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15 Nov

headline: Sessions considering second special counsel to investigate Republican concerns, letter shows. 

Yeah, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. I guess.

The truth is, I hate special counsels. If they stuck to the issues I wouldn’t mind so much, but they almost always go off the rails (say “HI,” Mueller!).

I guess turnabout is fair play. In a sense. I agree that Democrats richly deserve it, and it would be highly entertaining to see. But I still have serious reservations about it. I like justice. But I worry where this is leading. I know that it is not wise to unilaterally disarm. And I know that Hillary was slimy as all get-out and deserves to be in prison. And I recognize also that there will be sweet, sweet comeuppance for all the vacant intellects and empty-headed shills who argued for the Mueller despotism. There is good sense in all of that.

But I worry that this leads us down a dark path. The fact that Javert Mueller is out of control and wallows in injustice is probably not a good reason to follow him down that road.


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We have all heard

13 Nov

the old saw, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse,” but what about when there are tens of thousands of obscure laws? In that case, just why would ignorance be no excuse? How is it justice that I am prosecuted for a reasonable act that is contrary to some obscure law?

The argument is made that there are so many laws so as to make everyone a violator and thus subject to a sort of blackmail. “You shared your Netflix password with your adult son, so you are GUILTY of stealing Netflix!” You stay out of jail ONLY because you haven’t torqued the wrong person off. ALL will fear me!

THAT is despotism.

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It’s true.

13 Nov

I don’t get why Rosenstein was able to place Mueller–who was clearly conflicted out–into the position of Special Counsel. I just think that Rosenstein sabotaged Trump. Mueller is the “hatchet man,” but Rosenstein is the reason he is there. And Rosenstein should be fired.

If I were Paul Manafort and had a defense to argue, the first thing I would do is go after Robert Mueller. And it would be regular and repetitive. It would be both subtle and obvious. It would be a theme, and be repetitively hammered. It would be like Cato (the Elder, I think), who finished every speech in the Senate, no matter the topic, with, “Oh, and Carthage must be destroyed.” Every single charge would lead to a court fight. Every. Single. One. Then, if convicted I would play up the “martyr” angle and call myself a political prisoner, etc.

I would, each time in court, talk incessantly about Mueller’s conflicts. I would do it on talk shows and traditional media and YouTube and Twitter and Facebook. I would openly complain if given a “gag” order. I would talk about Mueller’s past policy positions. I would talk about who he has hired. I would talk about how all that shows the he can’t act in good faith and demonstrates clearly that he is all about venting his spleen rather than seeking justice, and that my own conviction was a fruit of that. I would show his cadaverous mug whenever I could. I would make Halloween masks of it. I would wear a Mueller mask on talk shows. I would not call him “Mueller” but “Evil Robert Mueller.” I would impugn his motivations over and over and over.

By the time I got done with him he wouldn’t be able to run for dog catcher.



06 Nov


So, two questions for you, one far easier than the other. Brazile has described a clear violation. Here are my question:

  1. Will this be looked into by legal authorities?
  2. If there is a violation, will there be actual charges filed?

My guess is that the answer is “no” on both, but you can bet that #2 won’t happen, even if there are obvious criminal activities.

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The calls for Mueller

25 Oct

to recuse himself just keep getting louder. He really should. Of course, he has to pay off that vacation home…

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23 Oct

I really wonder if things are changing.

The reality is, if the evidence against Trump were strong, we would have heard rumblings of it by now. There are some rumblings about Paul Manafort and Trump Jr., but not against The Donald himself.

What does this mean? It means that likely there is nothing on Trump himself. Certainly nothing that is legally actionable. I guess we have to wait until Javert the duplicitous Mr. Mueller finishes his stuff (and pays off that vacation home in Majorca), but as of now there is no hint of charges against Trump.

And most curious, we for the last week we have started seeing stuff about the Russians trying to interfere, without the involvement of Trump at all. Of course, if there were any justice they would be looking at Uranium One and Hillary. Ah, one more crime she gets away with…

But we are not seeing the “Trump colluded with Russia” crap now. Why? It seems that things have turned.

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21 Oct

agree. The problem is not mere disagreement, it is the loss of trust. Mueller is a perfect example: many of us believe that he is not at all interested in justice–he himself is guilty as Hell and he is frantically trying to escape the spotlight. The issue is NOT whether he is correct or incorrect, it goes to the fundamental trustworthiness of Mueller himself. In short, there’s no trust.

THAT’s why many of us don’t give a rat’s patoot WHAT Mueller says. He is just not trustworthy.

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Let’s get the evidence.

03 Oct

Tell me again, why Mueller?

This is a fake controversy. Do you think that if there were any grounds it would not have already leaked out? Very unlikely. With such a broad dragnet, Mueller might pick up some OTHER crimes, but the Russian collusion crap is just a sick joke. Mueller is a modern Javert. Up to this point there is not a shred of evidence supporting the investigation. Maybe there will be evidence come to light later. Leftists desperately hope so. Oh, and monkeys might fly out my butt. Hey, it could happen, right?

Let’s take Assange up on his offer. Let’s say he is totally lying (a real possibility) and ends up getting a pardon while giving nothing in return (though I doubt a pardon would be offered without good evidence that he actually has the goods). Does anyone really care about what happens to him? How would that be a problem for the Justice system? I guess there is a rigid, Javert-like (or Mueller-esque) lust for punishment, but really nothing else.

Now Hillary skating is truly a destabilizing problem. But that is quite different than the Assange issue. It is totally different in almost every way. The two are radically different.

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Tell me again

02 Oct

why Mueller is even there? The Russia stories keep falling apart. Assange is saying he has proof positive that there was no collusion (he is not always reliable, but let’s see what he has). It has always been the case that there is not a shred of evidence of Trump “collusion” with the Russians. Never.

That’s why Mueller started looking into years-old financial dealings by “small fish” in the Trump circle. It was always a Democrat fantasy that was intended to help them feel better about getting hammered by Trump in the general election. They simply couldn’t handle rejection (especially at the hands of an uncouth pillock/barbarian like Trump) and were psychologically frantic to find something to make it seem that the general public didn’t gratuitously kick them to the curb.

So why is Mueller still hanging around. Just to gain money? Just to be a pain in the butt? Just to vent his spleen? There is nothing there. DUH! <sigh> Just go away!


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We really

04 Sep

need to investigate… the FBI.

This country hangs together on the rule of law. When the confidence in THAT has been damaged, our country is reeling.

I have said it before and will say it again: The problem isn’t really that grammaw Hillary got away with crimes. The country us plenty robust enough to handle simple miscarriages of justice without blinking an eye.

But this is NOT a simple miscarriage of justice. It is a person being above the law because of her money and power. THAT is a real threat! Because if Hillary doesn’t have to pay for her crimes, why should I? Why do I care about the law if it is different for different people? If it’s OK for Hillary to lie and get people killed, why is it a crime for me to go 35 in a 25 zone? I mean, no one actually died because of my actions!

This is a really bad precedent. Now Hillary surely cares only about staying out of prison, but there are hugely bigger issues in play, here. Uneven application of justice because of money and power often leads to a sudden implosion of the system. The founding fathers knew this and outlawed titles of nobility, which was tied up with uneven application of rules.

Investigating the FBI helps to address this issue. The corruption is not merely a personal problem for one person, it is an existential crisis for the country.

And no wonder I (and many others) don’t give a crap what Mueller says (in terms of culpability). If he was actually worried about crime wouldn’t he be investigating Hillary and Obama and Lynch and the “Deep State” in general? Why would he spend his time working on a spurious accusation that has been thoroughly debunked? It just seems to be an uneven and unfair application of force.