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This really

30 Dec

is awesome! I have rarely seen such a complete and utter beat-down.

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You want to get into college?

09 Sep

Then don’t be Asian.

I have said and strongly believe this is the way to go: say you are Black. If challenged, say that you identify as Black and have that background. Who are they to judge? So I have white parents and grandparents. So what? Maybe 5 generations ago there was a “fly in the milk,” so to speak. Tell them to prove it! H0w far can they go back? And if many do it, they will simply be overwhelmed if they try. Besides, once you are in and do well, what are they going to do?

When I lived in Haiti I saw many people who were very light-skinned…

I have absolutely NO problem doing that. I see it as a form of civil disobedience.

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I have a son who

15 Jun

will apply to colleges in about 6 months. Maybe I should advise him to self-identify as “Black” so as to improve his chances. Now objectively, he is not black. But it would certainly help to say that he is. Maybe if confronted he can just say that he thought there was some Black ancestor somewhere. Or maybe American Indian–I mean his great grandfather (RIP) had high cheekbones and all. And Hispanic would be easy–he could just do his “Nacho Libre” schtick!

Race preferment categories are stupid and meaningless. If gender is malleable, why not race? It just makes no logical sense.

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