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Pretty dang

26 May

ghoulish. You have to be dead to morality. Totally dead.

And just know that when you vote for a pro-abortion person or even a spineless squish, you are partaking in a heinous crime. You are playing a crucial part. Your hands are NOT clean…

Don’t be a part of this. Don’t vote for anyone who promotes this moral depravity.

It’s no wonder that the ghouls are panicked that this video stuff might get into the broader culture–it is a testament to their ghoulishness.


Funny how

25 May

experience changes you.

I think it immoral to leave your spouse and children unprotected. It is cold and cruel. It is an abdication of responsibility.

Don’t be cruel–try to protect yourself and the ones you love. This is NOT just about you.


We need to understand that

25 May

the “blue” model is cruel. Venezuela? Cruel

Really has there ever been a Lefty government that has NOT been cruel? From Hitler to Stalin to Pol Pot to Chavez, we see the same thing over and over. It is immoral.


We are starting

22 May

to see the end game of the “blue” model. Look, someone will be looking, disappointed, for a chair when the music stops. That’s how Leftism works. As Margaret Thatcher once said, “At some point you run out of other people’s money.”

We need to understand that the “blue” model is the problem, here. It is a dog that don’t hunt. It always collapses after a time and leaves a huge number of victims (see: Russia). This is NOT an “accident,” it is part and parcel with Leftism itself. It is not a “bug,” it is a defining characteristic of Leftism. That’s what Leftism is! Leftism=delayed misery–one just hopes that one can get a chair when the music stops.

Here is the problem: Most people can think only in the short-term, and they assume that they will get a chair when the music stops (or that it will stop only after they are dead). And yes, I understand why that is (Hint: Narcissism plays a HUGE role–which is why pride and childrearing are so crucial).

But it is very important to understand that Leftism is a short-term philosophy. It’s like a pyramid scheme–the first participants make out like, uh, bandits, but the subsequent ones get hosed–though they all thought they would get rich–it’s just that the last chumps were lied to. But eventually the music stops and someone is standing there looking for a chair with a big “L” pasted on their forehead. The victims are just so narcissistically deluded that they think it won’t be them–did I mention childrearing?

That is Leftism. There are the Bernie Sanders types who do indeed get rich, but eventually the music does indeed stop. It always stops.

Now Conservativism does not have that moral weakness. You eat what you kill, and you voluntarily share with those who can’t hunt. And don’t be fooled, Leftism pretends to be otherwise, but it is indeed immoral.


Yet another

12 May

heartwarming story.

ALWAYS remember, Leftists don’t want people to be able to defend themselves. Just whose side are they on, anyway?

I find this Lefty behavior morally despicable. They are either stupid or evil. Or a bit of both. Is there another logical possibility? Maybe they are just culturally hide-bound and can’t manage modernity. But that is bordering hard on stupidity, really. I mean, the data are QUITE clear. The logic and data are unassailable. So on what grounds can they oppose?

C’mon man! Defend yourself! Just why do you believe what you do?

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12 May

moral dirtbag.

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The gentle

06 May

and tolerant Left express their desires. Yeah, this shows the morality inherent in Leftism…

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When you need to

01 May

hide your actual views, you know that there is a huge problem. It is fraud and deception, and of course it’s not really about South Dakota. It is the national that they are worried about.

Just say what you truly think and let people decide. THAT is what you do if you really have the moral high ground. The fact that they are lying and hiding speaks volumes. They have to lie and hide in order to keep a modicum of power. But instead of confronting those issues, the Democrats choose hiding and obfuscation.

See, they win because they lie and deceive. I get the desire to win, but I don’t like the deception.

That fraud means that a) they are not confident in their positions and b) that most “normal” people would see those positions as immoral.

REALLY? Stand up for what you actually believe! Be proud of who you are!

But they can’t. Not and win. People will rightfully reject them. Leftism is built on a foundation of violence toward political opponents, murder (abortion), rejection of the work ethic, and sexual libertine-ism. Those themes are not really going to fly well in South Dakota. Or in the country as a whole. Therefore, the McGovern dinner is closed to the press.

In addition, they don’t want people to make a choice. They are adamantly opposed to moral agency. It is anathma to them. That is why they hide their true intentions. When you don’t know the gig, you can’t exercise moral agency. So Democrats need to let as few people as possible know what the gig is.

The fact that they have to hide tells you what the real deal is. The truth doesn’t need to cloak itself in the garb of secrecy.

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Venezuela is a total mess,

27 Apr

If you really like the pain, suffering, and abject misery of humans, Venezuela is totally for you. And don’t be confused, THIS is the bitter fruit of Leftism. THIS is what you get. There simply are no excuses in this case. Leftism doesn’t work. And those who have been forced to drink out of that bitter cup are not anxious to again stain their lips.

I mean, how dumb or dismissive of reality do you have to be to be a Leftist now? If you are still a Leftist, maybe you just don’t care about human suffering. Or the horse you bet on long ago lost and yet you keep placing more and more money on it in the deluded hope that it will eventually pay off. Uh, that horse lost already, so quit putting money on it. Or maybe you just don’t know crap. But it’s evil, stupid, or hidebound to hold to Leftism. There just are no other choices. It is one of these or a combination of these.

Folks, Leftism is a doctrine of misery and human suffering. It is morally wrong. It is NOT merely a matter of preference–you know, you say “potato” and I say “potahhto.” I jury is NOT out–they have looooong ago rendered their verdict and gone back home to sit on the couch with a cold one and watch Jeopardy.  Leftism has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. We know the facts! It is not even debatable anymore.

Don’t be foolish and immoral. Don’t be a Leftist. It’s high time you just admit you were wrong and move on. Lots of people have been fooled by this, so don’t let your personal psychopathology get in the way of you changing.

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Leftism and Lefties have NEVER been

20 Apr

real defenders of free speech. Remember, NAZIs were hard Left (mindless propaganda notwithstanding), and today’s hard left uses the exact same force that the Gestapo applied. It really is important to understand that this violence and coercion is at the very heart of Leftism. It is not an unfortunate by-product, it is the core. It sounds good, but of course the road to Hell is famously paved with good intentions.

If you value moral agency, you are NOT a Leftist. But you might be an ignoramus who assumes that one can be both a person who is on the Left and a person who values moral agency, but in point of fact you are a person who doesn’t actually value it. You can say all the right words in sweet tones, but it is ruse–it is a second language to you. And you speak it with a distinct accent.

You are a Dolores Umbridge, who has photos of cute kittens all around but who is totally fine ordering the gruesome and painful death or torture of those who don’t agree with her. A person would be lucky, indeed to escape with merely scars on the back of their hand. Like her, you are a toady (as expressed by her looks) for someone with more power and status. Understand Dolores Umbridge is the prototype for Leftism.

And as the prototype, she undoubtedly felt all morally superior. Yep, that is characteristic of the species.

See, the battle about moral agency has always been and is still raging. Eventually, you gotta stand up for what you believe. I know not what path others may take, but as for me, I am firmly on the side of moral agency.

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