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12 Feb

Democracy dies in smugnesss.

You know what  to do in November. Don’t let the bastards win.

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Yeah, pretty much

12 Feb

Voting for McMuffin was stooooopid! Total. Waste. You should have just voted for Hillary–it was the same thing, anyway. But even now he has clearly shown himself to be a raging lunatic. I knew he was a total idiot long before the 2016 elections! He was delusional as well as a total moron. But alas, some were fooled…

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Yeah, the “Global Warming” fools

10 Feb

have been fools for many years. Fools.

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09 Feb

pretty much.

When you constantly make stupid and extreme allegations and then those are shown to be untrue, you lose credibility. One can only “cry wolf”so many time when, in fact, there IS no wolf before people figure that you are a dishonest punk.

These guys are total fools. Why on earth would I choose them as my leaders?

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06 Feb

(RNC) raised something like 67 million. The Democrats (DNC) have something like $400,000.00 available to them. I guess those “occupy” youths are not as giving as you might think… I mean, I wonder how many ads in NYC you can buy for $400,000.00? Maybe Tom Steyer will step in and help them out.

So in the “cash primaries” The DNC is getting lapped by the RNC a bit more than 34 times! If they didn’t have the MSM cheering them on and covering for them, would they be any more than a rump of a party? Would they even be as much of a force as the Libertarians or the Greens?

So much for “resistance.” I am forcibly reminded of “The Black Knight” in Monte Python and the Holy Grail. “You’re a loony! …What are you going to do, bleed on me?”

To paraphrase one of the few funny skits on SNL over the last two decades, the DNC is just like the rest of us–they bleed. But when the DNC bleeds, they hemorrhage CASH!

That said, in the immortal words of Glenn Reynolds (quoting a bygone Han Solo), don’t get cocky, kid! Don’t run to the tape, run through the tape! This viper is gravely injured, but it can still bite and inject deadly poison. Now is NOT the time to get complacent. Don’t poise the stake over the vampire’s heart only to be fatally distracted by a squirrel you see running outside.

No matter what, go vote in November. And bring a friend. No. Matter. What.

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No wonder

04 Feb

the Episcopal Church is dying (and indeed is already virtually dead).

Think about it: If I want cheesy New-Age crap, I can easily get it from other sources. And I don’t even need to miss a football game to get it. It is rather unavoidable. But if I want religion, this is weak sauce, indeed. Very weak sauce. And it won’t attract adherents.

No wonder. I don’t think mushy-headed, mealy-mouthed, and stupid is the way to go through life, son (oblique reference to an Animal House line, there).

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Look, if

27 Jan

Bill Kristol verbally sparred with Tucker Carlson, I would without a doubt bet the farm that Tucker Carlson would absolutely clean his clock. Carlson would beat him like the proverbial rented mule. Kristol would be lucky to still have his own pants by the time he limped out of the studio.

Kristol has really lost it. It’s probably age-related, and I am full of sympathy for that. Still, I can’t shake the strong suspicion that he is and has always been just a RINO schlub. Yeah, maybe he has always been that way. Probably. I stopped reading or listening to him nearly two years ago. He is so butt-hurt over Trump beating Hillary (whom he wanted) that one would think he is an “antifa” member!

Kristol is the classic “country club Republican.” I have nothing to gain from him now. I’m way past him.

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30 out of 30

17 Jan

on a cognitive test.

What now, haters?


Oh, so

16 Jan

here is yet another false report.

Um, there girls should be prosecuted! What she did was a crime. But she knew that parents an authorities approved of such lies. This is a cultural problem!

I’m just sick of minorities making false claims. Let’s see some repercussions!

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Say “welcome”

14 Jan

to the Trump economy!

Don’t be fooled by the total morons who say that Trump had nothing to do with this. What a pile of horse crap! It’s just a frantic effort by the MSM to help their boyfriend Obama escape the blame he so richly deserves. It is a panicked effort to make it seem the Leftism is NOT a steaming turd.

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