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I find it incredibly

01 Sep

surprising¬†that the number of people who want a return to the gold standard is so high. And it is across populations. Even the young seem pretty savvy about this. I mean, monetary policy is a pretty stinkin’ abstract and esoteric “niche” subject. Yes, I think it important, but there are very few who understand it.

But a return to the gold standard also means that Federal regulators have less power. And I think this is the proverbial canary in the coal mine in terms of people wanting much less Federal power. I think there are some real pro’s and con’s to such a change, but it is not “Catching Up With The Kardashians” in terms of intellectual demands for comprehension. A candidate who can make it understandable to the general public and can turn it into a campaign issue has indeed accomplished an amazing¬†feat of skill.