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Do college sports

30 Sep

need to change radically?

It’s a good question. What we are doing now clearly doesn’t work.

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A really

28 Sep

interesting article.

Times, they are a-changin’!

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Well worth

25 Aug

reading. And please follow the interesting links. The “It’s A Wonderful Loaf” is great.

But supply and demand is not that hard to understand. I am a Psychologist, and it is quite clear that Economics is Psychology writ large. If you understand human beings, you understand Economics. And if you have crappy Economics, that is ipso facto proof that you really don’t understand people.

And Lefty Economics just proves that they are clueless about humans. No wonder they lost last November.

Here is the basis for ALL economics (and psychology): When the “price” for something is high, one “buys” less of it.

That’s it. That ONE principle explains everything of any import. Bureaucracy is a dead end. In both domains. Yes, there is indeed expertise there in both, and lots to explore, but THAT is the bedrock reality of both upon which it is all based. It explains ALL behavior, both economic and intrapsychic/interpersonal.

Lefties don’t understand another basic issue: No one person can have enough knowledge to manage an economy. A zillion decisions by untold millions make the economy work. Any attempt to intervene is guaranteed to fail. Your cool commissions and armies of “experts” are both ridiculous and totally ineffective. All that is needed is truth and transparency. If those are there, the economy will chug along just fine.

Economics is Psychology writ large.

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Another bad

11 Jul

Lefty idea hits the turf.

When will we EVER learn? Spoiler: ALL Lefty politicians suck when it comes to basic economics. ALL.

Don’t think that you can vote Lefty and have decent economics. You can’t. It just doesn’t and indeed can’t happen. Folks, we need to wake up, here. It’s NOT that there is more than one way to skin this cat, it’s that one way works and the other way horribly mangles things.

NEVER trust a Leftist with the economy. Never, never, never. DUH!

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Be a little careful

09 Jul

what you ask for:

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Yeah, the

07 Jul

gig economy is great for retirees.

But there is another, absolutely HUGE issue.

It both lets the cat out of the bag that you can float your own dang boat, and it drives anger about our horrible tax system.

Say you are a W-2 employee. You don’t like taxes–they seem onerous but you shrug and figure that’s the price of civilization. And through the dark magic of withholding, you hardly even feel the knife going in. And besides, payroll taxes (such as medicare) are only about 8%. That is irritating, but it doesn’t seem like all that much.

But wait! You DO realize that your employer ALSO has to pay the very same amount on YOUR check for payroll taxes, right? Yep, you are only paying half the tax. Half. So it’s not 7.5%, it’s 15%. And that is money you can’t be paid in salary because it goes to the gummint instead of to you. It is also money that is never refunded.

Now with the gig economy there IS no employer, so YOU have to pay the entire bill. Leftists HATE the gig economy because it subjects people to the entire tax burden. And since there is no withholding, You just cut a check for ALL your taxes–after you pay someone to figure the taxes out, of course.

So your neighbor pays you $100 to step over to his house to trim his bushes. OK, but YOU don’t get all of the money. You pay income tax, sure, but you also pay about $15 in payroll taxes. Oh, and you need to pay someone who can tell you what you owe.  You will be lucky indeed to have $50 left after all that.

And all that is exposed in the gig economy. No wonder greedy Leftists hate it. Don’t mind the man behind the curtain!


It’s time for stupid people to

03 Jul

wake up to the fact that the Minimum wage is a scam and that they have been duped. Sure, I know it’s characterologically hard to admit that, but let’s face reality, here. And it makes absolutely NO economic sense.

There is a reason the unions have moved away from production jobs to government jobs. They are far harder to uproot and are much less vulnerable to technology. Some, but less so.

Here’s a quote: And while you can’t outsource retail store clerks to Guatemala, you can replace them with e-commerce. Yep.

Autonomous cars and trucks will replace teamsters (and soon). There will almost certainly be fully autonomous cars (level 5) within a decade. Level 3 in five years. Tesla is pretty much at level 3 now, at least in testing (and even pretty much in “in the wild” production). Yes, it’s currently expensive, but even now Tesla is reportedly coming out with a $35 grand car–this summer. And it has all the hardware it needs to be fully Level 3. Let’s say that it actually takes them a year longer to really do it. OK. As it is, a quick over-the-air software update turns the car into fully level 3. You think Tesla is not working to make that happen?

I buy about half of my stuff over the Internet now, and there is a big push to do groceries that way. Once fresh produce and meats are solved, well, it’s all over for many bricks-and-mortar stores. Even though some of the big chains will survive at least in name, much of their business will be over the Internet.

Robot vacuums are getting better. Sure, they are rather spendy now, but just wait. There was the latest and greatest at Costco for $399. Too rich for MY blood, but understand: I bought a really nice TV 10 years ago for $3 grand. I replaced it a few weeks ago with a bigger one that was also top of the line, but for 1 grand. I bought a TV for my daughter in college six years ago. I got a spankin’ good deal. Now I could get a far better unit for about a third of the cost. And that is NOT a spankin’ good deal!

Think about that for a minute.

I suspect that my carpets will be vacuumed daily in the near future, and no-one I know will run that vacuum. Can you imagine what that will mean for hotels?

Minimum wage is an anachronism. It is a relic from a bygone era. It’s ONLY function is to funnel money to labor unions, and they are themselves relics of a bygone era.

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Anyone with a speck

02 Jul

of intelligence or understanding of economics knows that in general when the price of something (anything) increases you sell less of it. Sure, there can be some odd counter-examples (Doc Marten shoes) where the high price was an indicator of high fashion and so the higher price spurs more sales, but that is NOT the general rule, nor is it typically seen. The general rule is that a less expensive product (all else being equal) sells more than the more expensive product.

So it really is no shocker–at all–to thinking people that forcing the minimum wage to rise leads to less employmentAnd we should all learn from this. MN certainly should. It’s more expensive so you buy less of it. DUH! I mean, what color is the sky in your world? Are you really so stupid that you can’t grasp this concept? Wow!

The fact that one is a crybaby snowflake in no way changes the way the world actually works! Honestly, how stupid do you have to be to buy this bull-crap?

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Don’t look now.

07 Jun


Folks, the “blue” model just doesn’t work. As Lady Margaret Thatcher once said, “Sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”

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Well, DUH!

24 May

Any total idiot knows this. I mean, honestly, how stupid an uneducated to you have to be to not see this coming?  This is pretty dang obvious stuff.  <sigh–morons!>

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