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How can I be both moral and a staunch Democrat?

25 Oct

It seems like an odd question, and in truth in the past it has been a stupid one. But now it is different…

The modern Democrats are enthralled by infanticide (abortion). They vigorously defend and normalize all sorts of sexual behavior outside of marriage–homosexual and otherwise (and I’m not talking about being friends with homosexuals–I am talking about endorsing homosexuality, a very different issue). They celebrate and encourage truly disturbed people who want to pretend they are of the other sex, even going so far as mutilative surgery and ingestion of powerful hormones–they exploit these poor, lost souls all the while saying they are “caring” and “inclusive.” They celebrate the forcible taking of other people’s property, while Conservatives have been shown to be far more charitable with their own “stuff” than Leftists. They are fans of force and enemies of moral agency. I don’t think any of this is even up for discussion or argument–it is obviously true on its face.

I guess one can fall back on the “care for the poor and needy” argument, but that is weak in many ways, not the least of which is that Conservatives are simply far more generous. NO ONE is advocating kicking cripples to the curb! That is a red herring meant to confuse the rubes. So IS there an area in which Leftists are more moral than Conservatives? If so, what is it?

The question of how I can be both moral and a Democrat is a relatively new one. It just wasn’t a real issue in 1975. But now in 2017 the “gap” has widened considerably,  and currently it is a real issue.

My challenge to my Leftist friends is this: I think that 40 years ago the culture was such that the “moral gap” between Leftism and Conservatism was very small. That gap was easily and comfortably straddled. You could bridge it with the width of a 2×4.

But over the last 20 or 30 years the gap has widened considerably, and the gap is no longer easily or comfortably bridged. It takes all the skills of a contortionist to even come close to doing it. In fact, one can only bridge the gap by selectively choosing a few Leftist ideas and ignoring problems. And these decent ideas are by no means exclusive of Leftism itself. Many moral people are Democrats out of tradition rather than out of deliberation.

So to my friends on the Left, here is my question: How do you morally justify your Leftism?

I honestly think that it is getting harder and harder to bridge that gap. That was not the case 30 years ago, but now it is an issue we now have to face head on.

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I think these “shout-downs” (like all “shout-downs”) are

16 Oct

a problem. And I really don’t want the Right to imitate the tactics of the Left. But, in truth, I doubt such things on the Conservative side will be all that much of a problem. Conservatives have jobs and families and such. They hold to neighborly behavior and kindness. And in contrast to Leftism, Conservatives are not congenitally violent and displays of force and coercion are not naturally a part of Conservatism as a theory. Conservatives really don’t do these sorts of things. It’s just not in their natures.

That said, I can certainly understand how gratifying it is to see Lefty twerps get some “poetic justice.” There is a sense that “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” Yeah, I get that. It is hard to see boorish Lefty behavior go unpunished–it feels unfair. I understand the urge to reach out yourself and try to make things right and just. It’s really tough at times to turn the other cheek. And I’m not saying that it is never the right thing to do to allow these Lefties to experience what it’s like for the shoe to be on the other foot. It can be.

But revenge is quite dangerous. YOU are not wise enough to see how revenge will end up. That’s why the Lord says, “Vengeance is mine.” Not yours. His. You cannot handle it. DO. NOT. SEEK. REVENGE. It will rot your every relationship. It will sour your life entirely. It will leave you alone, a bitter old geezer. Do not touch!

But back to the ranch… Leftists have set a very bad precedent. Now they have truly endangered their own speech by shouting down others. They thought they would always hold the whip by the handle and never feel the lash end. They were wrong. This is a very bad sign. YOU need to be respectful toward others, and then others will (hopefully) be respectful to YOU. You don’t have to agree, but do be kind.

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06 Oct

you have a DUTY to arm yourself. You have a DUTY to protect your loved ones (and you can’t do that if you are dead or disarmed). I understand that there are special situations, but this is the general rule. This is an issue of morality. It is immoral for you to fob off your duties onto someone else. Don’t be just a leech; arm yourself.

This is a moral issue. Don’t be weighed in the balance and found wanting…


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25 Sep

Socialism in one lesson.

I think it is quite clear that Socialism produces human misery. And I think that is immoral. It is immoral to cause human suffering, and I am totally against that. Therefore, I am against Socialism. We need to understand well that this is a moral issue, and not shy away from that. Make the moral argument!

Like all philosophies with a horrible horrific human cost, it sounds good on a superficial level. It seems like wisdom, but it is not. It get adherents because of the inherent goodness of people. They don’t want a single person to suffer. But it is a ruse, and it fools even the very smart and very moral. In a sort of moral jiu-jitsu it turns your good intentions into evil things.

As Gandalf said, “Understand Frodo, I would use this Ring from a desire to do good. But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.” Remember, Galadriel had the very same temptation (and also passed the test). But just as one could not use the ring to do good, one cannot use force morally. It cannot be bent to your will.

And THAT is the story of Socialism. YOU are not its master. You would use it out of a desire to do good, but it would result in untold misery. Say it with me: Socialism is Satanic.


This is

08 Aug

pretty pessimistic. But again, there is anger there. A wistful anger, but nonetheless…

I’m telling you, the “gap” is widening. I’ve been saying that for years. And it is true. You can’t straddle the gap forever–you will have to jump to one side or the other. It was different with our parents–the gap was small enough that you could have polite disagreements. The idealogical “base” was pretty much the same, though the proposed solutions were different. But now the gap is widening. There WILL be a sorting.

The day will come where you either have to be hot or cold–you will have to make a call. Today is not that day, but I can see it from here. It is foolish to think that this is the 1970s and we can disagree and then go have a beer together. Today is NOT that day.

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And it really IS

20 Jul

a problem for the Left.

Several of the Lefties I have as friends (and I, in fact, DO have friends, amazingly enough) cite welfare and the milk of human kindness as the reasons they are on the Left. In fact, all of them do. The fact that they have been “flipped” in sort of a moral Jiu-Jitsu is a conversation for another day.

They studiously avoid the characteristics like violence, dishonesty, infanticide, and sexual libertine-ism that are SO prominent on the Left. They don’t want to talk about fiscal issues, either. Tax issue are fraught with moral problems.

But they think that because their hearts are in the right place, they are immune from the other and very real moral criticisms. But it is important to recognize that their hearts are indeed in the right place, however misguided on the whole they may be. Let’s respect that.

Now, it is a damned lie that Conservatives don’t care about such things, but that is, in fact, the narrative that the MSM an other cultural authorities prattle on about. These sources tell people over and over that Conservatives are the embodiment of Scrooge McDuck. It is true that my Lefty friends are being snookered, but we also need to recognize that their good intentions are being turned against them–they are in many ways the victim, here.

See, the Left really DOES have a “hamburger problem.” It’s hard to be just a little coercive. It’s hard to be just a little intrusive. It’s hard to shoot someone in the head just a little. So the things that (rightly) attract many Leftists lead to some pretty dang unpalatable things. The logical ultimate destination is a real problem, but the first step certainly isn’t! Yeah, Leftism turns good into evil…

In times past the Left was 90% good, and decent people could ignore the 10% bad. They could dismiss that as an outlier. That was then. But now it’s more like 80% bad and 20% good, and it’s far harder to really associate with the Left and remain moral. It is still possible–just barely, but you now have to squint really hard to avoid seeing the immorality.

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I was roommates with a Navy SEAL.

12 Jul

I am grateful to this guy. I wouldn’t want my own sons to be like him, but I am still grateful. I spent 6 weeks as his roommate, and we both had Top Secret clearances. So I heard a TON of things, many of which I will never repeat. But, as Orwell said, we only sleep safe in our beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence in our name and on our behalf. He was indeed a “rough man.”

Was this Navy SEAL an ideal man? No. No he wasn’t. Not even close. But…

It’s a moral conundrum for all of us. And don’t be fooled, morality is at the heart of this.

Sometimes it just might be a lunatic I’m looking for. And that lunatic will lead a tortured life. I might need an SOB, even though he will, of course, be chronically unhappy. Patton was an awful person. He would have made a terrible fishing buddy, and a worse husband, father, or brother. But we needed a great tank commander, and he was indeed that. And don’t be fooled, his interpersonal bugaboos were EXACTLY what made him a great tank commander. Without him and his interpersonal failings we would have lost WWII.

And in order to have the great tank commander one MUST have the interpersonal failings–they are part and parcel of the exact same gig. The failings and the strengths are two sides of the very same coin. It is folly to think you can have one without the other. So make your call.

It was simply impossible for Patton to be both a great friend/brother/charming dude and a great tank commander. The skills and reflexes needed for each were mutually exclusive. So make your choice. But understand that it just might be a jerk you’re looking for. I benefit from his pain and weakness. Hmmm…

So we can rightly criticize my Navy SEAL friend. There was a good deal that he did that I don’t approve of. But understand that I slept safe in my bed because of his faults and sins. I was free because he was such a jerk that his wife divorced him and his kids hated him. He was miserable, but I was alive and could live a “better” life. I could be kind because he was willing to put a bullet in a bad guy’s head. So be careful how you judge things!

As Frodo said to Sam in The Lord of the Rings, “We saved the Shire, Sam. But not for us.”

This guy’s disdain for rules led to constant pain for him in many different settings (and it was a pain in my butt, as well. There were things he did that I found reprehensible), but his attitude was also crucial to ME being safe.

This is the guy who snuck out of the building (in military training) at 2am and dove off the New England beach we lived near in order to get lobster–that we cooked in the microwave in the middle of the night! He broke the military rules we lived under, but we got lobster (though I don’t recommend cooking them in a microwave oven). There’s a lesson here, somewhere.

Is there another way? Maybe. But we rely on men, not angels. So think carefully before you stand in judgment—YOU are not wise enough to do so. Leave that to someone who is.


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20 Jun

quite a surprise. If you are totally ignorant, anyway. Here’s a quote: Contrary to mainstream media expectations, the violence and threats come almost entirely from the political Left, not the Right.

Folks, you need to understand that Leftism is at heart violent. This is not an aberration. It is a manifestation of the foundational principles of Leftism. WAKE UP!

Please understand that Leftism is at heart violent and immoral. Sure, it is wrapped in happy talk and unicorns and fairies, but that is just the sales job, a façade. It really is Dolores Umbridge with cute little kitties, soft pink outfits,  and a bloody,  scarred hand along with a horrible death by Dementors. This veneer is what gets otherwise moral people to join in. Again, it is a moral Jiu-Jitsu. Those who do not think deeply are snookered.

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I’m telling you!

17 Jun

Well, you know the rest,,.

This is who the Left IS. And notice well that NONE of the Congressional Democrats have gone on record against these acts or told the groups that they need to act better. No, they have at least tacitly endorsed the violence. It is quite consonant with, foundational of, their political philosophy. Quite.

THAT should inform you in voting next time! And I hope you do the moral thing. Demonstrate where you stand.

Take a stand against violence, don’t vote Democrat.

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Wonder why

04 Jun

Trump was elected? Don’t be a moron. And this kind of crap will ensure that Trump gets a second term, and then Mike Pence will be elected.

Dems have shown that they are NOT reliable and that they can’t/won’t keep you safe. It is quite clear that you should never vote for a Democrat or help them by voting for a third party (which is essentially the same thing). Any fool with one iota of self-preservation instinct gets that now. It is now painfully obvious to even the dullest of citizens.

I really would not be shocked to see the Democrat party dissolve entirely. Many people are still trapped in a hidebound past where “we can all just be friends” and there is no moral valence attached to party affiliation. But those days are over. Waaayy over. The Dems support immoral things–and I will not sully myself by encouraging or supporting them. I don’t support groups or individuals whose teachings oppose or are contrary to what I think is moral. I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way…

Sure, most Moslems are peaceful. But still even then they are too often collaborators who wink at Jihadists. THIS kind of violent nonsense is ultimately brought to you by “the religion of peace.” Until rank and file Moslems publicly condemn such actions, they will be tarred with the same brush.

So, you decent Muslims, stand up and condemn this crap! Show what side you are on. Are you with the evil people or are you with the forces of civilization? Show your hand…