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We should understand

18 Mar

how insurance works.

Too often, people just don’t get it. Usually that is because they have never lived off their own business.

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The unions

07 Mar

have made the people of SC winners and the people of WA losers.

It’s really simple economics: SC makes labor easily available and WA makes it onerous to hire and keep people.

Unions may have had a place in a bygone era, but they are merely leeches now. In my father’s day they were openly violent leeches (he was threatened with personal harm by the union if he didn’t shut up), but now they are just blood-suckers. It just makes no logical sense NOT to be a right-to-work state!

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It is QUITE clear

27 Feb

that once one sets the economy free from regulation and other Lefty controls, it grows like gangbusters and people’s lives are blessed. We have repeatedly seen that over the last century or so. I sure hope we see it again, and Trump gives me hope.

I mean, name one recent area where there has been less regulatory control.

The Internet.

And as a result, it has grown by leaps and bounds. Naturally, now the Leftists want a regulatory scheme (the so-called ‘net neutrality crapola) that impedes its growth and effectiveness through stifling and onerous regulation and taxation. Do you think that if people actually wanted what ‘net neutrality gives that there would not be companies willing to provide it? If it is a winner it will come forth no matter what. There is no way to stop it. If it is a loser, it will (eventually) lose no matter what–you would have to use force to MAKE people accept it, and that would work, but only temporarily. Well, that force is the foundational tenet of the Left. The Left can’t afford to have you exercise your freedom of choice. Leftism only works if there is force. Freedom or moral agency in any form is anathema to Leftism in any form.

So the Left covers their schemes in rainbows and unicorns and pie-in-the-sky, but that is just a sales pitch meant to anesthetize the masses so they don’t resist the knife. There may indeed be a beatifully embroidered velvet glove that you see, but it is covering an iron fist. It is a whited sepulcher. The art work on the outside may indeed look pretty, but inside it is full of dead men’s bones and the Cambodian killing fields and the National Sociatist Jew ovens and Venezuelan starvation and all manner of putrescence. Don’t be fooled. Don’t let your good intentions pave the way to Hell on earth.

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Happy days

26 Jan

are here again.

Yes, there is the know-nothing curmudgeon class that is still whining, These guys don’t know crap! Paul Krugman said:

So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight. I suppose we could get lucky somehow. But on economics, as on everything else, a terrible thing has just happened.


If the question is when markets recover, the first-pass answer is never.

What an idiot! Why anyone would even give passing consideration to what this moron says is beyond me. He exemplifies the lunatic fringe.

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It has always

28 Dec

been the case that free trade promotes peace. As one source said, you just don’t kill your customers.

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It’s really not hard to grasp.

06 Dec

The more you regulate something the higher the price is. Medical care, health insurance, whatever. It is always this way. It makes NO difference what the product is. It is not policy, it is natural law.

I was in Costco a couple of days ago. They had TVs the same size that I bought a few years ago, and they were 1/6 to 1/4 the price I paid for a far lesser TV five years ago.

If you care about the poor, you are a Conservative. Plain and simple. You care, so you want goods an services to be accessible to everyone, right?

Take LASIK. My wife had the eye surgery done about 6 or 8 years ago. It has gone down more than 70% since then (it is all cash on the barrelhead and no insurance is accepted). There’s a lesson, here.

And take veterinary care: same thing. If you pay for it yourself and it is not gummint subsidized, the price therefore keeps coming down and it is far more accessible to all people. If a thing is government subsidized, the price never goes down and it may well go up. No wonder Obamacare has been such an abject failure. It was clear from the beginning that this in principle could not work. It was pure delusion to think otherwise.

We are just fortunate that the economically confused Leftist Obama is gone and Trump has shown much better sense, economically. Maybe we can no longer groan under the Leftist load. I sure hope so.

It is simple economics. Does the Left really not understand how things work? This is one of the top 3 reasons to never vote for a Leftist…

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It is really

01 Dec

no mystery. No surprise at all.

You’d have to be a blind fool not to notice the economic surge that has happened because Trump was elected. There is a lot of pent-up demand, and we are now seeing that unleashed. This also goes to show just how terrible a Hillary Clinton victory would have been.

Obama has been a total nightmare for business. And Hillary had promised to continue his utterly disastrous policies. It is truly great for the country that we dodged this bullet.

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Yeah, retailers

28 Nov

are not the only ones seeing a huge uptick in commerce now that the specter of Hillary is banished for good and Leftism is at least temporarily kept at bay. Increased regulation hurts the economy. Having a few regulations merely to build up the sides of the ditch so it holds and channels water is NOT the same thing as directing everything (including how much water your toilets can use).

People should well understand: Leftism doesn’t work and it makes their lives bad! It never has, and it was always a self-serving lie. This proves it beyond a doubt.  That’s why this election is so damaging for the Left. Many people of good intent were snookered by Leftism. They have my sympathy, not my condemnation. I don’t blame an old lady for being rolled by a con-man. I blame the con-man.

This is a total repudiation of Leftism. Total. There simply are no examples of it working well (Scandinavian countries are in many ways even more conservative in policy than the United States!). If people have any sense at all, they will NEVER elect another Leftist again! In an objective light, this completely discredits Leftism. The Leftists are holding on to the schools for dear life (which is why they hate homeschooling and charter schools) but people are starting to wise up. Even the schools won’t stay Leftist for long if this continues. Some teachers have left because of the insufferable and punitive Leftism (is there any other kind?), and you may see some movement back if the schools get rid of their old-time Leftism.

Look, politics and political philosophy matter a great deal. There are real-world consequences to bad political theories. We are seeing that now. So next time someone tells you that philosophy is useless in the real world, tell them that they are full of crap. It is ALL philosophy.

Of course, NYT writer and Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman assured us that the economy would never recover from the Trump victory. He is a total idiot! There is simply no reason to pay attention to anything he says. He is just another Lefty shill.

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Uh, how did

07 Sep

you not know this? Honestly, are you stupid?

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If you care

06 Sep

about the poor, you are conservative.

It is perhaps the biggest lie of Leftists–the idea that conservatives are a caricature-like Scrooge McDuck. It is second only to the bald-faced lie that the NAZIs were on the Right! People need to realize that they are being lied to. Lies, both damnable LIES. They are intended to fool the rubes, and with an assist from the execrable Lefty MSM they have done just that.

Time to wise up, people!

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