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20 Oct


My response to the headline: “Yeah, ya think?”

Is Mueller so dead to that which is right and good that he doesn’t understand this? Maybe he just doesn’t care. This is injustice, and I object.

Mueller is a disgrace. I am appalled. And so should be everyone who is not morally dead. FIRE MUELLER!

This is Gestapo stuff, the stuff of old Russian NKVD and then the KGB. I, for one, am willing to stand up and say this is wrong! At some point one has to take a stand against evil.


I’m not even an

18 Aug

attorney and it is pretty clear to me that he violated ethics. That’s why he is so furiously backpedalling. He should be very afraid. I would lose my license for crap like that.

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Not as smart

02 Jun

as Henry Kissenger. Not even close.


The truth is

14 Sep

that affirmative action has made it so that there is a real advantage in saying you are a certain race so you get special privileges. If widespread, such behavior would force change–the current setup would simply collapse.

Sometimes the current system is corrupt, and it is no immorality to help it collapse of it own weight. In fact, it’s easy to argue the the moral option is to attack it in ways that are actually effective. Now you can whine publicly and object to the despotism of the current system, but that will do no good, and in fact it has done no good over the last 30 years. So if you’re going to fight, go ahead and really fight. But the game is rigged (and polite objections have been shown to be worthless or worse), and it is no immorality to fight this rigged game in effective ways.

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Are ethics

28 Aug

now dead? I mean, Obama has been so unbelievably unethical that others have followed suit, especially those who slavishly and docilely follow him. But even opponents will learn a lesson–if you are President you can get away with virtually anything. Obama could be found with a dead naked boy in his bed and there would be a large proportion of people who would say that he is an innocent man who was framed by his irrational enemies! And Hillary has banked on the same treatment.

Hillary is (to paraphrase William Safire) congenitally and chronically unethical. And yet she is the Democrat “chosen one!” It truly boggles the mind.

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