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A surprisingly

21 Jul

good article.

I grew up in the West, so I don’t have the same “gut” reactions that some people do on this subject. But I lived back East in both the North and the South. My wife (who also grew up in the West) was shocked when a fellow church member in the South disparagingly called her a “Yankee.” ¬†It was after my wife expressed an opinion, and the other person said something like, “Yeah, but you’re just a Yankee.”

But you would be shocked at the discrimination I saw when I lived in Boston. I was in the military, so I was around Black people a lot. But many in the Boston area sure weren’t! There aren’t many Blacks with a home in Hingham, for example.

I was at a fast food place there once and heard the workers speaking Haitian Creole. Now I lived for several years in and around Port-Au-Prince and am fluent in Haitian Creole (I even co-wrote a textbook and did a fair amount of simultaneous translation). So I started speaking to them in that language. They were dumbfounded that a white guy sounded so authentic in a rather obscure language–I had lived in many places in their own country that they had never even seen! They refused to charge me for that meal…

And in perhaps the photo of the year, a Black state trooper helps an elderly neo-NAZI overcome with heat at an event and with a swastika on his shirt to safety. Regardless of what others do, YOU do what is right!