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03 Nov

is an immoral turd blossom. Plain and simple. She is a dirtbag.

Look, Bernie was both a terrible and he got unfairly hosed over. Yes, Trump would have beaten him senseless–it would have been a Reagan-Mondale debacle for the Democrats. But he won. It was suck-ups like Brazile who were happy to do the evil queen’s bidding…

I think we (correctly) note that the GOP at times shoots itself in the foot, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Yep, that is true. But in this case, the Democrat voters were totally stupid and wanted Bernie. They wanted Bernie! Well, give it to them. Good and hard.

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You mean

31 Oct

that journalists like Maggie Haberman are not honest? What are you going to tell me next, that water is wet or the sky is blue? What revelations! It is all just so unbelievable.

Don’t be a blamed fool. Please.

I think there is a general loss of confidence, and that is because certain people have been manifestly dishonest. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Mueller is manifestly scummy and unreliable
  • The media are manifestly scummy and unreliable
  • Democrats in general are manifestly scummy and unreliable
  • RINOs are manifestly scummy and unreliable

I don’t thing any of those point are not very obvious–they all are both categorically true and almost universally accepted as fact. No wonder Trump won.

Regular people are sick to death of this crap.

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23 Oct

Will justice be served? Not if Democrats can help it. They certainly don’t want that!

2018 should be a bloodbath for Democrats. If I were advising any Republican candidate I would advise that they focus on immorality and corruption by the Democrats. I would tie the Democrat in the race very tightly to this corruption and immorality. And it would NOT be hard.

Even if they themselves are not shown to be corrupt, I would make a big stink about how, being a Democrat, they would support those who are corrupt and immoral, and that in and of itself is immoral. In fact, voting for them at all is morally questionable! I think this is an opportunity to hammer the crap out of Democrats, mainly because they are indeed immoral and it is indeed immoral to empower them.

The Democrats will take the Bill Clinton defense: ALL public servants are immoral–they are ALL imperfect, and the only issue is what kind of policies the (admittedly imperfect) person will implement. In other words, there is a moral equivalence there. They say, “Yes, he is an SOB. But he is my SOB. And besides, they are all SOBs (a truly mindless argument), but I am just willing to admit it and you are not (and therefore I am morally better than you).” You really have not seen this much yet, but mark my words–you will. Oh, you will.

But Democrat voters, what does this say about you and your morals? How do you justify voting for a scumbag? Can you just say, “Yeah, but I like what this particular scumbag does?” Do you argue that all politicians are scumbags (which, BTW, eviscerates all arguments against Donald Trump)? If all Presidents are scumbags, then the only issues are in policy. It really does lay bare the core of our identities, while at the same time destroying any logical opposition to Trump.

NOW is the time to make this moral case. It’s not that you are demanding any human candidate to be perfect. No. but you are demanding that arguments (and people) be logically and internally consistent. You have to weigh the good against the bad. In other words, there is judgment required. So defend your judgment.

See, a person might say that yes, Hillary is an immoral dirtbag but they still like her policies better. She has been weighed in the balance and the person feels that the good outweighs the bad. I think that is a far more honest approach. NOW we can argue about the policies, “the issues.” We can argue about the weighing and the morality itself. Fine. Let’s argue. That is healthy.

But see, that puts my actual choice (and morality) at risk. If I can just shut you up I don’t have to address these rather uncomfortable issues. The core issues can therefore stay submerged and unexamined.

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NOT bravery.

15 Oct

With Weinstein, we need to understand how this broke. It wasn’t people finally having enough of his bad behavior and then reporting what happened. No, it was his brother leaking stuff because he wanted Harvey off the board! Otherwise this would still be going on—he wasn’t called on it by victims.

It was only AFTER Weinstein was rendered not a threat that more and more reports started coming out. I mean, this had been going on for YEARS, and these people kept it quiet and allowed even more victims. There was no “bravery” involved—this was a coup and once it became clear that it would be successful did the “bandwagon” starlets join in for the coup de grace. But they didn’t join in until that was the safest route. No, this was far from bravery.  They did what was good for them, both now and in the past.

I’m certainly glad it happened, but it is NOT bravery. Not even close.



18 Sep

is racism OK?

The Left has always been about racism. From the NAZIs to the USSR to Black Lives Matter–it’s all the same. And it’s immoral.

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We, you gotta

11 Sep

be a little bit, uh, flexible.

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Let’s be honest.

29 Aug

The Left is congenitally violent. It is who they are, and who they have been from time immemorial. This is NOT a new conflict. In fact, it is the original one. If you are on the Left, you are getting totally snookered. Open your eyes, for Pete’s sake!

Yeah, Leftism fools the rubes. It talks about caring for the poor and being kind and all that, but it is all a big lie. At heart it is all about force and violence and lack of moral agency. And it fools those with the very best of intentions. In fact, it preys on good intentions. How sad!

Don’t be immoral. Don’t be a Leftist. It’s time to wake up. You think you are being moral, but you’re not. You have been “flipped” in a sort of moral Jiu-Jitsu.

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Go ahead and hate on Trump.

28 Aug

But he is still doing better than if we had followed you bed-wetters who threw their votes away in a hissy fit of pique, giving aid and comfort to Hillary. Own it! You were freakin’ WRONG! MacMullin?! Oh puh-leeze! Get that loser out of here! What on earth were you smoking? Whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t legal. Hello, McFly?

And almost for sure Trump has done a real service to the country by bashing the Lefty news media. And he is right.

Quote: But the country saw what it saw and all the lies in the world won’t wash the images away. The left is violent, and the mainstream left covers for them.

Yes, the Left is violent. They are immoral. And yes, the MSM covers for them. I find both things morally disgusting. It would be an utter moral degradation to be a Lefty. I’m not sure I could make this any plainer.


If there were ever a situation

03 Aug

that BEGS for a Special Counsel or at least a major internal investigation, this is it. I think it is just a horrible miscarriage of justice that there isn’t one. Hillary is a moral dirtbag, much moreso than Donald Trump. No question, voting for Trump was the moral thing to do. Voting for Hillary or McMullin was jus immoral.

It just was not moral to enable Hillary by voting for her or some chump like McMullin. Let’s face it, it was immoral to not vote for Trump. I’m calling you out on this. Recognize the truth and change.


Sunday seems

18 Jun

a very appropriate day to bring this up.

The very unfortunate fact is that the MSM lies to you. They want you inert and discouraged. Or, in other words, they want to turn your good impulses against you in a sort of moral Jiu-Jitsu. That is the purpose of fake news. And don’t kid yourself, that is what the MSM is pushing. And of course any source is only intermittently false–sometimes CNN or the NY Times tells the truth. So that makes it much harder–spreading a false narrative is much easier when there is a little truth sprinkled in. You can’t just blindly go by the source–you have to evaluate each story. Yeah, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while…

It is wrong. It is immoral. It is a counterfeit of morality. It is what the MSM does. These guys are NOT your friends. Just because you would never lie and deceive doesn’t mean that that applies to them. Be wise. Be wary.

My counsel? Don’t believe them. If a pollster calls, lie to them (yes, sometimes lying is the moral thing to do). Carefully convince your friends. Then do what you think is right. But know that the MSM lies to you on a regular basis–they give just enough truth to make you put your guard down. And the anchors and reporters and management are true believers, so they seem totally truthful and reliable. See, not many humans do what they know to be wrong. But they often do what is wrong nonetheless.

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