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I HATE the fact

30 Jan

that some (Washington Post, NY Times, WSJ) put articles behind pay walls or they are entirely behind pay walls. It is such a jerk move! It’s also a jerk move for blogs to link to them.

I know that I personally won’t link to information behind a pay wall.


Your MSM:

07 Oct

Mindless suck-ups for Hillary.

I mean, you KNOW this is going on, but it still takes your breath away when it is exposed. I guess at heart there are so many of us who are so naive that we believe this stuff when it happens.

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There is a

13 Aug

reason MSM outlets don’t cover the Hillary crimes. Because they are shills.

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Don’t be a freakin’

05 Feb

liar. I guess NBC and Brian Williams never learned that lesson. If you want to see a video of Williams coming clean only after 12 or so years and public counterfactual information, it is here.

Wow, this is lame. Only great fools believe the mainstream media.

People are already not watching in droves. This only makes it worse.


Don’t you just hate it

14 Oct

when the facts mess up your messaging?

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Are the

10 Oct

employment numbers being faked? I think he evidence is overwhelming that they are.

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What a freakin’

12 Mar

moron! Yeah, she’s a freaker. I just shake my head at the utter boundlessness of such stupidity. And don’t even get me started on how stupid the voters are to keep electing her. Good thing she’s not a conservative like Sarah Palin or she would get savaged by the lapdog press. Utter hypocrisy on their part. If there were no conservative press…

I don’t mind there being criticism (and I’m not a Sarah Palin booster by a long way), but C’MON MAN! This kind of unfairness is just nauseating to every fair-minded person out there. It’s an affront to all that is fair and good, and moral people should not stand for such crap. How about just a smidgeon of even-handedness! Just pretend and mimic fairness. Sheesh! <shakes head>

North Vietnam? Really? Does this moron even know what she’s talking about? I’m sure the NY Times will thrash her, so I’ll just wait for it. It will be like waiting for Godot!


Why would I defend Sarah Palin?

06 May

I mean, I have never been a fan. Even though she is clearly and obviously smarter than John Kerry, that is a horrifically low bar, indeed. Anyone who even thought of voting for John Kerry has no rational reason for opposing Sarah Palin on IQ grounds. Kind of the pot calling the kettle black, eh? Disgusting. Makes me lose faith in the human race.

No, I defend Palin purely on the grounds that a number of hypocrites were grossly unfair to her, and such manifest hypocrisy sickens me. I am not particularly a fan, but the crap-eating media and the left (though I repeat myself) totally beclowned themselves in this manner. And they snookered some decent people. Shame on them! Not that they have a shred of embarrassment or are capable of shame–that would be too much to ask of these dishonest simpletons. I would just like a little honesty, though that may be beyond the capacity of these folks.

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27 Apr

pretty much. They ape Hollywood and then wonder why thinking people don’t take them seriously… They are of pedestrian intellect, for the most part.


The partisan media

24 Apr

are desperate to “prove” that Bush and Obama are very different. Gee, their policies often look very, very similar. Yet Obama is lauded by the press while Bush was denigrated by them. Funny how changing party affiliation makes all the difference…

There were good reasons to be critical of Bush. But then to become an Obama cheerleader is nothing short of rank hypocrisy.

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