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If you are anti-Trump

20 Feb

and want him gone, you are an economic idiot.

Wake up and smell the coffee!


I totally agree.

18 Feb

Foreign remittances are very bad.

But what I don’t understand is how you would tax them. I mean, if sent off in an envelope, how would the gov’t even know? I must be missing something. Maybe this is all done through a bank or something.


Even more bad news

12 Feb

for Democrats. Public works laborers have traditionally been in the Democrat camp. But this is a stake to the heart…

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You want to get rid of Trump

30 Jan

and stop all this? Really?

Yet idiots like the NY Times tell us that Presidents have nothing┬áto do with the economy. How stupid! How utterly moronic! They are just trying to pretend that they are not complete Krugian idiots! That is just mindless hackery, and I’m not fooled for a second. Morons and/or scoundrels!

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Yeah, Facebook

27 Jan

is free, right?

Understand the basics of economics.

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Do you not know

18 Jan

winning when you see it? Honestly, why on God’s green earth would anyone of room temperature IQ or better want to see Trump out of office? It is just utter and complete foolishness!

Get out and vote Conservative in November! Don’t let the bastards win.

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I think

31 Dec

that would destroy both the economy and the world as we know it. I mean, could I make gold? And if so, what would that mean for the world? It would be totally over. The only way it works is if only I can make gold. If everyone could make gold, EVERYONE–from me to Donald Trump to George Soros–would be penniless.

Money HAS to be both rare and non-reproducible by the masses. If suddenly we found an easily-mined astroid that had hit earth and there were a million metric tons of gold on it, the economy would collapse.

Maybe the Bitcoin blockchain could save us.

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Well yeah,

29 Dec

DUH! This the most simple way to put it: When the price of something goes up, people buy less of it.

It’s really not at all hard to understand, but it’s one of those rudimentary economic principles that Lefties utterly refuse to come to grips with. Those of us who have run our own businesses and had them as the sole or primary source of revenue understand completely. Lefty politician? Not so much. See, in the real world no one cares whether you have good intentions. They only care if it is a good deal for them.

Thus, people “vote with their feet.” Democrats are utter fools to ignore this extremely simple bedrock principle.

Anyone who either doesn’t understand or heed this needs to not be a politician. Remember that in November of 2018!

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Look, it’s

22 Dec

economic reality. Now, Lefties don’t either care or don’t understand. Or both. They usually have never had to eat only what they could kill and have only been “worker bees.” Now don’t get me wrong–being a good worker bee is both valuable and necessary. It is honorable. There certainly is no shame in being a good worker bee. Far from it.

But don’t kid yourself, it is a very different skill set from being an executive. Sometimes very good worker bees make terrible managers. Those are two very different “gifts,” and just because you are a good worker bee doesn’t mean that you will be a good executive. Maybe, but not necessarily.

Executives make (as the name tells you) decisions. This is an act of creation. You make strategy┬ádecisions both about what is happening now and what you think will happen in the future. And then you survive according to how well you predict things. That is a very different thing than just showing up and doing what you are told. Yeah, some executive had to decide what you should do…

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Do college sports

30 Sep

need to change radically?

It’s a good question. What we are doing now clearly doesn’t work.

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