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It truly IS

27 Jan

a sad decline.

And as I have repeatedly said, it is a dagger in the heart of the rule of law itself. I mean, if Hillary is not prosecuted for MAJOR crimes, how is it “equal justice” to prosecute me for minor ones (like speeding)? Is justice blind or not? Do we have a “nobility” who is exempt from the law? Would a meeting on a tarmac help?

I think we fail to understand just what a big threat to the country and to freedom itself the Clintons are. Either we are a nation of laws or we are not.

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Well, I

26 Jan

sure hope so.

But there are multiple sources, so that is encouraging.

Stay tuned. And buckle up…

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11 Jan

Good. If I were Trump (and innocent) there is no way in heck I would ever agree to an interview with Mueller. That would almost for sure be VERY stupid! Answer written questions? Perhaps. Anyone who talks to police without his/her attorney is an idiot and will soon be a convict. And Mueller is worse than the police! No “fishing expedition” interview! This is a trap.

No, no, no! I have the right to remain silent and I will exercise it! If YOU have the goods, then show it–you don’t need to interview me. And if you don’t have the goods, I will certainly not give them to you! NO INTERVIEW!

Mueller is NOT an honest broker, and no good can come from Trump talking to him.


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There is VERY good reason

24 Dec

to look askance at the Cliven Bundy prosecution. And there are the very same reasons to look askance at the Mueller investigation (though maybe even worse in some ways). And let’s look at Stevens in Alaska…

Those of you who say, “Well, the feds would never do anything really wrong!” are fools, straight up. People do bad things. There is a very good reason why the Founding Fathers enshrined due process and equal protection under the law.  It was because of crap like this!

And once confidence in the Rule of Law is gone, how will you get it back? How will you get widespread compliance in such a system?

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The Mueller investigation

09 Dec

is a steaming pile of crap. There is just no way that a thinking and upright person can morally go along with this. This spits in the face of lady justice.  It is horrible and all moral people should be appalled. It is appalling. Regardless of your politics, this is an assault on YOU. It rubs justice into the dirt and then dances on the grave. It is despicable.

For the first time, I am afraid for our country.

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Hey you lickspittle

07 Dec

Mueller suck-ups! Can you explain this?

Give me unlimited resources, and I can find something with which to charge YOU.

Oh my! Get rid of this Mueller bum!

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Mueller biased?

05 Dec

You don’t say.

If you think you are getting justice and fairness from Mueller, you are freakin’ nuts.

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Not really

04 Dec

a surprise. At all. Yes, it was a gross violation of rule of law and of equity and justice, but it’s not like the Clintons have ever given a flying fig about such things.

But this is just breathtaking. This is a flagrant foul. This shows contempt for the law, not merely trying to get away with something.

Bill and Loretta should be in prison, along with Hillary. That much is very obvious to even the dullest observer. But they have probably correctly calculated that they are beyond the long arm of the law. As we have seen with Scooter Libby and the current investigation, only Republicans really need to be concerned about the law. Democrats, not so much…

If only we had a watchdog mainstream media! Alas, we only have a suck-up lapdog one. More’s the pity.

THIS is the kind of crap that destroys a Democracy. Titles of Nobility with their “get-out-of-jail-free” cards totally weaken the Republic. Again, if it’s OK for the Clintons to engage in such public crime, why am I being punished for going 35 in a 25 zone? How is it that justice is not blind? I mean, this strikes at the very heart of rule of law itself! There’s a reason Lady Justice is so frequently depicted as blindfolded.

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15 Nov

headline: Sessions considering second special counsel to investigate Republican concerns, letter shows. 

Yeah, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. I guess.

The truth is, I hate special counsels. If they stuck to the issues I wouldn’t mind so much, but they almost always go off the rails (say “HI,” Mueller!).

I guess turnabout is fair play. In a sense. I agree that Democrats richly deserve it, and it would be highly entertaining to see. But I still have serious reservations about it. I like justice. But I worry where this is leading. I know that it is not wise to unilaterally disarm. And I know that Hillary was slimy as all get-out and deserves to be in prison. And I recognize also that there will be sweet, sweet comeuppance for all the vacant intellects and empty-headed shills who argued for the Mueller despotism. There is good sense in all of that.

But I worry that this leads us down a dark path. The fact that Javert Mueller is out of control and wallows in injustice is probably not a good reason to follow him down that road.


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We have all heard

13 Nov

the old saw, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse,” but what about when there are tens of thousands of obscure laws? In that case, just why would ignorance be no excuse? How is it justice that I am prosecuted for a reasonable act that is contrary to some obscure law?

The argument is made that there are so many laws so as to make everyone a violator and thus subject to a sort of blackmail. “You shared your Netflix password with your adult son, so you are GUILTY of stealing Netflix!” You stay out of jail ONLY because you haven’t torqued the wrong person off. ALL will fear me!

THAT is despotism.

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