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I’m telling you,

12 Feb

the states are starting to rise up against Washington, DC. This is the start. As I’ve said, Obama needs to be  very careful.

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I find this

12 Feb

VERY interesting. People are pretty sick of federal overreach. We are now seeing some real push back. We saw that a lot when Obama petulantly tried to close national parks and keep combat vets from their memorial. There was outright rebellion–throwing cones off roads and ignoring barricades.


Not a  good thing to see. Obama is pushing things to the breaking point, and it is an extremely dangerous game. It’s no longer the 1990s, and we need to understand that. I hope Obama gets that. Before, the “default” for most Americans was to just sigh and endure and ignore (you in fact could ignore), but we are now starting to see active resistance. It’s still just the first stirrings of such resistance, but don’t be fooled–if we don’t change course that’s indeed where we are heading. You don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing. Now you are starting to hear people mutter,”Give me liberty or give me death” under their breath. They are at least thinking it.

Back in 1980 it was only kooks and fringe weirdos who were revolting against the government. It was the kooky Branch Davidians, not us normal folk. But now it is much more mainstream. And it’s getting more and more mainstream all the time. Now Obama is desperately trying to shut down blogs that criticize him. That really smacks of despotism. Obama needs to pull back from the precipice.

Democrats have already been hammered (they have now lost both the House and the Senate), and establishment Republicans should take notice, as well. There are new “Tea Party” people who won elections and who are now in congress. States are squirming under the heavy Federal hand and talking about secession and nullification. CA may split into 6 states. The winds have shifted.

Tax issues are HUGE. There are not enough police, IRS officers, or prisons to enFORCE it all. It works because it is pretty much voluntary.

The Tea Party is now a fixture, and it’s no surprise that the American Revolution itself was a direct result of onerous taxes and MAJOR overreach by a central authority. And the Tea Party explicitly takes those issue and runs with them. Obama needs to be very careful.