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The Left has prided itself on

19 Feb

being iconoclastic, but some icons are there for a good reason. As the old saying goes,

Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.

Good advice.

The problem with Leftism is that they have no clue on this kind of stuff. They value tearing down fences but fail to understand that those fences keep out monsters–that’s why they were put up in the first place! We hate the “stodgy” chivalry and restrictive gentlemanly manners and traditional marriage of the past–so we get rid of them and then wonder that women are treated so badly and there are so many bastard children and people are watching easily-accessed porn instead of undergoing the challenges of dating and marrying. I mean, just look at Japan, for Pete’s sake! Well, that particular fence was put up for a reason…

Were “the old days” a perfect system? Of course not. There have always been those who abuse and dominate others–it is an almost universal human failing. Whenever a person gets a little power, as they suppose, they virtually always start lording that power over others in abusive ways. Still, let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. If I assume that all humans act this way, I can set up cultural and political strictures to make such abuse of power less likely and less easy.

Leftist places (like Venezuela and the the old USSR) are beset with monsters, and they feed off the misery of the people.

Here’s all there is to know: Leftism = misery.

And I find that misery to be immoral. THAT is why I am Conservative–it is far more moral.

You might be a “transgressive” Lefty who violates social norms on a constant basis, but that just doesn’t work as a culture. Society can handle the odd duck here and there who is like that. But once we have over a critical mass doing that, there is untold misery. The fences are down. Then the monsters set in.

We fight against monsters. Part of what we fight against is being called “stodgy” and “square,” because if we give heed to that, we are lost. Don’t give in. Such catcalls are just trying to get you to wander off in forbidden paths. And they are forbidden for a VERY good reason…


If Mueller were an honest

12 Feb

and reliable source, he would get to the bottom of DOJ corruption and stop wasting time and taxpayer money trying to “get” Trump. Here are some quotes:

If a Republican administration had used unverifiable hearsay from a patently suspect agent of the Republican presidential candidate to gull the FISA court into granting a warrant to spy on an associate of the Democratic nominee’s campaign, it would be covered as the greatest political scandal in a half-century.


We need full disclosure — the warrants, the applications, the court proceedings. No more games. 

Read the whole thing, though make sure you have blood pressure meds handy.

Enough of this crap-eating nonsense! Come November, get rid of the turds! It’s time for ALL good people to come to the aid of their country!

And read this. But I really hope you have a strong stomach. Vote the bastards out. I’m sick to death of their corruption and moral turpitude.


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So just who

10 Feb

do you believe?

I sure know who I believe!

And you know dang well how I will vote in November. I will vote for the moral side. And so should you! Let’s get these moral turds out of office!

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Wow, Hillary really IS

28 Jan

a HUGE champion for women!


She’s a champion for ONE woman–herself.

I mean, really, is everything this creature says a  lie? I can only be grateful I neither voted for her nor threw my vote away on some 3rd-party schlub and and thus helped make a Hillary Presidency more likely. One is marginally less immoral than the other, I agree. But only very marginally. They both really sucky moral behavior.


Democrats REALLY

22 Jan

have to be hating life right now.

And don’t kid yourself, THIS is what the gov’t shut down is all about.

First, Democrats need to get the Trump economic success off the front page. And this gov’t shut down does just that. So of course they want a gov’t shut down! And then if they can “stick” this on Republicans, they will have totally won. Don’t let the bastards win…

Second (and closely related), Democrats need some “dirt” to throw at Republicans and in the public’s eyes in order to not have people so very happy with the Republicans. So there are lots of stories (the MSM is, for all intents and purposes, part of the Democrat party) about how Trump is unfaithful to his wife (with a porn star, no less!) and Republicans hate poor people, and Republicans kick cute puppies, Republicans are Scrooge McDuck incarnate, and Democrats just love and nurture everyone, etc.

This is all about the November 2018 elections. Keep your eye on the ball, here. Democrats need you to turn  your head when they say, “Look, a squirrel!” They will carp on and on about moral equivalence and other such things, but it is just a ruse. It is just their frantic effort to hide.

This is all about the 2018 mid-terms. Don’t be fooled or distracted. Things are much better, economically, with Trump, and without a doubt because of Trump.  Yes, the NY Times and the usual morons will blather on and on about how the President really can take no credit or blame for the economy, but that is a steaming pile of horse crap. And  THAT realization is exactly what Democrats cannot risk becoming commonly accepted knowledge. If people understood clearly, it would totally discredit both Obama and the Democrats.

Yes, OF COURSE there are economic ups and downs, but let’s face the obvious facts–Lefty politics inevitably cause economic downturns. DUH! Look at Venezuela, for Pete’s sake! We have seen this over and over and over. So yes, there are “natural” fluctuations in the economy, but the President usually amplifies or attenuates them in one direction or another, depending on his or her underlying philosophy.

So a Lefty President might see 2% growth. But it would have been 5% but for his stupid policies. A republican President, however, might see a 3% growth but he nurtures it and it become a 5% growth rate. THAT is the difference.

Understand that Democrats are rooting for misery. I find that immoral.

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Uh-Oh government!

12 Jan

It looks like the tables have been flipped. They may well end up being the hare rather than the hound! No wonder many of us don’t give a crap what they say in terms of guilt. Fruit of a poisoned tree, and all that. They are NOT credible sources. <sheesh!>

That is totally in line with what we saw in the Bundy case. The common thread is a corrupt Javert-like prosecution that is completely willing to lie and break the law to “get” what they think are law-breakers. Are YOU OK with that? Let’s talk about YOUR morality, here!

And this corruption is a big deal. Bundy also shows it is widespread–it is a problem with the FBI culture. It certainly extends to former FBI head Robert Mueller. Obviously.

You know, justice doesn’t matter to them. The only important thing is getting conviction. Me, I am for justice.

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Wow, it

22 Dec

is really (in the words of an old Halo video game) un-freakin’-believable. The dishonesty defies rational thought. It leaves one speechless and gasping for air. Unreal! And yet the MSM have said nothing about it! Let’s face the fact: They are complicit. They are “unindicted co-conspirators.”

Republican administration are quite likely to be more honest. Why, are Republicans just intrinsically more honest? Well, perhaps, though that is absolutely NOT what I am arguing. Humans are humans. But the environment is very different for Democrats than it is for Republicans.

See, real issue is that the media has it’s lips planted firmly and lovingly on Lefty butt cheeks. Republicans know well that just as the MSM will lie and protect Democrats and their boyfriend Obama, they will quickly rag on Conservatives for anything that even approaches wrongdoing or can be spun to seem so. They have to be much more careful.

For example, how excited would a reporter be to show that Mike Pence had an improper sexual relationship (even if consensual) outside of his marriage? Pence needs to be very careful! Mrs. Pence has less reason to worry about her husband’s fidelity than perhaps any woman in history!

Understand this well when you cast your vote in 2018. Voting for the Republican is almost always the moral choice. I think this should be obvious to even the dullest among us, given current events.

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Here’s something

16 Dec

to make you holier-than-thou bumpkins explode your head: Trump has made our government more moral.

But the actual reasoning is unassailable.

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You want

14 Dec

a glimpse into Mueller’s investigation? Well okay, but it is ugly in there. Really ugly.

Be aware that this is what Mueller’s investigation really looks like. It’s what it is. You may think that this will all somehow shake out correctly in the end, but that is a very naïve and Pollyanna-ish position.

I understand and even agree that there are some significant political repercussions for firing Mueller that may not be worth enduring, but it is still richly deserved. From a purely moral perspective, this guy is a total dirtbag and ought to be fired immediately. But we all know that the world is not always fair or moral…


The idea that somehow

11 Dec

it is somehow moral to vote against Roy Moore is a sick joke. This is the turning of things upside down, the calling of “good” bad and “bad” good. DON’T BE FOOLED! It won’t stand.

Even the case of Corman is dubious, at best. It would NOT be wise (at all) to lean on such sources. And Moore is +7 in Alabama right now–I will be surprised if the final tally is not Moore +10. The tide (Crimson Tide?) is turning–turning crimson.

And this is for good reason. The accusers have clearly lied and tried to defraud. They clearly have malicious intent. No one with a lick of sense or personal morality votes against Roy Moore.