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You don’t

04 Aug

sense any anger here, do you?

Stop, Lefties. Stop now.

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The evidence

30 May

is obvious: Hillary is a crook. There is really no other rational way to explain things. We can quibble about details, but the overall picture is quite clear.

That means that we are faced with either voting for Trump, who is a buffoon, or voting for Hillary, who is an evil felon. Like I say, you can choose whether to kiss a toad (Trump) or kiss a turd (Hillary). THOSE are the choices.

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Yeah, when our

28 Mar

self-proclaimed betters start acting as in “climate change” is a real issue, I will start to listen. But this just shows that “Global Warming” is now and always has been merely Lefty Hacktivism garbed in the cloak of environmentalism. They take the diversion of science and hope that you will argue on THAT ground, because they can more easily make it look like it favors them. It is just a way to get you off track. It is the intellectual version of rope-a-dope.

Don’t be tricked into thinking this is anything else, here. These folks are watermelons: green on the outside but red to the core. The hope for them is that they can “trap” you by playing a noble-sounding environmental tune and then spring 1984 on you. Don’t be fooled–it’s a ruse!

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You know,

28 Mar

THIS is why I hate Kasich and would never vote for him. He is worse than Trump, and that is saying quite a lot. There’s simply no way he could win, and yet he insists on staying in and damaging a real conservative. For that he richly deserves to burn in Hell.

In WI:

Researchers also found Kasich appears to be mostly pulling votes from Cruz, with his supporters finding Cruz more favorable than Trump 36 percent to 27 percent.

Of course, there are the people who are stupid enough to vote for Kasich. They suck, too. Talk about wasting your vote! Not only can your “boyfriend” not win, but the candidate who is diametrically opposed to your purported views is the winner because of your foolishness! Wow, how stupid can you get? Stupid, stupid, STUPID!

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Yeah, pretty

29 Feb



There is a hope that Hillary’s crimes will keep her from being President, but I think that is a vain, Pollyanna-ish hope, indeed. No, evil must be confronted, and you can’t just sit back and wait for someone else to do the heavy lifting for you.

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Sorry, we are chronically

07 Feb

being lied to.


This is certainly

27 Jul

not much of a surprise. Obama’s utter stupidity put everyone at risk!

“And yet he IS such a man…”

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24 Jul

pretty disgusting. Moral people would not be anywhere this crap


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Yeah, it just makes

30 Jun

no sense, at least if the goal is military effectiveness rather than just an expensive and functionally worthless dog-and-pony show. But then, that’s Obama for you–all hat and no cattle.

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Never, never never forget!

28 Jun

the Democrats have long been the party of racism! They are trying the same old “NAZIs were on the right” ruse again in order to fool the rubes. Don’t be snookered again…

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