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We really

04 Sep

need to investigate… the FBI.

This country hangs together on the rule of law. When the confidence in THAT has been damaged, our country is reeling.

I have said it before and will say it again: The problem isn’t really that grammaw Hillary got away with crimes. The country us plenty robust enough to handle simple miscarriages of justice without blinking an eye.

But this is NOT a simple miscarriage of justice. It is a person being above the law because of her money and power. THAT is a real threat! Because if Hillary doesn’t have to pay for her crimes, why should I? Why do I care about the law if it is different for different people? If it’s OK for Hillary to lie and get people killed, why is it a crime for me to go 35 in a 25 zone? I mean, no one actually died because of my actions!

This is a really bad precedent. Now Hillary surely cares only about staying out of prison, but there are hugely bigger issues in play, here. Uneven application of justice because of money and power often leads to a sudden implosion of the system. The founding fathers knew this and outlawed titles of nobility, which was tied up with uneven application of rules.

Investigating the FBI helps to address this issue. The corruption is not merely a personal problem for one person, it is an existential crisis for the country.

And no wonder I (and many others) don’t give a crap what Mueller says (in terms of culpability). If he was actually worried about crime wouldn’t he be investigating Hillary and Obama and Lynch and the “Deep State” in general? Why would he spend his time working on a spurious accusation that has been thoroughly debunked? It just seems to be an uneven and unfair application of force.


Arpaio is a total dirtbag.

01 Sep

It was a real mistake for Trump to issue him a pardon. Not on the scale of Marc Rich, mind you. No, not even close to how bad the Rich pardon was. But it was still bad. Very bad.

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Technology is

08 Aug

helping justice.

It’s true that for years even middle-income people could not afford an attorney.

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20 Jun

the Democrats want the Trump/Russia/Comey stuff to continue. But they are strangely incurious about Loretta Lynch, even though Comey testified under oath that she may well have committed a serious crime. Their curiosity is really quite selective. We should have an independent counsel for this! That there are no Democrat calls for this just shows that they are soulless hacks. If they cared one whit about injustice and wrongdoing they would be on this like ugly on a hog.

What we have now is NOT a search for justice. It is merely more Democrat tantruming and irrational bloodlust for Trump. THAT is all this is.

NOW I am angry! They can kiss my butt!

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Maybe civility is for losers.

19 Jun

The Left has taught us that. Being respectful and polite may just get you railroaded. Maybe we should take a different approach. As told by Instapundit (who quoted it from elsewhere):

There’s an old joke about a boy who complains to his mother that his little sister keeps pulling his hair.

“Oh,” responds the mother, “She doesn’t know that it hurts.”

A few minutes later, the mother hears the girl scream and runs into the other room. “She knows now,” the boy explains.

There’s a lesson for Republicans in that old joke, if they’re smart enough to absorb it. 

Don’t make the Right angry. You won’t like them when they’re angry…

And we are seeing a bit of a sea-change, here. We’re getting close to the point where Conservative are not going to just sit back and take it silently anymore. Historically, the Left is violent and the Right just suffers it and doesn’t say a word. But is that changing? Is the sleeping giant awakening?

Please understand that I’m absolutely not advocating anything illegal. But we all need to understand that our actions indeed have consequences. Please Lefties, the the sake of all of us, back away from this.

The famous (apocryphal) story is of a Texan who shoots and kills a would-be robber who was in the middle of an armed robbery. The robber had a long history of violence and theft. When brought to trial the Texan was quickly acquitted. His defense? He took the stand just long enough to say, “He needed killin’.” The jury nodded their heads. Case dismissed.



Talk about

23 May

poetic justice!

Honestly, I would laugh my butt off…

It’s really not often that we see people get their just desserts. But it is just so satisfying when they do. Let’s hear them whine about it!

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Yeah, there

10 Mar

should be a special counsel.


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30 Dec

it’s not over.

I think that most people want her to be prosecuted. She deserves it and is a criminal.

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I really hope

31 Oct

it is true. FBI agents should be in full revolt right now! I bet the rank-and-file FBI agents are both livid with rage and despondent.

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Well, let’s hope

31 Oct

this is true.

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