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So why

17 Apr

am I so skeptical?

You can easily buy an alarm that rings when a freezer fails or warms up. That is standard for any modern freezer. Standard. My 10-year-old garage freezer has that, and it was by no means on the “bleeding edge” of technology when I got it–I just got the cheapest one I could! I mean, I got it at Sears.

Yet we are to believe that this scientific freezer didn’t have that very common feature? And it was research equipment? And there was pre-existing worry about the freezers failing and then the researchers did nothing about it? They had no alarms and no back-ups? Puh-leeze. The explanation is stupid, makes no sense to anyone who has  been even peripherally involved in research (and to most people in general, as well), and is conveniently self-serving. It just makes no logical sense at all. And it is almost for sure a lie.

Here’s what most likely happened: The ice cores did not show global warming in preliminary tests so there was an “accident” where the ice cores melted and there therefore could be no more research on them because they disproved global warming. That is what happened.

THAT is entirely plausible, given the longstanding dishonesty of climate “scientists.” It would not be the first time they did something unscientific to throw shade on results they didn’t like. “The dog ate my homework” excuse is simply not believable at all.


Yeah, record

07 Feb

heat that shows global warming. Except that the data are faked. Just made up.

Well, most of the “data”  that support global warming is faked. Consistent, but consistently faked. Folks, it’s happening a lot.

But there is indeed some wierd stuff going on.

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Brace yourself,

26 Dec

we are heading into a new mini (at least) ice age.

The Global Warming stupidity we have all suffered for the last decade will soon be over. But let’s not be fooled, we are heading for a significant bout of global cooling. Al Gore is an idiot (but that has been obvious for years, even though he is a rich idiot).

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19 Dec

it’s coming to an end.

It’s time we got a little scientific, here. And this is NOT scientific at all!

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Global warming?

26 Nov


It is not significantly different now than it was in the 1950s. Global Warming is a hoax, a scam that people use to cheat you out of money.


The fruits of

30 Sep

Leftism with it’s “global warming” mental illness. This crappy political philosophy has produced what the crappy philosophy of Leftism has always produced–want and despair and death.

Understand that you are being duped. Your good impulses are being “flipped” to increase human suffering. You took the “one ring” with the intent to do good, but you are now a hated despot. Such are the wages of all Leftism. It is a ruse that deceives even the bright and good.

And don’t be fooled–this was always the intent. The intent was to both turn you and to cause misery and suffering generally. It is immoral.

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06 Apr

new campaign slogan:


It is just who he IS. Except that he would keep the $ for himself or make sure he had a bunch of it. Only a facade would actually burn (and there is an apt metaphor in there). In terms of his supporters, some people just want to watch the world burn…

Oh, here is something that warms my heart (not final results)


Yeah, this is a test of your conservatism.

Maybe WI is just Trumptose intolerant. I know I am (urp!).

As Nate Silver said:

Of the 31 states to hold some type of presidential preference vote — I don’t count Colorado, Wyoming or North Dakota in that group — Trump has yet to receive a majority in any of them. Cruz could win a majority tonight in Wisconsin; he’d also previously done so in Utah. (And in Wyoming, if you want to count county convention results.)

So is this the beginning of the end for Trump? I mean. you would expect him to win in NY, but what about beyond that? He actually does not have much support outside of a very vocal fringe. He can’t even get a majority of people when he wins a plurality of the popular vote. And he is Hillary’s best hope! This is what they planned on!

Uh, he’s a loser. With a terrible toupee.

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Yeah, when our

28 Mar

self-proclaimed betters start acting as in “climate change” is a real issue, I will start to listen. But this just shows that “Global Warming” is now and always has been merely Lefty Hacktivism garbed in the cloak of environmentalism. They take the diversion of science and hope that you will argue on THAT ground, because they can more easily make it look like it favors them. It is just a way to get you off track. It is the intellectual version of rope-a-dope.

Don’t be tricked into thinking this is anything else, here. These folks are watermelons: green on the outside but red to the core. The hope for them is that they can “trap” you by playing a noble-sounding environmental tune and then spring 1984 on you. Don’t be fooled–it’s a ruse!

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Rubio is

14 Mar

just right on this.

Whether he should stay in the Presidential race and all those kinds of questions are simply not germane to this issue. The FACT is that the most draconian action imaginable that the U.S. could take will make absolutely no difference in “man-made global warming,” even if it does exist (and there are very good reasons to think that it doesn’t).

This is merely “watermelon” thinking–green on the outside but red to the core. And I think  we need to face the fact that this is merely Lefty pulpit-thumping. It is Leftism dressed the the garb of concern about our world. It has nothing to do with whether or not you care for the environment. It has nothing to do with science. It is all “sound and fury, meaning nothing” (Shakespeare). This is just “virtue signalling.”

This emperor simply has no clothes. That’s why you get logically fallacious appeals to authority. There is no logically valid argument for “global warming.” It’s all smoke and mirrors, designed to fool people.

Wise people have seen this for a decade. Unfortunately, people of good intent have been “turned” on this issue. I think we should acknowledge their good faith while still noting that the concept is totally bogus. I don’t really blame the old widow for getting conned–I blame the con man.

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Well, good.

10 Feb

SCOTUS has put a hold on this nonsense. The plan was to put this in place so producers had to spend years and millions to get ready for it and then it just wouldn’t matter if it was eventually overturned. It was and end run around the rule of law. One of many from Obama…

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