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It’s a great

25 Sep

comparison. The loony left have escaped their chains and turned on their masters. It is starting. But it’s not at all surprising. That happens in ALL Lefty systems–it certainly happened in the former USSR, and we have seen that same thing over and over and over in many different places. No matter who you are, you eventually  have to “prove” your Lefty bona fides. Here is an example.

There really is no question about it. On several occasions recently we have seen Lefty audiences heckle Lefty speakers. They are biting the hand that fed them all these years. It shows how dangerous it ultimately is to raise up a Lefty generation. At some point Frankenstein’s monster slips its chains and tries to kill Dr. Frankenstein himself.

Now, there certainly is some schadenfreude about all this for me, but there is little doubt that we are seeing increased polarization. In another time Bernie Sanders wouldn’t even be in the Senate, let alone be a serious Presidential hopeful! And he beat Hillary Clinton (though she still had the “old guard” to drag her across the nomination finish line and cheat Bernie out of the nomination). And this means that while the stupid and inexperienced youth wanted Bernie (ironically), there had to have been a sizable chunk of adults who were also boosting Bernie.

There is indeed a widening of the rift, and soon the “straddlers” will have to chose to jump to one side or the other. The rift will just be too big to straddle. So it is, and so it has always been.

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Trump just

06 Mar

called the bluff of the opposition. Time to show what you got. If it is a pair of 2s, you lose. Maybe Trump doesn’t have four aces, but I bet he has better than a pair of 2s.

The lamestream media is in a world of hurt. They have touted such leaks and illegal persecution of Trump for months, but now they are in a position where they have to say it never actually happened and this is just Trump’s paranoia. REALLY?

Well, it has to be one or the other. Either Trump was (and is) right and Obama is guilty as Hell and the MSM were right or Trump is totally paranoid and the MSM were just wrong and Obama is pure as the driven snow.

If they were right, Obama should be in prison. If they were wrong, Trump is paranoid and should not be President and Obama is not guilty–but they are unreliable hacks that no one should believe. They need to chose one. There simply are no other possible explanations.

So Trump has called the hand, and now it’s time to put down and see who is right and who is a total loser. The time for bluffing is over–put down. I know where MY money is! Trump is just a much shrewder player than the MSM and he likely has a better hand. And he has called. That is for a reason…


There are

12 Jan

very good reasons to doubt.

As someone who hears lies all the time, this stinks to high heaven. It is just not reliable.

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It’s true,

08 Oct

complexity is a strategy. When you see a social policy of any sort that is very complex, you KNOW it is that way specifically to benefit some and not others.

For example, take taxes. People of pedestrian means just can’t afford to hire fancy-schmany lawyers and accountants to make sure they get the best deal. Let’s say you are self-employed and live in NYC. You work very hard and make $101,000 a year. Well, you are screwed. Not only are the state and local taxes onerous, not only are living expenses extraordinarily high, but you are “rich” and make over $100,00 a year! And ALL the tax burden is on you and you alone–YOU are the employer. YOU buy your own health insurance. YOU don’t have paid sick days or paid vacation. It is ALL on you.

By the way, that’s why you never, if you can help it, vote for someone who has not run their own business and lived off the sweat of there own brow. You want an executive, not a worker bee.

Now the way to fix this is a flat tax. That is simple. That is transparent. And that’s why we don’t have it.


I think it is

09 Feb

undoubtedly true. Once people see the gov’t as intrinsically unfair, they obey the law ONLY to the extent that they are forced to. The vast majority of people are honest in their taxes–and the gov’t depends on that. But in, say Italy, tax evasion is pretty much the national pastime. No wonder the gov’t hates cash–it is hard for them to track. If it never goes into a bank account, well, it never gets taxed at all. They hate precious metals for the same reason. Secrecy of the masses in any form is their mortal enemy. Why do you think there is such pressure on cell phone makers on this? It ain’t about pedophiles or child pornographers.

But the truth is that once regular people see gov’t operating in unfair and illegal ways, they do it, too. And they feel totally justified. Pretty soon, you have Italy. Traffic tickets are hard to enforce. Taxes are hard to collect. It is chaos–dogs and cats living together (sorry for the “Ghostbusters” reference). There just aren’t enough police in the country to do it, even if you are OK with seeing this nation become a police state.  See, it has always been that people policed themselves. But Obama puts that at risk.

What could happen is “Irish Democracy.” Laws and regulations that people don’t agree with are just ignored. Those who try to enforce it are no longer seen as “friends,” but as “enemies.” It’s a real danger inherent in regulation. The gov’t ONLY gets what it can enforce. Well, brute force is the logical end of ALL Leftism. Leftism always has and always will depend on the Gulag. Any time there is freedom or moral agency, Leftism has to war against it. Tale as old as time–thus it has always been. There has always been a divide between those who want moral agency and those who want force. So choose which side you are on…

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So just where did

16 Mar

the info. that Hillary was using a private email server come from? Not from the sycophantic, lick-spittle MSM. No, heavens no. It was from Obama.

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