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I thought it was

06 Jul

impossible for me to disdain CNN even more than I did.

I was wrong.

CNN is openly blackmailing this guy, saying that if he steps out of line they will “out” him. And they are doing this because they are almost unbelievably thin-skinned. Despicable.

Again we see the iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove with cute little smiley faces on it. THIS is the violent coercion of the Left.

I hope the victim files charges of blackmail, and sues CNN for HUGE civil damages. This guy has truly hit the financial jackpot. I bet it would be worth five million bucks to CNN to be out of the spotlight on this. I mean, this is blackmail pure and simple. There should be criminal charges, as well.


But Trump is killing them! In snarky social media fights, they are the young students and he is the grand master.

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05 May

we’ll see.

But hubris has a way of leading to downfall. Obama has led a charmed life so far. But so have the Clintons, and THAT is coming to an end, finally.

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Hillary is a HUGE

11 Aug

defender of women and children!



Not as smart

02 Jun

as Henry Kissenger. Not even close.


Did I mention that Trump is

01 Apr

Satan incarnate? If not, let me clear things up for those who still don’t get it. He has said that if he doesn’t get what he wants, he will take those who follow him and wreak havoc on the GOP. Yep, that is just the kind of person he is. And it is Satanic in nature. It is a Satanic impulse. The idea that if I don’t get what I want I will damage YOU as much as I possibly can is Satanic, plain and simple. It’s about revenge and has nothing to do with good sense or good morality.

In fact, that is what has attracted followers so far. Not an impulse to create, but an impulse toward revenge and destruction. And revenge is a truly destructive impulse, indeed. If we’re not very careful, we are the ones who will be destroyed. So we all have to choose which side we are on and what we believe. But know that there is no loyalty to you coming from Trump. He will NOT support his cheerleaders once it no longer benefits him. Once he gets what he wants, you, like his former wives, can literally go to Hell.

He threatens to afflict the party with his rage and destruction unless he gets what he wants. He has said that there will be blood in the streets unless he gets his way–and he will deliberately provoke it. Sorry, but I will tell the bald truth–that is Satanic.

Trump is a moral turd. I will never vote for a moral turd. Decent intellect and morality absolutely forbid it. I don’t demand perfection in those I vote for. I certainly don’t get it in myself. But being a moral turd is a totally different thing. Trump is evil.

I really hope the American people choose the right thing.



17 Feb

is CNN!

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The rationale for Trump:

08 Feb


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Just morally repugnant!

21 Aug

Honestly, I don’t know how anyone who is NOT  an immoral monster could go along with this. 50 shades of Che.

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First is farce,

18 Aug

but now it is tragedy. Actually, it has ALWAYS been a moral tragedy. No different now!

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