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Not at all

02 Apr

surprising. I know that many people are trapped in CA for one reason or another. But those who can are fleeing.

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For those of you who are irrationally smitten

23 Feb

with Trump, let me say just two words:

Antonin Scalia

So Trump said that he would appoint his Leftist SISTER to the Supreme Court. REALLY? Ya gotta be crappin me! If there were EVER a plain indicator that he is not fit for office, this is it. You have vacancies (1 now) coming on the Supreme Court:

  1. Ginsburg
  2. Breyer
  3. Kennedy
  4. Scalia

So, REALLY?  You want T-Rump choosing the replacements? Trumpkins are not just pooping in the soup for this election, they are screwing things up for 50 years! Idiots!

The next President will likely replace FOUR Justices. Trump is NOT a good choice right now. Now is NOT the time to vent your spleen by voting for Trump! I’m warning you, don’t do it! And for Heaven’s sake not Hillary. And a vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary, don’t be confused. And it may well be a vote for something far worse…

A Trump Presidency would be nothing short of a catastrophe. Back away from the ledge, voters. Oh, no. Please, no.


Uh, things are

02 Jul

far worse than you think. See, voters were stupid to elect Obama. They thought the could elect an incompetent rube and get away with it. The bad repercussions have only begun… I’m not at all confident that the ocean is a barrier any longer–it is not. This was a VERY bad mistake, and we’re ALL going to rue the day Obama got elected!

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