is outright malevolent.

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04 Feb

I had a good buddy who was whining about the supposed “torture” of the Bush years (certain forms of interrogation).

I said, imagine that you could prevent hundreds from dying in a plane that was to be bombed. Your prisoner knows the details, and the information he could give would save those people. Your wife or husband is also on board. Would YOU waterboard him to save those people? He himmed and hawed for a bit and talked about not lowering himself to their level and generally avoided the question.

After a few minutes, I said, “Too late. Those people are all dead. Never mind now.” He was clearly not fit to make a command decision. He had a lot of admirable qualities, but being able to make a hard decision under severe time pressure was not one of them. Fortunately, there are those who are able to make such command decisions. That’s why judgment counts–you want someone whose good judgment is truly automatic. And that is a moral thing, as well (though certainly not the only thing). In this case, it was morally better to waterboard the terrorist than to let innocents be slaughtered. Let’s just say that a man’s gotta know his limitations…

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