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I hate to post

02 Jun

this because of the profanity. And the profanity is totally gratuitous. But it is very important. And the fact that there is profanity tells you something. It speaks to the intense anger and frustration. And I’ve been warning you about that…

The Donald Trump election and presidency is a clear marker of that anger. You would be wise to pay attention to it.

I have been warning that the Right might get sick of the shenanigans of the Left and revolt, and we see that anger in (Ace of) spades, here. The Left should not be stupid. Just because I have not sought revenge does not mean that I cannot.

To the Left: Stop. Stop now. You are not going to like how this ends. The right’s patience and tolerance are not unlimited. Do not wake the sleeping giant. And once the bell has been struck, you cannot un-ring it. Do not light that firecracker. Stand down, before it’s too late.

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Trump was not

17 May

my first (or second) choice in the primaries. Nevertheless, he is President. That kind of acceptance of reality is beyond the ken of the loony left and their MSM minions. Trump is winning, and will continue to win, because the Left is made up of transparently vicious jerks. I personally am no “Trumpkin,” but he is far better than the deranged lickspittle Left–let’s be completely honest about that. So because of the stupid antics of the crybaby Left, I am far more in Trump’s corner than I ever was. This is NOT because Trump has changed and I found I was wrong; it is because the crybabies on the Left (led by the whining butt-headed morons of the MSM) have made such total asses of themselves.

The Left is clearly deranged, unhinged. I want nothing to do with them. They have managed to alienate me, along with every thinking person of good morals. They just don’t represent who I am. And this is coming from a guy who has voted for Democrats in the past! No more. They can go take a flying leap. And if polled, I will lie. I think that’s my moral duty.

No wonder normal people say, “Kiss my butt” to the MSM and to pollsters. I would vote for Trump just to hack off the lickspittle Left. And like most people, I will be happy as a clam to do so again. And I will. Then I will vote for Mike Pence. Twice.

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Hey Lefties,

06 May

(though the author is certainly not one of them) welcome to the party!

(sorry, link was lost and only noticed hours afterward, but it was this article. I think.)

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01 May

good sense overpowers stupidity.

As I have long said, licensing is almost always just a gambit to feather the nest of those who are already “in the club.

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09 Feb

really very good news. Jeff Sessions is a stand-up, moral guy. All those who voted against him in a fit of partisan hackery ought to be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately, these folks seem to have no shame.

So far Trump is batting a thousand in getting his cabinet approved. The only major hurdle left is his SCOTUS pick, and again the only reason to vote against him is pure partisan hackery. Shame, Democrats, shame!


Very interesting!

03 Jan

Now I am no fan of the Klan–far from it. But the Klan is hardly a force, even in the south. At best it is a fringe bunch of losers. And yet the lame Media wants to portray it as a huge cultural force. But it isn’t. And when the lame Media don’t get what they want, they just pay people to act out their fantasies. So now you have to be very skeptical of any TV program that purports to describe reality. It may well be lies.

We truly live in a Post-Modern world. There is no “Truth” but only opinion. The only escape is to have access to a Truth-Teller–a person with whom you have a real human relationship who does not lie and is 100% reliable. Not 99% because then you would never know for sure if what you are being told is true–it may be probably true, but there is always a margin of error. Not a principle or an Aristotlian form that is incomprehensible and thus outside of your world, but an actual person with whom you have a relationship. Never mind that this puts us in the realm of religion and revelation. Funny how that kind of knowledge is actually more certain…

I lived in the south for YEARS and had a lot contact (a ton)–very personal and confidential contact–with a wide range of people, and never heard a single word about the Klan. It is probably there, but I never heard anything about it. I met people who were critical of Abe Lincoln (for his suspension of Writ of Habeus Corpus), but not a single suggestion of sympathy for the Klan. Not even a hint. Not so much as a vague mention of the group. Nothing. Nada.

I think it is a myth. It is one used to tar Conservatives, but remember that Democrat Senator Byrd was a known Klan leader, and he never repudiated his early stance–he in fact openly continued in it. He even used the N-word on national TV! Of course, he was lauded by his fellow Democrat Leftists. This is just another Leftist lie. Yeah, and NAZIs (National Socialists) were on the Right, too. Don’t be an idiot…

So just where do Klansmen exist? Have YOU ever even met one? I bet not. They seem to exist, but certainly not in the mainstream of society–maybe on the fringes.


And she is a Supreme Court

10 Sep

Justice! Really? It seems quite clear that the best explanation of her behavior is age-related cognitive dysfunction. As we get elderly, we lose frontal lobe capacity and our “filter” doesn’t function very well–we say and do things that we wouldn’t have at, say, age 40. As one old battle-ax training nurse on a geriatrics ward said when training a group of young female nurses, “Old is not dead.” Where are the most patient to caregiver assaults? The Geriatric Ward.

THAT is almost for sure what we are seeing here. This is the decline of an intellect. She knows she is hard left, but not much else. That is yet another reason her rulings are so reflexively Leftist–it is a structure she knows and can cling to.

I know it is unpopular, but there should be an age limit on the Supreme Court. The Founding Fathers could not have foreseen the issues. Even in 1900 the AVERAGE life expectancy for a male was 42! You didn’t get age-related cognitive decline at 42. The Social Security age was set at 65 for a reason–hardly anyone lived that long. They didn’t retire and go frolic in Majorca!

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OK, so I am a geek.

11 Jul

I think a man has to recognize what he is.

But it is clear to me that Tolkien was very much changed and affected by his WWI experiences, and this is the main theme of The Lord of the Rings. He writes:

Frodo exclaims. “Why was I chosen?” Replies Gandalf: “You may be sure that it was not for any merit that others do not possess: not for power or wisdom, at any rate. But you have been chosen, and you must therefore use such strength and heart and wits as you have.”

Read the whole thing–it is very much worth it.

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There is

04 Jul

a HUGE issue with the EU and it has to do with Italy. I know the article is a little technical for many, so let me sum it up:

Italian banks are failing. Normal government actions to support and buttress the banks are outlawed by the EU. The bridge is sagging, but the rules prevent one from erecting a pylon to shore it up. Depositors are therefore getting hammered. And it will only get worse. So the only way to correct things is to ignore the EU (or leave). This leaving of the EU by anyone else after “Brexit” is the death knell for the EU regime–and maybe just ignoring the rules will do it. Maybe even just serious talk about leaving is enough. Can’t you see the walls are crumbling?

I had thought that the EU could survive if France and Germany stayed, but the whole edifice may be far more precarious than that. “Brexit” may well have just been the leading edge of the wave. If so, we are seeing the demise of the EU. France and Germany will do just fine, but many others won’t come through in current form.

I think it is extremely likely that the EU is a dead man walking. It’s like a game of musical chairs–no one wants to be caught without a seat when the music stops. So there is a real pull to grab a chair as soon as you can–early, if possible. Losing the game by being slow to jump is an existential threat, so the game is “hose down your neighbor.” The goal is to convince your neighbor to stay and then leave yourself! And once that “leave” ethic takes hold, the whole structure collapses in an instant–there is a mad scramble for a chair.

There becomes an almost overwhelming urge to grab a chair early because it means safety for you even though the action itself accelerates the collapse and damages someone else. “Being noble” and “being the victim” are one and the same in this situation. It is the classic “prisoner’s dilemma.” No one wants to be the last one and therefore left without a chair. The problem is that as usual, it is the trusting little guy who really gets hurt.

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If you’re on the Left,

08 Jun

engaging in misongynistic rape fantasies is totally  OK. If you are on the Right, it is proof positive that you are a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal.

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