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06 Mar

is more than just meaningless window dressing and mindless repression. Reputation means a lot. We are seeing that in spades right now.

So Obama is accused of doing illegal “dirty tricks” on Trump.

Does anyone think that Obama really would not do such a thing? I think that most everyone figures he probably did do it. He may well get off scot free, but he likely did it. It totally fits with what we know about him. There is absolutely no reason to think he would be morally opposed to such a thing.

This goes way beyond personal politics and into personal morality. I have not seen a single defense of Obama saying that he would never do such a dastardly deed. There may indeed be issues of proving it, but no one thinks he would never actually do it. Guilt or innocence is to be decided by facts on the ground, but it is clear that Obama would certainly DO such a thing if he thought he could get away with it. His own morality does not defend him, here. Quite the opposite.

In other words, he is weighed morally in the balance and found wanting. Yes, there may be a legal technicality that keeps him out of prison, but we all know the cut of this man’s moral jib.

That’s why this accusation, true or false, is so damaging. It is totally in line with the Obama we know. In other words, the chickens are coming home to roost.


This is the truth:

09 Feb

It is easy to laugh at the current hysteria in the Democratic Party, and, perhaps, it is a moral duty to do so. But we are learning something very ugly about liberals. All that talk about democracy? Forget it. Their interest is in power, period. I seriously think they would throw us conservatives in jail if they had the opportunity. The Democratic Party, as currently constituted, must never achieve power again.

It’s hard to fathom, but the Left seems to have gone off the rails. Leftists are just note safe, and we would be very unwise to put such violent wackos anywhere near the levers of power. They would destroy the Republic. They are despots, and they are only too willing to use violence to obtain power and domination. They are not moral.

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30 Jan

we can hope for the best.

Let’s hope the so-called ‘net neutrality is first in line for the abatoir.  This is a stinkin’ pig that needs to die. Hmm… bacon… I knew that it was a barfing dog from the very first time I looked at it, and this isn’t even my line of work! It was freakin’ obvious once you got beyond the superficial.

But like all Leftism, it has been cloaked in the language of “fair” so it preys on our good intentions and turns our good impulses to evil. The stronger those good impulses are, the farther along Leftism is once you are “flipped.” Yeah, that is pretty much how Leftism always works–it’s like the proverbial whited sepulcher: It looks fancy and attractive on the surface but inside it is full of dead men’s bones and all manner of putrescence. But you don’t know it until it is everlastingly too late. Next thing you know, you are wondering how on eath you got turned into a murderous zombie…

That’s how it fools people. Even the very smart and educated can be fooled! Maybe especially the very smart and educated, at least those who are a bit full of themelves.

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I’m starting

18 Jan

to hear very small rumblings about Conservatives using “moral language” in the fight against Leftism. For years I have said that Conservatives should talk in such terms, and it makes it easier that Conservatism is in fact more moral than Leftism!

But I think that that is very much the way to go.

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Add another

16 Jan

heartwarming story. I just wish everyone were so caring and protective of others.

Of course, the gun controller wackos wish he and his son were dead. Me, I find that immoral. But then again, unlike the gun controller nuts I actually care about things like morality and the well being of others.

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Yeah, the MSM got hammered,

05 Jan

but it’s not like they will learn from that. Your faith in them is… disturbing. And misgided. And foolish.

In 4 years you will again see the MSM spinning furiously for their person. Actually, they have already started, though now it is mainly just post-death spasms. Yeah, noise is coming out of their mouths, but it is just meaningless–just residual air pressure from when they were alive. It’s just pent-up gas. In a year it will be a calculated effort to prepare the battle space. In 2 years their shilling will kick in in spades. In 3 it will be unbearable. In 4, well, have your anti-emetics ready!

No wonder Trump has taken to Twitter. In that way he goes around the lame, biased media. He is wise to go around them.

When the MSM portrayed the mild-mannered choir-boy Romney as a monster who was gratuitously cruel to dogs, gave people cancer out of taking pleasure in their suffering, and trapped women in binders, they lost ALL credibility. Here was a deeply moral man who cared for his stricken wife while constantly serving others, and yet the MSM painted him as the second coming of Hannibal Lecter. In doing so, they lost ALL credibility. ALL.

Only a great fool believes them. I am NOT a great fool. Truly, we live in a post-modern world. There is only opinion and you better know what you believe. So arm yourself, because no one else here will save you.

I think the time is WAYYYYY over where you depend on some other mortal to give you Truth. You can ONLY get it yourself, and it has a shelf life…

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The truth is

04 Jan

that the Democrats are indeed bleeding moderates.

They have become so extreme that only the far Left among us can even tolerate them. In the 70s and 80s, one could be a moral person and still be a Democrat. I myself have voted for Democrats! These candidates were just more moral and competent than the Republicans in the race. One of my cherished mentors (God rest his soul) was a House Democrat and a former member of the Carter administration (ambassador to a MAJOR European country–when I knew him in Haiti the US Ambassador there treated him as clearly higher in status). He was a great man, and the epitome of moral.

His wife (2nd wife, actually) was extremely pro-Democrat and was just offended by Reagan and Bush I. He didn’t say much about it, but she sure gave me an earful when Bush took over from Reagan!

But the moral gap has widened considerably (and it continues to widen). You can’t do what he did, now. NOW there is a real question about whether you can be both moral and a Democrat–that was not a question then. Can one be a Democrat now and not be a gay booster and abortophile?

It is different, now. It is 2017 and not 1982. Things are very much different… The gap is increasing, and I can no longer straddle it. I could in the 70s, but not now. In very circumscribed situationas the Democrat may indeed be more moral, but that simply isn’t the case in the overwhelming proportion of cases, now. And I also have to overcome the fact that even if this particular person is moral, I don’t want to aid and abet immorality in general, and voting for them would likely do just that. So I vote for the person who  is less moral because the net is less immorality. Yeah, it’s far from perfect, but I have to look at the broader picture, here.

For example, I recently voted for a known dirtbag for Governor of my state when running against him was a good childhood friend (and his father was my father’s good friend) of unimpeachable morals. He would have been a fine Governor, but I wasn’t about to boost immorality. So I reluctantly voted for the dirtbag. The net morality was better that way. Yeah, in the immortal words of Ursula the Sea-Witch, life is full of tough choices…

There are a lot of moral people who can honestly say that they never left the Democrat party–the Democrat party left them. And that is a danged shame.


I think that

03 Jan

this is a very good article.

But I want to underline something: Always, always, ALWAYS attack. Always. It is your moral duty.

That is very much related to this: Remember that the Right absolutely has the moral high ground.

That is why the Left has been (laughably) bent on saying the NAZIs (National Socialists) were on the Right and other such nonsense. They love to say that they are “one the right side of history” (an intrinsically moral argument). They are desperate to call anything “Right” morally bad (and vice-versa). It should be no surprise at all that they make a moral argument. Even the rug in Obama’s Office famously has a moral saying on it. The Left correctly understands that this is fundamentally a moral argument–that is the ground upon which we fight. And it has always been this way.

But in fact that the Leftist account of the world is the complete opposite of the TRUTH. Yes, it fits both their own beliefs and their desire for power and dominion. But it is a lie, plain and simple. They are just being disingenuous in an effort to capture the moral high ground. Don’t be snookered!

Compromise is almost always the enemy. I don’t want soup with just a teeny bit of poop in it. I’m not going to compromise on THAT.

In the past the Right has unwisely and erroneously ceded that moral high ground to the Left. They thought that by being weak and compromising and accommodating they would be respected. Wrong. They were untrinsically modest and willing to question themselves. They were taken advantage of because they were polite. Now is NOT the time to be polite. Being polite is getting us taken advantage of.

Look, Leftist ideas have caused untold misery in every single country where it has been forced on people. There was a partial exception in a small and culturally homogenius country (Sweden) but that is more due to the people rather than to the system. Swedes are relatively successful in the US once they come here, too. It’s not Leftism, it is Swedish-ness. But even this is an exception. The best you can say is that before diversity, partial Leftism was not horrible in Sweden. That is the best you can say. After diversity? Not so much.

The moral response is and always has been Conservatism. From time immemorial it has been moral agency at issue–Conservatism is both moral and makes economic sense. Leftism is immoral and antithetical to moral agency itself. Oh, and it doesn’t work. There is a reason that soldiers had to get out and push Castro’s hearse! The reason is Leftism. It is not just that Conservatism is more effective (it obviously is), it is that it is far more moral. Leftism is the doctrine of force. It is the doctrine of the bullet. It is the doctrine of misery and expl0itation.

And you and I should attack it as immoral. Never stop. As a moral person, I have no other choice.

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Next time

10 Dec

you are tempted to think or say that philosophy does matter in the real world, think of this and correct yourself.

This is a failure of political philosophy. It matters. A lot.

When people believe wrong and stupid things, the general population suffers. I just want to go on record that I am against human suffering. That’s why I am conservative.

Yes, it’s a moral stance.

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It is really

07 Dec

quite clear. Leftism is a crappy economic philosophy. From Cuba to North Korea, it simply doesn’t work and leads to untold misery. It is just wrong! That’s why I am Conservative–I care about people and don’t want to see them suffer. For me it is a moral question as well as an economic one. I guess those on the Left feel differently…

See, Leftism is not just wrong. It is not just a bad idea. It’s not just that it doesn’t work. It is immoral, and I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way

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