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Talk about

23 May

poetic justice!

Honestly, I would laugh my butt off…

It’s really not often that we see people get their just desserts. But it is just so satisfying when they do. Let’s hear them whine about it!

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Yeah, there

10 Mar

should be a special counsel.


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30 Dec

it’s not over.

I think that most people want her to be prosecuted. She deserves it and is a criminal.

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I really hope

31 Oct

it is true. FBI agents should be in full revolt right now! I bet the rank-and-file FBI agents are both livid with rage and despondent.

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Well, let’s hope

31 Oct

this is true.

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Mirengoff is

31 Oct

just wrong, here. He talks about the difficulty of Comey “striking a balance” and such, but he is wrong.

Comey’s job was NOT to “strike a balance.” It was to pursue Justice. In that he failed totally. Comey is (to put it in the most charitable way possible) confused. He is confused about his job. He is confused at his own role. But Mirengoff seems to have joined him in that confusion.

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The death of Mens Rea

04 Oct

is a serious problem for the rule of law.

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The case for

07 Feb

the firing squad as a means of execution. It’s a very compelling argument. I think that if we’re going to use the death penalty, we ought to make it as humane as possible. We also ought to be honest about what we are doing. I’m not at all sure that lethal injection as it is practiced now qualifies on either count.

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