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Sunday seems

18 Jun

a very appropriate day to bring this up.

The very unfortunate fact is that the MSM lies to you. They want you inert and discouraged. Or, in other words, they want to turn your good impulses against you in a sort of moral Jiu-Jitsu. That is the purpose of fake news. And don’t kid yourself, that is what the MSM is pushing. And of course any source is only intermittently false–sometimes CNN or the NY Times tells the truth. So that makes it much harder–spreading a false narrative is much easier when there is a little truth sprinkled in. You can’t just blindly go by the source–you have to evaluate each story. Yeah, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while…

It is wrong. It is immoral. It is a counterfeit of morality. It is what the MSM does. These guys are NOT your friends. Just because you would never lie and deceive doesn’t mean that that applies to them. Be wise. Be wary.

My counsel? Don’t believe them. If a pollster calls, lie to them (yes, sometimes lying is the moral thing to do). Carefully convince your friends. Then do what you think is right. But know that the MSM lies to you on a regular basis–they give just enough truth to make you put your guard down. And the anchors and reporters and management are true believers, so they seem totally truthful and reliable. See, not many humans do what they know to be wrong. But they often do what is wrong nonetheless.

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I’m frankly disgusted.

29 May

This is far, far worse than Watergate. Obama is a moral dirtbag.

First of all, the Trump/Russia thing appears always to have been a pile of poop. It was just an excuse the Hillary suck-ups concocted once they lost the election. Of course there were attempts by the Russians to cozy up to a guy who could well be the next President. DUH!

But in no way was the election changed or interfered with. Yes, Podesta’s email had laughably crappy security and several real emails showed what a disgusting piece of crap Hillary was, but there was no interference in the actual election.

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It’s important

14 May

to realize that Obamacare sucks and is dying on its own. This has nothing to do with GOP actions. Nothing.

The reason the GOP is trying to help is because they don’t want people to suffer. Democrats are fine with that suffering. It is immoral.

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Not much of

11 May

a surprise, is it?

We have long known that Hillary is a moral dirtbag.

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More from

23 Jan

the “tolerant” Left.

As I have often said, violence and murder are part and parcel of the very core of Leftism. There simply is no Leftism without violence.

People of good morals reject this kind of crap.

I am NOT immoral. Therefore I am a Conservative. Understand well that this is a moral issue.

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How nice,

18 Dec

how tolerant.

And there are people who think this is OK? Do they have a moral compass?

But we need to understand that force and retaliation are part and parcel of the core of Leftism. A prospective or retrospective retaliation is what Leftism is all about. Uh, I think that is immoral. Not just wrong. Not merely mistaken. But immoral.

And THAT, my friend, is what Leftism is all about. Strip away all the faux happy talk and unicorns and fantasy, and this is what lurks below that surface. Leftism is based on force. It produces misery and fear. And it has always been that way. It has, from time immemorial, fought against moral agency. It is the philosophy of forcibly making everyone equal, not one person will be economically disadvantaged. “…and surely I will do it, therefore give me thine honor.” Yeah, we have heard that line before.

I’m sorry, I don’t accept that. Maybe others revel in the immorality of Leftism–it is an easy trap to fall into and it turns your good impulses into evil actions and beliefs in a sort of moral Jiu-Jitsu. But it’s not for me, thank you.


Yes, Reid is

11 Dec

a nasty guy. The world will be a far better place without him in it. He is a jerk and a thief. Not to mention that he is morally despicable. Yeah, good riddance, Harry.


Crying, “WOLF!”

14 Oct

You know, it’s a great point. I think the Romney thing was a turning point. Like his policies or not, it was quite clear that this was a guy of stellar character–one unmatched in the last 100 years of US elections. Or much more.

Yet even he was smeared. So if this guy is smeared, there really is no point in heeding what the media say about morality at all. They themselves are totally immoral and they just call anything they don’t agree with immoral. So when you hear them kvetch about the morality of a Republican, it’s tough to know what is true. After all, Hillary has done all sorts of morally despicable things (and very recently, too) and yet they don’t make a peep.

In other words, the media has made that claim against everyone on the Right, so the claim is empty of meaning. There just is no content. It is merely the MSM signaling that this is not the person they prefer. To quote a movie, “If everyone is super, no one is super.”

So this whining about Donald Trump falls on deaf ears for me. He may indeed be a moral dirtbag, but there is no way to know it from the MSM. They would call anyone a moral dirtbag! There just is no truth value in what they say. I am left to making my own judgments, with little actual truth available. We truly live in a post-modern world.


I keed, I keed!

26 Sep

Did I say, “coverup?” I meant, “perfectly legitimate thing.” You know, I get “often” and “rarely” mixed up, too.

That Comey didn’t prosecute her is a total travesty and a gross miscarriage of justice. She is a felon. Unconvicted, it is true. But obviously a felon. It would  be a moral affront for me to either vote for her or help her get elected.

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The reason it is not going away

07 Sep

is because it is true.

Honestly, I don’t how someone could demean themselves enough to vote for her. It would be a badge of shame for me. And for virtually all moral people.

What Comey did was absolutely shameful! There just is no moral defense.

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