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So Trump

10 Nov

has caused hysterical weeping and wailing and rampant dyspepsia (Tums® sales have gone through the roof in Boston and LA) among the loony Left with his withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.But let’s look at the actual data:

Yeah, I guess there’s really not much to whine about, eh? Pass the Tums®. And the hot wings…

It looks like if you added every other country, the U.S. and the U.K. would be bigger in terms of reduced carbon. And the VAST, overwhelming majority of that is the U.S. Without the U.K., the rest of the world very likely doesn’t exceed by much or even add up to what the U.S. has done alone. I mean, look what Canada has done! And from 2000!

Just think about that for a bit.

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Oh, that Global Warming?

20 Sep

Never mind…

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Now THAT is funny!

11 Sep

If you wait long enough, all your predictions will come true!

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Australia fakes

03 Aug

temperature data to continue the fake “Global Warming” crap.

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Maybe there

06 Jun

are indeed some things we can do about global warming.

To quote Reynolds, I’ll believe it’s a real problem when people who tell me it’s a real problem start acting like it’s a real problem!

Until then, cry me a river, you loser…

I think we are all sick of the “Do as I say, not as I do” idiot celebritards. I want to say to them, “Just shut up. You really don’t believe that–your behavior rats you out!” This is just the “haves” making a bald power play.

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05 Jun


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A hilarious quote:

04 Jun

I don’t recall it exactly, so this is a paraphrase: “The temperature rises one tenth of one percent and the Leftists act like they’re out on the deck singing, ‘Nearer My God To Thee.'”

Now THAT is a great line! Awesome. Both hilarious and true.

Epic. Hysteria.


Probably the thing I enjoy most

03 Jun

about Trump and the bogus “global warming” nonsense is seeing all the Lefty heads explode.

Is that wrong?

Yes, this hoax is totally bogus. And yes, I am a scientist (who has taught stats, logic, and research design at the University level), though one doesn’t have to have such qualifications in order detect the total scientific ignorance, bullcrap, and stupidity inherent in the “global warming” witch burnings.

And that’s what this is. The “Greens” are just watermelons–green on the outside but red to the core. This is nothing but political posturing cloaked in the garb of science and shrouded in hysteria in an effort to fool the rubes. It is a bald appeal to authority, and little more. Ten years from now this will be the “bell bottoms” of 2007-20017. Everyone will shake their heads and marvel that people could be so stupid and tasteless.

So good for Trump for pulling out of the Paris accord. It was total nonsense in the first place, and I, for one, was never fooled.

Just cut the anthropogenic “Global Warming” crap, already. It is just stoooopid.

UPDATE: We’re doomed! Doomed, I tell you!

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02 Jun

This is awesome!

It is obviously a pile of crap, and it is totally right for the US to withdraw.

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16 May

hits the nail on the head.

But you know, he asks the epistemological question: “How do you know that?” It is a great question, and one that gives no end of heartburn to the pseudo-scientists. They want to rest on the black robes of a “scientific” priesthood. Yet it is the question that any sophisticated seeker of knowledge asks. Don’t give me some cheesy (and logically fallacious) appeal to scientific authority, tell me how you know.

Look, I’m not stupid. If you actually have a solid position, you should be able to explain it to me. If you can’t, you are just a snake-oil salesman, an Al Gore. In scientific terms, are you measuring what you say you’re measuring. Is the measurement valid? Only then can we talk about reliability. Please read and understand Cook and Campbell. DUH!

I taught this elementary stuff about science to undergraduates! And yet a Ph.D. doesn’t get this? How on earth did he get by a dissertation committee? C’mon, this is basic stuff! Mann either a) doesn’t get the simple concepts or b) willfully ignores them for personal gain. Either ignorant or dishonest. So which one is it? I really don’t know. But is there another logical option?

Science has nothing to do with the subject. It is all about method. Please, don’t confuse that.

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